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News from It's Only Rock'n Roll year 2006
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Sep 29: Beacon Theatre NYC confirmed for Oct 29 and 31
The Rolling Stones are confirming they will be performing two shows at the Beacon Theatre in New York City on October 29 and 31. Tickets will be available to the public with details to follow shortly. See and the IORR Fall Tour Dates.
Sep 27: Blondie playing solo shows in Chicago, Austin
Look for Stones sightings at Fitzgerald�s in Chicago on Oct. 10 and at the Continental Club in Austin on Oct. 22. On those dates, Blondie Chaplin will be playing solo shows to promote his new album �Between Us�, which will be released Oct. 17 through his Web site at
Sep 21: Mick produces 'Ruby Tuesday' animated feature
Mick Jagger�s Jagged Films will help produce an animated feature called �Ruby Tuesday,� which will boast 12 Rolling Stones songs. The picture, described as �a Faustian tale of a single mother searching for happiness in New York,� will be written and directed by brothers Paul and Gaetan Brizzi, best known for their animated French family adventure �Asterix vs. Caesar.� It is set for worldwide release in winter 2008.
Sep 21: You Got The Silver in Boston
The Rolling Stones tour "A Bigger Bang" returned to North America and Boston last night, for their 5th show in the city on this tour. The set list was renovated, with songs performed such as "Sweet Virginia", "Streets Of Love", "Ain't Too Proud To Beg", "You Got The Silver" and "Little T&A". See set list, reviews and pictures from Boston.
Sep 20: Honolulu show confirmed for Nov. 22
The rumoured show for Honolulu Hawaii has been confirmed for Wed. Nov 22. Tickets for the show will go on pre-sale on Sept. 26/27, and to the public on Sept. 30. Ticket prices will be $160, $99 and $60, with a limited number of gold circle seats also available. See, The Honolulu Advertiser and the IORR list of Fall Tour dates.
Sep 17: Ian McLagan warming up for the Stones in Austin
Ian McLagan made an announcement midway through his afternoon set at the Austin ACL festival yesterday: his Austin-based Bump Band will be opening for the Rolling Stones at Zilker Park on Oct. 22. See and
Sep 14: Ronnie Wood confirming more shows in Europe
Ronnie Wood is confirming more Stones shows for Europe in an interview with Billboard published today. Quotes from Ronnie: "We're gonna have a well-needed break over Christmas, and then we'll go back out, probably, next year. We'll probably do some Europe; we owe them some dates."
Sep 4: Record crowd in Horsens Denmark last night
The Rolling Stones performed their final Bigger Bang show in Europe this year in front of a record crowd of 85,000 people in Horsens, Denmark last night - the biggest paying crowd of the tour. The Horsens organization had the best organized transportation and facilities, and the Stones took care of the fans and their Satisfaction! See reports from Horsens.
Aug 31: The Rolling Stones arrive in Bergen
The Rolling Stones flew into Bergen, southwest coastal city in Norway, at 8:41pm this evening, and are ready to perform tomorrow at Koengen and then the last show of Europe on Sunday in Denmark. The Norwegian press is following every step the Stones are taking as they are in the country. See reports from Bergen.
Aug 30: New IORR magazine no. 56 out now
The new It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine issue IORR 56 was mailed out to all fan club members almost three weeks ago, on Aug. 11, and should have arrived to everyone long time ago. The magazine is showing great and unique tour photos, show reviews, song by song matrixes, news and more. For information about how to subscribe see the Get IORR pages.
Aug 29: Lindsey Buckingham covers "I Am Waiting" on new solo album
Fleetwood Mac frontman Lindsey Buckingham performs an acoustic cover of �I Am Waiting� on his upcoming solo album �Under The Skin,� which is set for U.S. release on Oct. 3.
Aug 25: Glasgow show on BBC Radio2 Monday
UK radio station BBC Radio2 will be broadcasting a recording of the Glasgow gig tonight on Monday August 28 at 8pm UK time, i.e. 9pm Central European Time.
Aug 24: European Tour next summer
Spanish press is today stating that El Ejido, Almeria, Spain has got a new show date by the Stones for the summer of 2007. This is confirming other rumours of up to 40 shows being planned for Europe next summer. See
Aug 15: El Ejido concert cancelled
Spanish press as well as the mayor of El Ejido announed today at 1pm the cancellation of the Rolling Stones show in El Ejido Almeria Spain. The cancellation is confirmed officially by the Stones as per this afternoon. See report by, and details by IORR about the cancellations of Valladolid and El Ejido. Normally it takes 3-4 days for Mick to heal his laryngitis, from past experiences, meaning he should be fine for the shows at Twickenham London.
Aug 14: Valladolid concert cancelled
The Rolling Stones announced today at 2:30pm the cancellation of their show in Valladolid Spain, due to Mick Jagger having laryngitis - sore throat, being unable to sing. See all the details and reports from Valladolid.
Aug 10: Charity gig at the Beacon Theatre?
The Rolling Stones are rumoured to be performing at a charity gig at the Beacon Theatre in New York City on Oct. 29. The gig is part of the Bill Clinton 60's birthday celebration and fundraising for his charitable foundation, and will be filmed by Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese. See report by IOL.
Aug 8: New Ronnie Wood compilation
The 2CD Ronnie Wood compilation album "The Essential Crossexion" is due to be released on Sept. 26 by Virgin/EMI, and has already got a June 26 release in Europe due to the tour. Disc One contains 17 solo recordings, including a never-before released 2005 duet with Rod Stewart, �You Strum and I�ll Sing,� while Disc Two presents 20 of Wood�s best collaborative recordings, including the Stones tracks "Everything Is Turning To Gold" and "Black Limousine". See cover art picture on Reuters.
Aug 7: Mick, Keith, Ronnie on Jerry Lee Lewis album
The long-delayed Jerry Lee Lewis album, whose guest stars include Mick, Keith and Ronnie, will finally come out in the United States on Sept. 26. �Last Man Standing� (previously called �Redemption�) features Mick and Ronnie on �Evening Gown,� while Keith duets on �That Kind of Fool.�
Aug 7: Louisville Kentucky show confirmed
The Rolling Stones are confirmed today for a show at the 50,000 capacity Louisville Kentucky racetrack Churchill Downs on Sep. 29. See The Courier-Journal, and the IORR Fall Tour dates.
Aug 6: Louisville Kentucky show may be announced tomorrow
Churchill Downs Race Track in Louisville, Kentucky will be holding a press conference tomorrow Monday, where they will announce a show with the Rolling Stones, according to The Courier-Journal. "Dead Flowers" would be a safe bet for the set list, "Making bets on Kentucky Derby Day". See the IORR Fall Tour dates.
Aug 2: Regina getting another show
The first show in Regina Saskatchewan Canada sold out fast, and another show has been added for Friday Oct. 6. The dates of the shows in Wichita and Missoula have been changed in order to make the 2nd Regina show possible. See Rolling and the IORR Fall Tour dates.
July 28: The Stones live on your phone
The Rolling Stones live shows are now available for listening on your telephone, at a charge, as from the show this evening in Paris. See Listen Live Now and Reuters.
July 25: South America tour dates in December
There are rumours of Stones shows in Sao Paulo Brazil and Santiago de Chile in addition to the already rumoured shows in Argentina. See the IORR Fall Tour dates.
July 25: Fall Tour in North America confirmed today
The Rolling Stones confirmed their return to USA and Canada this fall in a press conference at 4pm CET Europe i.e. 10am EST NYC-time. There will be mainly stadium shows with lower ticket prices. See for the press release and tour dates. Pre-sales of tickets start tomorrow - public sales on Monday. For a complete list of confirmed and rumoured shows see the IORR Fall Tour dates.
July 21: Sway in Berlin
The Stones performed "Sway" for the first time in Europe at the show in Berlin tonigh. It was a unique version but the crowd was more into the greatest hits like "Angie" and "Paint It Black". See set list and reviews from the show in Berlin.
July 19: Fall tour start in Boston?
The Stones may be "back up to Boston" to start up the last part of the Bigger Bang tour this fall, according to Boston Herald. In Saskatchewan Z99 is going to start you up... with more info on Monday July 24. And Argentina promoter Daniel Grinbank had a meeting with the Stones management in Vienna last week, to may be finish the tour in Argentina. See an updated list of rumoured shows for the upcoming Fall Tour 2006.
July 17: A Bigger Bang tour moves into Germany
The Rolling Stones European Tour 2006 moved into Germany last night with their first show in Munich, adding "All Down The Line" and "Angie" to the set list in Europe. Four more shows are to be performed in Germany, with Hannover due on Wednesday, then Berlin and Cologne for the week-end, and Stuttgart on Aug. 3.
July 16: Tim Ries Rolling Stones project in Europe
Tim Ries and his Rolling Stones project with guests Bernard Fowler and Michael Davies among others will be performing in selected cities in Europe this summer, during evenings they are not on stage with the Stones. Following the performance in Vienna this week they can be seen this summer in Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Porto and London.
July 15: European travel pages updated
The European Tour travel pages have been updated. All cities visited this summer are now listed. See the city links in the travel guide and the list of European Tour Dates. Please supply updates and details by e-mail to [email protected].
July 14: Rain Fall Down in Vienna
The Stones performed five songs from their new album A Bigger Bang in Vienna tonight, including "Rain Fall Down". There were some rain after the warmup act, but it was clear sky as the Stones took the stage. The sound was perfect, the band was in a great mood, and the band seemed to have great fun on stage as always. See reports from the show in Vienna and the European Tour.
July 11: Con Le Mie Lacrime in Milan tonight
The Rolling Stones opened their European Tour in Milan Italy tonight, performing "Streets Of Love" with a great reaction from the crowd singing along. Then they did a unique performance of "Con Le Mie Lacrime" - "As Tears Go By" with Italian lyrics. With the world cup championship won two days ago and the players Materazzi and Del Piero on stage for the final bow, the Milan show tonight was a great success. See set list and reviews from Milan.
July 10: Press Conference in Milan today
The Rolling Stones held a press conference in Milan today, the day before the European Tour start. See press conference reports and pictures as well as other important information about The Rolling Stones in Milan 2006.
July 8: Keith guest guitarist on new spirituals album
Keith Richards is guest playing on the album "My Soul Is a Witness" � a collection of spirituals released last month. The book and compact-disc project is the brainchild of Keith�s sister-in-law Marsha Hansen. About half of it was recorded at Keith's home in 2001. See The Columbus Dispatch.
July 7: The Who and Aerosmith rumoured for Halifax show
The Who and Aerosmith are among the warmup acts mentioned for the rumoured Stones show in Halifax Canada in September. As part of the funding of the show, the city council formally agreed to a $100,000 commitment in a 17-4 vote with minimal debate on Tuesday. See the Halifax Chronicle-Herald and
July 6: Rolling Stones rehearsals in Milan today
The Rolling Stones are now in Milan, rehearsing for the upcoming European Tour start on Tuesday. They have been reheasing songs including "Ain't Too Proud To Beg", "Love Is Strong", "It's Only Rock'n Roll", "Heartbreaker", Beast Of Burden" and "Oh No Not You Again". See pictures and details on
July 6: American Express with special Stones web-sites
The European Tour sponsor American Express have launched microsites in Europe dedicated to A Bigger Bang. The sites are featuring video clips, a lottery of free tickets etc. See The VIP Room by American Express in UK, France, Germany, Italy and Netherlands.
July 4: Stage constructions at San Siro Milan
The "A Bigger Bang" stage is currently being built at the San Siro stadium in Milan Italy, and should be ready by the end of the week, for rehearsals and the European Tour start on Tuesday July 11. See
July 1: Mick in Gelsenkirchen
Mick Jagger went to Gelsenkirchen Germany today to watch the World Cup game England vs. Porugal. See the IORR report with pictures and details about Mick in Gelsenkirchen.
June 30: Keith in Connecticut
Keith Richards is in great shape at home in Connecticut, preparing to go to Europe any day now for the European tour start in Milan Italy on Tuesday July 11. See the IORR report Dining with Keith. Also, check out the video message from Keith on
June 27: Delayed shows in Europe cancelled
The promoters in Europe have been cancelling delayed shows today, originally said to be performed next summer. Tickets are being refunded. Check with local ticket agencies for details.
June 17: Ronnie in rehab but ok for the tour
Ronnie Wood checked into a one week rehab stay in UK this week for his problems with alcohol, but he is said to be fine and ready for the tour start in Milan July 11, according to official Stones sources.
June 17: Postponed shows may be performed summer 2007
Stones fans in Europe have been told to hold on to their tickets for possible rescheduled shows next year. The posponed shows in Barcelona, Madrid, Brussels, Gothenburg, St Petersburg, Brno, Warsaw, Athens, Zagreb, Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam may be performed during the summer of 2007. Also, there is a possibility for one or more shows at the new Wembley Stadium, if it is getting ready eventually. See the new list of rumoured shows in Europe 2007.
June 11: Canadian shows rumoured
The Rolling Stones are looking into four shows in Canada for their tour later this year, with rumours of shows in Halifax Nova Scotia, Regina Saskatchewan, Windsor Ontario and Vancouver British Columbia. See the updated IORR tour dates and The Leader-Post.
June 6: Billy Preston dies at age 59
Billy Preston died in Arizona USA today after a long illness. He was 59. Billy Preston worked with the Beatles as well as the Stones, recording such tracks as "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" and "Heartbreaker," and playing on several tours. Quote by Mick Jagger today: "Billy was a fantastic and gifted musician. A superb singer in both recording sessions and onstage. He was great fun to be with onstage when touring with us and I will miss him a lot." Quote by Keith Richards today: "One For Billy, a Genius with all the baggage! Too soon, so great! Miss you." See Reuters.
June 2: Keith is well - Tour start Milan July 11
The good news are Keith is well! And the European Tour is now set to start in Milan Italy Tuesday July 11. Some shows are cancelled, others are rescheduled. See the updated IORR list of European Tour Dates and the official press release.
June 1: Starbucks to issue special DVD/CD of "Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll"
Starbucks-owned stores in the United States will sell an exclusive DVD/CD version of the Keith Richards-orchestrated documentary �Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll� on June 27, the same day that the standard two- and four-disc DVD versions will go on sale at conventional retailers. The Starbucks version, priced at $19.95, includes 40 minutes of bonus footage selected and edited by director Taylor Hackford and an exclusive 14-track CD compilation of Chuck Berry hits.
May 26: Bill Wyman on tour this year
Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings have announced a total of 36 shows for the rest of the year in Europe, mainly in UK through the autumn/winter. See tour dates.
May 24: First 15 shows of the European Tour postponed
The first 15 shows of the Rolling Stones European Tour 2006 from Barcelona Spain May 27 through to Zagreb Croatia July 5 have been postponed. Updated information about the postponed shows is expected during the next few days. See updated list of the European Tour dates.
May 24: Saitama show on Japanese TV May 27
The Rolling Stones performance at Saitama, Japan April 2 this year will be aired, in part, on Saturday, May 27 at 10:00 p.m. Japan time, on the WOWOW network. It will be broadcast in regular and high-vision.
May 22: Keith is back home in USA
Keith Richards is now back home in USA, according to A new and revised list of dates for the European Tour will be announced shortly. See the IORR list of the European Tour for updates on postponed and/or cancelled shows.
May 17: Keith has got the IORR greetings
Keith Richards got the Get well greetings from IORR fans hand delivered earlier this week, and he really enjoyed them and was grateful. Keith is still in Auckland, even if the organizers of the show in Horsens, Denmark are saying he is flying to USA.
May 11: Keith discharged from hospital
Keith Richards was discharged from the Ascot Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand this morning. He will be an outpatient for some time, returning for observations, and he may stay in Auckland for some time, his publicist says. See report by the New Zealand Herald.
May 9: Get well Keith!
Fans all over the world are sending their best wishes to Keith - currently at the hospital in Auckland New Zealand - through this message: Get well Keith!
May 9: Keith getting his guitars
New Zealand television is today showing Keith's wife and two daughters carrying guitars into the Auckland hospital, whick is a very good sign of recovery.
May 9: Possible new dates rumoured
The first Paris show may be rescheduled to June 30, according to unconfirmed rumours. Other shows during the first week of June might be rescheduled too. Barcelona and Madrid is cancelled right now, but new dates may be set up later in the summer.
May 8: European Tour delayed
The Rolling Stones European tour start will be postponed until June, following Keith having an operation in New Zealand this morning. See news. The list of tour dates in Europe will be updates as soon as new dates are available.
May 4: Guns N'Roses warmup in N�rnberg and Leipzig
Guns N'Roses will be warming up for the Rolling Stones in N�rnberg and Leipzig, Germany this summer. See news.
May 2: IORR travel guide summer 2006 ready
The first version of the European Travel Guide 2006 is now ready. The travel guide will be updated as more info and feedback is available.
May 1: The Rolling Stones interviews in Tokyo
Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie did TV interviews in Tokyo last month. See the great videos with many interesting details on ZDF.
Apr. 29: Keith Richards hurt when falling from tree
Keith Richards has been taken to hospital in New Zealand after injuring himself while on holiday in Fiji. Keith hurt his head when he fell out of a palm tree, suffering a "mild concussion", and was taken to hospital as a precaution. See BBC and Reuters.
Apr. 17: Wellington final stop down under
The Rolling Stones are arriving into Wellington New Zealand for the final show of the down under tour tomorrow, before they take a five weeks break touring. See reports from Wellington.
Apr. 15: The Stones in New Zealand
The Rolling Stones are coming to New Zealand for their fifth tour visit, following tours in 1965, 1966, 1973 and 1995. The show in Auckland tomorrow will be the third one at the same site, following shows in 1973 and 1995. See reports from the Western Springs show in Auckland.
Apr. 12: Arena set list in Melbourne tonight
Following the stadium show in Sydney, Australia two days ago, the Stones did their 2nd show in Australia tonight at the Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne. The show tonight was a fully packed all sold out arena set list show, with songs such as "Sway", "Worried About You" and "Ain't Too Proud To Beg". See complete set list and reports from the Melbourne show tonight.
Apr. 10: A Bigger Bang until December
The Rolling Stones just left Asia and six successful shows there, but fans in Asia who feel left out may rest assured the Stones will return to do unfinished business later this year. A Bigger Bang is expected to go on until December this year, with a number of shows in North America Sept-Nov, followed by India, Thailand and Hawaii shows. See the IORR A Bigger Bang tour pages.
Apr. 8: Shanghai with guest Cui Jian on Wild Horses
The Rolling Stones performed for the first time ever in mainland China tonight in Shanghai. A crowd of 8,000 fans with a western majority got a great Stones show at the theatre style venue Grand Stage. Chinese rock star Cui Jian was doing a guest spot with vocals and acoustic guitar on "Wild Horses". The regular songs "Rough Justice", "Honky Tonk Women" and "Brown Sugar" were not performed, but the Honky Tonk inflatables were present for a change. See reports and reviews from the show in Shanghai.
Apr. 7: Guest spot and TV broadcast in Shanghai
The Rolling Stones show tomorrow in Shanghai China will be broadcasted on Chinese TV by CCTV. In a press conference in Shanghai today Mick said they would have a guest spot on one of the songs with a famous Chinese performer. Also, he confirmed there are a number of songs they can not perform - they even added one - but they have 400 others to choose from. See the IORR China pages.
Apr. 6: Biggest Mistake next single in Europe
The Rolling Stones will soon open their European Tour 2006 in Barcelona, and for this there are plans to release Biggest Mistake in Europe as their next single, probably coming with rarities bonus tracks.
Apr. 6: The Rolling Stones arriving into mainland China
The Rolling Stones flew in from Nagoya Japan to Shanghai China this afternoon, for their first ever performance in mainland China on Saturday. See the special IORR pages dedicated to The Rolling Stones in China.
Mar. 31: Wembley shows replaced by Twickenham
The two Stones shows planned for Wembley Stadium this summer have been replaced by shows on the very same dates at the Twickenham Rugby Ground, London. See the Rugby Fooball Union and the IORR European Tour Dates.
Mar. 30: Wembley shows off according to BBC
BBC are stating that the new Wembley Stadium will not be finished until 2007, following a series of delays and problems with the building process. All shows this summer will have to be cancelled, according to BBC. It is yet to be seen what alternatives the Stones will use for their shows in London this summer. See BBC news.
Mar. 28: IORR magazine no. 55 out now
The new It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine issue IORR 55 was mailed out more than a week ago, and should have arrived to all subscribers by now, with exclusive photos and reports from the Stones shows this year etc.
Mar. 28: Dublin show off
The confirmed Stones show in Dublin this summer has been taken off the list, due to information supplied at a court hearing in Dublin, where the promoter involved have stated this show will not happen. See
Mar. 25: Swedish TV documentary on SVT2
Swedish Television channel SVT2 will be showing the documentary "Rolling Like a Stone" at 8pm tomorrow Sunday, then also on Mar 30 and Apr. 1. The documentary is featuring recently discovered film showing Mick, Keith and Brian partying with fans at the club Bongo in Malm�, Sweden 1965. See
Mar. 24: Seven new songs in Tokyo tonight
The Rolling Stones performed seven new songs at their second show in Tokyo tonight vs. the first show on Wednesday. More than a million fans have seen the 24 shows at the Tokyo Dome - the most visited venue of them all. And Keith brough on his classic style white guitar both for "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" as well as for "Satisfaction".
Mar. 24: Carlo Little charity gig in London on Sunday
The charity gig "Carlo Little - A Night of Honour & Celebration" will be held Sunday 26th 7.30pm at York House, Twickenham, London. The guest list is including Dick Taylor & Phil May from The Pretty Things, Rick Parfitt from Status Quo, Dave Berry, Matchbox, Art Wood, Mick Avory (Kinks) and John Hawken (Nashville Teens/Strawbs) among others. See for details.
Mar. 24: Brian Jones movie "Stoned" opens in America today
British filmmaker Stephen Woolley�s portrait of Brian Jones, "Stoned", opens in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco today, and will reach other major U.S. cities in subsequent weeks. See for details.
Mar. 22: Saitama Arena Japan show to be broadcasted
The Rolling Stones show at the 16,000 capacity Saitama Arena on April 2 will be the only arena show in Japan, and this show will be recorded for a broadcast by WOWOW on May 27, same day as the European tour starts in Barcelona, Spain.
Mar. 22: Onstage in Tokyo with Sway
The Rolling Stones brought back their OnStage stadium stage for the show in Tokyo tonight. This stage was last time used at the shows in San Francisco USA last year. They did another great version of "Sway", followed by the very popular "As Tears Go By". See complete set list and reviews from the show in Tokyo tonight.
Mar. 17: The Rolling Stones press conference in Tokyo today
The Rolling Stones did a press conference in Tokyo Japan today announcing their five shows in Tokyo (2), Sapporo, Saitama and Nagoya. See slide show with pictures by AP and report by News24.
Mar. 17: The Rolling Stones in Japan
The Rolling Stones arrived to Tokyo yesterday for their shows in Japan. See slide show with pictures by Reuters.
Mar. 13: Shanghai China show on sale today
The Stones show in Shanghai China on April 8 is now confirmed officially and on sale as of today. For tickets see Emma China and
Mar. 9: El Ejido, Almeria may get Zaragoza show
The Spanish city El Ejido, Almer�a is now a strong alternative to the rumoured show in Zaragoza, Spain on Aug 16. See el Periodico Zaragoza and el Periodico de Aragon.
Mar. 8: Melbourne show sold out in 15 minutes
All 13,000 tickets for the Stones' Rod Laver Arena show in Melbourne Australia sold out in 15 minutes yesterday. Also, 40,000 out of the 60,000 tickets for the Telstra Olympic Stadium in Sydney were gone at the first day of sales yesterday. See The Sydney Morning Herald.
Mar. 7: "Far Away Eyes" at The LA Forum
The Stones performed their 4th show in the Los Angeles area for this tour last night, so it was only natural to add something new to the set list, and the fans got "Far Away Eyes" among others. See reports and set list from the show last night at the LA Forum. Last time they played "Far Away Eyes" live was Sept 10, 2002 United Center, Chicago.
Mar. 2: Superbowl performance available on DVD
The Rolling Stones performance at the Superbowl is now available on the official NFL Super Bowl XL DVD. See Amazon
Mar. 1: The Rolling Stones in Monterrey Mexico
The Rolling Stones arrived into Monterrey last night for their first time ever show in the Mexican city tonight. See reports from the Mexico shows in Mexico City and Monterrey.
Feb. 28: The Rolling Stones confirming show in China
The Rolling Stones will finally play mainland China as they are confirmed for a show in Shanghai on April 8. See AP/Yahoo and the IORR Spring Tour Dates. For tickets and venue map see Emma China.
Feb. 27: Australia, New Zealand and Greece pre-sales announced have announced pre-sales of tickets for the Stones shows in Athens Greece for March 1, with public sales to follow on March 7, while the shows in Australia and New Zealand will have pre-sales on March 2/3, and public sales starting March 8. See The Melburne show will be a hard ticket, so make sure you use the pre-sales option for the Rod Laver Arena if you really must have it!
Feb. 26: Australia shows confirmed
The Rolling Stones will perform one stadium show in Sydney Australia on Tuesday April 11 and then one arena show in Melbourne on Thursday April 13. No more shows are expected in Australia. The stage at the Stadium shows in Australia and New Zealand is said to be the "On Stage" design used in North America, with 300 tonnes of equipment, transported in four jumbo jets and 38 shipped containers of steel. See updated list of the Spring Tour Dates and story in The Age.
Feb. 26: New Zealand rumoured shows confirmed
The Rolling Stones shows rumoured here on IORR for New Zealand's Auckland and Wellington are confimed for April 16 and 18. Tickets go on sale to Visa cardholders only this coming Friday at 9am. Also Sydney and Melbourne will get their shows. More info to follow soon. See updated list of the Spring Tour Dates.
Feb. 26: Switzerland show sold out in 5 hours
The Stones show in Switzerland sold out within 6 hours yesterday, compared to 48 hours for the Licks tour. A total of 48,000 public tickets were sold, while another 10,000 tickets will be made available to people living in the communities surrounding the airfield, and made available to the public if there are any left. See Bluewin, Tages-Anzeiger, Neue Z�richer Zeitung and 20 Minuten.
Feb. 23: Switzerland show on sale today
The Stones show in Switzerland on Aug. 5 has been confirmed for the Dubendorf Airfield outside Zurich. Pre-sales of tickets start today on, and public ticket sales start Saturday.
Feb. 22: Buenos Aires singing for the Stones
It was a night of magic as the Stones returned to River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires Argentina last night. The stage had the same design as in Copacabana Rio last week, but in smaller scale. T-shirts were flying and the fans were singing and jumping like you only experience in Buenos Aires. See reviews and pictures from the concert at River Plate Stadium last night.
Feb. 22: The Stones are ready for Shanghai China
The Rolling Stones are planning to perform at the Shanghai Grand Stage Theater in China on April 8. This will be the only show in China. Tickets are expected to go on sale next week. See the IORR Spring Tour Dates.
Feb. 22: Saitama Japan confirmed
The fifth Stones show in Japan is now confirmed for Saitama Super Arena on April 2 as previously listed here. Tickets go on sale soon. See the IORR Spring Tour Dates.
Feb. 21: Athens show expected for June 25
The Athens Greece show is expected to be set for Sunday June 25. Ticket prices vary from 78 to 297 Euro. Ticket sales for fan club members from March 1 and for public from March 7. See the IORR European Tour Dates, TA NEA Online news report and venue map with prices.
Feb. 20: Hundreds of fans waiting for the Stones in BA
Hundreds of fans were waiting for the Stones this evening as Mick arrived late from Rio de Janeiro. The excitement from previous Stones visits to Buenos Aires seems to go on to new generations and fans, as many fans are new since their previous visit to Argentina eight years ago. See reports and details about fan meetings in the Buenos Aires pages.
Feb. 18: Biggest Stones show ever in Rio
More than one million fans attended the Copacabana beach show by the Rolling Stones in Rio de Janeriro tonight. The final count of people will be available by tomorrow. For reports and pictures seee the IORR pages with setlist and reviews and the pre-show reports and pictures. Next stop for the Stones is Buenos Aires.
Feb. 14: Rio is getting ready for the Stones
Rio de Janeiro is getting ready for one of the world's biggest rock shows ever on Feb 18, right on the famous Copacabana beach. Crowd estimates vary between one and two million people. The steel work of the special stage is now finished, and the decorations have just started today. The stage will be a backdrop for the Rio show as well as the TV broadcast and DVD production. See the new pages - dedicated to this historic event, including day by day reports, where to meet other fans etc.
Feb. 12: Sapporo show date change and on sale now
The Stones show in Sapporo Japan has been changed to March 29 and is on sale as from yesterday. See IORR tour dates for Spring 2006. For tickets see JEC.
Feb. 7: Radio City Music Hall tickets available now
The Rolling Stones charity show reported by the IORR News on Jan 14, due to be held at Radio City Music Hall, New York City on March 14, is now available to charity donors. By donating a minimum of $100 through the Robin Hood Auction you will get a passcode and a phone number to purchase up to 6 tickets between $250 and $7500. See IORR Tell Me for discussions on details and procedures.
Feb. 5: The Stones edited twice at Superbowl show
The Stones performed "Start Me Up", "Rough Justice" and "Satisfaction" at Superbowl halftime in Detroit, MI, USA tonight. Broadcasting network ABC had a a five-second tape delay to avoid offending events, and they used the delay well to edit Mick's "offending" words on two occations. See reports and from the Stones performance at Superbowl halftime.
Feb. 3: The Stones ready for Detroit Superbowl
The Rolling Stones arrived into Detroit yesterday for a press conference about their Superbowl halftime appearance on Sunday. They will be on stage performing for 12 minutes sharp. Around 90 million TV viewers will be able to see the game as well as the Stones performing. Expect the 5,800-square foot stage - built from 35 pieces in 5 minutes - to be real classic! See report by AP.
Jan. 26: M�tley Cr�e support act for the Stones in Europe
M�tley Cr�e will be supporting the Rolling Stones during some shows in Europe this summer. See the IORR list of European Tour warm-up acts.
Jan. 26: "Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll" set for DVD release in June
DVD distributor Image Entertainment will release two-disc and four-disc editions of �Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll,� the Chuck Berry celebration masterminded by Keith Richards, on June 27. The four-disc version will contain more than seven hours of new material, including jam sessions, extended interviews, and a conversation between Berry and Robbie Robertson in which Berry talks about his prison experiences for the first time.
Jan. 20: Sway in New York tonight
The Rolling Stones performed "Sway" for the second time ever at the Madison Square Garden New York tonight, to please all those fans who made the IORR Wish list. Also they did "Ain't Too Proud To Beg", and the closing words of "Satisfaction were changed into "Mustang Sally" in tribute to Wilson Pickett See reports and set lists from the two NYC MSG shows on Wednesday and tonight.
Jan. 19: Japan shows on sale Saturday
The shows in Sapporo and Nagoya has been confirmed, in addition to the already confirmed Tokyo shows. Tickets for Japan go on sale Saturday Jan 21 at 10am through JEC International. See the IORR list of the Spring Tour Dates 2006.
Jan. 19: Two more shows for France this summer
France may get two more shows this summer, including a show in Lyon, plus a 2nd show at Stade de France, Paris. These shows are rumoured for the dates originally planned for Athens and Belgrade. See the IORR list of the European Tour Dates 2006.
Jan. 19: IORR magazine no. 54 out now
The new It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine issue IORR 54 was mailed out one week ago, and should have arrived to all subscribers by now, with exclusive photos and reports.
Jan. 18: Love Is Strong in New York
The Rolling Stones keep adding two more new songs to the set list at every show they do now. Tonight in New York Mick said they had to change a few numbers, as everybody had been to the previous show at MSG last year. So they did "Love Is Strong", as well as an outstanding version of "Worried About You", Mick on falsetto. "Sway" was rehearsed twice today and might end up as a choice for the next show at MSG on Friday. See set list and reviews from the show at Madison Square Garden tonight.
Jan. 15: Memory Motel in Boston
The Rolling Stones brought back another song with references to Boston as they performed "Memory Motel" for the first time on this tour tonight. Another tour debut for tonight was "Gimme Shelter". See setlist and reviews from the 2nd Boston show at the TD Banknorth Garden.
Jan. 14: The Stones for Robin Hood NYC charity?
There is a rumour that the Stones might do a charity show for the Robin Hood Foundation in New York City on Mar. 14, before they leave USA for shows in Japan. The Robin Hood Foundation target powerty in New York City, like at the Javits Center. The venue might be Radio City Music Hall or another location. Ticket prices would be very high, several thousand dollars each.
Jan. 13: Let's Spend The Night Together in Boston
The Rolling Stones returned to Boston tonight - the tour start city - for the first of two shows at the TD Banknorth Garden. They rehearsed four songs before the show of which "Let's Spend The Night Together" and "Respectable" were performed at the show tonight as well. See setlist and reviews.
Jan. 11: Keith does "This Place Is Empty" in Montreal
The Rolling Stones did their first show of the "A Bigger Bang" tour for 2006 in Montreal last night. Keith made the debut of the new song "This Place Is Empty", and then he did "Happy" as well. See the Montreal set list and reviews.
Jan. 9: IORR travel guides for Boston and New York
Check out the IORR travel guides for Boston and New York, to get information about meeting places and local activities for Stones fans. There will be travel guides for most cities the Stones will visit this year. Please use the city links in the IORR tour dates lists for spring and summer tour dates lists, and please send your feedback and updates!
Jan. 4: Rolling Stones show rumoured for Venezuela
Venezuela press is bringing reports of a rumoured Rolling Stones show in Caracas during the spring of 2006. It is unclear if and when this show may happen, but Venezuela is on the direct route between Puerto Rico and Brazil. See the IORR list of confirmed and rumoured Spring Tour Dates.
Dec. 29: Rolling Stones record ticket sales for 2005
The Rolling Stones performed in front of 1.2 million fans this year, with an average ticket price of US $134, making record ticket sales of 162 million US dollars. U2 generated the second most gross receipts, $139 million, with an average ticket price of $97 and 1.4 million tickets, according to Pollstar. See reports by Reuters and AP.
Dec. 28: Tokyo Dome shows advertised in Japan
Japanese media are as of today running advertisements for the shows in Tokyo Dome on March 22 and 24, with ticket prices listed at Yen 9,000 - 18,000, equivalent to US $75-$150. Tickets are said to go on sale early Jan. 2006.
Dec. 28: Atlanta show confirmed for Feb 8
The Rolling Stones are returning to the Philips Arena in Atlanta for anoter show on Feb. 8. See the updated list of tour dates. Pre-sales of tickets through is starting tomorrow Dec. 29, while public ticket sales start Jan. 9.

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