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Old news from May 1998

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Latest news about the tour:
See separate 97/98 and 1998 tour dates, and the 97/98 and. 1998 reviews pages.

May 30: Mick Taylor live in Europe
Mick Taylor is having a busy schedule this year, as he just finished a TV interview in France yesterday (to be shown in July). Most interesting are his shows in the UK with John Mayall on June 18 (Croydon), 20th (Shepherds Bush) and 21st (Exeton). Other shows includes Paris June 6, Marseilles June 17, Denmark June 27 and July 18, Austria July 5, France July 3, 24-25, Spain July 26, Italy Aug. 5,6,8, USA (Long Beach Blues Festival) Sept. 6. The new Mick Taylor studio album is now finished, and is due out in September of this year. Then he will do 17 shows in France in September, and 12 shows (so far scheduled) in Germany in November. More details including complete tour dates will be printed in the magazine IORR 33.
May 30: IORR magazine no. 33 due out by June 10
The magazine It's Only Rock'n Roll (IORR) no. 33 was planned out by May 15, but has been delayed a few weeks in order to catch up with the re-scheduled dates. New date of publishing is estimated to June 10.
May 29: Hague show on Sept. 5 confirmed
After two weeks of depressing news about postponed shows, it's great to bring some good news! The much talked about Stones concert at the Malieveld in Hague City on Sept. 5 was finally put into contract today. This show is the 6th in the Netherlands for this tour. A total of 80,000 tickets at approx NLG 85 (US $42) will be on sale through Dutch post offices on June 6th. Expect tickets to be blown away in less than one hour.
May 29: Tour may start on June 10
The German promoter CoCo-Tours claim that Keith will be fit to play by June 10, according to his doctors. That's the same day the World Cup in football kicks off in France. The tour will then start in Nurnberg, Germany on June 13th. There may be one more show before that too, either club or one of the postponed ones, on June 10 or 11. This information is now confirmed by officials. Prepare for an announcement Monday or Tuesday next week at the latest.
May 29: Lyon show cancelled, not postponed
The Stones concert scheduled for Lyon, France on June 5 has been cancelled, and there will not be a new date for that concert!
May 28: Mannheim show cancelled
The Mannheim show scheduled for June 7 have been cancelled too. Hopefully we can assume they will find new dates, so that this is in fact just another postponed show...
May 28: German Rolling Stone with cover CD
Today the new German edition Rolling Stone (no. 6/98) hit the streets with a CD containing Stones cover tracks. The tracks are mostly done by more or less known German artists, and includes versions of Bitch, 2000 Light Years From Home, Angie, Backstreet Girl (x 2), Sister Morphine, Play With Fire (x 2), You Can't Always Get What You Want (Luther Allison), Miss You, Might As Well Get Juiced (A Subtle Plague), Let's Spend The Night Together, Satisfaction, Mothers Little Helper, Sway and Dead Flowers.
May 28: Milano, Barcelona and Lyon shows postponed
The Rolling Stones have postponed three more shows officially, following Keith's injury, including Milano May 30, Barcelona June 1 and Lyon June 5. Unless Keith is going through a miraculously fast healing, they may continue to cancel shows through June, on a week by week basis. Keith is still in his Connecticut home, while Mick and Charlie is resting in the south of France, and Ronnie is back home in Ireland. See report in the NME news. See an updated list of shows and postponed status in the 1998 tour dates list. As more shows gets postponed, there is a danger they will not find time to re-schedule all these shows this summer...
May 25: The Rolling Stones in German press
Due out for the planned tour start in Berlin, German magazines are doing Stones stories and presentations in new issues out this month. Playboy has got an extensive interview with Keith (in German). Musik Express is having Mick on the front cover, plus lots more Stones related stuff inside. Also, for Stones contents in German press see Der Stern, Der Focus, Der Spiegel, Gala and Good Times nr.2/98 Mai-Juni (Mick and Keith on Cover).
May 25: Out Of Control in Europe
The new Stones single Out Of Control has been released in Europe. The single CD contains the Album Radio Edit (3:38), two versions mixed by Fluke (acid/trance style) and one Bi-Polar mix (slow techno). The promo CD contains the Album Radio Edit plus the Album Version (4:43). Also, several 12" vinyl releases have been made for DJ/club promo use. If you hated the ASBM techno mix, then you will hate these. If you love techno, this OOC release is a must. The cover is great, a color live shot from this tour.
May 24: New German dates expected by Wednesday
Keith's injury will be inspected by doctors on Tuesday, and his state will tell how fast he will be back in shape for touring. The German tour promoter Coco Tours will announce the new German dates on Wednesday. So far they have plans for the following three alternatives: 1): June 9 - 11: 2): Aug. 16 - 18; 3): Sept. 19 - 31.
May 24: Milan concert postponed
The Stones concert at San Siro, Milan, Italy on May 30 has been postponed. A new date will be set up later. This show had moved from uncertain with only 15,000 tickets sold initially, into 50,000 tickets sold recently, when it had to be postponed due to Keith's injury.
May 23: Stones Day at Brixton, London on Aug. 19
The Dutch/British fan club Shattered! in cooperation with the Cheltenham based Brian Jones fan club The Spirit is hosting a Stones Day at the Brixton Academy on Aug. 19, the day before the Stones perform at Wembley Stadium. See the complete invitation on the London page.
May 22: Sad Day
This is a sad day for all Stones fans in Europe, as the European Tour was supposed to start in Berlin today. But due to Keith's injury, the tour start will not happen. Even if just the Berlin show plus next week's shows have been cancelled (postponed) so far, more shows may be postponed. As stated before here, all shows up to Werchter (June 20/21) or even all the way up to Amsterdam (June 29) may be postponed. No more official news are available still, but expect shows to be postponed on a week-by-week basis until Keith is fine. The dates of the postponed shows will be posted here once they are known. PS. September will be busy...
May 18: Details of the Keith injury
Keith was working in his library during the weekend when he fell from a ladder. When falling he cracked two ribs and got bruises to his chest. The reports about a punctured lung in some parts of the press is just not true. See the Stones news in the NME. For a German spoken report see der Standard of Austria. The first four shows are cancelled so far, but Milano, Barcelona, Lyon and Mannheim are in danger too. In fact, depending on how fast the injury is healing, it might take weeks before the European leg of the tour can start. All new dates will be publised here in IORR once they are available.
May 18: Concert cancellations confirmed
The European tour opening has been postpond, following the now confirmed injury by Keith. So far they have officially postponed these concerts: Berlin, Munich, Gelsenkirchen and Zagreb, i.e. the first week of shows. More shows may be postponed. And the puzzle to re-schedule these shows will be a nightmare, knowing the World Championship in football start in France by mid June, taking a lot of attention in Europe.
May 18: Keith injured - tour delayed
This may be the biggest joke of the year, but I am afraid it is a sad fact. Rumours started yesterday saying Keith had just broken three ribs, while working in his home in Connecticut. Even if he wasn't seriously injured, this would lead to cancellation of all shows from Berlin and for about one month - worst case up to the Werchter or Amsterdam shows. A press release is expected today. More information with confirmations or denial will appear here later today.
May 9: Italian concert on May 30 may still be on
The concert in San Siro, Milano, Italia was taken off all official lists two weeks ago, when the promotor pulled off. Then they just got another promotor, and ticket bookings are still on, so hopefully there will be a show. But if you travel from far away, please be aware of the fact that this show may be cancelled. Watch these pages for updated info about the Italian show, as we all cross out fingers.
May 9: Argentina shows gave records ticket sales
The five shows in Buenos Aires, Argentina in March/April with a total crowd of 272,000 people made $15 Million worth of ticket sales, topping the previous tour record of four shows at Oakland, California, having $11 Mill. in ticket sales. The 200,000 tickets sold at six shows in Japan made $15 Mill. worth of ticket sales too, while the lower end of ticket sales were Rio de Janeiro and Syracuse, each with 28,000 ticket sales worth $1.2 Mill. See more details in the 1998 Spring Tour reviews pages.
May 8: TV Broadcast from the Berlin show
The German TV Sat 1, who is sponsering the German Tour, will broadcast the first songs of the premiere of the European tour in Berlin. Friday 10.15 p.m. This will probably just be excerpts of the first songs, not complete tracks.
May 8: Two weeks to go for Berlin!
In exactly two weeks time, the Rolling Stones will start their European Tour 1998 in Berlin. Check out the cities in the tour list for links to separate pages on where to go, how to get there etc. Also, a travel planner will be available here soon.
May 8: Wood On Canvas
Wood On Canvas is the title of the new art book by Ronnie Wood, published by Genesis in UK. The book includes a rare CD, see Wood On Canvas article published in the IORR 32 magazine of March 98.
May 2: Bridge closed until May 22
It's time to rest for Stones fans all over the world. The next Stones show will be in Berlin, Germany on May 22. The IORR pages are currently being extended to include the latest magazines IORR 31 and IORR 32. Also, there is an update of the underground releasespages. Any news will appear here once they happen. If you have any news to tell then please email. Stay tuned!

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