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Old news up to Feb. 1998

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Feb. 26: Edinburgh new date, Sheffield new show
The Stones concert in Edinburgh Scotland has been re-scheduled from June 16 into August 24. Old tickets are still valid for the new date. And UK has got a new show in Sheffield, England on Aug. 26 - tickets are on sale now - phone in UK 0990 321321, outside UK: +44 990 321321.
Feb. 25: PBS broadcast of the St. Louis show in USA
The TV channel PBS (Public Broadcasting System) in USA will do a 90 minutes broadcast of parts of the St. Louis show in March. Broadcasting day/time will vary - check your local stations. The Rolling Stones have given the public television station exclusive rights to broadcast the show and sell videotapes from the same show all through the tour, i.e. for seven months. PBS is a TV channel that gets all its fundings by pledge drives. See details in the PBS broadcast page.
Feb. 25: Italian broadcast of the BBC tapes
The Italian state-wide radio station Rai Radiodue is said to be broadcasting 13 tracks from the unreleased BBC tapes, as a world-wide exclusive broadcast. The broadcast will be in Italy only, on Thursday March 19, 1998. This may be a false rumour, or simply a fact, because Italy have special laws for copyrights on old material (these tapes are 33 years old).
Feb. 24: Chicago confirmed for April 23
The rumoured concert in the arena size venue United Center in Chicago is now confirmed for April 23. Ticket prices will be like at MSG in NY, i.e. up to $300, and go on sale this Saturday Feb. 28 through Ticketmaster. If tickets go fast, there may be another show, but as this is a 22.000 capacity venue, with high prices, I would not count on a 2nd show. See tour dates in the 1998 tour dates web pages.
Feb. 23: Argentina tickets for sale now
Tickets for The Rolling Stones concerts in Buenos Aires, Argentina go on sale today Feb. 23. The first dates on sale are March 29 and 30. Another show on April 1st is optional, and more shows may be added if these go fast.
Feb. 20: Montreal arena shows at the Molson Centre confirmed
The cancelled Monreal show will be re-scheduled into two arena shows at the 21,000 capacity Molson Centre, the home of the Montreal Canadians Ice Hockey team. See the 1998 tour dates list. If you plan to go to Syracuse, Montreal or Toronto, then check out Shirley Birenz's web pages, with details about these places, who's going etc.
Feb. 18: Syracuse and Toronto dates
The new and rescheduled dates of the cancelled shows have been set to Syracuse April 17 and Toronto April 26. Montreal and Chicago may expect arena shows, see list of confirmed and rumoured dates in the 1998 tour dates list.
Feb. 16: Jackpot in Las Vegas
The much talked about club show in Las Vegas last night finally came through at the Joint, a club in the Hard Rock Hotel. It was a jam packed event, as the 1400 Stones fans hit jackpot by getting into this magnificent show. As the Rolling Stones kissed North America goodbye for now, they are due in Japan next. See the Hard Rock Las Vegas review for more details.
Feb. 14: East Coast Arena mini-tour in April
The delayed shows in Syracuse, Toronto and Montreal may give an added bonus to East Coast Stones fans in America, as it seems there are plans for an Arena show in Chicago at the United Center as well, plus may be scaling down the Montral show into two Arena shows at the Molson Centre. This will all happen in the April 15th - May 1st time frame. See the complete list of romoured and confirmed 1998 tour dates.
Feb. 13: Johnnie Johnson to guest play in Houston
Chuck Berry's keyboards sidekick whizz Johnnie Johnson will do a soundcheck with the Stones on Friday ahead of a scheduled special appearance with the band. So their last major USA performance on Friday (before Las Vegas, before Japan, Syracuse yes...) will be special, after all.
Feb. 12: Houston is ready for Street Fighting Man
The Rolling Stones are ready to do their two shows in Houston, in one of the smallest arenas used so far. The Summit a.k.a. The Compaq Center, is holding about 12,000 people only, and sure it looks nice and intimate! Street Fighting Man will probably be the web choice for the first Houston show. Read all about the show in the reviews pages. And if you are lucky to be in Houston, there will be a post-show meeting with a Stones cover band at a place called Velvet Elvis on 3303 Ricmond...
Feb. 11: Great Houston tickets available now!
The Houston stage setup is finalized, and some great seats very close to the stage is now available, as of 4pm. Check out the Ticketmaster Online Ticket Purchaser. Calling TM may still get you 200-sections, while online they have 109 first rows etc.
Feb. 11: Live chat with Charlie on AOL tonight
Charlie will be in the AOL Chat tonight Wednesday at 10 PM EST (4AM Thursday morning CET/Europe). The chat will be on display live at the official Rolling Stones site. You may send your questions to Charlie by email to [email protected].
Feb. 11: Argentina dates coming soon
This site has been giving you the rumoured South American dates for months now, and as the event is coming closer, the exact dates will to be confirmed soon. The dates they may play Argentina is said to be March 28th, March 29th or 30th and April 1st. That's 3 shows, but there may be more, as in 1995 they did 5 shows...
Feb. 8: New dates in Germany, Canada etc.
So far loose but probable rumours tells about the following changes and possible shows: 3 new shows in Germany will be Munich May 25 (2nd show), Gelsenkirchen June 17 and Bremen August 26. The show in Edinburgh on June 16 may be re-scheduled to August 24. And still no confirmed facts about the re-scheduled Syracuse, Toronto and Montreal shows, even if these dates are probable: Syracuse April 17, Montreal April 19 and/or 20. It will take a day or two more to confirm these rumours and add the dates into the 1998 tour dates list.
Feb. 8: We came to rock Mexico
Anybody Seen My Baby was back in the set when the Rolling Stones did their first show of the 97/98 tour outside USA/Canada, in Mexico. See the complete setlist and reviews on the Mexico 7th of Feb. review.
Feb. 6: Ticket sales in France
The French dates in Lyon, Marseilles and Paris go on sale on Feb. 12. Tickets can be ordered through phoning (France) +33 1 42 31 31 31 (8:30 - 21:30). PS. The three new German dates will show up here tomorrow...
Feb. 4: Mick Taylor new album and tour
Mick Taylor has been working on his new album recently, and it is currently being mixed at Sensible Studios in London. Mick Taylor will tour Europe on the following dates: Portugal Feb. 20, Spain Feb. 21, UK Feb. 24, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria March 5-21, Germany April 1-6, Denmark, Sweden April 8-11.
Feb. 4: Soaking wet San Diego show with Memory Motel
The Stones show in San Diego last night was a soaking wet experience, unless you listened to the broadcast live on radio. But the Stones love rain from time to time, and Lisa had it all during Gimme Shelter... On the center stage Charlie's cymbols blew over, and the umbrella on the center stage almost blew off. This was the first time Memory Motel was broadcasted live, making it available in an excellent version for all the people taping the show at home in USA. Tape traders will surely make this show available to fans all over the world soon. See the complete San Diego review.
Feb. 3: Saint Of Me out Feb. 9
The new Stones single Saint Of Me will be out on Feb. 9 in those markets that have not released it yet.
Feb. 3: Tallin on sale now, French dates next week
The Tallin, Estonia Stones concert went on sale on Feb. 2. It's a 3 hours ferry trip from Helsinki, if you go there three days earlier. The French dates in Lyon, Marseilles and Paris go on sale on Feb. 12. More German dates are coming next week.
Jan. 31: The Rose Garden rocked Portland twice
The Rolling Stones have just finished their two shows in Portland, at the arena sized Rose Garden. Just like the Madison Square Garden, the Rose Garden is perfect for scaled down Stones shows. See the reviews from the Portland-1 and Portland-2 shows.
Jan. 31: San Diego show to be broadcasted live
The next Rolling Stones show in San Diego on Feb. 3 will be broadcasted live all over USA, on various radio stations. As the show start approx. 9pm PST, there may be delays until the day after some places.
Jan. 30: Live chat with Ronnie on AOL Feb. 4
Just like Keith did his AOL chat last night, Ronnie will do a similar chat on Wednesday, February 4th, 10 PM EST. For details see the Keith chat news below.
Jan. 29: Ruby Tuesday in Vancouver
The Rolling Stones were back into Canada last night, visiting B.C. Place in Vancouver. They seems to be keeping the same great mood as at MSG and at the Hawaiian shows. For the first time since the opening concert in Chicago on Sep. 23 they did Ruby Tuesday, so it seems they are about to close the circle now, having only 7 major shows to go in North America (plus the Hard Rock club show), before they leave for Japan. Mick did a comment about Bill Clinton vs. Titanic, see details in the Vancouver reviews page.
Jan. 28: Live chat with Keith on AOL tomorrow
Keith will be in the AOL Chat tomorrow evening Thursday Jan 29th at 10 PM EST. That is 4 AM CET (Central European Time) Friday morning. The chat will be on display live at the official Rolling Stones site. You may send your questions to Keith by email to [email protected], or chat live if you are on AOL (American Online, USA based internet provider with chat groups etc).
Jan. 28: Mick Jagger in UK broadcast on The History Channel
The UK satellite TV station, The History Channel will broadcast a 60 minute Mick Jagger profile in their Biography series on Saturday February 7th at 1900 hours (UK time) according to the latest edition of Sky TV Guide. This might be the same profile as broadcasted in USA on the A&E Channel recently - not the best feature made, may be, but check it out...
Jan. 24: Angie in Hawaii
The Rolling Stones debuted Angie for the Bridges To Babylon tour during the first of the two Hololulu shows in Hawaii. See the complete setlist in the Hawaii 1st show review page. Also, see the complete setlist and more details about the Pepsi Co. Mystery Concert in Kona, Hawaii on Jan 21st.
Jan. 23: The Rolling Stones at the Superbowl
Well, the Rolling Stones will not be there in person, may be, as they have to fly in from Hawaii directly to San Diego after the last show on Saturday, but still... Part of the Pepsi deal seems to be a commercial to be used at the Superbowl broadcast on Sunday Jan. 25. And it's not any commercial. The Superbowl is the most important sports event in USA, and a 30 seconds commercial slots costs close to the same amount of money as the Stones gross per medium sized stadium show... The Microsoft Start Me Up deal will be peanuts compared to the Pepsi deal! What's in the commercial? Surprise Surtprise...
Jan. 23: The Madison Square Garden file
The Madison Square Garden file is bringing you the best photos, memories, links and stuff related to the unforgettable Madison Square Garden concert in New York City January 14 - 17, 1998. If you have comments, photos (don't email photos!!!), or just some precious memories, then please send email, and it will all be preserved in the MSG file. And please send me your one line comments about the shows, including your name and where you are from (city/country), and I will post a list of it in the MSG file. Thanks!
Jan. 22: Secret show for Pepsi VIP's last night in Hawaii!
The rumoured secret show on the big island of Hawaii did really happen last night, Jan 21st. The Rolling Stones played in a tent with 4.000 people attending, mostly VIP people from Pepsi Co, having their 100 years celebration party, and probably paying Mick and the boys a million dollars or so to play 16 songs in a tent. The stage was all decorated with Pepsi logos, the sound kinda muddy, due to the stage and the tent. Keith did only one song, I Wanna Hold You, and there was no small stage, even if they still did I Just Wanna Make Love To You and Like A Rolling Stone. Mick had this funny comment on stage: After 20 years of taking coke, it's good to drink pepsi! A full report will appear in the Hawaii Pepsi show review page. soon. Also, see the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.
Jan. 21: The Phelge book is due out soon
You read about it in IORR 26 of June 1996, and now he is just about finished with his book. See the Phelge's Stones web site. And you will get a full review here once it is available, of course, by the guy who lived with Mick, Keith and Brian in Edith Grove back in 1963, Mr. James Phelge.
Jan. 21: The IORR 31 magazine is out
Thanks to lots of help, the It's Only Rock'n Roll fan club magazine number 31 was mailed out as planned on Saturday Jan. 17, last week. It should be arriving to all members and subscribers any day now, with facts and figures, set list tables etc up to and including cancellation details of Jan 11. See the great front page photo and other details in IORR 31, and the publication schedule of 1998.
Jan. 18: How to get tickets for the Hard Rock Las Vegas show
Check out the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas web pages for the most complicated and bizarre ticket sales system in the history of the Stones, for the Las Vegas club concert on Feb. 15. It's a lottery system, based on showing up in Las Vegas starting tomorrow Jan. 19, and winners will enter new lottery systems etc. Also, you may get a few pairs of tickets via an email lottery.
Jan. 18: Stones secret show in Hawaii Jan. 21?
There are loose rumours about a secret Stones show in Hawaii two days prior to the main concerts, i.e. on Jan. 21. It is supposed to be at the Pepsi Convention out there. Don't kill me if it doesn't happen, but if you are in the area, you may want to check it out...
Jan. 17: Oasis single with Street Fighting Man
Out this week in UK as a limited edition CD single is the latest release All Around The World by Oasis, having an extra track with a cover version of Street Fighting Man.
Jan. 17: Great 2nd show at MSG last night
The Stones did a great show at the Madison Square Garden last night, as some of the nerve from the 1st night had gone by now. The web choice was dropped because they wanted to do Already Over Me, which is fair. It was a high energy show. The question is - will the 3rd and final MSG show tonight be the ultimate one? See the MSG 2 review for more details. PS. Bob Dylan never showed up. It was just a rumour that was all over the city. He is probably busy with his own shows.
Jan. 17: Ronnie Wood art in New York
The Ambassador Galleries in NYC, NY is currently having a large selection (about 35 pieces) of Ronnie Wood art, lithographies, on display. You may not afford to buy any of these, but they are free to see and enjoy... The address is 137 Spring St.
Jan. 15: Bob Dylan on Like A Rolling Stone?
Bob Dylan is said to be joining the Stones on stage for Like a Rolling Stone on the Friday show, just like he did when he was warming up for the Stones in Montpellier, France, 1995. He is in town, and he is in the building...
Jan. 15: Madison Square Garden
The first Madison Square Garden shows in 17 years was finally a fact last night. The sound wasn't perfect, but the Stones did a great performance. Please submit your reviews, thoughts, comments, feelings, and they will all be posted on the Madison Square Garden reviews web page.
Jan. 15: Zagreb, Croatia May 27 or 28?
While all the official info about the Zagreb, Croatia show this summer is giving the date May 27, the local fans say it's May 28. So far I guess the fans are right. We'll see when the ticket sales start tomorrow, and the date can be confirmed.
Jan. 13: Memory Motel is in the lead for MSG Jan 14th
Memory Motel is having a big lead of all other songs as the web choice of the show tomorrow in the Madison Square Garden, being in the lead since yesterday. You may do your own vote to your personal favourite by voting on the Song Vote page of Virgin and the Rolling Stones.
Jan. 13: More 1998 shows confirmed
Finally the news are out in Mexico about a 2nd show on the 9th of Feb. in Mexico City. This adds up to the first show on the 7th. Zagreb Hippodrome in Croatia is confirmed to May 27. Werchter Belgium get their 2nd show on the 21st of June, making it a giant Stones week-end outside Brussels, and the 4th Nordic show in Oslo, Norway on Aug. 2 is finally confirmed. See 1998 tour dates and ticket sales details.
Jan. 10: The Montreal show is cancelled!!!
How I hate to tell you these sad facts, but the Montral show is off - sorry! It's on the radio in Canada right this minute, (11am). The reason this time is not Mick's laryngitis, but the extreme difficulties they have related to the terrible weather situation. Problems like loss of hydro in downtown Montreal since last night, as well as an unconfirmed report of roof difficulties at the Olympic Stadium, just forced Montreal into cancellation. But hold on to your tickes, as they aim at setting up new shows for Syracuse, Toronto and Montreal in late April or early May. New dates will appear here once they are available. See the story in the Sunday edition of the Montreal Gazette.
Jan. 9: The Montreal show is still on
Even if they had to cancell the Syracuse and Toronto shows, due to Mick's laryngitis, it still seems the Montreal show on Sunday night will be on as scheduled. Mick's throat is improving, as he is now in New York seing his doctor and own specialist. The rest of the band have been staying in Canada, and moved into Toronto on Thursday, now practicing without Mick. The biggest problem regarding the Montreal show is the weather, as they are experiencing the worst winter storms, ice cold rain, and terrible traffic situations, in 40 years up there. Even if the Babylon trucks have arrived, and the stage is being built, people may have big difficulties in actually getting to the show. See reports in The Toronto Sun and The Montral Gazette.
Jan. 7: Toronto show cancelled
Mick Jagger's laryngitis seems to be more serious than the one he got in October, as this time they have cancelled Toronto as well, one of the best selling shows of the entire tour. TV and radio in Toronto is bringing these sad facts, as well as Canadian Online. The Montreal show is still on, but that may change too. So now Mick and Keith are even, as Keith's infected finger back in 1990 made them cancel/change shows as well. Re-scheduling Toronto to April 27 is rumoured, but like in 1990, they have to "move mountains" (Harvey Goldsmith quote in Cardiff) to get new dates fixed. More details to follow, as confirming sources become available, including facts about re-sceduling.
Jan. 7: The BBC tapes: Music from a locked room
Stones fans in Britain listening to the BBC World Services suddenly woke up, when they broadcasted bits of Cops And Robbers at about 4am this morning, as part of a presentation of the just discovered BBC tapes. David Lister from the UK paper The Independent was the first outside BBC to get into their archives to hear these tapes, and his comments after listening to 20 or so songs, are: It's fascinating, raw, earthy blues and rock'n'roll, with moments of surprising tenderness.. They now claim to have found up to 40 songs. See more news about these tapes published here some days ago...
Jan. 7: Syracuse show tonight cancelled due to Mick's laryngitis
The Syracuse show, supposed to be today Wednesday Jan. 7, has been cancelled, due to Mick Jagger having acute laryngitis. His sore throat could be experienced at the Quebec show two days ago, when they were down to 20 songs only, and Mick was observed spraying his throat during the show. At first they didn't think it was that bad, but next morning, it was really serious, and they had to call for the best throat specialst in town. The shows in Toronto and Montreal are in danger too, so we just have to cross our fingers and hope Mick's throat is getting better soon!!! See reports in the Syracuse Online publications The Wire/AP and The Post-Standard.
Jan. 6: They came to rock Quebec!
Quebec rocked last night, when the Stones kicked off the 1998 part of their Bridges To Babylon tour in Quebec, Canada. The stage concept to be used for the MSG shows next week were in use, and approx. 20,000 Quebecois got their satisfaction, even if they skipped "Out Of Control", and played a short set of just 20 songs. Read all about it in the Quebec review.
Jan. 6: Saint Of Me single with two new tracks!
The next Rolling Stones single Saint Of Me will be released on January 19th in Europe. It will include a Radio Edit, a special remix called Deep Disk Grunge Garage Remix, and most interesting the not yet released track Anyway You Look At It, plus a recent live version of Gimme Shelter!
Jan. 4: Early Rolling Stones Recordings Found
BBC archivists and retired producers have unearthed more than 20 'lost' recordings from the early career of the Rolling Stones, which may now be released as a potentially best-selling disc, according to Sunday Times. The songs were recorded for BBC radio between October 1963 and September 1965. Archivists at the BBC had uncovered 13 of the original 42 titles recorded by the group for radio. In addition, it said, more than 10 others had been preserved by former producers who should have ``wiped'' the tapes. Late additions: Two of the recovered songs are Dust My Pyramids (written by B.Jones and Richards?) and I Wanna Love You from the Rhytmn and Blues session.
Jan. 1: Stones tickets still available
Tickets are still available for the smaller 16,000 capacity arena venues Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon and Compac Center in Houston, Texas. Check out the Ticketmaster web pages for online tickets.
Jan. 1: Hard Rock ticket sales
The Rolling Stones will perform their final US show on Sunday Feb. 15, 1998 at The Joint, a 1,400 capacity club of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The tickets will be in the $300 - $500 price range, and the ticket sales will start in January, through a lottery system.
Jan. 1: Mick Jagger in Jan. 6 broadcast
The TV show Biography in USA will feature Mick Jagger on Tuesday January 6th. This show is on the A&E channel (Cable TV) and will air at 8pm eastern time (US). There is also a small photo and quote in the January edition of the magazine Biography.
Jan. 1: Nine more months on the road in 1998!
The Rolling Stones will continue their Bridges To Babylon tour in Quebec, Canada on Monday Jan. 5, 1998. Following 4 months and 33 major shows in 1997, they will be constantly on tour for another nine months in 1998. This makes the longest period the Stones have been continously touring for decades!

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