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Old news up to August 1997

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Aug. 31: Anybody Seen My Baby

The radio stations across the world started to play the new Rolling Stones single Anybody Seen My Baby on Friday night Aug. 29. Now you can download your own complete RealAudio version from the KMTT Live radio station. It's a 4:20 version, its great, great, great - slow, but just listen to those guitars, and to the beat - it's a hit! So what do you think? Play it loud! Tell what you think to It's Only Rock'n Roll, and I will compile the best, the worst, the poll that tells the initial response to the new single from Stones fans, and publish an abstract here in a day or two!

Aug. 28: Memory Motel rehearsed

Last night in Toronto the Stones rehearsed Memory Motel and Let's Spend The Night Together. Both songs very, very popular among the fans!

Aug. 27: Toronto rehearsals report

This is what happened during the Stones rehearsals on Monday night, at the Masonic Temple in Toronto. The boys arrived around 5:00 p.m. Mick left around 1:00 a.m. Charlie, Darryl, and Chuck an hour later. Keith and Ron came out around 4:00 a.m. During the evening people came and went including Dan Akroid and John Goodman. They could be heard reheasing "Crazy Mamma", "Last Time", "Under My Thumb", and "When the Whip Comes Down", plus new material.

Aug. 26: Chicago live by VH1

VH1 will broadcast the first two songs live from the opening concert of The Rolling Stones in Chicago. The broadcast will be Tuesday Sept. 23.

Aug. 26: Live broadcast on Sept. 4

Get ready for the first real live broadcast of the Rolling Stones this year, live from their rehearsals at the Concert Hall in Toronto, on Thursday Sept. 4. The broadcast will be by MTV, one of the co-sponsors of the tour. Get your VCR's ready, and guess what, they will probably premiere the first ever live version of their new killer single Anybody Seen My Baby, who knows! I love it!

Aug. 24: Club concert Oct. 14

The Rolling Stones will most probably do a club gig on Tuesday Oct. 14. MTV will air half an hour from that gig the same night at 10 pm est (delay to US West Coast). They are on their way from Philadelphia to New York on that day, so it should be in the N.Y. area.

Aug. 23: First night in Toronto

The Rolling Stones went directly to the Concert Hall to start rehearsals the day after they arrived in Toronto. The first session finished at about 3 am Saturday morning. Fans hanging around could easily hear Mick and the boys playing... See the great news pages and photos from the Concert Hall arrival in the Canadian Online Explorer web pages.

Aug. 22: The Rolling Stones are now in Toronto

The Stones flew into Toronto late Thursday night in a private jet. Charlie checked into the Four Seasons Hotel on Avenue Road, Keith in a mansion in Mississauga, and Mick in Rosedale. Also, it's said they are renting a home in the Mt. Pleasant-Lawrence area at a very high price level... So where did Ronnie go?

Aug. 22: Bridges To Babylon - the final cut

See the Bridges To Babylon pages for an update, with exact listing of track by track details - Keith on vocals for 3 songs, and overall another great album!

Aug. 22: Rehearsals at the Mosanic Temple

The Rolling Stones will do their tour rehearsals in the Mosanic Temple, at 888 Yonge St. at Davenport - Also known as the Concert Hall. As usual, this is in the Toronto area, of course! The building have been improved for the Stones these days, as new steel dors have been mounted, as well as several facilities making the Stones feel comfortable. Normally, this "concert hall" takes close to 1,000 people. The Stones will use it for tour rehearsals.

Aug. 22: Photos from the press conference

See the great IORR photos from the Brooklyn Bridge conference, and see the great looking boys ready to rock'n'roll!

Aug. 22: Ticket sales

Ticket sales will start tomorrow Saturday Aug. 23 at 9:30 am (check local time variations!) for the first Stones shows at Chicago, Columbus, Edmonton and Winnipeg. Ticket prices are expected to be in the range of $25 - $60. Watch out for 2nd shows in Chicago and Edmonton, being announced as soon as the 1st dates are sold out - hopefully within 1 - 2 hours! Details of ticket providers, advices, hints, where to buy from outside of America etc. will be available here later today.

Aug. 18: The press conference

Latest news from the press conference: See the separate page about the Brooklyn Bridge press conference.

Aug. 18: Madison Square Garden!

The Rolling Stones are giving their fans a great Xmas gift! For Dec. 14, 15, then a break, and then again more days until Keith's birthday, they will be at the MSG in New York, probably one of the world's most exciting and famous concert venues, taking about 15,000 peple per night. More detail in few hours...

Aug. 16: Your question to the Rolling Stones

Check out The Rolling Stones new site, as pointed out by Stonesworld. By midnight EDT, Sunday August 17, you may submit your own questions, and the Stones will then pick some. PS. Great graphics on the site - what a lion!".

Aug. 16: Good news for Canada

The Stones are adding more dates to their Canadian leg(s) of their world tour. In 1994 they did 10 concerts in Canada (and 50 in USA). This time it might even be more? Anyway - they seem to be ready for Quebec and the Hippodrome on Oct. 10, first time ever, Toronto Skydome Jan. 6, 1998, and Montreal too in January. Vancover should show ut too, probably two shows.

Aug. 15: The Rolling Stones Top 25

IORR asked all hard core fans to vote for the songs they had to get during the upcoming 97/98 world tour. These are the results from more than 2000 votes received during this summer! Mick and Keith, read this list carefully, please! The Rolling Stones Top 25.

Aug. 15: Where the boys go...

The Rolling Stones did not go to Toronto this week after all. They will stay in New York for video shooting still a couple of days after the press conference. Then they will leave for Toronto.

Aug. 15: Monday Aug. 18 at 1:10 PM EST

The press conference is indeed on at 1:10 PM EST (New York time) on Monday Aug. 18. It will be held under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

Aug. 14: Smaller indoor venue in December

The Rolling Stones will play a minimum of two indoor concerts in an Arena type venue in America (USA East Coast) in December (average size of crowd 15,000). Dates are final, but can't be made public yet, sorry! You will get the dates and venues here as soon as the embargo is released. The IORR fan club is cooperating with operators to make a package offer to people being interested in going. All IORR members will get this special mailout in the week of the 18th. If you want to receive information about this offer, and are not yet an IORR member then please stay tuned for more details here on this site.

Aug. 14: NME with great Mick Jagger interview

The best and most detailed interview so far about the new Stones album Bridges to Babylon is to be found on the NME Web Site. Mick talks about working with the new album, Dust Brothers, why they scrapped the Babyface produced version of "Already Over Me", and recorded it live in the studio. At the moment, Mick is listening to DJ Kool. He say he likes the new Oasis single, having just seen it on the telly, and express his thoughts on Liam and Noel.

Aug. 13: The new Stones stage

The new Stones stage, to be used for the upcoming world tour, is currently being constructed in an airport hangar in Canada (Toronto or Edmonton)? The people involved will get free concert tickets. The stage will have a bridges design, and there will be a smaller stage out there in the crowd, with a tunnel connection. A bit like the U2 concept, but not the silly egg bit, I guess...

Aug. 13: The Rolling Stones in Toronto

The Rolling Stones are said to be arriving to Toronto today. Toronto will be the place for tour rehearsals. They will be back to New York on Monday Aug. 18, for the press conference at a restaurant at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. May be there is a "Club Milano" out there, who knows?

Aug. 13: Toronto session on Aug. 23

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards will take part in an all-star jam session in Toronto on Aug. 23, to be done for the Blues Brothers 2000 film. Other artists in the film, that may take part in the jam, are B.B. King, Junior Wells, Sam Moore, Wilson Pickett, and Taj Mahal.

Aug. 11: Bridges to Babylon mastered

The new Stones album Bridges to Babylon was finally mastered today. Song selections and discussions on mixes have delayed the album, but it will be there, for the release next month on Sept. 22 (23 in America).

Aug. 10: Energy to light up a town!

The New York Post had an insert on the upcoming Stones tour and album, and they had some brilliant Keith Richards quotes: - "Moneywise, we haven't had to work for years. But it's for the pleasure of the music, pride, the quest of the Holy Grail". - "This band's got more energy than half the world put together. We could light up a town, baby." - PS. Darryl Jones is said to be joining in on the press conference...

Aug. 8: Stone Country

Due to be released the same week as the new Rolling Stones album, i.e. on Sept 22/23, is a country music album titled Stone Country. George Jones is doing Time Is On My Side, Nanci Griffith does No Expectations, and other tracks includes Wild Horses, Honky Tonk Women, by artists such as The Tractors, Travis Tritt, Rodney Crowell and Ronnie Milsap.

Aug. 7: New world tour lasting 10 months

The new Stones tour, due to be announced on Aug. 18, and starting in Chicago on Sept. 23, will be a world tour, lasting for about 10 months, up to late August 1998. Expect the same schedule as in 94/95, but more exotic places this time around!

Aug. 7: New Keith Richards album in Oct.

Keith Richards will release his new album titled Wingless Angels in October, few weeks after the Stones album release. The Wingless Sessions were recorded in the fall of 1995 in Jamaica. This is not a traditional Winos release, but rather an experiment in Rastafarian music, originally not planned for any release at all. The release is on Keith Richards' new own label Mindless Records, distributed by Island.

Aug. 7: Tour schedule first part

The first 4 stops on the 1997 Rolling Stones Tour seem to be sorted out by now. It looks like this: Chicago Sept 23 (25th optional 2nd show) - Ohio Sept 27 - Winnipeg Sept 30 - Edmonton Oct 2 (3rd optional 2nd show).

Aug. 6: Tour announcement on Aug. 18 in NY

The press conference to announce the tour dates is moved from Aug. 12 (and then the date Aug. 14) into Monday August 18. This date seems to be final, and there is not much time for moving it furter on, as they need to start the tour in Chicago. The press conference is to be held i New York, probably at/under the Brooklyn Bridge. Bridges to Babylon, you know... PS. The reason for continously moving this press conference date is simple - still negotiating with Sponsors (Sprint, Vodka brand, who's next?), and also finalizing contracts with venues.

Aug. 6: New album out on Sept. 22

Virgin is confirming the new Rolling Stones album will be released on Sept. 22 (Sept. 23 in America). The single Anybody Seen My Face may show up sooner, probably 2 - 3 weeks before the album release. The single is produced by Don Was and Dust Bros.

Aug. 1: Tour announcement on Aug. 12

Virgin is confirming the tour will be announced on August 12, most probably in New York.

July 30: Anybody�s Seen My Baby

Anybody�s Seen My Baby may be the title of the new single. It's produced by Dust Brothers, a mid tempo with a chorus having a bigger radio station hit potential than for a long time. Release date is early September. Then there will be two more single releases, and all of the singles will include versions with non-album tracks. PS. Other sources say the first single may be titled Gun Face.

July 30: New album due out Sept. 22

The new Stones album titled Bridges To Babylon will be released on Monday Sept. 22 in Europe, and on Tuesday Sept. 23 in America. This is perfect timing for the tour start on Sept. 23, and a 3 weeks delay from previous plans.

July 24: Bridges To Babylon details

The new album Bridges To Babylon will be released on Sept. 1st. The single will most probably be titled The Saint of Me, due out to radio stations (promo release) on Aug. 12, and commercially available on August 18th. The single track "Gun Face" (mistitled as Gin Face) is a true rocker track, but due to the lyrics, it won't make it as a single after all. The album cover will have a black and white lion drawing, and the art work and layout will be very, very special this time. Sources who have been listening to album tracks keep saying it's the best they have made in many, many years. I just can't wait...

July 23: Ronnie Wood in Germany July 24

Ronnie Wood will be in Hamburg, Germany on July 24, at the Buddy Holly Theatre. Ronnie will promote his European release of the "Slide on Live" album, and also his art work. Next day he will leave for vacation. And after that, we expect the tour announcement...

July 16: New album title: Bridges To Babylon

The title of the new album will be Bridges To Babylon.

July 16: New album title: Flip the Switch

The new Rolling Stones album, known through working title "Blessed Poison", will be titled "Flip the Switch", also supposed to be the name of the tour. The first single off the album is titled "Low Down".

July 16: Chicago Sept. 23 and 25

The Chicago dates opening the Stones tour will probably be Sept 23 and 25. Like in Washington 1994, it seems the Stones adds in a day off in-between the first two concerts. PS. U2 packed Chicago Soldier Field for 3 nights, so watch out for a 3rd show if tickets are selling fast!

July 11: Tour announcement probably on Aug. 12

The tour announcement will probably be on Tuesday August 12, i.e. exactly 6 weeks before they start in Chicago on Sept. 23. Same procedure as in 1989, except 3 weeks later... They will probably do a small show few days before the two opening shows, scheduled for Sept 23-24. The pre-tour opening show might be a club or small arena in Chicago.

July 3: Tour opens Sept. 23 in Chicago

According to the Chicago Tribune of June 2, the Soldier Field negotiations are just about finished, and the Rolling Stones 1997 tour will start in Chicago at the Soldier Field on Sept 23-24.

July 2: STP by Greenfield to be reissued

The classic document of the Stones 1972 tour - out of print both in the US and the UK for years - and changing hands at collectors prices, will be republished in August 1997 by Helter Skelter publishing of this year - the 25th anniversary of the classic US tour. Re-published in its original UK title of : A Journey Through America With the Rolling Stones. The book features a new foreword by the author who has also co-written the autobiography of Bill Graham.

July 2: Tour announcement on July 9?

Cleveland,Ohio, radio station WMMS 100.7 reported Tuesday that the Stones will be making their Tour Announcement on July 9 at the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Ohio is supposed to be one of the first places the Stones will play, if they start in Chicago on Sept. 25. PS. This announcement have been denied by WMMS, so I guess it's just a false rumour...

July 2: New possible album/tour titles

Charlie named Blessed Poison as the title of the new album. Another possible album/tour title is Slip The Switch, taken from one of the tracks of the new album. Another more international title, which seems great, is the rumoured album title ROCK, and the tour title ROCK World Tour.

July 1: The tour might start in Chicago!

The tour might start in Chicago on Sept. 25, according to several sources around, including Q Magazine August issue, also having some more details about the new Stones album (see more details here tomorrow!). Be prepared for blues club appearances too! Early September dates as listed here may be moved later on into the tour schedule.

July 1: Prepare for the tour announcement

The first part of the U2 PopMart tour is leaving America tomorrow July 2, with the 2nd night at Foxboro Stadium, Boston, and heading for Europe. Then everything is ready for The Rolling Stones announcing their tour, starting some time in September.

June 29: Las Vegas concerts confirmed by MGM

The Rolling Stones Las Vegas appearances were confirmed by officials during the Holifield/Tyson boxing fight, saying The Rolling Stones would visit MGM Grand later this year.

June 16: Stones to play in Oklahoma!

The Oklahoma Daily reports that the Rolling Stones may play at OU. The fall concert would be the band's first appearance in Oklahoma.

June 15: LA Times recording news

LA Times Sunday has got a brilliant report on the new album, including track listings etc.

May 15: Great news in Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone Magazine Random Notes has got a great report about the new album, recordings, and tour venue bookings!

30-May-97: IORR 28 now available on the web!

The It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine issue no. 28, as mailed out to all members and subscribers on May 21, is now available on the web, entirely, every word, every photo, every piece of news and facts as of the spring. Enjoy! PS! Sorry I can not offer the glossy color print quality of the magazine on these web pages...

13-Mar-97: The Rolling Stones are recording in L.A.

The Rolling Stones arrived in Los Angeles on Thursday March 13, meeting up with Keith, who was in L.A. already. They will do studio recordings in West Hollywood for the next 4 - 5 weeks, and release an album in the summer. The album will be backed by a tour, staring in North America in August 1997, and lasting for about 12 - 13 months.

The new Stones album will bring in new producers, plus Don Was, who worked with the Stones on their recent album. Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, the Dust Brothers (Beck's "Odelay," the Beastie Boys' "Paul's Boutique") and Danny Saber (U2, Garbage) will do mixes and producing.

More information about their studio work, as well as tour information, to show up here soon! The IORR Fan Club will arrange concert travels to America for their members. See separate invitations mailed to you all some time in April, as soon as the tour is official!

16-Dec-96: Stones tour in 1997

It's now confirmed by Stones PR official Bernard Doherty. The Rolling Stones will start touring next summer. The tour will start off in America as usual, as they will play about 70 concerts there, before they most probably go on to the rest of the world.

I'm quite sure they will go to Argentina and Brazil, for many shows, as well as Far East, being skipped last time around. The date of when they start, or the format, is yet unknown. My estimated guess is they will do interesting places like Madison Square Garden, may be both "small" and big shows, like in London and Paris 1995. I say "small", because MSG actually holds 18,000 people; really great place.

PS. The 1997 tour news was already in IORR 27, which mailed out last week to subscribers, see:

Question for you US guys: Is there any reason why tours never start until August? Too hot in June/July some places? Are the venues unavailable? Doesn't big acts tour USA in the summer?

PPS. Yes, there will be a new studio album as well. Mick and Keith has already done basic song writing. Release summmer of 1997, before the tour starts.

Three days later, the tour information, as leaked out by Mick's P.R. contact, was denied by Jane Rose, P.R. agent for Keith Richards. There may be a P.R. dispute within the Stones, but still, they do work on an album, and an album always comes with a tour...

31-Dec-96: Bob Dylan and Ron Wood at Hyde Park
Broadcasting on NRK TV Friday Jan. 3, 1997

Norwegian NRK1 main TV station will broadcst 2 hours television recordings from the Hyde Park concert on June 28, 1996, featuring Bob Dylan with Ron Wood, The Who, Eric Clapton etc. Broadcasting schedule is Friday Jan. 3, 1997 at 23:10 - 01:15.

Hopefully, we will see a lot of Ronnie too, including the famous talks Bob and Ronnie had before they got into "Seven Days". For details about the concert see:

To see the daily news after Sept. 1, 1997, check out the IORR Sept/Oct. 97 file of old news.

Also, check out the IORR magazines, compiling the most important news into the It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine:

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