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Oct. 31: Kommen die Stones?

Sorry if you do not speak German, but the above question (Are the Stones coming?) is used by Hamburger Abendblatt, as they tell about the Rolling Stones, coming to the 90,000 capacity racehorse place Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld, north of Hamburg, on August 30. So far it's 5 talked about shows in Germany for 1998, including Cologne, Stuttgart,Nuernberg,Bochum and Hamburg. More will come, and 1998 seems to have even more German shows than in 1995, having 9 shows in Germany back then. And it looks like the tour may extend into September 1998...

Oct. 29: MOJO magazine Nov. 97

In case you haven't seen it yet... MOJO (UK magazine) Nov. edition has got a real detailed interview with Keith, plenty of pages, including a weired photo "Keith in smoke", front page photo, plus interviews with the quitters Bill Wyman, talking about his new album, and Mick Taylor, talking about how he joined, and why he left. Great magazine... and three new Stones books reviewed, plus the Babylon ad in colors...

Oct. 29: Stones photos in Jam

See the great photos in the Jam Stones Gallery, with great photos from Buffalo and Chicago, including a shot of Charlie, stepping down to the crowd...

Oct. 28: Saint Of Me next single

The next single from the new album Bridges To Babylon will be Saint Of Me, due out in a few weeks time. Radio stations will get their promo copies sooner. Expect to hear it any day, and also live!

Oct. 28: Six California shows!

If you are planning to do a fast travel to USA, to see as many concerts as possible at the same place, then you should go to California, for the two Los Angeles (Nov. 9, 10) and now four Oakland (Nov. 14, 15, 18, 19) concerts. That's 6 shows in 11 days, and may be a club gig due in San Francisco as well... Opening acts: LA: Wallflowers; Oakland: Pearl Jam. PS. I didn't count San Diego, CA in Feb. 98...

Oct. 27: Stones bootlegs

See the list of more than 1,000 Stones bootlegs, including details and quality ratings, as compiled by Kurt Kleiner. The list is alphabetic, and is including the brand new titles Behind The Double Door (VGP 150), Chicago We Wanna Hold You (VGP 151), Another Evening With The Rolling Stones (VGP 152) and Running On The Bridges To Babylon (Shaved Disc) from Chicago Sept. 1997.

Oct. 27: Nashville breakfast

The Stones flew from the Port Chester, NY club gig to Nashville, and performed the day after, Sunday, a very early show, starting at 5:30 in the afternoon! Mick commented on it, saying they just had breakfast! And the web choice for Nashville? Far Away Eyes, of course! See the Nashville review, as well as a complete list of all other BtB reviews!

Oct. 26: Port Chester club gig

The Rolling Stones performed their 3rd club gig for this tour as scheduled, for the delayed MTV broadcast program Live at 10, on Saturday Oct. 25, at the Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY. It was a short set, of which five of the songs were broadcasted live on TV. See the Capitol Theatre" set list and review.

Oct. 25: IORR no. 30 is out

It's Only Rock'n Roll no. 30 - the real magazine - was mailed out to all subscribers on Saturday Oct. 25. It will arrive to you in 2 - 5 days, all over the world. It is featuring the world's best photos from rehearsals and the tour opening in Chicago, including world exclusive photos, plus reviews of club concerts as well as other concerts, fan-to fan ads, an unique interview with Mick Jagger, and lots more. IORR 31 will be available on the web in 1 - 2 weeks time.

Oct. 19: Keith in Washington Post

Keith Richards has been interviewed by many magazines recently, including Guitar Magazine (USA, Oct 97), Musician (USA, Nov. 97), Guitar Magazine (UK, Oct. 97), Live (USA, Oct. 97), MOJO (UK, Nov. 97). And today Washington Post is preparing for the Stones visit by publishing an interview done in Charlotte recently,

Oct. 17: Hawaii and Portland 2nd shows

Hawaii is booming for Stones tickets, and a 2nd show is added on Jan. 24. Tickets go on sale Saturday Oct. 18, see Hawaii ticket sales page for information about special packages and VIP tickets. And Rose Garden Portland is getting their 2nd show too, on the 31st of Jan. Ticket sales to both shows go on sale Friday 18th at 10am local time. PS. Rose Garden is a small place, about 20,000 capacity! January will be busy!

Oct. 15: Orlando in, MSG out?

The Florida Cirtus Bowl in Orlando has been added for Dec. 7. The MSG shows are like 50/50 yes/no, so don't pay for expensive travel until they are confirmed (or denied) for sure, probably within this week.

Oct. 14: Bill Wyman live

Bill Wyman and his band Rhythm Kings is on a mini tour in Europe promoting his new album. They played two shows in Hamburg, Germany on Friday 10th, one in Paradiso, Holland on Monday 13th, and finish tomorrow Oct. 15th at the Forum in London, UK, still some tickets left for the UK show. Reviews from these shows, as well as photos, are welcome, and will be published here and in the IORR magazine soon.

Oct. 14: Saint Of Me

The Rolling Stones rehearsed Saint Of Me in Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon, and this great song will most probably show up within a week or so for real. Ronnie will be busy doing all the great solo stuff in it, unless Keith want to do it! Unless it replaces Anybody Seen My Baby, still not perfect, this means we will be getting four new songs in the show - they are improving!

Oct. 14: MTV club gig cancelled!

Yes, it's a sad fact that the Stones will not perform as planned tonight for the MTV live at 10. Instead, David Bowie will step in and do the job. The reason being Mick is sick. He has got a flu, and has been ordered by the doctor to rest his voice. And it must be serious, so hopefully he is fit for fight for the NJ shows later this week... Already in Philadelphia, you could see Mick had real problems. He did his job professionally, but the extra sparkle in his eyes were gone due to the flu, and he kept extra cloths on. The re-scheduled Stones MTV show will be on Saturday October 25 at 8 pm. They are in Washington DC on the 23rd, and Nashville on the 26th...

Oct. 10: Flip The Switch in Charlotte

Charlotte was hot like a midsummer day in northern Europe, and the Ericsson Stadium was packed with some 60,000+ wild but civilized fans. You can see it in Mick's eyes, when the crowd is really good, and you know there will be a good show. They skipped Bitch. Keith was so ready back there to do his new song. and Mick said the next song would be a new one, a Virgin. Then they did Flip The Switch. Finally! Thank you! It sounded like they had played it forever, even if they just reheased fractions of it earlier today at the stadium! After the introductions, the PA and video screen started some new sounds and graphics, and then I realized the bridge is here! A tiny, but oh so long telescopic bridge is shooting out from inside the stage and above the heads in the crowd, probably at 6 - 7 meters (20 feet or so). The Stones do their walk. It worked. The bridge is on! Then they did a hot center set, You Got Me Rocking replaced The Last Time as the 3rd song out there, and worked just great. See the complete Charlotte review, on the reviews pages.

Oct. 9: Memory Motel in Buffalo

Finally Memory Motel made it to the clear lead as the web choice last night, and the Stones played it for the first time on this tour in Buffalo!

Oct. 8: Club gig at the Capitol Theatre?

Strong rumours indicate that the club gig for the 14th will be at the Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, New York. The capacity is 1800 people, but it is said to be invitation only, press, VIP etc. I didn't know there were that many VIP's around, so watch out for may be 1000 tickets going on sale or give-away! First half hour of the show to be broadcasted live at 10 on MTV (10pm NY time is next morning 4am for Europe, if MTV Europe choose to send this stuff).

Oct. 7: Front row heaven at $55

Read the great report by Andy Theiss from Madison, Wiscounsin, and how patience may get you a front row seat at $55. And we need lots more reviews and reports to the IORR rewiews and reports pages! Please keep the reports coming by email! Thanks!

Oct. 6: Ronnie Wood project

Ronnie Wood is working with UK art book publisher Genesis Publications Ltd, known for the Gered Mankowitz Stones book, and the upcoming Bob Gruen photos book Crossfire Hurricane. The new Ronnie Wood project will be finished in the spring of 1998, and will present high quality reproductions of Ronnie Wood art. Also, it will include a CD with four prevously unreleased tracks! More details to follow, and the book will of course be available to all IORR members eventually.

Oct. 6: More Bob Gruen photos!

Bob Gruen went to Chicago, and did more great Stones photos. That's why there will be 8 more pages in his soon to be released art book Crossfire Hurricane. The book will be available by Mid November through the publisher Genesis, and through the IORR fan club.

Oct. 6: Stones in Q mag.

Q magazine (UK) of Nov. 97 is featuring 5 pages of interviews with each of the Stones members Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie, spiced with black&white photos. The four are categorized as Scary, Gypsy, Jazzy and Bozzy. Guess who is who! Keith talks about his song Flip The Switch, about touring, and it is more and more obvious, from this and other interviews lately, that the new album was finished following many, many hard discussions among Mick and Keith. It's a miracle! Also, this Q issue has got a full page "Bridges" ad, and a review of the Bridges To Babylon album, concluding in one word: Capable.

Oct. 5: Ticket chaos!

This week-end was another ticket chaos, as seen from the hard core Stones fans, who really want to get the best seats so much. Las Vegas MGM, the first small size venue (approx 15,000 capacity), sold out all tickets priced $100, $200, $300 in minutes. Lots of fans never got through. Too bad. Now these tickets are offered through scalpers at double++ prices. Oakland got hot during the week-end, and two new dates were added immediately, may be more will come. See the 97/98 tour list. If this is the pattern of the ticket sales, a lot of fans will have to pay a lot in order to get good seats to a lot of shows. All I can say is this: be patent, don't pay too much for your tickets, and if you have extra tickets, please be a Stones fan fellow, and charge fair prices for your extra tickets.

Oct. 2: Tour reviews and set lists

The first brief version of tour reviews and set lists is ready, but lots more will come. I need your help in order to compile complete set lists and reviews. Please email! All reports are welcome, and the best ones will be printed in the It's Only Rock'n Roll magazines.

Oct. 2: Black & Blue in Winnipeg

Compared to Winnipeg Chicago I was tropical... But the show was hot, and the crowd was wild. See The Winnipeg reviews (more coming!). Mick and Keith had great fun talking about Winnipeg, and Edmonton... And they gave the fans two times Black & Blue, in Fool To Cry and Crazy Mama.

Sept. 30: The web choice

Song number 10 in the Bridges To Babylon set list is what they call the web choice. The web choice is based on votes given into the new Bridges To Babylon web site run by Virgin. The web points is shown in real time on the Video Cybercast Vote page. They pick up the top voted song in the middle of the day, rehease it at 6pm or so, shortly before the gates open, and play it more or less on the fly. Right now, it seems like Gimme Shelter will be the choice in Winnipeg, like it made it into the Columbis, Ohio show. But, the concept is sensitive to ouside (and inside) tampering, of course, as anybody with programming skills could push their songs high up on the list...

Sept. 30: The broken bridge

Everything seems to work fine regarding the Bridges To Babylon tour, and the Stones moving out into the center stage in the middle of the set, throug a small, low and insecure walkway bridge, right into the crowd, just 2 feet or so above the ground. But the plans were to bring in a new design, based on a real advanced bridge. It was supposed to be shooting out from the main stage at a high angle, then bridging down to the center stage. But it does not work - yet. May be it will show up later in October, or may be they just keep it like it is now. Anyway, the crowd love it, but the security for the Stones, I must say, is pretty scary...

Sept. 30: Syracuse and Honolulu

Syracuse, NY, Jan. 16 is a new date in the tour agenda. Honolulu was moved to Jan 23. See the Tour pages, and check the Aloha Stadium link to see ticket sales info and a special page on the Hawaii show.

Sept. 28: Keith introducing Mick in Ohio

The 3rd stop on the Bridges To Babylon tour brought The Rolling Stones to the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. The big stadium taking 60,000 - 70,000 people is named the Horseshoe, because of the shape. Sister Morphine worked so fine in the 2nd Chicago show, that they did it in Ohio as well. A great version! The web choice for the night was Gimme Shelter, just few votes ahead of Waiting On A Friend. Finally Keith remembered to introduce Mick, during the band introductions. In Chicago Keith was too excited about his own songs to even think about the introductions. Mick did some really great harmonica playing during Out Of Control. The scalpers had a tough night, when plenty of extra tickets sold as low as $10 (face value $60+).

Sept. 26: MSG NY confirmed

Band insiders are confirming the 4 shows at MSG in New York in December, as listed in the IORR tour list for months now. There will probably be 6 in total, dated December 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21. Tickets will go on sale about Oct. 19. Those will be the ultimate shows for all hard core Stones fans who didn't make it to Chicago or other places, as Bridges from all over the world will bring the hard core fans into New York for those intimate 15,000 capacity pre-Xmas shows!

Sept. 25: Hot 2nd Chicago night

The opening show in Chicago may have been a bit blown away by the cold wind and opening nerves, but the 2nd show on Sept. 25 made it all up for it. The temperature was much nicer, Charlie was out there just in a T-shirt like he does in summer times, and Mick was stripped town to a peak performaance. They did a great show, indeed, and gave us rare tracks in the first ever live versions of Sister Morphine (replacing Ruby Tuesday) and She's A Rainbow (replacing the web choice Under My Thumb of Sept. 23). Darryl danced around like a tornado during Jumping Jack Flash, and the whole show was over much too soon, even if the songs were same as 1st night, except for the two changes. What a show! PS. Detalied review to follow...

Sept. 23: Warm Stones in cold Chicago

See the report from the opening show in Chicago! It was a cold wind in windy city Chicago, but the Stones warmed up the fans as good as they can!

Sept. 23: They are ready today!

Yesterday the Rolling Stones did their final touch on the Bridges To Babylon set early, and now they are ready to open their new world tour in few hours time. If you didn't go to Chicago today, then see VH1 at 8:30 New York time for direct broaadcast of the first two songs. To see what they rehearsed on the last day Sept. 22, see the Chicago Days pages, and the Chicago Rehearsals.

Sept. 22: Keith is opening the show!

Not a big surprise, may be, but the famous riffs of the Maestro of rock'n roll, Mr. Keith Richards, will open up the Bridges To Babylon tour tomorrow Sept. 23. The number of fans hanging around outside Soldier Field to hear the rehearsals has been growing from a handful on Saturday to several dozen last night Sunday. Today there will probably be more, and on showday, there will be 50,000... If you can't go on Tuesday, or want to take a sneak preview of the concert, then you may read all about it in the Chicago Days pages, and the Chicago Rehearsals.

Sept. 21: Soldier Field rehearsals

The Rolling Stones did their first rehearsals at Soldier Field last (Saturday) night, running through a very interesting set of songs. They will probably continue today Sunday and tomorrow Monday, rehearsals normally same hours as showtime, i.e. 8:30 - 11pm, plus overtime till midnight due to re-takes. Also, watch out for some pyro-testing today or tomorrow! And for those of you who chase clubs in Chicago, they will probably work all evenings up to showtime. I would bet on the 24th - that's their evening off.

Sept. 21: Chicago frustrations

Jim DeRogatis, pop music critic in one of the leading Chicago newspapers, Chicago Sun-Times, probably had a bad day, or is looking for an ph.d. in how to "evaluate" a new album and the Stones. In short, from 3 full pages in the Sunday Sept. 21 paper, he states that everything since 1978 from the Stones is rubbish, and concludes: "Who cares?". Well, about rock critics, probably few cares. But about the Stones and BtB, I would say millions. And the best part of the 3 pages is when he is doing an interview with "the forgotten Stones", Charlie and Ronnie. What is supposed to be the journalist's triumph of trashing those guys, turns out to be a very good interview, when Charlie puts it straight, and Ronnie fills it all in! Good reading. May be you find it on the net. I will reprint the best Charlie and Ronnie quotes in IORR 30.

Sept. 21: 3rd Eye Blind warmup

Third Eye Blind will open for the Stones at the following concerts: Minneapolis (Nov. 25), Seattle (Nov. 28), Detroit (Dec. 2), Miami (Dec. 5), Atlanta (Dec. 9). See all opening acts in the Tour 97/98 list.

Sept. 21: Minneapolis Nov. 25

Many changes in the tour schedule, see the Tour 97/98 list, being updated every day now. And Minneapolis wasn't cancelled, just moved to Nov. 25...

Sept. 19: The Double Door Chicago club gig

As you were told in the afternoon Chicago time yesterday by IORR, the Stones did actually play their 2nd surprise warmup club gig, at the club Double Door in Chicago. Just like the Horseshow gig, this was a last minute decition. JAM Productions, who handles this for the Stones, called the club owner on Wednesday afternoon, i.e. the day before. He offered another club he owns, the 1,100 seat Metro, but the Stones management said it as too big. They need to practice a lot still, and settled with the 400 capacity club Double Door, 1568 N. Milwaukee Ave. VIP people got 170 tickets, and 230 tickets were sold at the door at $7 each. A banner outside was telling "The Rolling Stones - Tonight - 9:30PM - Cover $7, and the SOLD OUT letters were up there shortly after, as people driving by got their ticket and wristband. More details and setlist to follow on a separate page here!

Sept. 19: Message from IORR

This is information about the IORR web site. A new web server is hopefully a lot more stable than the old and overloded workhorse; a swap was done this morning, and then the IORR editor (that's me!) jumped on a 14 hour intercontinental travel to Chicago. But things are now in place, and updates will be as frequent as you can all help in. Thanks!

Sept. 18: Secret gig tonight at Double Door

Strong rumours say the Rolling Stones will do their secret Chicago gig tonight at a place called Double Door in Chicago. Booked for today as Little Blue Crunchy Things... Tickets were $7 and are sold out already; the show is at 9:30. Just another rumour, or is it the place???

Sept. 18: The Stones leaving Toronto today

The Rolling Stones are now packing up all their stuff at the Concert Hall rehearsals place in Toronto, and is leaving for Chicago.

Sept. 18: Secret club show in Chicago

The rumoured club gig in Chicago may be the Miller Brewing "Blind Date" contest, ending up in Chicago tomorrow Sept. 19. But some say Sept. 18, i.e. tonigh! The venue might be the House of Blues in Chicago, and the artist may be David Bowie, and not the Stones, but Mick and Keith may show up with Bowie just for fun. Tonight... or tomorrow... More news to come here as rumours get confirmed...

Sept. 18: The new BtB Stage!

Don't take a look at this page if you want to wait until the opening concert on Sept. 23 to see how the stage is looking like. PS. It looks great, and in order not to spoil any other surprises, I will keep the rest of the details secret - but believe me - Mick learned a lot when he went to the U2 concert in San Diego this summer, i.e. made it all different. The Brooklyn Bridge, Babylon, acoustic stages, center staging - it will all have a different meaning after Sept. 23, for sure!

Sept. 18: New Merchandise available

Ticketmaster have now made available some of the new Bridges To Babylon 1997 Stones tour merchandise. See some samples with prices at the Rolling Stones Gear page. There is a cap, jacket, T-shirt, tie, mousepad, and lots of classic Stones tongues, plus a new one, a Babylonian tongue!

Sept. 17: Bridges To Babylon CD cover

See the great Bridges To Babylon CD cover, and use that as a link to see the just as great Bridges To Babylon promotional poster!

Sept. 16: New Bob Gruen photo book

Genesis Publications have produced a great new and exclusive photo book, titled: Crossfire Hurricane - 25 Years of Rolling Stones Photographs by Bob Gruen. The book is hand crafted, autographed, and numbered in a limited series of 1750 copies. There are photos spanning 25 years of Stones history, from the American tour in 1972, all the way up to and including the press conference under the Brooklyn Bridge on Aug. 18, 1997. See more details and sample photos on separate pages dedicated to the Crossfire Hurricane book.

Sept. 16: Stones in duet with B.B. King

Legendary blues artist B.B. King will release a "duets" album on Nov. 4, including duets with 19 stars, including The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Dave Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Willie Nelson and more. The Stones track is Paying The Cost To Be The Boss.

Sept. 16: Opening acts

Matchbox 20, Dave Matthews Band and The Smashing Pumpkings will all open for the Stones at the Texas motor speedway. It's going to be a concert festival of sorts. Dave Matthews Band will only open at Texas and Miami. Pearl Jam will open some shows on the west coast, including Oakland.

Sept. 16: Quebec get more Satisfaction!

I've got bad news and good news for Quebec fans. The bad news is the Oct 10 concert has been cancelled, due to the Charlotte show (see below). The good news is that they will play two small size, 14,000 capacity indoor shows at the Colisee de Quebec on Jan. 13 and 14. Tickets for these new shows will be swapped for your old Hippodrome tickets, see more details about the Quebec shows and how ticket swap and sales are done. PS. The Montreal show is moved from Jan 13 to Jan 11.

Sept. 16: Charlotte is on

Charlotte was in the original tour maps, as shown in earlier IORR versions, but it was removed, due to the MTV broadcast on Oct. 14. Now Charlotte is on the tour map, officially, on Friday Oct. 10. And, yes, Quebec has changed!

Sept. 14: Angie bonus in Japan (update)

The new Rolling Stones album Bridges To Babylon will be released on Sept. 27 in Japan (vs. Sept. 29/30 in Europe/America). The Japanese CD release will include a live version of Angie recorded at the Tokyo Dome on March 6, 1995.

Sept 14: Brides To Babylon details

See an updated Bridges To Babylon page for more details about the new album...

Sept 14: Toronto Sun interview

Jane Stevenson is having a great Stones article in today's Toronto Sun. Mick and Keith talks about Toronto, the rehearsals, the Horseshoe club gig, and lots more. They will leave Toronto heading for Chicago on the 18th, and there is not much of a chance for a 2nd club gig in Toronto. Still, you never know; as Mick says: "One gig's worth a week's rehearsals". PS. Last night they rehearsed You Gotta Move, Fool To Cry and the new BtB track Out Of Control.

Sept. 13: Stones video on MTV Sept. 15

MTV will premiere the video supporting the new Rolling Stones single Anybody Seen My Baby on Monday Sept. 15, at the hours 6A, 9A, 1P, 5:30P, 9P, and 1A.

Sept. 8: Stones tribute to Diana

Following the tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and the touching funeral followed by billions all over the world, the Rolling Stones have joined in on a charity album to be released later this fall. The album will be produced by Annie Lennox and Peter Gabriel, and will contain tracks from 10 famous artists including The Rolling Stones, Sting, Paul McCartney and of course Elton John with his touching re-written version of Candle In The Wind. The Stones very, very rarely contribute to such events; except for Mick at Live Aid, and the Nicaraguan Earth Quake support act many years ago. Also, there will be a live concert in August 1998, simultaneously in New York, London (Hyde Park) and Paris. Probably the biggest benefit concert ever. The Stones are in Europe then, and will for sure do their piece in London...

Sept. 7: More club & ballroom concerts

The rumoured club concert in San Francisco may be on Nov. 18 at the Warfield Theater (a 1,500 capacity ballrom type venue). In Feb. 98, there may be similar club/ballroom comcerts in Las Vegas (Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Feb. 7) and in Los Angeles (Universal Amphitheater, Feb. 9). The LA concert may be the one to be broadcasted as Pay-per-View concert, like they did with the Miami concert in 1994. PS. Also, short term, there may be one more club concert in Toronto soon - so watch out, you lucky Toronto guys!

Sept. 7: IORR 29 is now online

The new magazine It's Only Rock'n Roll no. 29, mailed out to subscribers on Aug. 29, is now available online - may be not as glossy and as handy as the real magazine, but it's there, as a service to Stones fans all over the world!

Sept. 5: Club gig in Toronto last night!

Last night the Rolling Stones played a surprise gig at The Horseshoe Tavern, a small club holding about 300 people on Queen Street in Toronto, last night, Sept. 4. This was probably planned as a broadcast for the MTV awards, but all you got on the MTV broadcast was the Stones hanging around in a bar, talking. When the lucky guys from Toronto is waking up from their dream night, we will have more details, but it is said they played tracks like 19th Nervous Breakdown, The last Time and Out Of Control (from the new album). More facts about the club gig can be found on
The Horseshoe Tavern page. Please, more reports, please!

Sept. 4: Chicago and Ohio tickets

Missing a ticket for Chicago or Ohio? Try some calls to Ticketmaster! Often good seats are available close to total sell-out. Like just now, you can get section 20A in Ohio; that's up front, lower deck, left side!

Sept. 3: Through The Lonely Nights

Yes, the great but hidden away track Through The Lonely Nights has been rehearsed in Toronto by the Stones! Other tracks they have rehearsed lately includes: I'm Free, 19th Nervous Breakdown, Just My Imagination, Sleep Tonight, Waiting on a Friend, Black Limousine, No Expecteations, Love In Vain, Fool To Cry, The Last Time, Star Star (Starf**ker), and again... Memory Motel and Let's Spend The Night Together.
PS. Through The Lonely Nights is a great track, only available as the B-side of the single It's Only Rock'n Roll, released in the summer of '74; recorded with the Goats Head Soup tracks Angie etc.,in Dec. 72...

Sept. 2: Credit to k.d. lang

According to news reports from Addicted To Noise, MTV News, and other sources, k.d. lang is getting co-writer credit on Anybody Seen My Baby. Mick claims he did not know about the k.d. lang hit Constant Crawing, but Virgin and the Stones management wanted to make everything right, and assigned credit both to k.d. lang and her writing partner Ben Mink. Fair play!

To see the daily news before Sept. 1, 1997, check out the IORR Aug. 97 file of old news.

Also, check out the IORR magazines, compiling the most important news into the It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine:

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