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The new Rolling Stones single
Anybody Seen My Baby

The new Stones single Anybody Seen My Baby got it's premiere playing at the Rolling Stones press conference under the Brooklyn Bridge on August 18. Even if they just played a small bit of it, it was enouth to know this was another great Stones track. may be not as fast, as hard, or as rocky as some of the toughest Stones songs, but still, a great ballad with a potential of being a radio hit.

The radio stations across the world started to play the new Rolling Stones single Anybody Seen My Baby on Friday night Aug. 29. It was available for download on the internet the day after, a complete RealAudio version from the KMTT Live radio station. It's great, great, great - slow, but just listen to those guitars, and to the beat - it's a hit! The official release of the new single is set to September 22 in Europe and Sept. 23 in America, i.e. one week before the release of ther new album Bridges To Babylon, and right on the start of the new world tour in Chicago.

The new single Anybody Seen My Baby was written by Jagger/Richards, but due to chorus similarities with the k.d. lang hit Constant Crawing, they decided to give credit to her and her co-writer B. Mink as well, to avoid copyright discussions. Mick claimed he didn't know the k.d. lang song, being a Grammy Award hit. On the other hand, k.d. lang said she was honored, so no harm done!

The European promo single VSCDJ1653 - LC3998 is containing the two tracks:

The cover is a new golden/yellow tongue design, and the CD itself has got a large golden tongue. The CD sleeve is covered by stamps with the golden tongue design.

The American promo CD for Anybody Seen My Baby has got 4 tracks:

  1. Single Edit
  2. Don Was Radio Edit
  3. No Biz Remix
  4. Radio Call Out Hook

The last track is just the chorus and is meant to be used by radio stations.

This is the first reactions from Stones fans, as they have played the new Rolling Stones single from downloading it from the internet:

It is good When Keith plays is guitar at the middle of it, it takes it further away. I love it!! -- Alexis

Excellent!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear the whole album. -- Dean

It took a couple of times listening to the new song, but found that I really liked it. It sort of had that sound from " Heartbreaker ". I liked the straight speaking during the song. A little like "Miss You". Even though it is a new sound, there are bits and peices of the old Stones in there. Over all, I give it two thumbs up. Can't wait to hear the rest. -- Nottheshwa

Anybody's seen my baby ? The melody remains in the mind ; it makes me think about MISS YOU, when you sing it all day long. I think it's a hit. Great job, boys. I like it. -- J. C. GUERAULT

it's a great song that's all i want too say -- Dutch fan

Great --- It grows on you! I love Mick's speaking vocals at the end! It reminds me of "Fingerprint File" and everything really comes together by record's end. -- Greg

When I came out of the bagel shop this afternoon whistling this tune, I knew finally it had passed my test as a Good Song. =) Two days after hearing it, it keeps coming into my head, and that makes me smile. Passes my test! Can't wait to hear the rest! -- EH

The new single is like earlier; you have to listen a few times first, (and that's why they're still rolling I guess). The new sound is that the guitars are more in the back than the typical Stones song, and I like the arrangement. It's like starting "down there" and building they're way through. I really hope this means a new HIT for The Stones. -- Ragnar

Wow...the song is incredible! Great bassline! One question though: Who and What is that bridge in the middle? It's definilty not Mick singing! -- Robert

I LOVE it!!!!!!!! It has great guitar work, charlie did a great job on the drums, and the lyrics are killer!!!!! It reminds me a little of "Love is Strong." My favorite Stones song is Angie, and I think "Anybody Seen my Baby" may actually compete for number 1 in my heart! -- Michael

Not quite as good as 'love is strong', a little better than 'mixed emotions'. The stones should stick to harder rockers for their singles. Case in point: 'start me up'. -- RST

Anybody Seen My Baby will prove to be a strong tune, especially live. However, when you've waited 3 years for a new Stones track, I should think a Keith and Ronnie guitar fest should should whack you over the head to basically say...."We're back!" -- Tom

I love It!!!!!!! -- Dirk

Heard it twice today. I think it's great that they didn't have to release a rocker for the first single. It shows how deep the album will be. The song itself has a haunting funky/R&B sound. This is going to be quick to be popular in the charts! - JS

I don't know how anybody can say this is a bad song? This is the best slower type of song I have heard from the Stones ever!!!! Looking back on Out of Tears, Angie, Wild Horses, and those classics this adds a little more to it. Although, I dont think this is really a Keith type of song, and I am really dying to hear the rocking stuff, this is a nice way to set the mood for a great tour and album.... -- Pete

I think the new single kicks ass!! I've been a die-hard for a long time so I love pretty much anything the stones put out!! But I think its great can't wait to hear the rest of the album!!! Its different but it still sounds very much like the greatest rock 'n' roll band of all time!!!!! STONES RULE -- Stones fan

It sounds great. Being a Stones fan since '64, I always get excited hearing the single for the first time. I played it 3 times and each time it got better. Typical. However I am now singing the chorus over and over and because of the k.d. lang sound connection, its getting quite addicting. -- Bob

It is really really really great - I LOVE IT! Can't wait for the new album. -- Dannie

I really like "Anybody Seen My Baby". When I play it loud on my big stereo the grinding guitars are exactly the sound I love. But when I hear it on the radio in the car, the sound is really lost and then the chorus has to carry the weight. -- Edwin

I love the new single-the harmonies are great! Although the song is recognizably a "Stones" tune, I enjoyed Jagger's voice: it sounds better than when he was younger. The pseudo-rap break was a nice touch. -- S S S

It kills me to say this but I was not impressed. I wanted so much to say how good it was....Just can't say it. I hope the album is full of something else. -- Spencer

Really great!!!!! Keith plays magnific!! Mick is terrific!!!! The Stones still The Stones. I�d think better the first sigle were a fast rocker. But I loved anyway. -- Tamer

And here you can see the single cover and the CD single itself!

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