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Quebec Coliseum
Jan. 13/14, 1998

The outdoor Stones show at the Hippodrome will NOT take place as scheduled on October 10th. The band is performing for MTV that week, and there has been several other changes. The Charlotte, NC show will now take place on the 10th.

The Quebec show will be replaced by TWO concerts on January 13 and 14th. But the band won't be playing the Hippodrome. Instead the stage will be moved INDOOR at the Quebec Coliseum. This is an arena that seats 14 000. The promoter will be exchanging all the tickets sold so far for the Hippodrome for reserved seats inside the coliseum. This will be done AFTER October 18. The new date for Montreal will be January 11th at the Olympic Stadium.

Those who bought the original tickets first will have a first shot at picking the new reserved tickets. Meanwhile, all ticket sales are suspended.

All present ticket holders will be assigned new reserved seat tickets according to the chronological order in which their tickets were originally purchased (each ticket has a sequence number). The earliest original buyers will be rewarded with the best seats. As the sightline analysis, production developments, and reserved seat assignments will take the producers approximately three to four weeks, the Colisee box office, Billetech and Admission outlets will only be available for these exchanges beginning Saturday, October 18.

All patrons who have purchased general admission tickets for the Hippodrome will be accommodated with reserved seat tickets on the replacement date. Announcements advising the exact date, complete exchange details and time limits will be published in early October in all Quebec media. The change of schedule has been initiated because of The Rolling Stones' previous commitment to MTV to perform on the premiere episode of "Live At The 10 Spot" now scheduled for launch in October. This development necessitated a change in the Charlotte date from October 14 to October 10, which was the only date available that fit the tour schedule because of the complicated routing of the tour and the NFL football schedule. Fortunately, the Colisee de Quebec was available in January for two shows so that fans wouldn't be disappointed and the band could therefore play both Charlotte and Quebec City. DKD spokeswoman Sylvia Brunette said, "It is simply the best news possible. Our Quebec fans get to enjoy the Stones in a reserved=seat, indoor, intimate setting, which will go down in their history as their event of a lifetime."

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