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The Rolling Stones News 2021

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Sep 20: Private show performed at Gillette Stadium Foxboro/Boston tonight
The Rolling Stones performed fourteen songs tonight at a private show for the Kraft Family party in a tent on the field at Gillette Stadium, Foxboro near Boston MA USA. See the IORR thread The Rolling Stones private show at Gillette Stadium Foxboro/Boston Sept 20, 2021.
Sep 20: USA to ease travel restrictions early November
Beginning in early November, foreign nationals flying to the United States will be required to be fully vaccinated. For 18 months now, travel from Europe to USA have not been posssible, without a 14 days quarantine stay outside USA. See the CNN report US to ease travel restrictions on fully vaccinated foreign visitors, and the IORR thread Travel international to USA fall 2021.
Sep 9: Los Angeles CA SoFi Stadium show #2 added for Oct 14
The Rolling Stones have just announced a second show at SoFi Stadium Los Angeles CA, to be performed on Thursday October 14. The date was posible due to the cancelation of the Oct 13 Jazz Fest show in New Orleans LA. See the updated Tour pages, the IORR forum talks The Rolling Stones - 2021 US Tour (Rescheduled Dates + New Shows), and the updated IORR list No Filter Tour 2021.
Sep 4: Hot Stuff book by Matt Lee due out next month
Matt Lee has been collecting Rolling Stones memorabilia for more than two decades, owning the world's largest Rolling Stones collection, now presented in a new book titled "Hot Stuff", due out in October. See the IORR book review Hot Stuff by Matt Lee - The Ultimate Rolling Stones Collection Book, and the IORR thread Matt Lee's Book.
Aug 24: Charlie Watts dies at 80
Charlie Watts, The Rolling Stones drummer, died in London on Tuesday morning August 24, according to his spokesperson. See, and the IORR thread Charlie Watts Dies at 80.
Aug 23: Hard Rock Shop announcing Rolling Stones Collection
Hard Rock Shop is announcing The Rolling Stones Autograph Collection, created exclusively for Hard Rock. Each piece includes printed autographs from Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts. See The Rolling Stones Autograph Series by Hard Rock.
Aug 19: Tattoo You 40th anniversary edition due out Oct 22
The Tattoo You album 40th anniversary will be celebrated with new releases due out October 22. The releases are including an all-new 2021 master, with nine new unheard tracks and bonus live cuts. There will be deluxe LP and CD featuring the classic album and unheard tracks, limited edition clear vinyl and picture disc, 4CD and 5LP boxsets. The 4CD boxset also includes a limited edition Keith Richards Picture Disc, as well as a Wembley London 1982 live recording. See the official announcement The Rolling Stones Tattoo You 40th anniversary edition, and the IORR thread Tattoo You deluxe version.
Aug 9: Jazz Fest New Orleans 2021 canceled
The New Orleans Jazz Fest 2021, where The Rolling Stones are scheduled to be performing October 13, has been canceled, due to surging covid cases in Louisiana. See the official press release by New Orleans Jazz Festival, the report 2021 New Orleans Jazz Fest canceled as Louisiana COVID cases surge; spring dates announced, and the IORR thread The Rolling Stones - 2021 US Tour.
Aug 6: Private Stones show in Boston Sep 20
According to The Boston Globe, The Rolling Stones will be performing a private show at a party hosted by Patriots owner Robert Kraft and his family at Gillette Stadium in Boston, MA, USA on September 20. See the Boston Globe article The Rolling Stones to perform private concert for Robert Kraft and friends, and the IORR threads The Rolling Stones - 2021 US Tour and Rehearsals and private show rumors - 2021 US Tour.
Aug 5: Charlie Watts drops out of USA tour after medical procedure
Charlie Watts will not be a part of The Rolling Stones upcoming No Filter USA tour, after undergoing an unspecified medical procedure. Longtime Stones associate Steve Jordan will be taking his place on the drums for the USA tour, with rehearsals expected to start later this month. See the Rolling Stone magazine report Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts Drops Out of U.S. Tour After Medical Procedure, and the IORR forum thread Charlie Watts pulls out of US tour after undergoing emergency surgery.
Jul 22: Stones 2021 USA No Filter Tour dates announced today
The Rolling Stones have just announced the new and rescheduled dates of their No Filter 2021 USA Tour. A total of 13 shows have been announced, including new shows in Los Angeles, New Orleans and Las Vegas, with tour start in St. Louis, Missouri Sunday September 26. See the official announcement US 2021 Tour Announcement, the IORR forum talks The Rolling Stones - 2021 US Tour (Rescheduled Dates + New Shows), and the updated IORR list No Filter Tour 2021.
Jul 17: Tattoo You 40th anniversary reissue with new tracks
The Rolling Stones are working on a 40th anniversary reissue of their album "Tattoo You" this year. According to an interview with Ronnie Wood, they have done nine new tracks for the reissue. See the IORR threads Ronnie Wood interview - The Times, July 17, and Tattoo You deluxe version.
May 7: Live on Copacabana Beach due out July 9
The Rolling Stones will release a complete recording of their Copacabana Beach 18 Feb 2006 free concert on July 9. A deluxe edition will also include the 2005 Salt Lake City concert. See the official announcement A Bigger Bang: Live On Copacabana Beach, the detailed NME report The Rolling Stones announce release of Copacabana Beach concert in full for first time, and the IORR thread Rolling Stones - A Bigger Bang Live At Copacabana Beach.
Apr 14: Mick Jagger hoping to tour America this year
In an interview with BBC today, Mick Jagger says the Stones will "definitely" continue and remain committed to completing their American tour that was postponed by Covid. "Hopefully things will somewhere near normal by the end of the summer, let's hope, anyway," he says. See the BBC interview Mick Jagger on lockdown and working with Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, and the IORR thread Mick BBC interview incl Tour comments.
Apr 13: Eazy Sleazy - New Mick Jagger song with Dave Grohl
Mick Jagger has published a song he wrote about eventually coming out of lockdown. Dave Grohl from Foofighters is supporting Mick on drums, bass and guitar. See the youtube video EAZY SLEAZY — Mick Jagger with Dave Grohl — Lyric video, and the IORR thread NEW!- EAZY SLEAZY — Mick Jagger with Dave Grohl
Apr 7: Ronnie Wood honoured with Freedom of the City of London
Ronnie Wood is honoured with Freedom of the City of London. See the NME report Ronnie Wood Honoured with Freedom of the City of London, handwritten notes and comments by Ronnie Wood on his website, and the IORR thread Ronnie receives Freedom of the City of London.
Mar 8: The Rolling Stones Unzipped exhibition online
The Groninger Museum is making The Rolling Stones exhibition Unzipped available online. See The Groninger Museum - Online Exhibition Unzipped, and the IORR thread Online Exhibition The Rolling Stones - Unzipped.
Mar 6: Fully Finished Studio Outtakes made available
Fifty high quality Rolling Stones outtakes have recently been made available on a 3CD bootleg set named "Fully Finished Studio Outtakes". For details and comments see the IORR thread Fully Finished Studio Outtakes on Hot Stuff.
Mar 4: Michael Gudinski - Australian music industry icon dies
Michael Gudinski - Australian music industry icon - died in Melbourne Australia on Monday night March 1, 2021. His passing this week is bringing stories about The Rolling Stones Tour in Australia 2014. See the IORR thread How Michael Gudinski saved The Rolling Stones tour in Australia 2014.
Feb 23: Mick Jagger narrating Royal Albert Hall anniversary video
A short film narrated by Mick Jagger has been released to kick off the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Royal Albert Hall. See reports by The Guardian, Forbes, and the IORR thread Mick Jagger narrates film to mark Royal Albert Hall anniversary.
Feb 6: Keith Richards in studio working on new music
Keith Richards posting on social media yesterday: "About last night! New music on the horizon!" See Keith Richards in studio, as posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also, see the IORR thread Keith Instagram New music on the horizon.
Jan 21: The Rolling Stones chocolate bars
The Rolling Stones chockolate bars will be made available online next week. A milk chocolate bar is called Brown Sugar, and a dark chocolate bar have got the name Cherry Red. See the NME report The Rolling Stones are set to release their own chocolate bars, and the IORR threads Rolling Stones Chocolate Bars, and New Stones shop in Carnaby Street.

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