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March 29: Press conference in Argentina
The Rolling Stones did a press conference in Argentina yesterday afternoon in Buenos Aires, to launce the South American leg of their Bridges To Babylon tour. First the tour promoter Michael Cohl announced the tour, and following all the changes in Brazil, he proclamed Brazil "The land of the changing venues". Then it was on to the Stones for about 20 minutes, talking to the press, numbering some 150 photographers, camera crew, journalists etc. The Stones looked great, making jokes, and being patient with most of the questions, being of the general kind, like what are the surprises, do you see the end to this etc. Outside the hotel they had hundreds of extatic fans climbing the fences to get a sneak view, so surely the Rolling Stones can still make the same excitement as they did during their 1995 visit to Buenos Aires. Photos and details from the press conference will show up here later.
March 29: Argentina 5th show coming!!!
Just like in 1995, the ticket sales in Argentina started off slowly, but once it started, they are going fast, real fast. And as the 4th show on April 4th is selling out, they will most probably add the 5th show on the 5th of April, on sale today or tomorrow. This show also with Bob Dyland.
March 27: Brazil shows confirmed for 11th and 13th of April
It's just out in the Brazil news - the Stones have confirmed the two shows in Brazil - Rio de Janeiro on the 11th and Sao Paolo on the 13th - both with Bob Dylan as warm-up. The official Stones T-shirt sold in Japan did also list the city Porto Alegre, Brazil, so there may still be more cities played in South America.
March 27: Argentina 4th show with Bob Dylan
A 4th show has been added to the series of Stones concerts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, starting this week-end. The 4th show will be on April 4, see 1998 tour dates, and it is said that Bob Dylan will be warming up on this last B.A. show, just like he will do in Brazil the week after.
March 21: Bob Dylan with the Stones in Brazil
Bob Dylan will be on the bill with the Rolling Stones in Brazil, for the concerts in Sao Paulo (April 8) and Rio De Janeiro (April 11).
March 21: Argentina is getting ready for the Stones
With one more show to go in Japan, the Rolling Stones will leave shortly after, and are expected to be in Buenos Aires by Monday. The Argentina fans are now ready for a minimum of 3 shows. Guest artists will be Meredith Brooks (all three shows), and the local bands Las Pelotas (The Balls), Viejas Locas (Old Crazy) and Turf (one show each). See memories from the 1995 tour in Argentina by visiting the R.S.V.P. site by Rodrigo Royan.
March 21: Time Is On My Side in Osaka
Time Is On My Side was very close of being the web choice winner for the first Tokyo show, but for the first Osaka show last night it made it, for the first time during this tour.
March 17: Argentina getting more shows and a video recording
Another Stones show has been added for April 2nd in Buenos Aires, and the 2nd show on March 30 will be recorded for a general video release.
March 17: More European dates for the summer!
The UK based magazine NME is announcing many new Stones dates in Europe for the summer, including a few dates that has been marked as rumoured for some time in the IORR 1998 tour list. These dates are based on a press conference held in London last Thursday March 12. Beware of errors and changes, as at least the Gijon show listed on July 20 is wrong - it's on sale and is in fact on June 16.
March 17: Black And Blue in Japan
The Rolling Stones gave the Tokyo fans great versions of Memory Motel and Crazy Mama in their final show today. Last night they did Shine A Light and a center stage version of Let It Bleed. Two sold out shows in Osaka is next!
March 15: Out Of Control next single
Out Of Control will be the 3rd single released from the Bridges To Babylon album, timed for an early May release, in time for the opening of the European Tour on May 22. In South America they may have a special single release of Flip The Switch before the Stones arrive there later this month.
March 15: Chicago tickets
The 21,000 capacity United Center in Chicago may have sold out in 20 minutes some time ago, but the fact is that more tickets are being released from time to time. So if you don't have a ticket yet, then don't pay scaplers lots of money, but keep trying the Ticketmaster sales.
March 15: Montreal tickets on sale
The trade-in of original Olympic Stadium tickets is now finished, and about 8,000 tickets remaining for the two arena shows in Montral April 19 and 20 will go on sale tomorrow Monday March 16th at noon (est). Ticket price is CAN $60. Tickets will be available through the Quebec-based Admission Outlets, phone (514) 790-1245.
March 14: Tokyo fans satisfied on the 2nd night
The first Tokyo Dome show on the 12th had bad sound and an empty upper deck, but tonight's show satisfied a full house. The Rolling Stones gave the Tokyo fans five new songs including Anybody Seen My Baby. See the complete review and setlist of the March 14 concert.
March 14: Zurich, Switzerland concert confirmed
The Frauenfeld concert near Zurich in Switzerland has been on the 1998 tour dates list as rumoured for months now, but finally it is confirmed. The Rolling Stones will play on Thursday July 9 as previously listed, and it will be part of the Out In The Green four days festival, also featuring Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Eros Rammazotti, Bj�rk and Joe Cocker. Ticket sales started officially today, after some pre-sales yesterday. This is a large out-door field, so expect lots of space and availability. For tickets see Swizz Ticketline, and the general IORR 1998 tour ticket details.
March 12: The Stones play Angie in Tokyo
Exactly 25 days after their last US show so far in Las Vegas, Feb. 15, The Rolling Stones performed tonight at the Tokyo Dome, Japan. They did a set of 22 songs, similar to the Houston-2 show of last month. And thanks to our Japansese friends and fans, IORR is able to bring you the Tokyo March 12 review and setlist, as Tokyo is 8 hours ahead of central Europe, and another 6 hours vs. New York...
March 11: New Dutch Stones show in The Hague
Just like in 1995, it seems like the Rolling Stones will end their European tour in Holland this year as well, doing a show in Den Haag on September 5, at the Malieveld, a big flat field in the middle of the city. This show will also be to to celebrate the 750th birthday of the city. The Stones Kurhaus show in the 60's is well known as a wild a chaotic show that had to be interrupted, while the later Hague shows in 1967 and 1976 did not have these problems. PS. This date is still unofficial, as it is approved by the city of Hague and the Dutch promotor MOJO, but not yet by the Stones management...
March 10: The Stones are now all in Japan
After Mick and Charlie arrived on Saturday 7th, the backing band including Bobby, Darryl, Barnard, Lisa, Chuck etc arrived on Sunday 8th, while Keith and Ronnie arrived yesterday Monday 9th on separate flighs. They all flew out of New York. Ronnie held a press conference at the Isetan Department Store, where his art is being exhibited.
March 10: Spanish dates finally confirmed
It has taken a long time, and lots of tough negotiations, but finally the Spanish leg of the Bridges To Babylon tour is ready. The Stones 1st Spanish show will be at the Barcelona stadium "Estadi Olimpic de Montjuic" (catalonian) on June 1. Barcelona will be the only European city where the Stones will put the tickets selling in a savings bank hands called "La Caixa", a catalan firm with 1000 terminals all around Spain. Thre other Spanish dates are Malaga July 16 and Vigo July 18. Still not 100% confirmed, but most probably too are Gijon June 16 and Bilbao June 18. See the complete 1998 tour dates.
March 9: Wembley August 22 confirmed
As mentioned here some days ago, the 2nd Wembley show is now confirmed, and will go on sale in UK on Thursday March 12. That makes 4 UK shows in 7 days. Expect many fans to travel to UK from all over Europe for the Wembley shows, being the 11th and 12th shows at Weblmey for the Stones, and the final ones before they totally rebuild the stadium. For ticket buying details see the 1998 tour details.
March 9: Live albums re-released on CD
The live albums Love You Live, Still Life and Flashpoint, unavailable for a long time on CD, has been remastered and will be released worldwide, as the Stones tour move on - first in Japan later this month, then in Europe, and then the rest of the world as well soon.
March 9: Where to meet Stones fans
Glimmer meetings are meetings where Stones fans who usually talk on the internet come together. You may now find these meetings linked up via the name of the city in the 1998 tour dates list. If you have your own page or info about a particular city the Stones will visit, then please tell. And if you don't have a separate page for it, there is a new page dedicated to glimmer meetings on the IORR web.
March 8: The Rolling Stones fly into Japan
After 3 weeks of resting, Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts last night March 7 flew into Japan, at the Narita Airport in the late afternoon (Japanese time). Fans at the airport gave Mick and Charlie a warm welcome. Keith and Ronnie is expected to arrive tomorrow March 9. The press conference is scheduled for Tuesday March 10, then the shows start two days later at the Tokyo Dome, on Thursday March 12.
March 6: New European tour dates
The 2nd Wembley, London show on Aug. 22, and Gelsenkirchen, Germany May 26 go on sale next week. More German shows in Bremen and Franfurt are planned for early September. The Spanish dates are still not 100% ready. See the 1998 tour dates list for a complete and updated list of all confirmed and rumoured tour dates, updated continously.
March 6: Amsterdam ArenA details
Many Stones fans are planning to go to Amsterdam this summer, for one or more of the five sold out Amsterdam ArenA concerts. For your information, there are two arena's in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Arena is a real arena, i.e. smaller size, while the Amsterdam ArenA, where the Stones will play, is the new stadium for the Ajax fotball (soccer) team. See the Amsterdam ArenA photos and details. PS. If you don't have a ticket then don't worry, there will probably be many around, closer to concert date, at reasonable prices.
March 6: Chicago 2nd show not likely
Even if ticket sales went like crazy in less than half an hour, it is not likely that they put up a 2nd show in Chicago at the United Center, in addition to the now sold out April 23rd show. The reason being mainly the tight sports schedule in the venue, but also, it doesn't seem they want to risk doing the last USA show in a less than a sold out crowd (same logics as prevented Chicago 3 in Sept. last year). If you don't have a ticket then don't panic, don't pay hundreds of dollars to scalpers, because by nature, it should be possible to buy a ticket closer to the day of the show, at a reasonable cost.
March 2: Mick Taylor touring Europe
Mick Taylor is currently playing with his blues band in Europe. He will be in Pet�fi Csarnok in Budapest, Hungaria on March 7, then Vienna, Austria on March 13th, etc. Watch your local press for possible Mick Taylor apperances in your area.
March 1: Chicago arena show sold out in 30 minutes
The Rolling Stones final USA show set up at the 21,000 capacity arena United Center on April 23 sold out in less than 30 minutes. That kind of speedy ticket sales would automatically guerantee a 2nd show, so cross your fingers...
March 1: Bill Wyman live in Vienna, Austria last night
Bill Wyman and The Rhythm Kings did a private performance in Vienna, Austria at a club called The Rockhaus last night Feb. 28. The concert had a strange setup, being held for a Swedish tour operator party. The six men and three women band played 14 songs and 2 songs as an encore where a few songs were dropped from the setlist during the show. The program basicaly was a 50�s/60�s mix of R�N�R with songs like: Little Queenie, Stagger Lee, Hit the road jack, Let�s work together etc. The only Stones song they performed was Melody which was partly renamed as Beverly.

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