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The Rolling Stones 1998 Tour details
Bridges To Babylon

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Updated February 6

For a complete and up-to-date table of tour dates see:

For a travel offer to UK concerts see the Badlands Travel Offer

Tallin, Estonia went on sale Feb. 2. The French dates in Lyon, Marseilles and Paris will go on sale Feb. 12. Werchter gets a 2nd show on June 21, ticket sales start Jan. 13 (or shortly after). Oslo August 2 is confirmed, and tickets go on sale Saturday Jan. 17. Zagreb is confirmed on the 27th of May, local fans say May 28..., ticket sales supposed to go on sale Jan. 16.

A total of 8 German concert dates are now confirmed, as well as Werchter, Belgium. Four Amsterdam, Holland shows are confirmed and sold out. A 5th show go on sale on Saturday. Dates in Spain, France, Turkey, Greece and Austria are confirmed too. The Werchter, Belgium date is on sale now. Ticket sales for Germany and Holland start Nov. 29. Still field tickets left for Germany. PS. In Munich they have a separate up-front field section that is sold out now. Japan ticket sales Dec. 14, or the day before.

Helsinki, Finland go on sale Monday Dec. 8. by Lippupalvelu (in Finnish language...) at 8a.m. Their hotline numbers are 9700-4700 and 0600-10020 and office +358 9 6138611. Ticket price in Finland is 290 fmk.

Dates marked RUMOURED may happen, or may not happen. This list is supplied to you from fan to fan, based on lots of hard work, research and experience. This way you can make your travel plans, look at the map, plan other big events etc, but please do not do any final flight or travel investments until dates are CONFIRMED. And even after a date is confirmed, it may change last minute, for many reasons. Dates in (paranthesis) are optional dates in a confirmed venue, that may or may not go on sale, depending on the speed of the ticket sales.

I need your help in order to fill in the missing or incorrect details. If a small place is near a big city (like half an hour drive), then please tell. Please send email if you have additional info about names of cities, places, dates, spelling etc. Thanks!

Ticket sales

You can order tickets from many countries even if you are calling from abroad, as long as you have a credit card on hand. Some countries (like Holland) do only offer a toll-free phone number that can not be accessed from abroad. Be aware that handling fees and additional charges may add up to 30% or more on a single ticket, and it may be just as cheap to actually buy the ticket from a local friend/fan, or trade it on the concert day on the "black market" (see how to get tickets). Ticket prices are exclusive of booking fees, which typically are about 10% (in addition to the prices given below).

In any case - don't panic - you will get your ticket - don't worry!

Country Phone Web Price
Germany +49 180 55 700 DM 98-148 (US$58-87)

200 kuna (US$36)
Belgium +32 924 37777 Bfr 1600 (US$45)
Netherlands +31 900 300 1250
Hfl 75-90 (US$42-50)
Finland 9700-4700, 0600-10020, +358 9 6138611 Lippupalvelu FIM 290 (US$56)
England/Wembley +44 171 344 4444, +44 181 900 1234
�30.00 (=US$52) Standing - �37.50 (=US$65) Reserved Seats
Scotland +44 990 321321
�27.50 (=US$47) Standing - �30.00 (=US$52) Reserved Seats
Denmark +45 3341 0303, +45 3969 3343
Seats: DKK 550, 450, 360 ($85-$55) - Pitch/field: DKK 400 ($60)
Sweden +46 31 611 020
SEK 395 (US$52)
France +33 1 4231 3131

Switzerland +41 1 225 60 60 Ticketline Fr. 75.- (US$50)

For your information, the World Cup in football will be going on in France from June 10 to July 12. See the World Cup site for more details. This is the most important event in Europe 1998 (except for the Stones tour...).

The London concerts may be at Wembley Stadium and/or the Brands Hatch (racing track) in Dartford. Another rumoured racing track concert place in UK is the Silverstone race track during the week after the British Formula One Grand Prix. Also, there might be club date(s) of course, like Brixton in 1995.

If you have information or comments, please send email!

For more news see IORR 31 mailed out during the week of Jan. 15, 1998!

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