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The Rolling Stones 1998 Tour
Where to meet Stones fans

This is a list of clubs, pubs, places to meet, before and after the Stones concert. If you don't find a particular club, pub or restaurant to meet other Stones fans, then the local Hard Rock Cafe is alwsays a great place to meet Stones fans. If you have information or comments, please send email!


The Consilium, Wanner Strasse 1/Hauptstrasse 62 will stay open all day and all night to make sure everyone has got a place to chat before and after the show. It is an Irish pub/vegetarian restaurant kind of thing and can host about 150 people. Stones music all day and night guaranteed! Everybody interested in meeting everybody else should either give me or the landlord a note so he can see how many people will be coming.

Email: [email protected] or: [email protected]

Keep your fingers crossed, maybe I can organize parking for glimmers right in front of the arena or a shuttle service or something like that, if somebody is interested.

Glad they come back to my hometown again. :-)))))))))

Organized by Johannes Delmere, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

For more news see IORR 32 mailed out during the week of March 15, 1998!

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