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Dec. 31: Happy New Year 2000!
Happy New Year to all Stones fans, wherever you are in the world. No big surprise, but the Rolling Stones were the biggest touring act in the 90's, playing to millions of fans, grossing millions of dollars. See the Reuters report. The new fan club magazine IORR no. 38 is now on it's way to all fan club members, and should be with you any day now. Enjoy 2000!
Dec. 24: Season greetings from IORR!
Christmas Eve is here, and for a change, Stones fans do not have to worry about front row tickets, sold out shows and concert travels! Have a great and nice Christmas, play your Stones records loud if you can, and dream about 2001... may be... Merry Christmas - Bon Noel - Fr�hliche Weihnacht - Feliz Natal - � Feliz Navidad ! - God Jul!
Dec. 21: Hank Snow dies at 85 in Nashville
Country music legend Hank Snow, whose signature tune "I'm Movin' On" was covered by the Stones on the 1965 UK "Got LIVE if you want it!" EP (US: "December's Children" LP) died of natural causes Monday at his Nashville home. He was 85.
Dec. 16: IORR no. 38 due out next week
The new fan club magazine issue, IORR no. 38, is slightly delayed, and will be out next week, arriving to all old and new IORR members and subscribers just in time for the new year's eve celebration.
Dec. 15: Ronnie Wood in Jools Holland BBC special
Ronnie Wood has been busy in London lately. On Wednesday 8th December Ronnie was at the BBC TV Centre in Shepherds Bush, recording his bit for the Jools Holland's Millennium Hootenanny. This will be broadcasted on 30th December at 11.30 pm on BBC2. Ronnie Wood is a guest along with Van Morrison, Skin, Bryan Ferry, Jamiroquai, Travis, Lonnie Donnegan and Chrissie Hynde. See details in the BBC Later pages.
Dec. 13: Ronnie Wood with Jamiroquai last week
Ronnie Wood did a guest appearance at the Jamiroquai benefit concert for the homeless at Shepherds Bush Empire in London last Sunday Dec. 5th. Ronnie joined in on the Stones cover song Miss You, and did also play on the encore "Deeper Underground". See details in the Jamiroquai pages.
Dec. 13: IORR charity single released today
The It's Only Rock and Roll charity single, based on the 1974 Stones song, with a big number of artists including Mick and Keith, is released today in Europe. Last night BBC1 in UK broadcasted a programme on the making of the IORR charity single, again with Mick and Keith among others.
Dec. 6: Mick Jagger in Gadfly magazine
Mick Jagger appears on the cover of the December issue of Gadfly magazine, which carries an Altamont anniversary piece from noted Stones scribe, David Dalton.
Dec. 6: Keith with Sheryl Crow and Friends re-broadcast
The Sheryl Crow and Friends concert featuring Keith Richards will be re-broadcasted in USA this week on Wednesday December 8th at 7:30 PM (EST) on VH1.
Dec. 3: Keith gets "Happy" on new Sheryl Crow live record
Keith Richards appears on the new Sheryl Crow record, "Sheryl Crow and Friends/Live in Central Park," which is scheduled for a U.S. release on Dec. 7. The album comes from Crow's televised Sept. 14 show at New York's Central Park, where Keith sang "Happy" and "Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller." Only "Happy" made the album.
Nov. 17: Ronnie Wood with Marianne Faithfull last night
Marianne Faithfull performed at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London, UK last night. After the regular set she came back to do an encore, and introduced Ronnie Wood - "a friend over from Ireland". Ronnie was handed a white stratocaster while Marianne told the crowd that Ronnie hadn't smoked for 6 days. As encores they did "As Tears Go By", "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan" and "Why Do You Do It".
Nov. 17: It's Only Rock'n Roll charity single due out Dec. 13th
The IORR all-star video is backing up the soon to be released charity single version, due to be released in UK on Dec. 13th. The release is made as a special Millennium Charity, to raise funds for Children's Promise, the non-profit children's organization. Artists as mentioned in the IORR news of yesterday, plus other names like Robbie Williams and James Brown. It seems like this single may be just as popular as the 1984 Band Aid charity singe "Do They Know It's Christmas". The 1999 edition of the 1974 song IORR will simply be the perfect Christmas gift!
Nov. 16: It's Only Rock'n Roll all-star video
There is a new all-star It's Only Rock'n Roll video out in UK, as shown on CD:UK, and other channels to come as well. It is featuring Mick, Keith plus a lot of other famous artists including Spice Girls, Joe Cocker, Iggy Pop, Ozzy Osbourne, Ronan (Boyzone) etc. Some great Mick singing, great Keith riffs, plus lots more. Hopefully it will be out as a single as well. More information to come...
Nov. 12: Mick Jagger at the MTV Europe Awards last night
Mick Jagger was presenting the "Free Your Mind" award to Bono of U2 at the 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards in Dublin last night. Watch out for re-broadcasts of the show on MTV Europe.
Nov. 8: Vote for The Rolling Stones!
All sorts of magazines, radio stations etc are doing polls to get votes for the band and the song of the Millennium. Make sure the greatest rock'n'roll band in the world is on top of these lists! The last one to show up is the Austrian magazine NEWS. Please make your votes on their Die hits des jahrhunderts web site now! PS. Other polls around? Please email IORR!
Nov. 4: Keith Richards receiving Q award last nigth
Keith Richards did in fact attend the Q Awards last night, see special report and photo in the Q Magazine Daily News. Keith received a special award titled "Q Special Merit Award". See the Complete list of awards, and follow the TV broadcasts on Sunday (see IORR news yesterday).
Nov. 3: Keith Richards in UK Q awards?
According to Q magazine Keith Richards will attend their awards ceremony in London,UK today, Nov. 3rd. It is of course not yet known if the Rolling Stones are up for an award, but they are nominated for the "Best Live Act award", which they won in 1990. According to Q Magazine, the awards will be filmed for TV (Ch. 4 in UK and VH1 in the US), broadcast on Sunday Nov. 7th.
Nov. 2: Austrian music cafe sued by the Stones
According to a story in the Austrain magazine NEWS, The Stones, through their lawyers, have sued Mr. Stephan Wirgler, owner of a new music cafe in Vienna, Austria with the name "Rolling Stone". The pizza restaurant responded by removing all music related to the Stones, and will now probably trade under another name. The Rolling Stones, i.e. their name and their trademark the tongue, are protected by law, and as we see, even in reality.
Oct. 25: Jamiroquai playing "Miss You"
Jamiroquai have been on tour in Europe, and fans are reporting about their great version of the Stones classic "Miss You".
Oct. 25: Mick Jagger at LA party for legendary director
Mick Jagger was among the guests at a party in Los Angeles last Thursday to celebrate the publication of a book about "Sunset Boulevard" director Billy Wilder. Jagger is quoted as saying in Monday's Daily Variety, "I met him once in the '60s. I don't think he'll remember." A photo of Jagger with party host Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair, appears in the paper. Entertainment Tonight also carried footage of Jagger at the party.
Oct. 21: Keith Richards at yet another movie premiere
Trust Keith Richards to turn up at a movie premiere about junkies in New York. On Tuesday, he attended the opening bash for the new Martin Scorsese picture, Bringing Out the Dead, which stars Nicolas Cage as a burnt out paramedic. The Thursday issue of Daily Variety carries a photo of Keith and Viacom Inc. chairman Sumner Redstone. Sadly, unlike Scorsese's "GoodFellas" and "Casino," "Bringing Out the Dead" does not contain any Stones songs.
Oct. 11: Paul McCartney inspiring the Stones
Two years after claiming that he turned Mick Jagger onto marijuana (which Jagger denied), Paul McCartney is taking credit for more Stones achievements. In press notes for his new record of old rock gems, which features the Larry Williams tune She Said Yeah (covered by the Stones almost 35 years ago), McCartney says: "I remember turning Mick Jagger onto it and I think the Stones did a version of it. There were two songs I turned Mick onto that the Stones have done. One was She Said Yeah and the other was Ain't Too Proud To Beg. Mick will deny it -- ''Wot? No, mate, never saw him, never met him' -- but I distinctly remember having him up into a little music room and playing it to him. He loved it and he went and did it."
Oct. 1: German broadcast of an unknown Berlin 1969 incident
German radio will broadcast a remarkable and yet unknown story from Berlin 1969 later this week, involving a rumour about a Stones concert in Berlin 1969. Twenty years before the Berlin wall went down, this rumour collected thousands of young East Berliners with hopes in their mind. The rumour said that the Rolling Stones would play on top of the Springer-building, the tallest building in the West directly at the wall next to Checkpoint Charlie - especially for the East Germans. See the Berlin 1969 rumour page for more details about the day in 1969, and about broadcasting details.
Sept. 30: Michael Cooper Stones photos in London exhibition
The V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum) in London (nearest tube station South Kensington) is running the exhibition Triple Exposure - 3 photograpers from the 60's. The exhibition opened Sept. 16, and it will be open until Jan. 30. It is showing the works of Michael Cooper, Ron Traeger and John Cowan, including classic shots of Mick, Keith and others.
Sept. 29: Bob Gruen photo exhibition in New York
There will be an important exhibition of original photographs of the Rolling Stones by celebrated rock photographer Bob Gruen at Great Modern Pictures, 17 West 24 Street (between 5th and 6th Ave), New York, November 18, 1999 - January 9, 2000. Bob Gruen is one of the most famous Stones photographers, and some of his works has been compiled in the now sold out book Crossfire Hurricane. See the Great Modern Pictures web pages for more details and great photo samples.
Sept. 28: Keith Richards at Tom Waits concert
Keith Richards went to the Tom Waits concert at the Beacon Theater in New York City last night, but Keith did not show up on stage. Keith and Tom have co-written several songs on Tom's albums, and you never know if Keith will be back for another Tom Waits appearance...
Sept. 27: It's Only Rock'n Roll song of the Millennium
It's Only Rock'n Roll, originally released by The Rolling Stones in 1974, has been selected by BBC to be the song of the Millennium. IORR will be re-recorded with international artists doing separate verses. The list of artists to sing includes names such as Annie Lennox, Jon Bon Jovi, Chrissie Hynde, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, B B King, Herbie Hancock and others. Yes, it's the song the Stones have been trying to put to rest live for several tours now, but it keeps coming back, greater every time. It's Only Rock'n Roll, but we like it!
Sept. 22: Tour rumours - 2001 and MSG
The UK tabloid newspaper The SUN started a rumour that seems to go all over Europe, and also to the rest of the world, about a possible Stones tour in year 2001. The fact that 100 newspapers are printing the same rumour from the same source does not make the rumour any more solid. But sure the Stones will tour again in the future, and 2001 might be a good guess. As for the MSG New Year's Eve shows, those rumours have lasted even longer, even if they were permanently denied and called off in April.
Sept. 16: Bridges To Babylon in top 15 tours of the 90's
The current issue of Rolling Stone magazine no. 822 is having a special section titled Live in the 90's - the top fifteen of the best and most historically significant concert events during this decade. The Rolling Stones are in there, of course, with their Bridges To Babylon tour.
Sept. 16: Keith with Sheryl Crow & Friends re-broadcast
If you missed the live broadcast of Keith Richards with Sheryl Crow & Friends then check out Blue Concert for re-broadcast details. The next broadcast should be Sunday Sept. 19th from 8-10pm EDT.
Sept. 15: Keith on stage with Sheryl Crow last night
Keith Richards guest played with Sheryl Crow last night in Central Park, New York. Keith did Happy and Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller, and returned off-broadcast with Eric Clapton on a version of Tombstone Blues. Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders was also on stage playing. See the New York Post and Beggars Banquet Online for more details about the show.
Sept. 14: IORR magazines online
Finally, this year's It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine numbers 35, 36 and 37 are available online. See the complete IORR file for all magazines online. If you want the real stuff, i.e. the magazines with all the great stuff and photos, then subscribe right now! Articles, photos, great stories etc. are welcome for the next issue IORR 38, due out in November.
Sept. 14: Keith Richards live in New York tonight!
Keith just finished rehearsals in New York last night, to be prepared for the Sheryl Crow & Friends concert in Central Park tonight, Sept 14th. The concert will also be shown on TV in America on the Fox Channel at 9 PM. See the Beggars Banquet Online Tour pages for more inside details.
Sept. 9: Keith Richards at the U.S. Open
Yesterday Keith visited the U.S. Open tennis tournament in New York. See a great photo of Keith with John McEnroe in the Slam! sports gallery.
Sept. 9: Mick Taylor on tour in Europe
Mick Taylor is currently on tour with his blues band in Europe, visiting Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and UK. For an updated list of tour dates see the Past and Present Mick Taylor pages by Carol Rock.
Sept. 8: Paint It Black at the movies
Two different versions of "Paint it, Black" appear on new CD soundtracks. Blues rocker Jonny Lang, who has opened for the Stones and hung out with them off the road, sings "Paint It Black" (no comma) on the MCA Records soundtrack for the Kevin Costner movie "For Love of the Game," which opens in North American theaters on September 17. Canadian punk band GOB do a version on the soundtrack for Kevin Bacon's "Stir of Echoes," which opens on September 10.
Sept. 8: Leah Wood party in OK! magazine
The current UK magazine OK! no. 187 of Sept. 10 is having plenty of glossy color photo pages of Leah Wood's 21 years party. Among the guests are the entire Wood family, of course, plus other UK guests like Mick and Jerry, and their daughters and sons, sometimes seen on stage with the Stones.
Sept. 1: Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall special on US TV
Cable's E! Entertainment Television in USA will present Mick Jagger & Jerry Hall: The E! True Hollywood Story on Sunday Sept. 5 at 9pm.
Sept. 1: The Stones in movies
USA Network has the movies Casino and The Fan in heavy rotation. Both of these Robert DeNiro movies are heavy on Stones tunes. If you don't live in USA, then try hiring them on vidoe - great substitute while they are not touring!
Aug. 24: Keith Richards at NY movie premiere
Keith Richards and Patti Hansen turned up at the New York premiere of actor/director Albert Brooks' new movie "The Muse" on Aug. 18. New York's Daily News and the New York Post have been running their own stories, and the Hollywood trade paper Variety Aug. 23-29 issue is showing a photo of Keith at the event. PS. One week before Keith saw "The Muse," he took Patti to the premiere of "Mickey Blue Eyes" (starring Hugh Grant) at the Ziegfield Theatre.
Aug. 19: Charlie Watts at horse auction in Poland
Like every year, also this year Charlie went to Poland with his wife for the horse auction in Janow Podlaski. Last Saturday he bought the most expensive mare called Albula for US $130,000. Two weeks before the auction, Charlie's mare called Maesta, which he bought last year in Poland, won a championship in Great Britain.
Aug. 11: Mick Jagger on the Independent Film Channel
Mick Jagger and his "Performance" co-stars Anita Pallenberg, James Fox and Michele Breton are among the people interviewed in "Donald Cammell: The Ultimate Performance," which premieres on the Independent Film Channel in the U.S. on August 13. The documentary will be followed by a screening of "Performance," which Cammell co-directed with Nic Roeg. Cammell killed himself in April 1996.
Aug. 3: Mick Jagger in Iceland
Mick never made it to Iceland with the Stones, but now he is in Iceland for a short holiday. Flying into Isafjordur, a small town in the northwest of Iceland last Friday night, Mick has been enjoying the bicycle, signing autographs, and staying on the yacht, owned by friends.
Aug. 2: Mick Jagger birthday jam in France
Mick Jagger celebrated his birthday in the South of France, jamming at his birthday party with Jonny Lang, Bono, Elton John, and Ronnie Wood. Then few days later Jonny Lang performed with B. B. King at the White House, playing for the Clintons.
July 27: Polish concert broadcast
The Rolling Stones concert which took place August 14th, 1998 in Chorzow, Poland, will be broadcast again by Polish satellite television POLSAT (also digital broadcast) on Sunday/Monday night at 0:30.
July 26: Keith Richards on stage with Willie Nelson
Keith Richard showed up at a Willie Nelson concert at the Levitt Pavilion in Westport, Connecticut, USA on Friday night July 23rd, and played on 4 - 5 songs.
July 26: Keith Richards in Fitness magazine
The UK magazine Men's Fitness Aug/Sept issue has got Keith Richards on the cover. Inside is a 3 page article on Keith.
July 9: Time to rest for Stones fans
Following almost two years of Stones touring all over the world, it is now time to rest for Stones fans. IORR will still keep you updated whenever something interesting is happening; just follow these pages. And if you have some great news, please send email to IORR. The next issue of IORR 37, the It's Only Rock'n Roll Magazine, will be out to all members and subscribers by mid-August. Have a nice summer!
July 7: European tour T-shirt collectors item
The official merchandisers of the Stones tour in Europe this summer made a real collectors item, when they added two cities never played last year. The T-shirt, made this summer, is listing the complete 98/99 European tour dates, starting with Nuremberg, then Milan and Bilbao. They did open the tour in Nuremberg, but the Italian and first Spanish date were both cancelled, never played.
July 6: Half a million European fans at the 1999 tour
A total of 519,000 fans saw The Rolling Stones at their short 3 weeks European Tour this summer. The tour made a gross income of US $25 million. The biggest crowd was the one in Groningen, Netherlands, collecting 75,000 fans, while the smallest outdoor crowd was the one in Spain, at Santiago de Compostela, with 29,000 fans at the amphi. Not counting the 1,832 capacity indoor club show at the Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK, of course. See all the facts and figures in the 1999 tour reviews pages.
July 6: Ronnie Wood art exhibition in Karlsruhe, Germany
The biggest exhibition of Ronnie Wood's artwork opened at the Konzerthaus in Karlsruhe, Festplatz, on July 2nd. The venue is showing the collection of screenprints, drypoints and etchings until August 15th. Entrance price is DM 12 and the show is open every day except Mondays. Also on display are odd pieces of Stones' paper memorabilia such as tour posters and signed photographs. Particularly interesting is a small sketch of a nude torso by Keith Richards. Tomorrow July 7th there will be a TV special about Ronnies art and the exhibition in SWR3 Kultur S�dwest 10.35pm-11.05pm. See the exhibition review here in IORR. Also, see the Here I Am Ronnie Wood web site made for the exhibition.
June 29: Brian Jones tribute on BBC radio 2
UK radio BBC 2 (88-90.2 FM) are broadcasting a one hour tribute special on Saturday 3rd July entitled "Brian Jones: the Dream Of Life". The programme begins at 7 pm UK time. BBC2 is available on the Astra satellite. Ref. the ROCKS OFF Rolling Stones Message Board.
June 29: Mick Taylor on tour in USA next week
Mick Taylor will start his tour in USA next week, arriving Boston July 7th, doing the Conan O'Brien Show in NYC, then the next two days at the House of Blues, Boston, finishing Aug. 1st at the Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA. See the complete and updated tour dates on the Past and Present Mick Taylor pages by Carol Rock.
June 24: UK TV special tonight on the Stones
Tonight on the satellite channel in the UK called LIVE TELEVISION, there is a programme at 9.00 until 9.30 showing highlights of the Stones UK tour.
June 24: Brian Jones in MOJO July edition
The UK magazine MOJO is out this week with a 20 pages special about Brian Jones, also Brian on the cover. The same MOJO is also having a 3 pages interview with Marianne Faithfull, where she is confirming she asked her manager to contact the Stones about being on stage with Mick to do Sister Morphine at their club show in London. It never happened, and Mick refered to the story as a "newspaper happening", while Marianne was the real source...
June 21: Bridge closed in Cologne
The Rolling Stones played their final Bridges to Babylon show in Cologne last night. A rainy but great show. The daughters of Mick, Keith and Ronnie were on stage during "Sympathy for the Devil", and they all had fun. The Stones, their crew and the fans said goodbye, as the two years long tour now has come to an end. And thanks to each and every one of you, supporting IORR with updates, reviews and news - keep it up - the show will go on!
June 19: Final call for Cologne
As the Stones played another packed field show in Landgraaf, Netherlands last night, they have now moved one hour across the border to Germany. Tomorrow they play the final show of this two years long tour in Cologne. Due to he G8 meeting, there are more police men in the streets than fans, but tomorrow it's the final call for the tour, and the Stones fans will rule the city of Cologne.
June 16: Everything but the bridge in Santiago
The Stones played an amphi setting for approx. 30,000 Spanish fans last night in Santiago de Compostela. As the place was so small, and the small stage was so close to the front, they did not use the usual "Bridges" bridge, but walked both ways on the walkway to the B-stage. A great crowd, and a great show.
June 14: Spain due for an amphi show tomorrow
Having just done the final Wembley shows (see the 1999 tour reviews for the Wembley-1 and Wembley-2 reviews, the Stones are now preparing for a 30,000 capacity sold out amphi theatre show in famous Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Just waiting for the remaining trucks to arrive from England, the show tomorrow will be very special, like the Waldb�hne amphi show in Berlin last year.
June 11: Club show fine due to late finish
The Rolling Stones have been hit with a �50,000 fine (approx. US $80,000) after thrilling fans at their club show gig on Tuesday night. Finishing 20 minutes late for the 10:30pm curfew made the fine, sized like three times the symbolic gross income they made from some 1600 tickets at �10 each. See story in the dotmusic web site.
June 9: The realms of the unknown in London last night
The Rolling Stones did their club show in Lonon last night, with a crowd of 1600 fans and VIP's at the Shepherds Bush Empire. Mick said they would be "Going into the realms of the unknown", as they did great versions of "Melody", "Brand New Car" and "Moon Is Up" among others. To get the big hits, Mick asked us to go to "the big place" down the road, i.e. Wembley.
June 8: Show reviews and set lists
The set lists of the shows in Edinburgh and Sheffield are now available, plus the part one of the Club Show story. Also, more reviews from previous shows have been added, see the 1999 tour reviews pages. If you sent an email to IORR during the week-end, it may have got lost, due to the network problems. If so, please try again by email to IORR.
June 7: New IORR site up as per today
The new IORR site is now online, replacing the old site Feel free to use or just as contact point for the IORR web pages in the future. Also, due to a local technical error, the IORR site was down from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. The error is now fixed, but please allow 24 hours or so to get all the updates, setlists from Edinburgh, Sheffield, and club show details to be avaiable here. Thanks for your patience!
June 7: London club show on sale today
The London club show for June 8th is going on sale at Tower Records, Piccadilly Circus. Ticket price �10, sales starting at 11am today.
June 4: Club show at the Shepherds Bush Empire
The rumoured club gig in UK will most probably take place at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London on Tuesday June 8. Ticket sales info may be announced on Virgin Radio FM 105.8.
June 3: Los Suaves to warm up for the Stones in Spain
The Galicia band Los Suaves will warm up for the Stones in Santiago de Compostela, Spain on June 15.
June 2: New CD releases delayed
There were supposed to be a couple of different versions of the Memory Motel single out on CD, and also the Memory Hotel 2CD album, with recent outtakes. The singles have been cancelled, and the outtakes album may have been delayed until June/July. This unconfirmed information will be checked out, and you will be told - but so far it seems that no releases have been done yet by Virgin.
June 1: Imst show united European fans
The Stones played in the Tirol alps last night, at the small place Imst, Austria, where 8,000 people live normally. Last night fans came in by train and car, from Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the rest of the world. Light rain turned the festival site into a mud hole. The Stones did Ruby Tuesday and All About You, see the Imst reviews pages.

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