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October 1998

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October 31: No Security GOLD in Austria
Before it is even out in the streets, No Security has made a GOLD status in Austria, based on pre-orders. It will probably reach PLATINA status, just like Bridges To Babylon did. And this week-end Austrian radio will play No Security as a premier nationwide. Stones week-end for sure!
October 30: Surprise Surprise
Follow this spot during the evening. The IORR editor has finally got time to work on updates... The underground pages has been updated with the latest news about bootlegs... The IORR 33 web version will be available here tomorrow, and The IORR 34 web version should appear here the day after!!!
October 30: Memory Motel and No Security
Just as the Stones work on finishing the US tour dates, they talk about slipping the No Security release date a bit, may be to match a press conference, may be to finish some Memory Motel video recordings (if they happen, it would probably be at the Montauk, Long Island, NY, Memory Motel location). Press coverage in the US is heating up now, so watch all your channels - TV and press!
October 29: The No Security tour 1999 gets closer
The 1999 No Security tour is expected to be announced within one week from now, and IORR may scoop the first west coast dates now, see the IORR 1999 tour dates pages. The much talked about MSG dates in early Feb. may be false rumours.
October 24: Bill Wyman birthday show in Oslo
Bill Wyman finished his "Anyway The Wind Blows" tour in Oslo tonight, on his 62nd birthday. Gary Brooker stole the show by doing a great solo performance of "A Whiter Shade Of Pale", special request from the band, to celebrate Bill's birthday. Bill did his own song "Stuff", on lead vocals. If you have comments, reviews, or opinions about the Bill Wyman tour, please send email to IORR. There will be a special page deticated to this tour and Bill Wyman.
October 22: The fans in the No Security photos
Check out the No Security album graphics. It's a collage of photos showing fans posing at an almost empty Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany, very early, before the rain started. Also, some photos are from Wiener Neustadt, Austria. And the bottom line, far right photo (guy with long hair, girl with tattoos) is the one on the CD cover and the promo poster!
October 21: Stones week-end in Norway
Bill Wyman in NRK1 live interview Friday evening 23rd, No Security release party in Oslo 23rd 8-10pm at Kilkenny Inn, �vre Slottsgt. 20, IORR inviting Stones fans in cooperation with Virgin Records, and Bill Wyman concert on his 62nd birthday on Saturday 24th in Oslo.
October 20: Mick and Keith in Toronto
Mick and Keith are now in Toronto, doing interviews with press regarding the No Security live album release, and also to plan the No Security US tour, which will be announced in time for the US release of No Security on Nov. 3rd. See also Canoe Canada.
October 19: Keith Richards talks
Keith Richards talks a lot about No Security, the Bridges To Babylon tour, his relation to Mick, the tours next year, and lots more. It's all exclusively in the new issue of IORR 34, going into print today, just as Keith is flying into Toronto to discuss 1999 dates with Michael Cohl.
October 17: Mick Jagger movie plans and more
As the confetti rest in Istanbul, Mick Jagger is now busy working on new projects. Following the recent movie "Bent", he is co-writing a movie based on his 35+ years as a rock star, with Scorsese and Rich Cohen. In another project, All Saints singer Nicole Appleton is about to make her acting debut in a Mick Jagger movie called "Saving Grace." For more movie details see the MTV Stones news. Also, check out Mick's project Jagged Internetworks!
October 16: Memory Motel new single?
According to Swedish paper Aftonbladet, Memory Motel seems to be coming out as a single from the forthcoming live album No Security. Swedish producer Jonas �kerlund will produce the new Metallica video in Los Angeles next week, and his next project is said to be the new Stones video for Memory Motel.
October 12: The 1999 Tours - a first draft
See the new page The 1999 Tours for a first rough collection of rumoured and confirmed Stones shows in 1999. And please send email to IORR if you have comments, corrections or additions!
October 9: Vote for your favorite review from the BtB tour!
IORR have brought you hundreds of reviews from each and every Bridges To Babylon show, and now it is time to vote for the best ones! The best review, i.e. the winner review, will be printed in IORR 34, due out next week. Please send all your votes to the special voting email address IORR Votes ([email protected]). And please only ONE vote email per person, please - don't vote for your own reviews many times - be honest! When voting, please vote for one of the European Tour show reviews in the 1998 reviews pages. Also, if you like, you may vote for another review, picked from any of the reviews above, or from the winter reviews in the 97/98 reviews pages. I.e. two reviews voted for maximum, of which one should be from the European shows, the other from any of the shows. Please specify the reviews by show place, date and name of reviewer. Thanks! PS. There will be surprise bonus gifts to randomly selected voters.
October 9: The Bridges To Babylon tour statistics
Thanks to help from Stones fans all over the world, you may now find a lot more Bridges To Babylon tour statistics if you go to the No Security link, also found on the IORR main web page. These pages tell you all about what songs they played where, what album the songs are on, songs per country etc. PS. The page layout will improve soon!
October 8: Taj Mahal at the Rock and Roll Circus
Three previously unreleased Taj Mahal tracks from the Rock and Roll Circus will be released on a 3-CD Taj Mahal retro, "In Progress & In Motion" (Columbia/Legacy), tentatively scheduled for release this month. They are Corrina, Checkin' Up on My Baby and Leaving Trunk. PS. No Security spells it CORINNA and the Mahal set spells it CORRINA...
October 8: No Security by The Rolling Stones
The new Rolling Stones live album No Security is now in production, based on these tracks: 1. Intro (0:48) (the lion scream) - 2. You Got Me Rocking (3:26) (listen to Charlie!) - 3. Gimme Shelter (6:11) (great Lisa!) - 4. Flip The Switch (4:12) (Keith is the boss) - 5. Memory Motel (5:52) (we can live with Dave Matthews on this one) - 6. Corinna (3:55) (with Taj Mahal) 7. Saint Of Me (5:17) (at boiling point in Buenos Aires, opened up by 54,000 fans singing Ol� Ol� Ol� Ol� Charlie Charlie!!!) - 8. Waiting On A Friend (4:52) (with Joshua Redman on sax) - 9. Sister Morphine (6:04) (owned by Mick!) - 10. Live With Me (3:55) (listen to the beat, as Darryl does the kick-off) - 11. Respectable (3:19) (guitars, guitars, Ronnie & Keith, and rock'n'roll!) - 12. Thief In The Night (5:37) (Keith, new song, old story) - 13. The Last Time (4:19) (with a touch of the B-stage) - 14. Out Of Control (7:57) (the tour winner, play it again and again and again and again...)
Produced by The Glimmer Twins, recorded by Ed Cherney, additional production and mixing by Chris Potter. Out Nov. 2 in Europe, Nov. 3 in USA, Oct. 21 in Japan with the bonus track I Just Want To Make Love To You. Virgin UK item # 72438-46740-2-1(CD)/72438-46740-1-4(LP). A complete list of where each song is recorded will be printed in the IORR 34 magazine. It just takes some research to dig it out...
October 8: Anyway The Wind Blows by Bill Wyman
The new album Anyway The Wind Blows by Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings is out in Europe, in time for the European Tour 1998 this month. And a sticker on the CD cover with all the tour dates is a nice bonus souvenir. The album features Bill Wyman, Gary Brooker, Eric Clapton, Georgie Fame, Peter Frampton, Albert Lee, Martin Taylor, Mick Taylor. The tracks are: 1. Anyway The Wind Blows - 2. Spooky - 3. Walking One & Only - 4. Mojo Boogie - 5. Too Late - 6. Every Sixty Seconds - 7. Ring My Bell - 8. Days Like This - 9. He's a Real Gone Guy - 10. A True Romance (with Mick Taylor on slide guitar) - 11. Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You (Eric Clapton on lead guitar) - 12. When Hollywood Goes Black & Tan - 13. Crazy He Calls Me - 14. Struttin' Our Stuff.
BMG/RCA Victor 74321 59525/2. 1CD. More Bill Wyman details to be found in the IORR 34 magazine.
October 6: A Stones' Throw by Mick Taylor
The new Mick Taylor studio album is called A Stones' Throw, on Sensible Records SR1CD. a stones'throw on sensible records SR1CD For track details see the Mick Taylor tour dates pages.
October 5: Charlie Watts interview in Belgium
Tonight (5 oct) and the following 3 weeks, there will be an exclusive interview with Charlie Watts on the Belgian VRT (Flemish Radio and Television), Radio 1 in the program Cucamonga wich starts at 9.00 pm (till 11.00 pm).
October 3: Mick Taylor on tour
Mick Taylor is currently on tour in France, and will continue touring for the rest of the year in Germany and Switzerland. See the complete Mick Taylor 1998 tour dates list.
October 3: A Life On The Road
UK based Q Magazine no. 146 of Nov. 98 is bringing five pages of previews from the Virgin book A Life On The Road, due out next month, with plenty of backstage photos, from the early 60's and up to now.

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