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The Rolling Stones
Bridges To Babylon 97/98
Tour Statistics

by It's Only Rock'n Roll
The Rolling Stones Fan Club of Europe

Parts of the Bridges To Babylon magic are captured in the new live album No Security, due out on Nov. 2 (Nov 3 in USA, Oct. 21 in Japan).

Some statistical references - from fan to fan - please send corrections or comments by email to IORR! Thanks! PS. These pages have a rough layout - I'm working on improving the web desing - please be patient!

The Rolling Stones played a total of 108 shows during the 1997/98 Bridges To Babylon Tour, including all the club shows, secret shows and MTV shows. More shows will come in 1999. This page is dedicated to facts and figures about the tour. You will find a lot more details about the tour in the 1997/98 and 1998 IORR concert reviews pages, where you will find reviews of each and every show of the tour.

There will be a lot more statistics, links and facts about the tour on these pages. If you have ideas, facts or nice info, then please send email to IORR. Thanks!

The total of 108 shows were made up by 35 stadium and 8 arena shows in USA, 6 special shows (clubs etc) in USA/Canada, 4 stadium and 3 arena shows in Canada, 2 in Mexico, 6 in Japan, 5 in Argentina and 2 in Brazil. A total of 56 shows in USA/Canada plus another 15 shows outside Europe, adding up to 71 shows up to April 98.

The European part of the tour gave us a total of 37 shows, of which 10 stadium and 1 amphitheater in Germany, 6 in Holland, 3 in Spain, 2 in Belgium, 1 stadium and 1 arena in Sweden, then 13 more single shows in 13 countries, including the arena show in the Czech Republic plus stadium/site shows in France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

This is a complete list of the 62 songs they played, and a link to the show where the song were performed for the first time during this tour:

Song Title Times played
Out of control 107
Start me up 107
Jumpin' jack flash 107
Brown sugar 107
Honky tonk women 106
Miss you 105
Tumbling dice 105
(I can't get no) Satisfaction 104
Gimme shelter 103
Sympathy for the devil 103
Let's spend the night together 102
Little queenie 102
Wanna hold you 99
Flip the switch 96
Saint of me 86
Like a rolling stone 79
Anybody seen my baby 71
You got me rocking 63
It's only rock 'n roll 57
You can't always get what you want 43
The last time 39
Thief in the night 37
All about you 36
You don't have to mean it 34
Bitch 31
Sister morphine 30
19th nervous breakdown 25
Under my thumb 20
Crazy mama 20
Paint it black 18
Memory motel 15
I just wanna make love to you 13
Star star 11
She's a rainbow 10
Respectable 9
Let it bleed 9
Dead flowers 8
Ruby Tuesday 7
Rock and a hard place 7
Love is strong 6
When the whip comes down 5
Angie 4
Already over me 3
All down the line 3
Little red rooster 3
Waiting on a friend 3
Live with me 3
Love in vain 3
Shine a light 3
Fool to cry 2
Street fighting man 2
Corina Corina 1
Wild horses 1
Time is on my side 1
Shame shame shame 1
Low down 1
Might as well get juiced 1
How can I stop 1
Factory girl 1
Far away eyes 1
Just my imagination 1
No expectations 1

Salt of the Earth

Special thanks to the following hard working fans, for supplying help in making all these statistics correct:

Hendrik Mulder, Holland
Jon Wuepper, USA
Atsuko Furukawa, Japan
Robert Bagel, USA
Adriano Tedde, Italy
Gerardo Liedo, Mexico

And if you do see any errors or ways to improve this page, please send email to IORR. Thanks!

PS. Cross reference statistics kindly supplied by Hendrik Mulder, Holland, through his fantastic computer database Beautiful Buzz, with all about the Stones shows and their releases.

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