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Songs performed by album (different layout)

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Statistics kindly supplied by Adriano Tedde, Italy


1. Out of control; 

2. Anybody Seen My Baby; 

3. Flip the switch; 

4. Saint of Me; 

5. You Donít Have to Mean It; 

6. Already over me; 

7. Might as Well get juiced; 

8. Thief in the night;

9. How can I stop; 

10. Low down.

Let it Bleed:

1. Let it Bleed

2. You Canít Always get what you want

3. Gimme Shelter

4. Love in Vain

5. Live with me

Sticky Fingers:

1. Brown Sugar

2. Bitch

3. Sister morphine 

4. Dead flowers

5. Wild Horses

Some Girls:

1. Miss You

2. When the Whip Comes Down

3. Respectable

4. Imagination

5. Far Away Eyes

Beggars Banquet:

1. Sympathy for the devil

2. No Expectations

3. Street Fighting Man

4. Factory Girl

Black & Blue:

1. Crazy Mama

2. Fool to Cry

3. Memory Motel

Exile on Main St:

1. Tumbling Dice

2. Shine a Light

3. All Down the Line

Between the Buttons:

1. Letís Spend the night together

2. Ruby Tuesday


1. Under my thumb

2. Paint it Black

Goatís Head Soup:

1. Angie

2. Star Star

Tattoo You:

1. Start me up

2. Waiting on a friend

Out of Our Heads:

1. Satisfaction

2. The Last time

Voodoo Lounge:

1. Love is strong

2. You Got Me Rockiní

Itís Only RínR:

1. Itís Only RínR

Emotional Rescue:

1. All About You


1. Wanna Hold You

Steel Wheels:

1. Rock And A Hard Place

Their Satanic Majestic Request:

1. Sheís A Rainbow

12 x 5:

1. Time is on My Side

3 singles:

1. Jumping Jack Flash

2. Honky Tonk Women

3. 19th Nervous Breakdown

6 covers:

1. Corina Corina

2. Little Queenie

3. Shame shame shame

4. Like a Rolling Stone (also on Stripped)

5. Little Red Rooster (also on The Rolling Stones Now)

6. Just Want to make love to you (also on The Rolling Stones)

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