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It's Only Rock'n Roll

Giants Stadium, New Jersey
Friday, Oct. 17, 1997

Review by Rich and Karen Kaczmarek

Mick was so eager to play Star Star that he jumped into it as the rest of the Stones were playing It's Only Rock 'n Roll, much to the amusement of Keith. Love in Vain was quite a treat and a crowd favorite judging from our section. Stones fans were wild for Star Star. It was performed well, and Ron and Mick had fun singing the chorus.

Mick appeared fully recovered from his illness. The sound in Giants Stadium was much improved over last night - the clarity was back. The only glitch was Mick's mike was not turned on right away at the center stage for Little Queenie. You Got Me Rockin went over quite well - the crowd participated.

The Stones made the sold-out crowd forget that it was cold out two nights in a row. The people up in the rafter seats were having a great time.

The set list:

  1. Satisfaction
  2. It's Only Rock'n Roll
  3. Flip The Switch
  4. Let's Spend The Night Together
  5. Gimme Shelter
  6. Love In Vain
  7. Anybody Seen My Baby
  8. 19th Nervous Breakdown
  9. Out Of Control
  10. Star Star (Starfucker)
  11. Miss You
    -- Introductions --
  12. All About You (Keith)
  13. I Wanna Hold You (Keith)
  14. Little Queenie (center stage)
  15. Crazy Mama (center stage)
  16. You Got Me Rocking (center stage)
  17. Sympathy For The Devil
  18. Tumbling Dice
  19. Honky Tonk Women
  20. Start Me Up
  21. Jumping Jack Flash
  22. Brown Sugar (encore)

Review by Louis Milone and (son)

I have gone to a number of Stones concerts over the years and it seems to me that they definitely get better. Mick and the boys were awesome tonight and the sound system at the stadium was also awesome the new technology in the system works really well. It was clear, crisp and loud. Everyone in the stadium seemed to be rockin even in the nose bleed seats.

1.Satisfaction - was well done better than ever before
2.It's Only Rock'n Roll - was simply ass kicking
3.Flip The Switch - sounded excellent live and I thought the album version was excellent.
4.Let's Spend The Night Together - was right on
5.Gimme Shelter - Lisa Fisher was simply diamite and the crowd went wild
6.Love In Vain - a pleasant surprise and wow!
7.Anybody Seen My Baby - was good but it still seems to needs a little more work but the crowd loved it and especially when NJ was mentioned during the rap part
8.19th Nervous Breakdown - was absolutely rockin and the crowd was rockin to it
9.Out Of Control - hey Mick and the boys went out of control and the crowd was wild over it, seems to me to be a crowd favorite of the new ones it was rocking
10.Star Star (Starfucker) totally outrageous and a great choice by the fans including myself who voted for this one.
11.Miss You - the crowd participation on this one was fantastic
-- Introductions -- The crowd went wild when Charlie and Keith where introduced
12.All About You (Keith) - not one of my favorites but nicely done
13.I Wanna Hold You (Keith) - ass kicking definitely one that is great when done live
14.Little Queenie (center stage) - A real rockin rendition the crowd loved it
15.Crazy Mama (center stage) - another ass kickin rendition
16.You Got Me Rocking (center stage) - was better than during the 1994/95 tour just great
17.Sympathy For The Devil - another crowd participation and what can I say but great
18.Tumbling Dice - Keith seemed to really enjoy it as much as the crowd
19.Honky Tonk Women - another classic that kicks!
20.Start Me Up - another kickin classic
21.Jumping Jack Flash - and another
22.Brown Sugar (encore) - and another

This was by far the best yet for the Stones in my opinion they rocked all night with the crowd young and old alike, the Stones and the crowd were one it was awesome! Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie were definitely on tonight.

My son 12 went with us, his first concert, he was in awe and said to me "hey dad these old guys are awesome and can rock they rule"! That is why they are and always will be the greatest rocking roll band in the world.

Review by Peter R Ferriero

I am only 21, having seen some 17 Rolling Stones concerts from 1989-1997, I must say this show(Oct17), was probably in my opinion one of the best I have ever seen. I even traveled to London's Wembley Stadium in 1995 and this was 1% better than that. I mean London is Stones territory, so that was the advatage there. But as far as set list, sound and energy this one show was the best I have seen. By now you know they performed Star Star, which to me was one of the higlights of the show. Also Love In Vain I think toppled and tramped over Sister Morphine, It is more recongizable and it doesnt drag, like Morphine tends to do. Also I must say this show was the third I've seen on this tour. Anybody Seen My Baby sounded perfect. To me the suprising hit of this tour, is Out Of Control. It is like the Midnight Rambler of the 90's. As far as the other songs, they sounded perfect. The Stones have finally started to warm the whole show up. Only thing for me missing, was my girlfriend. She is in California, while I flew to NJ, to see the show.

Review by Stephane Giroux

There's little else to write besides what has been said. In short, I think it was one of the best Stones show I've seen since 1981.

Forget the fabulous staging, the great set list (Star Star!!!!) I looked for a Rock and Roll band and I found it. It seems that after all these years, the guys still interact like a band should.

This came clear to me when they walked over to the center stage. I thought the gimmick was a little too much until they started playing Little Queenie.

From my center field seat, I was 10 yards away from the small stage. All the lights were off on the main stage, so no tricks to provoke ooohhhs and aaahhhs! Yet the boys performed like they were in one of those small clubs we've missed. Mick maneovering to avoid falling over Chuck, Keith and Ronnnie trading licks inches away from each other!!! And yet they captivated the whole stadium. That's worth more than all the fireworks and giant screens in the world.

I would have been just as happy had they chosen to shut the main stage off to finish the set on the small stage. That portion alone was worth the price of admission and should shut up anyone who still thinks you can't rock at that age.

I can't wait for a repeat performance in Montreal and Quebec City in January.

Read all about the 1997 tour in the It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine issue IORR 30 out Oct. 15, 1997.

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