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No Security
The Rolling Stones
Bridges To Babylon 97/98
Live album

The new Rolling Stones live album No Security is now in production.

See the graphics showing fans posing at an almost empty stadium:

It's based on these tracks:

  1. Intro (0:48) (the lion scream)
  2. You Got Me Rocking (3:26) (listen to Charlie!)
  3. Gimme Shelter (6:11) (great Lisa!)
  4. Flip The Switch (4:12) (Keith is the boss)
  5. Memory Motel (5:52) (we can live with Dave Matthews on this one)
  6. Corinna (3:55) (with Taj Mahal)
  7. Saint Of Me (5:17) (at boiling point in Buenos Aires, opened up by 54,000 fans singing Olé Olé Olé Olé Charlie Charlie!!!)
  8. Waiting On A Friend (4:52) (with Joshua Redman on sax)
  9. Sister Morphine (6:04) (owned by Mick!)
  10. Live With Me (3:55) (listen to the beat, as Darryl does the kick-off)
  11. Respectable (3:19) (guitars, guitars, Ronnie & Keith, and rock'n'roll!)
  12. Thief In The Night (5:37) (Keith, new song, old story)
  13. The Last Time (4:19) (with a touch of the B-stage)
  14. Out Of Control (7:57) (the tour winner, play it again and again and again and again...)

Produced by The Glimmer Twins, recorded by Ed Cherney, additional production and mixing by Chris Potter. Out Nov. 2 in Europe, Nov. 3 in USA, Oct. 21 in Japan with the bonus track I Just Want To Make Love To You. Virgin UK item # 72438-46740-2-1(CD)/72438-46740-1-4(LP). A complete list of where each song is recorded will be printed in the IORR 34 magazine. It just takes some research to dig it out...

See details about the No Security promo sampler

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