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Mick Taylor
Tour Dates Europe 2001

Updated Oct. 24

This is a list of where Mick Taylor and his band will be performing in Europe this fall. If you do have corrections or additions to this list, please send email to IORR.

Date Venue City County Phone
Nov. 02 Alte Weberei Club Cottbus Germany  
Nov. 03 Moritzbastei Club Leipzig Germany  
Nov. 04 Kunstpark Ost Club Munich Germany  
Nov. 06 Alter Wartesaal Club K�ln Germany  
Nov. 07 Heimathaus Twist Club Twist Germany  
Nov. 08 Quasimodo Club Berlin Germany  
Nov. 09 Stadthalle Osreode Germany  
Nov. 10 Die Weberci Gutersloh Germany  
Nov. 11 Goldene Krone Darmstadt Germany  
Nov. 13 Altes Kino Club Rankweil Austria  
Nov. 15 Lucerna Music Bar Prague Czech Republic  
Nov. 16 Edison Garden Club Bruno Czech Republic  
Nov. 17 Die Halle Reichenbach Germany  
Nov. 18 Cotton Club Zug Switzerland  
Nov. 19 Cotton Club Zug Switzerland  
Nov. 20 Jubez Club Karlsruhe Germany  
Nov. 21 Hirsch Club Nurenberg Germany  
Nov. 22 Alter Slachthof Soest Germany  
Nov. 24 Manifesto Club Hoorn The Netherlands  
Nov. 25 Fiasko Club Kassel Germany  
Nov. 26 Cobra Club Solingen Germany  
Nov. 27 Musiktheatre Lorsch Germany  
Nov. 28 Downtown Blues Club Hamburg Germany  
Nov. 30 Blues Garage Isernhagen Germany  
Dec. 01 Spirit of 66 Verviers Belgium  

Mick will make some guest appearance shows with the Roffe Wickstr�m Band in Sweden in December as follows:

Date Venue City
Dec. 5 Fredmans Uppsala
Dec. 6 Droskan Ume�
Dec. 7 (?) Cafe August Hudiksvall
Dec. 8 Gamla Teatern �stersund
Dec. 9 Akkurat Stockholm

If you have information, details, corrections or comments, please send email! Thanks!

Thanks to Carol Rock for details.

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