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Mick Taylor
Tour Dates 1999

Updated March 3

This is a list of where Mick Taylor and his band will be performing during the next few months. If you do have corrections or additions to this list, please send email to IORR.

March 17 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall
March 18 Santa Cruz, CA Palookaville
March 19 Sacramento (Orangevale), CA The Boardwalk
March 20 Arcata, CA Cafe Toma
March 21 Chico, CA The Brickworks
March 23 San Louis Obispo, CA ???
March 24 Los Angeles, CA House of Blues
March 25 San Diego, CA Blind Melons
March 26 Tempe (near Phoenix), AZ Sports Rock Cafe
March 27 Yukaipa, CA Crossroads
March 28 San Francisco, CA Mick Lounge
April 3 London, UK Mean Fiddler

If you have information, details, corrections or comments, please send email! Thanks!

Thanks to everyone at Sensible Records, UK for kind cooperation!

Visit other web sites on the net dedicated to Mick Taylor and his music:

For more news see IORR 36 mailed out April 1999!

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