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December 31: Happy New Year
The year of 1998 turned out to be a fantastic year for Stones fans all over the world. In Brazil they will celebrate today by a broadcast at 23:30 Brazil time, on the channel ESPN Brasil. X in Concert will feature live music from the Bridges to Babylon tour. Happy New Year to you all!
December 24: Season greetings from IORR!
It's been a great year for Stones fans, and another great year is due for 1999. As we are rocking closer to the next Stones millenum, I would like to thank you all for being great fans and helping in running IORR. And as you take a big rest during the rest of the year, I have written a Christmas letter to all of you, to sort of saying thanks, and see you in 1999!
December 18: See the Stones in the Austrian Alps
As of today, tickets are on sale for the Rolling Stones open air concert in the Austrian alps, in Imst, Tyrol. The tickets cost Austrian Shilling 660 (US $55). There's only one type of tickets, for the field, and there is a max. capacity of 125,000 people. Tickets can be ordered through the telephone number (+43) 1-88088.
December 18: Rehearsals in Vancouver?
The latest rumours say The Rolling Stones will go to Vancouver this time for rehearsals for the No Security tour. They are supposed to rehearse for about two weeks before they actually open up the tour in Oakland, just outside San Francisco. Club gigs might happen in Vancouver and/or San Franicisco.
December 18: Happy birthday Keith!
From all the fans to Keith: Happy birthday! And as you take a look at the picture at the right, Keith is having a great time playing at Joey Ramone's Christmas party in New York City on Wednesday. PS. Keith did "Run Rudolph, Run", and he also stayed to play on "Be My Baby". Photo by Bob Gruen �1998
December 17: Keith Richards guest appearance in New York last night
Keith Richards made a guest appearance at the New York City Life Club last night (Dec. 16th), playing at Joey Ramone's Christmas party. Keith joined Ronnie Spector on stage, playing "Run Rudolph, Run". More details in IORR 35.
December 12: Rumoured show in Hannover, Germany, June 19, 1999
The Rolling Stones are working with another tour organizer Sunrise in Germany to do a show, probably in Hannover, on June 19, 1999, according to a newspaper in Stuttgart. Another field, it seems, and ticket prices at DM 78 ($40). It seems like they will fill in quite a few of the free dates from late May to early July 1999 in Europe with large field/stadium shows, probably to pay the cost of starting up the delayed tour for UK etc.
December 12: Ottawa strip story denied
It was a great story, but it was all denied by the Rolling Stones tour organizer Michael Cohl, talking about the strip club in Ottawa, getting girls for the Stones show. But what's more important, he is confirming they did have talks about a show in Ottawa, even if nothing is decided yet. See denial story in the Canoe web pages.
December 10: Ottawa show still probable
It seems like the Rolling Stones are planning for a show at the Corel Centre, Ottawa, Canada still, probably late Feb. 27 or so, just after the Toronto show. Also, it seems like they are planning to spice up the show with exotic girl strippers, may be during Honky Tonk Women? See the story in The Ottawa Citizen.
December 9: Stuttgart tickets on sale now!
The ticket sales for the Cannstatter Wasen, Stuttgart, Germany show on May 29, 1999 starts on Friday Dec. 12, but you may get tickets from today by ordering exclusively via internet at the address of the promoter Co-Co Tours. Ticket prices are DM 100-160, equivalent to US $53-$85. It is supposed to be a field, so expect most field tickets to be cheap, and the seats at the side and/or behind to be expensive.
December 9: Sacramento, Washington, Philadelphia 2nd shows confirmed
Three more shows have been confirmed for the No Security Tour. Sacramento get the 2nd date in-between the Oakland and San Jose shows, on Jan. 27. Washington 2nd date is March 8, and Philadelphia 2nd date is March 16. Ticket sales on Saturday Dec. 12 for Sacramento and Washington, and Monday Dec. 14 for Philadelphia. See report in the Ticketmaster Live Daily, and also the Pollstar Stones list.
December 8: New concert dates in Europe for Austria and Germany
The European Tour 1999 wilkl start in Stuttgart, Germany on Saturday May 29, then continue through Austria and North Netherlands, before they do the delayed UK shows in Edinburgh, Sheffield and London. More shows will be announced later. See details in the Reuters/Variety press release, and the 1999 tour dates list by IORR.
December 5: Philadelphia 2nd show still not confirmed
The information about the 2nd Philadelphia show can not be confirmed, even if it came from the ticket suppliers. Once somebody in Philly can confirm finally you will be told! PS. It is said that the 2nd show ticket sales are being held back until next Saturday Dec. 12, due to other concerts going on sale at the First Union Center this week-end...
December 4: The Rolling Stones in Groningen, Netherlands June 2, 1999
Yes, it's official! The Rolling Stones will return with their Bridges to Babylon show in Europe and Stones crazy country Netherlands, playing at the Stadspark (field), Groningen, North Netherlands, on June 2nd. This is two days before they return to UK and Edinburgh, to do the postponed shows there. Tickets go on sale next week, on Saturday Dec. 12. Ticket prices NLG 90 (approx. US $42).
December 3: Stones week-end to come
This week-end will be busy if you live in USA, because all the new 2nd date shows will go on sale. And in North California, prepare for what's happening on the Jan 27th date. Will it be another date for Oakland or Sacramento? They might even do the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma... The arena stage is built in hours, so it seems possible that Sacramento, selling out the 1st show in less than one hour, might get that date. Live Daily pages for a new Stones report.
December 3: Great Keith interview in Q magazine
UK based Q Magazine is just out with a new issue featuring a great interview with Keith Richards. The interview is a collection of questions asked by UK fans, so it is pretty good. And Keith talks a lot, indeed. Check it out on the Goin'Home Rolling Stones Message Board.
December 3: New rare Stones release due out in UK next summer
According to the recent issue of UK collector's magazine Record Collector, there are plans for a new and rare Stones release by the time the Stones return to UK next summer. It is supposed to be a low profile release intended for hard core fans only, and it should be based on left over tracks from the Voodoo Lounge and Bridges To Babylon recording sessions. Bootlegs do circulate with some of this material, like Voodoo Brew and Voodoo Stew , but this might be a real goodie for real Stones fans!
December 3: Gered Mankowitz exhibition in Washington, D.C.
The Gered Mankowitz exhibition coming to New York soon (see recent news message) is already in Washington, D.C, at the Govinda Gallery, 1227 34th st. But hurry, because the last day is on Saturday Dec. 5th...
December 2: Philadelphia 2nd show on March 16 confirmed
Philadelphia is next on the list of cities to get a 2nd Stones show for the No Security tour. The 2nd show is confirmed to March 16th, tickets go on sale on Saturday Dec. 5 at 10am.
December 2: Gered Mankowitz exhibition in New York
New York City may me missing out on Stones shows for the No Security tour, but in ten days there is a new exhibition opening in New York City at the Magidson Fine Art, 1070 Madison Avenue, titled I>con.tact. The exhibition will feature photographs by Gered Mankowitz, famous photographer with a new art book out soon titled I-CONTACT. The exhibition is on from Dec. 12 to Jan 12, Tues-Sat. 11am-6pm.
December 2: San Jose 2nd show on Jan. 30 confirmed
Good news for Stones fans in Silicon Valley, and to everyone who plan to travel far too see the first week of shows. San Jose is getting a 2nd confirmed show on January 30. Ticket sales on Sunday Dec. 6th at 10am. Still no news about a 2nd Oakland show.
December 1: Chicago 2nd show on April 12th confirmed
Chicago is getting another Stones show at the United Center. The new show is the last one on this tour so far, to close the tour on April 12th. Tickets go on sale Mon Dec. 7th at 10am.
December 1: Hartford 2nd show on March 29th confirmed
More 2nd shows coming up now! Hartford 2nd show on March 29th is confirmed, and tickets go on sale on Saturday Dec 5 10 am.
December 1: Boston 2nd show on March 23rd confirmed
Great news for Boston fans! It's just announced and confirmed a 2nd Stones show in Boston on March 23rd. Ticket sales start on Sunday Dec. 6th at noon. See the updated No Security tour dates list for confirmed dates.

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