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November 30: The No Security promo sampler
No Security is promoted through a special promotional release sampler. It comes with a great cover, see details on the No Security promo sampler page. IORR have been given a few copies of this rare promotional CD, and these copies will be given out as Christmas presents to randomly selected IORR members through early December. Names of IORR winners will be printed in IORR 35. As for how to become a member a.s.a.p. see the subscription form and the how to subscribe pages.
November 25: Summer 1999 show in Belgium too
The European summer 1999 Stones tour may be short, just 4 - 6 weeks, but very interesting. A new and quite probable rumour is a show in June at the Koning Boudewijn Stadium in Brussels, Belgium. See the 1999 tour dates list.
November 25: More shows coming up?
Apart from the 2nd show in Anaheim, California, there are no news about additional shows. May be they don't do that many 2nd shows, and may be they do only one Oakland and one San Jose. Next week may tell. For the East Coast, it seems there will be a few more shows coming up. Stay tuned!
November 24: The stage layout and $300 tickets
Check out the MCI Center venue map for the Rolling Stones show. The stage layout is a bit different from other know Stones maps (Charlotte, Toronto etc), and the $300 tickets seems to be the ones in black on either side of the stage runway. Generally the first 10 rows are $90 "only" at many venues simply because the Stones demand "low" price on the first few rows close to the stage. So asking for the most expensive seat doen't always give you the "best" seat...
November 22: Chicago tickets sold out in 30 minutes
The Rolling Stones sold approx. US $50 million worth of tickets yesterday, as most of the 25 cities No Security shows went of sale in the morning. Chicago tickets sold out in 30 minutes, Boston sold out in less than two hours, and many other shows sold out in few hours as well. The Stones tickets seems to be hotter than ever, despite the high prices of $90-$150. Ticketmaster do still handle international ticket sales, but only via telephone (not via internet). Even if shows are sold you, you should still check the sales points for tickets, as they may get many cancellations, additional blocks of tickets etc.
November 22: New arena stage layout
The arena stage layout seems to be a bit different from the previos arena stage setup at MSG etc. The B-stage is much bigger, and it is closer to the main stage. And the walkway between the stages is much wider, like a stage itself. This makes less space for floor seats. Use the Ticket sales + venue map link on the No Security Tour Dates page to see available venue maps and seating charts. So far only Toronto, Charlotte and Philadelphia are available, but more is coming. If you have maps, please tell! Facts about the stage layout will be added to the section about The arena stage in the How to get tickets pages.
November 20: Tickets, tickets, tickets...
Yes, that's what's on our minds these days: Tickets! The VH1 promotion yesterday was a success to a lot of people, because it seems like everyone who tried, got through, and even got quite good seats. For details regarding how the seating map and arena stage works, see the new section "The arena stage" in the IORR web page How to get tickets.
November 19: Virgin Radio UK 2h Stones broadcast
Virgin Radio in the UK is broadcasting a special two-hour show on the Stones this Sunday evening (22nd November) from 8.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. featuring an interview with Mick and Keith. It will have a competition to give tickets away to the concert in Boston.
November 19: The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury?
It might be a wild rumour, but it makes sense. The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury 1999. In a story in the NME web pages they report that next year's Glastonbury festival in UK might have these bands topping the bills during the three days of the festival (June 25-27, 1999): The Rolling Stones, REM and Metallica. The Rolling Stones rarely do festivals; exceptions are Frauenfeld (Switzerland 1998) and Knebworth (UK 1976). PS. Glastonbury is a special and high profiled festival. It sell out every year, and you don't know who is on the bill until last minute...
November 19: VH1 advance access to tickets
VH1 just announced a special advance sale promotion for the Rolling Stones' No Security tour, allowing Stones fans to use a special 800 number on Thursday (11/19) evening to buy tickets before they go on sale through regular channels over the weekend. See the IORR pages How to get tickets and Ticketmaster Live Daily for all the details.
November 19: UK broadcast of the Stones in Moscow
The UK channel VH-1 (on Astra satellite) will broadcast 1/2 hour program on Sunday 22nd Nov at 6:30 pm UK time, about the Rolling Stones in Moscow.
November 17: No Security ticket sales situation
The focus of American Stones fans is now moved from getting confirmed tour dates into getting wristbands and good ticket queue positions. Check your local ticket sales if you need to pick up a wristbands for priority in ticket sales as soon as possible. Also, see the updated How to get tickets page for details about ticket sales, wristbands, Toronto, Bass etc.
November 17: USA release live albums and video today
As mentioned in the IORR news pages months ago, the Rolling Stones have today released their live albums Love You Live, Flashpoint and Still Life on CD in USA today. Also, the Babylon movie is out in general sales in USA now, following the termination of the PBS deail.
November 17: New Rolling Stones photo book by Gered Mankowitz
I-CONTACT is the new limited edition photo book by publisher Genesis, sub-titled The Complete Black-and-White Rolling Stones Archives of Gered Mankowitz. The complete works of 3,000 photos is to be seen in this massive and impressive book, limited to 950 copies. See samples and details in the I-CONTACT pages.
November 16: No Security tour report from Ticketmaster
See the Ticketmaster pages for updates on the No Security tour and ticket sales. Also see their special story on the Live Daily report page. More details about ticket sales and support acts to follow soon!
November 16: From Oakland to Oklahoma - it's confirmed!
The Rolling Stones in cooperation with the sponsor Tommy Hilfiger today presented the No Security tour 1999, taking the Stones through three months of arena shows in 25 cities, starting in Oakland Jan. 25, ending in Oklahoma April 10. Special guests will include The Corrs, Goo Goo Dolls, Jonny Lang among others. See the updated IORR page for the confirmed No Security tour dates and other tour facts.
November 16: Oakland show Jan 25 confirmed
It's just after midnight US West Coast time now, and the first confirmed tour date is now up on the Virgin Records USA web site, as a teaser for the No Security tour announcement later on today.
November 15: Monday morning news
The No Security Tour of USA and Canada will be announced tomorrow morning 9am on the US west coast, by noon on the East Coast, which is 6pm afternoon European time. The IORR list of No Security Tour Dates will be updated once dates are official, and all available dates will be marked as CONFIRMED! Ticket sales are excepted to start Saturday Nov. 21; see the new IORR page How To Get Tickets for some general ticket buyer advices.
November 13: No Security tour announcement on Monday Nov. 16
The No Security Tour in USA/Canada is expected to be announced on Monday Nov. 16 by noon. There will be separate press conferences at arenas the Rolling Stones will play during the tour. The press conferences will be spiced with canned (pre-recorded) video tapes with the Stones announcing the tour. New dates are adding up to the IORR list of rumoured shows, including Columbus, Chicago, Hartford and Oklahoma City, see the IORR 1999 tour dates. Tickets will go on sale Saturday Nov. 21. A new separate page about "How to get tickets" will be published here during this week-end! PS. See also the old 1997 page about how to get tickets. PPS. Follow the Ticketmaster Live Daily pages too for Stones news!
November 11: Boston added to the No Security tour
The FleetCenter in Boston will host the Rolling Stones on March 22, according to today's reports in The Boston Globe. They talk about steep VIP prices, and also mention a No Security Tour announcement on Monday Nov. 16.
November 9: No Security ticket sales
More and more rumours point to the same dates of Nov. 21 and/or 22 as the day the No Security Tour ticket sales will start. Prices are said to be average $90, some as "low" as $50, some as high as $250-300, but a lot of tickets in the range $75-125. And now we also have dates in the South coming up, see the IORR tour schedule, updated four times today so far...
November 9: Canadian broadcast on Nov. 15
Canadian television is gearing up for the 1999 tour announcement (expect dates in Canada as well!) with a broadcast on Nov. 15 at 20:00 (8pm). They will broadcast one hour of Bridges to Babylon footage. See the CBC schedule (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).
November 9: No Security tour announcement within few days
It's hard to be a patient Stones fan living in USA these days, but give it a few more days, may be a week or so, and the No Security Tour will be official.
November 6: Het is goed in Holland te zijn
On the No Security CD Mick says "Het is goed in Holland te zijn", which means "It's good to be in Holland". And they had a good time after their final show in Holland, in The Hague, when the Stones were invited to dinner at the restaurant La Liguria, Noordeinde, den Haag. by the O'Neill Europe founder Theo Dietz. The dinner lasted from midnight into early morning of the 6th... And today you may visit the restaurant and see the pictures from the dinner - Het is goed in Holland te zijn!
November 5: No Security tour dates are ready
The IORR 1999 No Security Tour Dates list is getting more and more complete and accurate, so start planning your holidays and travel in USA early next year. And if you find great links showing the various arenas, please send them to IORR!
November 5: No Security sourced from Poland too
No Security is sourced from live performances in Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, St. Louis, Nuremberg and the 10 Spot, but right after track no. 7 - Saint of Me - there is a short sequence taken from the Chorzow, Poland show, where Mick is saying (in Polish): "Milo byc znowu w Polsce", which means "It's nice to be in Poland again".
November 4: US tour probably without NYC shows
Rumours tell the Stones may not do any New York City shows during their No Security tour. But there are many shows coming up elsewhere in the NY area, see the updates of the 1999 tour rumoured dates. And the latest rumours are tour start in Oakland Jan. 25, and a club show just before this date in San Francisco.
November 4: Who's on the No Security cover?
The No Security CD is now out all over the world, and Stones fans may enjoy the memories of the BtB tour. The front cover photo is taken at the show in Wiener Neustadt, Austria, and the guy is Wolfgang Dusek, optician from Vienna. The girl is still not identified.
November 3: No Security released in USA today
No Security is released in USA today, and USA Today is having a detailed feature, about the new live album, and also talking about the winter tour, to start late January on the US West Coast. Ticket prices are to be quite high, probably $50 (behind stage) up to $300 on the best sections in selected venues.

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