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No Security

The new Rolling Stones live album is titled No Security, due to be released by Virgin Records on Nov. 2 in Europe, Nov. 3 in USA, Oct. 21 in Japan. The tracks:

1. Intro (0:48) (the lion scream)

2. You Got Me Rocking (3:26) (listen to Charlie!) (Amsterdam July 6)

3. Gimme Shelter (6:11) (great Lisa!) (MTV 10 Spot Oct. 25)

4. Flip The Switch (4:12) (Keith is the boss) (Amsterdam July 1)

5. Memory Motel (5:52) (we can live with Dave Matthews on this one; Keith on vocals too, as usual) (Amsterdam July 5)

6. Corinna (3:55) (with Taj Mahal) (St. Louis Dec. 12)

7. Saint Of Me (5:17) (at boiling point in Buenos Aires, opened up by 54,000 fans singing Olé Olé Olé Olé Charlie Charlie!!!) (Buenos Aires April 4)

8. Waiting On A Friend (4:52) (with Joshua Redman, sax) (St. Louis Dec. 12)

9. Sister Morphine (6:04) (owned by Mick!) (Amsterdam July 6)

10. Live With Me (3:55) (listen to the beat, as Darryl does the kick-off) (Amsterdam July 1)

11. Respectable (3:19) (guitars, guitars, Ronnie & Keith, and rock'n'roll!) (Amsterdam July 5)

12. Thief In The Night (5:37) (Keith, new song, old story) (Nuremberg June 13)

13. The Last Time (4:19) (with a touch of the B-stage) (St. Louis Dec. 12)

14. Out Of Control (7:57) (the tour winner, play it again and again and again and again...) (Buenos Aires April 4)

Bonus track in Japan: I Just Want To Make Love To You (Amsterdam July 1).

Virgin UK item # 72438-46740-2-1 (CD) / 72438-46740-1-4 (LP). Produced by The Glimmer Twins, recorded by Ed Cherney, additional production and mixing by Chris Potter (co-producer of the Verve's "Urban Hymns".

Quite a few of the songs on the No Security CD are based on recordings from the five shows in the Amsterdam ArenA this summer. Luckily the sound on these recordings is a lot better than the actual sound in the ArenA, as the acoustics made a bad sound when the roof was closed during all shows due to bad weather.

The St. Louis show, broadcasted live last year, and available on home video, is also contributing with songs. From the Buenos Aires shows the Stones picked two of their new crowd pleasers, and with some additional edits and cross cuts, they have managed to present a piece of the wild and fantastic crowd in Argentina.

Sources: MTV 10 Spot Oct. 25, 1997; TWA Dome St. Louis, Dec. 12, 1997; River Plate Stadium Buenos Aires, March 29, 30, Apr. 2, 4, 5, 1997; Zeppelinfeld Nuremberg June 13, 1998; Amsterdam ArenA, June 29, July 1,2,5,6, 1998.

The album is mixed and overdubbed in the studio of Davout, Paris, France during June 22-23 (Keith Richards) and June 24 (The Rolling Stones), as they had a break when touring, between the shows in Barcelona and Paris. Most songs are like performed originally, but talks and crowd sound in-between the songs have been edited a lot, Out Of Control is cut by 30 seconds in the end etc.

The Stones have avoided recording the most common and frequently played songs, from previous tours. The No Security CD is in fact a great Christmas gift to all Stones fans. Play it loud - and dream back to the great shows we have seen during the past 12 months!

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