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Paint It Black in Istanbul
by Atsuko Furukawa, Tokyo, Japan

My summer ended with the live at Ali Sami Yen. It was a long trip for me from Stockholm to Istanbul. Moving, moving, moving like a rolling stone. This time I could meet many die-hard and core Stones freaks. It was the most valuable thing I could get at this tour (of course except for the lives). At first I couldn't believe they could stay at station. But at the end I was doing the same thing. To see the Stones, everything seemed fantastic.

At Globen Mick said about King and Queen in the crowd. I thought we are here! Mick! King and Queen? What's important? But they enjoyed r&r with us all not as VIP. That sounds good! Stockholm was sooo beautiful and confortable city.

The show in Berlin was so nice! The Corrs were like inhabitants of the forest. Beautiful sisters created somewhat nostalgic but new sounds...It was like a good aperitif. And great choices of the songs...I want to listen more and more to other songs... (Got NO Satisfaction!!) The arena was too small for their gigantic energy, wasn't it?

After the two small size shows Mannheim was big again. I thought huge size stadium and huge audience were good, too. I love both wherever Stones are playing there. MICK said "We have so many fans from far countries today." YES!! from all over the world!! The web choice was "Let It Bleed". We are completely leaning and dreaming on them! Thank you,thank you so much.

At Athens I saw blue sea of Adriatic sea in MICK's eyes. I came through Monza and Milan. MICK was there! at the F1 Italian grand prix! (Love is strong!! My sixth sense brought me there!) Olympic Stadium was just a sports stadium. No smell of ancient city. I was a little disappointed. But I love the song "She's a rainbow". That lyrical introduction of keyboard of Bobby!! I change the "She" to "MICK" sometimes or imagine the beautiful children of MICK running and laughing around.(I missed the other beautiful Jagger!!) After the show I was stolen my wallet at the crowded subway... I really became like a rolling stone... Fortunately I had my passport yet!

I went to the exotic Islamic city Istanbul crossing the border where army and tank were there. (Gimme Shelter! Much blood are bleeding somewhere in Europe...) NO SECURITY is the name of their new album. As a matter of fact there were so many army between us. That's the reality... "Don't you worry what's on your mind (Oh my) - Let's spend the night together - Now I need you more than ever" So, yesterday don't matter if it's gone. I was thinking PAINT IT BLACK was really European sound. That introduction of guitar... but this was the song of the city of a terminus of the orient express... PAINT IT BLACK in Istanbul was the best! The SUMMER song! We were jumping and clapping our hands all the time!! Great!! For Jerry and their children there? Or for us? The web choice was LOVE IS STRONG! I love the blues harp of MICK! What a soulful sound!!! Great!! I could listen to all songs so real that night than ever. Thanks to the pickpocket? "Honey,got no money-6s-7s-9s-"

START ME UP made me HAPPY as usual, JUMPING JACK FLASH made me gas BROWN SUGAR dancin' with MICK, HAPPY, KEITH was jumping across the stage!!! Amazing!

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