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Voodoo Lounge
The Complete 94/95 world tour
dates & setlists

By reading through IORR 22 through IORR 25 you will get a complete set of dates and setlists for each and every of the 94/95 Voodoo Lounge concerts, including reviews, setlists, photos etc.

If you have special experiences, or just want to contribute your memories from any of the Voodoo Lounge concerts, then please help in making this complete by supplying your review!

If you don't handle English in writing perfect, then don't worry. First, I will try my best to adjust. Second, remember lots and lots of IORR readers are non-English spoken, i.e. Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, German etc.

Read more details about the Voodoo Lounge tour statistics in IORR 25 page 10 and IORR 24 page 5.

USA & Canada 1994 - Complete dates

  • August 1994 set lists
  • September 1994 set lists
  • October 1994 set lists
  • November 1994 set lists
  • December 1994 set lists

    World Tour Spring 1995 - Complete dates

  • Jan/Feb. 1995 set lists
  • Feb. 1995 set lists
  • March 1995 set lists
  • March/April 1995 set lists

    European Tour 1995 - Complete dates

  • June 1995 set lists
  • July 1995 set lists
  • August 1995 set lists

    The 94/95 Club Concerts - Complete dates

  • RPM Toronto 1994 set list
  • Paradiso, Olympia, Brixton 1995 set lists

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