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Voodoo Lounge 94/95 world tour statistics

A total of 135 concerts were played during the 94/95 Voodoo Lounge world tour, including 5 "secret" small-size club concerts. More than 1 billion people had the chance to see The Rolling Stones, and a total of 6,6 million people did actually see the Stones.

Outside Europe, you find the largest percentage of Stones fans in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Argentina and USA, while the largest number of Stones fans in total is by far in USA, where more than 2 million people saw the Stones live.

Financially, the Voodoo Lounge tour collected about 320 millon US dollars, fairly shared by 100 million dollars each in USA, Europe and the rest of the world. That's before expenses, as you know, the Stones had a few hundred people on their pay-roll, plus some heavy (and expensive) equipment moving around... Still, hopefully there were some money left for the boys as well, so that they feel it's worth doing again soon!

PS. For details of the European crowds and countries see IORR 24 page 5.

Country/Area Population
USA 248.7 50 2,157.000 9
Canada 27.2 10 493,700 18
Mexico 81.1 4 204,000 3
Brazil 146.2 5 272,400 2
Argentina 32.6 5 344,100 10
Chile 13.2 1 45,900 3
South Africa 31.0 2 86,200 3
Japan 123.6 9 327,800 3
Australia 15.6 7 266,400 17
New Zealand 3.4 2 70,500 21
Europe (16 countries) 330.8 35 2,307,000 7
Total in 26 countries 1,053.4 130 6,575,000 6

Collectors information

"Voodoo Lounge in Japan" is a complete recording of the March 12, 95 concert in Tokyo Dome, available officially in Japan on laser disc and video tape. Price ~ Yen 9800.

"Stripped" VJCP 25202 is the Japanese release. It do not include multimedia parts, but it has got a bonus track as from the single in Japan only: "Black Limousine".

"Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Jaujouka" PHCP-38000 is a Japanese release special limited edition 2CD box, with 40 pages book. It has got two bonus tracks.

"Stripped" promotional 2CD IVDG 2801 triple digipack UK release has got 1CD Stripped and a bonus CD with Paul Sexton interviewing Mick & Keith.

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