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April 29: One month to go...
Today it's one month to go until the mini-European Tour 1999 start in Stuttgart on May 29. As per now, there are plenty of rumours about club shows and rehearsals, but nothing solid worth publishing.
April 29: IORR no. 36 due out next week
The next issue of It's Only Rock'n Roll no. 36 will be out by the end of next week, and by then all new subscribers coming in since the previous issue will be processed as well. IORR 36 will include complete No Security Tour 1999 facts, plus details about the 10 summer shows in Europe, where, how to get there, tickets, meeting places etc. If you have late additions or comments please send email to IORR.
April 21: No Security on video
Both of the San Jose shows were recorded for video production purposes. A total of 5 mobile camera people were on stage, another 3 in front of the stage, a panning camera by the B-stage, plus more in the crowd. Last night in San Jose, Mick said there were a couple of extra cameras around, and asked everyone to smile into the cameras. They did Gimme Shelter and Moonlight Mile as the tour ended last night in San Jose.
April 20: No Security tour closing up in San Jose tonight
The Rolling Stones did finally make their way to San Jose, after having to postpone both of the San Jose shows back in January. Last night in San Jose brought a great show, set list identical to the Las Vegas one, except for "I Got The Blues" replacing "Monlight Mile". And for tonight, the 34th and final show of the tour, may be they do "Fool To Cry", being rehearsed last night in San Jose, as well as in Las Vegas. Enjoy the show!
April 17: From Las Vegas to San Jose
The postponed shows in San Jose made it easier for the Stones to do a stop in Las Veagas on the No Security tour. And last night they played a brilliant show to 12,000 great fans at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. Mick addressed the crowd as "the best looking and best dressed crowd of this tour". Well, it was Vegas... Now it's on to their final stop for this tour in America, the two San Jose shows on April 19 and 20. Fans are meeting up at the Trials Pub for these shows - glimmer meetings...
April 15: Santiago, Spain show confirmed
The Rolling Stones show at the "Beach Festival", Santiago, Spain has been confirmed to June 15th, adding up to a total of ten confirmed shows for the European Tour 1999 so far.
April 11: Mick Taylor chat on April 18
Mick Taylor will take part in a Live Conference in the @MusicArena on TalkCity on April 18th at 3pm Eastern Time (USA), 9pm Western Europe time. To participate, go to TalkCity. For more Mick Taylor info see his record company and their new web pages Sensible Records, including shows in Scotland, England, France and Swithzerland the coming months, and also the great Past and Present Mick Taylor pages by Carol Rock.
April 10: I Got The Blues again in Memphis
I Got The Blues was back in the set at the Memphis show. Five more shows to go of the No Security Tour, and finally you may find the real Stones MGM Grand seating layout at the MGM Hotel Las Vegas web site.
April 9: Stones on UK BBC Radio 2 Saturday
There will be a two hours broadcast on UK BBC Radio 2 coming Saturday April 10th, at 7PM UK time, as an introduction to the Stones' UK visit this summer. The first hour is interviews etc. The second hour is taken from the St Louis B2B show.
April 7: New Year's Eve show 1999 off?
Mind you The Rolling Stones never announced any show for the New Year's Eve of 1999 officially, but rumours have been plentiful about $10 million offers for MSG, NY shows, and also in St Louis (Budweiser). But according to a report in the Los Angeles Times, the Stones will just rest with their families on that day. Only time will tell...
April 7: The Brixton convention
The London Stones convention will include an exclusive showing of the complete video recording of the Stones show at the same Brixton Academy, as recorded by the Stones themselves at the show on July 19, 1995. Parts of that recording were used in the Stripped video. IORR members will get an exclusive offer for tickets to the Brixton convention through the fan club magazine IORR no. 36, due out by the end of this month.
April 6: Kansas City tonight - flashback to 1981
The Rolling Stones will play the Kemper Arena in Kansas City tonight, 18 years after they were on stage with Mick Taylor for the last time (not counting separate guest spots). See the Kansas City reviews page for pre-show comments from the 1981 show with Mick Taylor. And for everyone in Europe who is sick of waiting - it's now only 7 shows and 53 days until the Stones play their first European show in Stuttgart, Germany on May 29!
April 1: Aprils Fools last night in Ohio
An Ohio radio station did their own April Fools joke one day early (shame shame) by getting hundreds of Stones fans to drive down to a supposed club gig last night. But tonight there will be a real show at the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.
March 31: European tour date rumours
The UK tabloid paper SUN Saturday edition printed rumours about a probable show at the famous Brixton Academy just before the Stones arrive at Wembley. If you are planning to go to London, then make sure to arrive a couple of days early if you can. And on June 15 they will most probably play in Spain, see the 1999 tour dates pages.
March 30: I Got The Blues in Hartford
After having tried out "I Got The Blues" at the soundcheck for the first Hartford show two nights ago, this song actually made it to the set list at the second Hartford show last night. A show and an evening to remember for the Connecticut fans!
PS. For the record, "I Got The Blues" has been performed live just one time before, so far, at a special TV recording broadcast show at the Marquee Club, London, UK, on March 26, 1971, one month before the song was released on the album "Sticky Fingers" on April 23. They did rehearse it at the Fillmore and Kaiser, and also once at the pre-show soundcheck in Minneapolis earlier this year, plus a few takes at the soundcheck before the Hartford-1 show.

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