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Target Center
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Monday Feb. 15, 1999

Review by Jim Carlson

Fantastic concert. My ears are still ringing from the sound, my hands are still swollen from the clapping, and my voice is gone from all the yelling.

Most of the the crowd was on their feet for the entire concert; even upstaris and behind the stage. Considering the ticket prices, I was very surprised to see so many younger fans (teens & early 20's). Perhaps it had something to do with Tommy Hilfinger.

Mick was as energetic as ever. He really let it all hang out. Keith played very strong as well and was real energetic himself. Ronnie played okay and was clearly 2nd bananna tonight on guitar. Charlie, rock solid as usual. The background singers, Chuck Levell stayed pretty much in the background. Bobby Keys had his moments, but and average night for him as well.

"Jumpin' Jack Flash", "You Got Me Rocking", "Paint It Black", "Midnight Rambler" and the last 5 songs drove the crowd over the boling point.

"It's Only Rock and Roll" was as strong as I've ever heard it played. I was not really looking forward to hearing it, but it was a fantastic version. Mick was jumping around like crazy and really into it. Mick gave a big smile to Charlie at the end of the song. Fantastic.

After the concert, many fans were repeating the "woo", "woo"'s from Sympathy over and over. In the hall, outside the venue, and out of car windows driving down the street. Now, it's still going around and around in my head.

One of my few critisims is that the concert was too short. No "Saint of Me" or whatever else they could have played. They crowd was ready for more songs, but it was not to be. "Monlight Mile" was put across pretty good, but half the crowd seemed not to be too farmilar with it. On the other hand, all the hard core fans had out the lighters and were singing along to it. The sound quality was very good behind the main stage, but the volume was a little soft when they went out to the B-stage.

The band was on fire tonight, no doubt about it. As strong as I've ever seen 'em play. What ever these guys are taking, I wan't some.


The set list:

  1. Jumping Jack Flash
  2. Live With Me
  3. Respectable
  4. You Got Me Rocking
  5. Honky Tonk Women
  6. Moonlight Mile
  7. Sweet Virginia
  8. Some Girls
  9. Paint It Black
    -- Introductions --
  10. Before They Make Me Run (Keith)
  11. Thief In The Night (Keith)
  12. Out Of Control
  13. Route 66 (B-stage)
  14. Just My Imagination (B-stage)
  15. Midnight Rambler (B-stage)
  16. Tumbling Dice
  17. It's Only Rock'n Roll
  18. Start Me Up
  19. Brown Sugar
  20. Sympathy for the Devil (encore)

Review by Robert Bagel

Flying into Minneapolis tonight, I had a full view of the city. The Metrodome was on my right, scene of a great Bridges to Babylon show year before last. On the left, I looked with anticipation at the Target Center wondering if Mary Richards from the old Mary Tyler Moore show was any relation to Keith. That question seemed far more worthwhile than �What will Chuck Leavell be wearing?� or �How can I complain about the five or six songs the Stones have played live in pretty much every show since 1972?� In other words, without apology I looked at the Target Center anticipating a fun evening of Rock and Roll.

Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura made a big deal of the Stones� visit, declaring today Rolling Stones day in Minnesota. The local news stations played this to the maximum, and this was evident by the loud cheer the distinctive bald large Governor received as he walked to his seat on the main floor. The media carried Mick Jagger�s somewhat bewildered reaction to the official recognition, and it all was brought to a humorous and rocking crescendo as Mick acknowledged the Governor before kicking into a good nasty version of Respectable.

The Stones went on to deliver a dreamy version of Moonlight Mile, which broke into raw and nasty blues at the end. We were also treated to Sweet Virginia, which is becoming a staple on No Security but has been very difficult to catch until now. Some Girls is falling into a steady cranking groove, building on the somewhat tentative take we got in Oakland or Sacramento. The band�s increased tightness on this number leaves Mick more relaxed on vocals, as tonight he seemed to have fun just singing rather than being very serious delivering the CORRECT lines. How great it is that we can head to the arena knowing we will see Some Girls played live�if that isn'�t incentive to keep going, I do not know what is!!!

Yes, Saint of Me was really missed, and I hope it was not omitted because we Americans cannot sustain the part at the end. Baseball, American football, basketball, you just do not get crowd participation like you here on tapes of South American and European crowds. I hope we still can get Saint of Me, even if the OH YEAH end may have to be abbreviated on US soil.

The center stage was breathtaking, as Route 66 lead into Just My Imagination, which was played only once on the Babylon tour. JMI seemed like the perfect excuse for Mick to play to every corner of the arena, which was really whipped up by now. The final small stage song was Midnight Rambler, which really deserves special attention. As No Security progresses, I try to maintain some sense of continuity by listening to tapes of Robert Johnson, Jimmy Reed, Howlin Wolf and Willie Dixon. The new Jimmy Rogers CD is also very useful in this exercise, though you have to again be ready to here EC stake his claim as the premier blues guitar player, but that is OK (see below).

Midnight Rambler is a clinic in the blues, as the small stage allows it to be fully developed so plain as day after listening to Robert Johnson, Jimmy Reed, Howlin Wolf or Willie Dixon, one can easily say �I see where all these people have taken it, and now I am seeing where the Rolling Stones are taking it�. The continuity of blues greatness is about as clear as a highway sign. OH YEAH!!

The Rolling Stones did not squander the momentum of the small stage, as Tumbling Dice returned them to the big stage graceful and big in sound. Its Only Rock n Roll was so pure and clean it reminded me how Clapton may be the premier blues guitar player and he may have Keith beat on that count almost every time, but the Chuck Berry bell ringing chords by Keith are heaven sent on a song like IORR. Watch it and you won�t see Keith and rock and roll, you will see that Keith IS rock and roll.

The encore of Sympathy for the Devil was amazing, as Keith�s guitar parts soared in a graceful and clear manner which the band parlayed into an extended version so that Mick could work the crowd behind the stage. Please correct me if you think I am wrong, but the SFTDs on the No Security tour are the best we have seen since Mick Taylor left the band.

What a great evening, the build up from the Governor, the enthusiastic crowd overcoming the boorish Target Center security and the pure ready to be mainlined Rock and Roll. Thank you Minneapolis you truly are a rock and roll town, and most of all thank you Rolling Stones.

Review by Flynn Welles

Very "Out Of Control" crowd, but pleasantly so!

The Fans from Minneapolis and visiting fans, really showed their Love for the ROLLING STONES last night at the Target Center! The Stones kept the pace and delivered a mighty fine concert! The show moved quickly and the guys only did 20 songs, but that was okay!

The set-list seems to be much the same, except for the usual change-out songs, (sad, wish they would do more obscure and "less" played songs, but the Stones must have their reasons for this! Tonight the crowd was treated to: Moonlight Mile Sweet Virginia Before They Make Me Run Thief In The Night Just My Imagination The rest of the set was the standard one used throughout the NO SECURITY Tour, far!

I'd like to see Keith sing: "How can I Stop" (he's only done it one time, on the B2B Tour)and "You Got It Made" (hope Ronnie remembers to sing "a long, long while" and not "a long, long time," if they do this one, (only kiddin' wit ya, Ronnie,)! Also, "A Little T & A," would be nice to hear! Mick could sing, "Black Limousine," "Emotional Rescue," and "Love Is Strong." Fans like these as well, besides me, of course!

Over at the new Official Stones Board, there seems to be a new "Vote" thing in the works. They should scratch this and just go ahead and play (one or two) new obscure songs each night, instead of the now "set-in stone" change-outs. Or possibly, take requests? But either way the Stones go with the set-list, the Arena shows are worth every penny, and those who haven't, should try to catch at least one of the Concerts! The Greatest Band Ever! FOREVER!

An ironic note: The Target Center is located only a block and a half from the..."Wyman Building," on 1st Ave, in Minneapolis! (Wonder if the Stones noticed this, mmmmmmm)?

The Stones were very frisky last night and here are some headlines/quotes from the local newspapers:

From the North Suburban Pioneer Press: (Stand-alone caption) "Only Rock 'N' Roll (but we like it)." "Mick Jagger's moves in concert Monday night were more contorted than ever!"

(Article-page B/1) "Old Friends" "It must be said, the local crowd gave the band far more love than did the Los Angelenos. (In Anaheim, CA, Pamela Anderson talked on her cell phone next to the sound board most of the time.) The crowd tossed their arms up [in Minneapolis] during "Brown Sugar."...Mick threw his beer,... Ron Wood was on some high or other, continually striking funny "rock" poses, with a beer in one hand....Ron, Keith and Mick were all given to smiles, they seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the crowd on this tour....Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood and Charlie Watts are the best we've got...I fear younger generations will never live up to their legacy." (Kate Sullivan for the Pioneer Press).

From The Star Tribune: "STONES are Still Rolling" "The concert crowd was an astonishing mix of age and personal styles." "Mick Jagger was his old gyrating self as he and the Rolling Stones performed for nearly two hours Monday night,...The rocker had one of his former bodyguards in the audience, Gov. Jesse Ventura." "I hope he doesn't want to wrestle," Mick was quoted as saying of his former bodyguard. (Nice photo of Mick on stage and page A/6 carries a lovely pic of Mick with his daughter Georgia May. Mick has Georgia, Elizabeth and James with him on Tour right now, (Little Gabe is too little, I guess)! The best to them all! Right on Mick, take the kid's down "Route 66" on your weeks break coming up soon. Don't forget Oatman, Arizona, (it's a western style Town, which is snuggled in the Mountains, they'll love it)!

Another story in The Star Tribune: "After Long Warmup, Stones Show Their Stuff"! "At the Rolling Stones' concert, Keith Richards played his slashing guitar...."TD," "IORR," "SMU," "BS," and "SFTD," were all fueled by Richards sinewy, slashing guitar." More later, a great Concert STONES!

The Minneapolis press

Read all about the "No Security" and "Bridges To Babylon" tours of 1999 in the It's Only Rock'n Roll magazines. New issue IORR 35 out Jan 20, 1999.

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