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See separate 97/98, 1998 and 1999 tour dates, and the 97/98, 1998 and 1999 reviews pages.

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February 26: Cologne show on sale today
The Rolling Stones show in Cologne, Germany on Sunday June 20 has been confirmed, and tickets are on sale as of today, see the German Computer Tickets web pages for ticket sales details.
February 24: European tour dates news
Check out the IORR 1999 tour dates pages for updates on the European tour. Insiders are confirming the Cologne show to be held on Sunday June 20, and the Santiago, Spain show is rumoured to be on Saturday June 26.
February 24: Beggars Banquet fanzine on the web
Bill German quit making his famous Stones fanzine Beggars Banquet some years ago, but just now he opened a web site, presenting his stories, looking back, and making back issues available. Check out the Beggars Banquet web pages.
February 22: Bill Wyman live chat tomorrow
Bill Wyman will paticipate in a live chat event tomorrow, to boost the release of his new album "Anyway the Wind Blows" on Velvel Records in North America (out in Europe last year). See the site for chat details.
February 19: Reports from the Fargo show
Finally, as the Fargo fans are waking up from their great Stones show on Wednesday the 17th, you may find the setlists and the reports in the Fargo reviews pages. Also, check out those other links, about Mick bowling, Ronnie doing authographs etc.
February 18: MGM Grand show April 16 confirmed
The Rolling Stones show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada has been confirmed to Friday April 16. Tickets go on sale this Saturday 20th. Prices will be $400, $300, $200, $150, $100. For details see the MGM Grand events pages.
February 17: The Cologne rock week-end
Latest news from Cologne is reporting that the rumoured Stones show in Cologne might actually be on Sunday June 20, and not on the 19th as reported yesterday. This may be due to the big plans for a "live aid" type of arrangement on the 19th, same day as the G8 nations meet in Cologne.
February 17: The Rolling Stones in the U.S. press
Check out the Stones in the recent U.S. press: Guitar Magazine Feb. issue (Phish on the cover): 5 1/2 page article, Keith, photos etc. Rolling Stone issue 807, March 4 (Jennifer Aniston on the cover): Two-page Hilfiger tour ad, concert photos and a review of the Oakland show on page 38.
February 17: The Stones at the MGM Grand Las Vegas
The Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting that the Rolling Stones will be coming back to the MGM Grand, Las Vegas on Friday April 16, following two shows in 1994 and one in 1997. This will be the smallest No Security venue so far, as it is a venue of only approx. 12,000 seats, vs. Hartford and a few others around 15,000 (Stones seating). Tickets are supposed to go on sale this Saturday. Check out the IORR news and the No Security tour dates list for confirmed information.
February 16: The Rolling Stones in Cologne
The press in Cologne, Germany is today announcing that the Rolling Stones will be playing the M�ngersdorfer Stadion in Cologne, Germany on June 19. An official confirmation is still not available. The M�ngersdorfer is a great stadium with a capacity of approx. 60,000 people, similar to Wembley Stadium, but smaller. Cologne is the site of a large project similar to Live Aid, also to be held on June 19, organized by Bono of U2, inviting stars such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Beasty Boys and The Rolling Stones, according to LA Times of last Sunday. This is to coincidence with a conference in Cologne. So may be Cologne June 19 is the place to be for all rock fans this summer... PS. Later info say the Stones will play June 20, not the 19th...
February 16: Short but great show in Minneapolis
The Stones checked out of California for a while, and brought their No Security show to Minneapolis last night. The show was a bit shorter, just 20 songs, as they did not play Saint of Me. But the crowd loved it, see the Minneapolis reviews.
February 14: The No Security rehearsals
Check out the day-by-day No Security reheasrals, as they rehearsed songs before the tour started. You will notice there are still some stuff they rehearsed that may show up later on. And check out the great behind the scenes report from the Friday night Kaiser rehearsals back in January...
February 12: No Security in Anaheim last night
The security people at the Pond in Anaheim was up to the name of the tour when they allowed 2 - two - incidents of stage runners. Luckily Mick's never visible, but always lightening fast bodyguard secured the situation. And they did a great shows, see reviews and the setlist of the Anaheim-2 show. Like the instant review just coming in: "Pond night 2, better than before need i say more, how good can it get...".
February 11: New San Jose dates confirmed to April 19/20
The postponed San Jose shows have been confirmed to be played on Monday April 19 and Tuesday April 20. See details in the 1999 tour dates pages.
February 10: In memory of Bobby Troup, Mr. "Route 66"
Bobby Troup, a musician and actor who penned the popular song "Route 66" and played a neurosurgeon on the 1970s television drama "Emergency", died Sunday, Feb. 7. He was 80. Mick Jagger dedicated their version of "Route 66" to Bobby Troup at their Anaheim show last night. Troup penned a little ditty in 1946 as he drove across the country to California, where he had dreams of making it big in music. He chose Route 66, as his song says: "If you ever plan to motor West: Travel my way, the highway that's the best. Get your kicks on Route 66!" Besides "Route 66", Troup also wrote and performed "Daddy","The Girl Can't Help It", "Meaning of the Blues", "Baby, All the Time", and "Lemon Twist". He also wrote songs for Tommy Dorsey and played Dorsey in the movie, The Gene Krupa Story". Route 66 takes you from Los Angeles to Chicago, just like the No Security tour will take the Stones up to April 12...
February 10: New dates for the San Jose shows
The new dates for the postponed Jan Jose shows are rumored to be April 14/15, others say April 19/20. Confirmed dates should be available soon. See the No Security tour dates list for the final confirmed dates.
February 10: Moonlight Mile at the Pond of Anaheim
Moonlight Mile returned to the set list at the Stones show in Anaheim outside Los Angeles last night. They also did Sweet Virginia. See the Anaheim-1 review. PS. No reports of shoes thrown on stage this time...
February 8: Mad driver in Salt Lake City
Live Daily is having a story about a "fan" who lost his temper when driving home after the Salt Lake City show last week. As people were crossing the street at a crosswalk, he got impatient and smashed into the crowd, injuring a woman critically. He claimed he did not attend the show, but the Salt Lake City police found a ticket stub and a No Security T-shirt in his van. Stay cool, and take care, people!
February 5: Bryan Adams in Europe too
Bryan Adams will be coming to Europe too this summer, to do warm-up for the Stones. So far he is confirmed to guest play at the show in Imst, Austria, see details in the a href=""> Tiroler Tageszeitung news report.
February 5: Free pizza in Salt Lake City
Mick made a joke about getting free pizza when the Stones played Salt Lake City last night, refering to the olympics corruption scandal of course. There was no cage this time for Out Of Control, and they moved around a bit on the set list. See the complete reviews of the Salt Lake City show in the 1999 tour reviews pages.
February 5: Bill Wyman to tour UK this summer
Bill Wyman and his Rhythm Kings are planning a 20 show tour this summer in UK, from May 29 to June 26. If you are planning to go to UK for Stones shows this summer, you might get to see Bill and his band as well. See the complete list of the Bill Wyman 1999 UK tour.
February 3: Mick back in shape for the Denver show
Following the two postponed shows in San Jose last week, the Rolling Stones did their 3rd show of the No Security tour last night in Denver. Mick's voice sounded perfect, and the band was getting tighter. See the Denver reviews pages for a complete setlist and review.

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