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Latest news about the tour:
See separate 97/98, 1998 and 1999 tour dates, and the 97/98, 1998 and 1999 reviews pages.

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March 31: European tour date rumours
The UK tabloid paper SUN Saturday edition printed rumours about a probable show at the famous Brixton Academy just before the Stones arrive at Wembley. If you are planning to go to London, then make sure to arrive a couple of days early if you can. And on June 15 they will most probably play in Spain, see the 1999 tour dates pages.
March 30: I Got The Blues in Hartford
After having tried out "I Got The Blues" at the soundcheck for the first Hartford show two nights ago, this song actually made it to the set list at the second Hartford show last night. A show and an evening to remember for the Connecticut fans!
March 24: Boston rock party
After doing a great show in the warm and great Charlotte last week, the Stones arrived into Boston city for the first time in many years, to give all the local fans a real party - see the reviews of the Boston-1 and Boston-2 shows. And again, they did Get Off Of My Cloud!!!
March 17: Get Off Of My Cloud in Philly last night!
They did it indeed! After Route 66, Mick asked "Charlie, are you ready?", and then Charlie crashed into Get Off Of My Cloud, in a version that is bound to stay in the set for the rest of the No Security Tour, my measuring the crowd reaction - simply great! See the Philly 2 reviews for all the details of last night's show.
March 16: Get Off Of My Cloud rehearsed in Philadelphia
The Rolling Stones rehearsed Get Off Of My Cloud before the gates opened in Philadelphia last night. Watch out for it to show up on the small stage soon, and see the reviews from Stones city Philadelphia and their first Philly show last night.
March 16: Where the boys go...
Keith Richards went to see the boxing fight at the Madison Square Garden on Saturday, and could be seen on TV as well, sitting ringside. Someone said Ronnie was there too... Mick on the other hand stayed in Philadelphia, and surprised everyone at the Crew Band party at the Trocadero by showing up for 15 minutes or so, late. Needless to say, the Crew Band were all touched by his visit, and so were all the fans and friends who were there, did some photos, autographs etc. No appearance by Mick though...
March 14: Seating maps - Chicago etc.
See the great Rolling Stones show seating map of the United Center, Chicago. Here you can see the price structure, where the tickets are etc. For seating maps use the 1999 tour dates pages, then select the date of the ticket sales. If links are missing, and you know a real Stones seating map (not just the generic map), then please tell by email to IORR. Thanks!
March 12: Fool to Cry and Gimme Shelter in Pittsburgh
After having rehearsed Fool to Cry one time in Washington and two times at the pre-show soundcheck in Pittsburgh, it was finally there in the Pittsburgh set last night, with Mick standing in the front, on the electric piano. And Gimme Shelter was there too. The Pittsburgh press has been giving the Stones a great following, see the Post-Gazette, and all the show details in the Pittsburgh reviews pages.
March 9: All Down The Line in Washington D.C.
"Respectable" moved up as song number two in the set last night in Washington D.C., and it was followed by the now rare "All Down The Line", played only three times on the entire Bridges to Babylon tour (Madison Square Garden #3, Hawaii #1 and Buenos Aires #3); first time on the No Security tour. See the setlist and reviews of the Washington-2 show on the 1999 tour reviews pages.
March 8: Landgraaf show confirmed to June 18
The 2nd Rolling Stones show in the Netherlands this summer is confirmed for Landgraaf June 18, see the 1999 tour dates pages. Tickets go on sale Saturday March 13.
March 8: Sugar Ray guest artist in Las Vegas and San Jose
Sugar Ray is confirmed to be the warm-up guest artist for the Rolling Stones at their shows in Las Vegas and San Jose in April, see the 1999 tour dates pages.
March 8: Bill Wyman live chat today at 7pm
Bill Wyman will paticipate in a live chat event tonight, just like the chat he did last month on For the Bill Wyman Yahoo Chat tonight at 7pm EST check out Rock Online.
March 6: Netherlands getting another show in Landgraaf
The Rolling Stones will most probably add another Dutch show to the summer tour in Landgraaf, south Netherlands, as the Groningen show is now sold out. The date is not confirmed yet, but should appear here real soon. The Rolling Stones played Landgraaf during their Voodoo Lounge tour in Europe 1995. The Landgraaf site is a big open-air field (festiva site), capacity approx. 70,000 people.
March 6: London Stones convention this summer
The Rolling Stones fan convention in London, UK, originally planned for August last year has been scheduled for Thursday 10th June 1999 (the day before the two Wembley shows), at the famous Brixton Academy. See details in the London Stones convention page. That week-end London is the place to be for hard core Stones fans. More travel info and advices about the European tour 1999 to follow here and in the next issue of It's Only Rock'n Roll, IORR no. 36.
March 3: The Toronto show - it's all in your mind...
By reading through the Toronto reviews, you may notice that the expectations and experiences vary a lot. It's a true fact that it's all in your mind, great or boring, depending on what you do expect, where you are seated, what they play, who you meet, how much you paid etc. For tonight at the Tampa show, we hope for 100% satisfaction guaranteed - at least for the lucky VH1 guest to be backstage with No Security!
March 3: Memory Motel video on VH1 in USA
The new Memory Motel video has been shown for a week or so in USA now. It's mainly a collage of several live appearances, dubbed to the No Security version. If you have problems catching it, then try VH1. Set your VCR for 'INSOMNIAC MUSIC THEATRE' which airs from 3am-6am, 7 days a week.
March 2: Mick Taylor on tour in March/April
If you live in California then you may experience Mick Taylor and his blues band live this month, as he is touring California in March. Check out the Mick Taylor 1999 tour dates. Also, there is a date in Phoenix there, plus a "welcome home" show in London in the first week of April.
March 1: How to find reviews etc.
To see the reviews and setlists of all the Stones shows this year, see the No Security reviews pages. They are updated daily. For general Stones info please use the main IORR home page. The new Mick Taylor US & UK tour dates will be added tomorrow, and also lots more reviews from the recent shows. Stay tuned!

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