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January 30: The 2nd San Jose show tonight is postponed too
Again it is a sad day for Stones fans in San Jose, as the 2nd San Jose show tonight has been cancelled too. It was confirmed to be on this morning, but later on during the day, at around noon, even this show for tonight was cancelled. We just hope that Mick is healing fast from his throat problem, so that they will be ready for the Denver show on Tuesday. They will announce new dates for the postponed San Jose shows later on, so keep your tickets and watch these pages for the new dates!
January 29: San Jose show tonight cancelled
The Rolling Stones show in San Jose tonight Jan. 29th has been cancelled, and a new and postponed date will be announced later. The reason is Mick's problem with his voice, as could be heard during Start Me Up and on at the Sacramento show two days ago. It seems like he's got a touch of laryngitis, i.e. a sore throat. On the optimistic side, his voice sounded a lot better than in Nuremberg, when they cancelled two shows. But the next show is tomorrow already, so we don't know the status of that show until tomorrow, when Mick has been examined by his doctors again. Hold on to your tickets, as they will be valid for a new and postponed show, and please note that so far, the 2nd show tomorrow is still not postponed! To all the fans who have to wait: Sorry, but Mick's not superman, he's just human, you know. To Mick: Take care, and be fine soon!
January 28: Mick divorce story in US People magazine
The new issue of People Magazine weekly in the USA (February 1st, 1999) has an article about Mick and Jerry's pending divorce. It has a lot of color photos in it as well. The front page story, including a photo of Mick and Jerry, states: "It's All Over Now" - "All about the Brazilian model" etc.
January 28: Sacramento and more new songs!
The Rolling Stones are continuing to change the set list of the No Security tour. For the 2nd show of the tour in Sacramento, the sound was perfect, and they did "Memory Motel", "Sweet Virginia" and "Just My Imagination". Keith did his reggae song "You Don't Have to Mean it". Mick had some problems with his voice from Start Me Up and on, but hopefully he is fine for the San Jose shows. See the complete setlist and reviews in the Sacramento reviews pages.
January 26: Oakland rocks on opening night
Waiting time is over - the tour is on! The Rolling Stones opened their No Security tour last night in Oakland, California, USA. And it was a whole new set of songs, very, very different from what they have done in the past. See the set list and all the other details about the show in the Oakland reviews pages. And soon to come, all the details about what they rehearsed before the opening show. See the 1999 Tour Reviews pages. To make the reviews complete, please send your reviews, thoughts and experiences with the Stones by email to IORR. Thanks!
January 24: Back to the Fillmore last night...
The Rolling Stones were back to the Fillmore last night, following two nights of rehearsals at the Henry J. Kayser arena in Oakland. Last night was supposed to be a club gig, but that was changed earlier this week, into a regular rehearsals set, with some invited friends. Keith's father Bert was there, so he is ready to rock as well. They did run through "Midnight Rambler", so that one is coming, it seems. Songs they probably won't do this time at all are Miss You, Sympathy For The Devil and Satisfaction.
January 23: Even more rehearsals!
The Rolling Stones moved into rehearsals in Oakland Thursday evening, and continued there last night too. Great songs were performed, so the Monday night opening show will for sure be a big surprise. PS. The surprise gigs are said to be off...
January 21: More rehearsals!
The Rolling Stones are still working hard, rehearsing in San Francisco. Songs they rehearsed last night are, among others: "Around and Around", "Under My Thumb", "Get Off My Cloud", "Some Girls", "I Go Wild", "I Got The Blues" and "Love Is Strong.
January 20: The Keith Richards rehearsals
Mick arrived late and left early at the Fillmore rehearsals last night, may be due to the rainy weather. Keith made it his night by rehearsing versions of "Little T&A", "Thief in the Night" and "Before They Make Me Run". Plus others of course...
January 19: All Down The line in SF
Please do not read on if you don't want to know what they plan to play at the opening show in Oakland! Last night they rehearsed Repectable, Hang Fire, Jump on Top of Me, When the Whip Comes Down, Get Off My Cloud, Memory Motel, All Down the Line, Some Girls, Rocks Off, Emotional Rescue and some more. The day before, Sunday night, they rehearsed Undercover, All Down the Line, Around and Around and Route 66, among others. They rehearse for hours every night.
January 18: Mick in the SF Examiner
The San Francisco Examiner Magazine issued yesterday is having a great photo of sporting Mick on their front page, and inside a story saying "Welcome to San Francisco".
January 18: More rehearsals at the Fillmore
The Rolling Stones are continuing their rehearsals at the Fillmore in San Francisco. Last night they rehearsed Angie, Gunface and other songs.
January 18: Get backstage with the Stones!
Follow the VH1 broadcasts tonight Monday, and you will be informed about a 10 days competition that might bring you backstage with the Rolling Stones. They will fly you (and your guest) into Florida, for the Tampa March 3 show, and you will "work" with the security guards backstage, wherever they go. Sounds like fun? See the Reuters/Variety news report about the subject.
January 15: Ain't Too Proud To Beg
The Rolling Stones rehearsed Ain't Too Proud To Beg and I Go Wild among other songs last night. Also, they are said to have rehearsed two new songs.
January 15: Rehearsals in San Francisco
The Rolling Stones have been rehearsing in San Francisco all week, since Monday. The Fillmore is rumoured to host 1 - 2 club gigs arranged by invitation only, dated around Jan 21-23. And the real stage is being built too in SF during this week-end, so everybody seems to be ready... Are you ready?
January 13: Green Day pulls out as warm-up for the Stones
Green Day is pulling out as guest artist and warm-up for the Rolling Stones during the No Security tour, according to Live Daily. Green Day is currently busy working on their new album in California, and did not want to interrupt that work. Bryan Adams will do the Anaheim shows, Jonny Lang the Minneapolis show, and Wide Mouth Mason is stepping in to do the warm-up in Milwaukee and Detroit (Auburn Hills).
January 12: UBL Stones contest
While waiting for the Stones to show up in your home town you may try out the UBL Stones contest. You spend five minutes, get some commercials, and may be one in a zillion to win front row tickets!
January 12: No Security stage assembly in Vancouver
The new arena stage, specially built for the No Security tour, have just been moved into Vancouver, B.C., Canada. It is being built right now in the Pacific Coliseum. The big secret is still, will the Stones arrive into Vancouver or San Francisco for the tour rehearsals? By tomorrow, we should know...
January 7: The Rolling Stones and the new millenium
It's been asked again and again. Will the Rolling Stones play Wembley Dec. 31, 1999, i.e. New Year's Eve, opening up the new millenium and year 2000. Also, some ask the same question about the same event in Madison Square Garden, New York, USA. Mick and Keith have been asked the question, and they have both denied firmly. I would turn it this way around: If you planned some fantastic gift to all fans, like a show in London, Concorde to New York, then another one, playing all through the millenium (6 hours difference i.e. 1999 and 2000 at the same time), would you then give away the big surprise and tell everyone? What kind of surprise would that be? The truth is, nobody would tell at all, and we all have to wait patiently and hope they will actually do such a thing. By the way, Wembley Stadium is supposed to be taken down just after the summer shows, to get a new stadium for the new millenium. Still, I would not be surprised if they continue the 1997-1999 tour into year 2000, with shows in Argentina, USA and other places. Also, there are rumours of releasing an "Anthology Box" with new takes of old songs in 2000, so for sure the Rolling Stones are the millenium band!!! PS. Yes, the mathematical new millenium starts in 2001, but the big party seems to be on Dec. 31st 1999...
January 7: Bryan Adams and Green Day guest artists
Bryan Adams will be the guest artist in Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose, Denver and Salt Lake City, while Green Day will warm up for the Stones in Anaheim, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Auburn Hills (Detroit). Jonny Lang is doing the Fargo bit, of course, as it is his home town. And Big Sugar is warming up in Toronto, Canada. Still the guest artists are unconfirmed for the Florida shows. See complete list on the 1999 tour dates page. PS. The Rolling Stones are expected to arrive in San Francisco within one week, to start tour rehearsals.
January 6: The Rolling Stones merchandise
The Rolling Stones merchandise sales are ready to roll for the "No Security" tour. Tour Poster and Album Art lithographs are available from Music Art, LLC, and Stonesbazaar is having general tour merchandise.
January 6: Jagger/Richards getting Grammy Award nomination
Mick and Keith is getting a grammy nomination through their looped sound bits in the Verve song "Bitter Sweet Symphony", together with Richard Ashcroft. Other nominees in the Best Rock Song category are: "Celebrity Skin" (Billy Corgan, Eric Erlandson and Courtney Love); "Closing Time" (Dan Wilson); "Have a Little Faith In Me" (John Hiatt); "Uninvited" (Alanis Morissette). The actual awards will be announced in LA Feb. 24.
January 6: Swedish TV4 to broadcast 1h Mick/Keith interview
Swedish TV4 will be broadcasting a one hour programme with Mick and Keith interviews on January 15 at 22:45 - 23:45.
January 5: Mick and Keith on Jimmy Rogers all-stars release
Due to be released today in the U.S. is the Atlantic CD "Blues Blues Blues", a posthumous release by bluesman Jimmy Rogers. Mick and Keith appear on 3 songs: Muddy Waters' Trouble No More, Sonny Boy Williamson's Don't Start Me to Talkin' and Rogers' Goin' Away Baby. Mick trades vocals with Jimmy on each one, and Keith plays lead guitar on the first two and guitar on the third. Other guests are Eric Clapton, Taj Mahal, Page and Plant, Stephen Stills, Lowell Fulson and Jeff Healey. Jimmy Rogers played guitar with Muddy Waters in the 50's, and later with Sonny Boy Williamson and Howlin' Wolf. He died in Dec, 1997 just after the sessions were concluded.
January 4: The Stones in Spain July 3rd
According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, the Rolling Stones are supposed to play in Santiago de Compostela, North-West in Spain, near Vigo, where they played last summer. The concert will be part of the Xacobeo '99.

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