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May 30: Stuttgart 1999 Euro-tour opening last night
The Rolling Stones opened their 1999 European tour in Stuttgart, Germany last night, on a hot (+30C) and sunny day with a set list that was very close to the San Jose 1 show, the final stop on the No Security tour last month. Even the BtB lion scream of last year's tour was replaced by the great "Juiced" video! "New" songs were Angie and Shattered. See more details and setlists in the Stuttgart reviews pages, of the 1999 Tour reviews. Great crowd, great band, welcome back to Europe!
May 28: One day to go - final rehearsals
The Rolling Stones are putting their final touch on the set list as they prepare for the final leg of the European Tour tomorrow in Stuttgart. See the rehearsals pages for details.
May 27: More Rolling Stones TV broadcasts due
MTV Europe will do a Stones special on June 1st from 17.30 - 18.00 about the Stones in Moscow. Veronica (Dutch TV) will broadcast a No Security special on June 2nd from 23.35 - 0.15.
May 27: The Stones on UK BBC2 June 4th
The UK TV channel BBC2 will broadcast pieces from the Stuttgart May 29 show on Friday June 4th at 23.20 to 23.50 (UK time). "Back to Babylon"... the group talk about their music and the tour. If you are going to the Murrayfield show the same day, then you have to tape it. PS. Set videos to overrun as BBC2 is always running late in the later part of evenings!
May 27: Rehearsals in Stuttgart
The Stones did a short set of rehearsals in Stuttgart last night, at the Cannstatter Wasen concert site. The rehearsals finished before 10pm, so that they could see the final half of the Champions League Final, Manchester United defeating Bayern M�nchen last night on overtime. See the rehearsals pages for details.
May 26: Ronnie wins horseracing prize
While Mick went to see the cricket game last Saturday 22nd, Ronnie flew home to Ireland, to collect a price. The award was presented by the Irish Thoroughbred Breeders Association, for "Best Small Breeder in 1998". See details in the Bigmouth News pages.
May 26: The Stones on German TV today
German TV SW3 will do a short report on the Stones in Stuttgart today. It is part of a news show from 19:20 to 19:50 or so.
May 26: The Stones are now in Stuttgart
The Rolling Stones arrived into Stuttgart, Germany yesterday evening, taking a day off from rehearsals, as they arrived four days before the tour start. And the weather forecast for the Saturday show day in Stuttgart is hot and sunny, so prepare for a great tour start. Three days to go now, but before that, some more rehearsals...
May 26: Ronnie Wood art exhibition in Imst
The Art Club Imst is organizing a Ron Wood Art Exhibition in Imst, Austria. The exhibition opens Tuesday, May 25th 7pm at the Cafe Stadtplatz. Opening hours 10am - mindnight, until June 5.
May 25: One Hit in Amsterdam, Stuttgart next
One Hit To The Body was tried out last night at the Amsterdam rehearsals. Brand New Car was in the set as well, and Saint of Me was taken home by the 100 or so hard core fans outside in a big, big "welcome back" sing-along. Even Ronnie joined in, dancing for the fans through the open windows. Stuttgart is next.
May 24: The Moon Is Up in Amsterdam
The Stones were back into rehearsals last night in Amsterdam, as they had Saturday off. Mick went to "The Oval" in London, to see the English cricket team get slaughtered by South Africa in the World Cup Cricket, and came directly from the airport. Warning! Read no further if you are in for a surprise about the Stuttgart opening show set list, as the details are getting clearer... Six hours of extensive rehearsals, and they sound great. While the moon was up literally, they did place Moon Is Up into the regular set, and it sounds great, heavy rhythm riff, perfect 60's style boogie/dance riffs. Also, Salt of the Earth is aspiring as a first encore, but it is still lacking the refinement. Keith tried out Slipping Away - play it again, please! See the complete Amsterdam rehearsals pages.
May 21: New Stones CD Memory Hotel out May 31st
The new Stones CD titled Memory Hotel will be out by Monday May 31st, to back up the European Tour. No news about the tracks on the CD, but it might be outtakes from the previous two albums, that are supposed to be finished for production by now.
May 21: More Amsterdam rehearsals - two sets
Back in business, and getting ready for Stuttgart - tour start in 8 days! Salt of the Earth seems to be getting into the set, and no sign of the 97/98 tour opener Satisfaction yet. For a complete list of last night rehearsals see the Amsterdam 99 pages. PS. Last night they did two sets of rehearsals!
May 20: New songs rehearsed in Amsterdam
The Rolling Stones are now in Amsterdam, rehearsing new songs for their upcoming Bridges to Babylon Tour 1999. New and interesting songs are being rehersed, like Salt of the Earth and Mona. See the Amsterdam rehearsals pages for more songs rehearsed.
May 20: BAP to warm up in Cologne
The local Cologne band BAP will warm up for the Stones at their final Bridges to Babylon show in Cologne. May be this will boost the slow ticket sales of the Cologne show. So far only 28,000 tickets are sold, plus another 20,000 are on hold/reserved, out of the 58,000 capacity M�ngersdorfer Stadium.
May 19: Mick Jagger and Some Girls
The Brazilian model Luciana Morad gave birth to a child she claims Mick is the father to last night in New York, see the Swedish paper Aftonbladet. Meanwhile, according to the UK tabloid press, The Daily Mail etc, Mick and Jerry Hall have turned to counselling in a final attempt to save their marriage. Hopefully Mick will bring his brilliant version of Some Girls from the No Security tour to Europe as well this summer! PS. IORR will not turn into a gossip column. It's just that it's nice to know what's going on when you hear the way Mick is singing "Some Girls" these days.
May 19: Marianne Faithfull club gig duet in London
The club gig in London seems to happen, on Tuesday June 8th, and the duet with Mick and Marianne Faithfull is said to be on the "new" song Sister Morphine, performed a few times during the Bridges to Babylon tour in 97/98.
May 15: Club shows in UK this summer
Rumours have been around for a while regarding club shows in UK this summer. Billboard and NME are both mentioning the date June 8th as the most probable one for a club show some place in London. Also, there are talks about club shows in Edinburgh and Sheffield. Marianne Faithfull is expected to joing Mick on stage, for a duet on a new song.
May 14: Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg on VH1
Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg will be on VH1 in the U.S. on May 23 for a "Behind the Music" documentary about Marianne Faithfull. The show includes Stones footage from the 60s. Keith claims that "As Tears Go By" was the first song he and Mick ever wrote, and he backs up Marianne's assertion that there was never a Mars Bar getting some unorthodox use during the infamous 1967 drugs raid. Anita is unrecognizable vs. photos from the 60s.
May 8: European tour details
The 1999 tour dates pages have been updated to include information about local events, warm-up bands, tourist info etc. If you have additions or comments then please email IORR. Rehearsals are expected to start in Europe by the end of next week. Until then, do like the Stones - rest - and be prepared for the short summer tour in Europe.
May 3: New Brian Jones book by Anna Wohlin due out this summer
According to Swedish paper Aftonbladet, Brian Jones' Swedish girlfriend Anna Wohlin is publishing a new book about Brian Jones this summer. The book will be out by July 3rd this summer, 30 years after Brian's death. And in this book, Anna is telling the story of the murder of Brian Jones. More details in Aftonbladet, that is if you can read Swedish...
May 2: The Rolling Stones on UK Channel 4
The British TV station Channel 4 is showing a one hour Rolling Stones special next Saturday (8th May) from 9.30 to 10.30 pm GMT. Titled "Chris Evans Meets The Rolling Stones" it will include interviews with the boys by Chris and concert footage. The show was filmed in Chicago this year, i.e. the No Security tour.

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