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Dec. 31: The new magazine IORR 49 is out
The new It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine issue IORR 49 was mailed out to all fan club members two weeks ago, and should have arrived to each and every one of you by now, wherever you live in the world. The magazine is showing the best and greatest tour photos, show reviews, song by song matrixes, news and more, specially dedicated to the tour this summer/fall. For information about how to subscribe see the Get IORR pages.
Dec. 30: Happy Holidays from the Stones
Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie recorded greetings to the fans on a boat in the Hong Kong Harbour last month. Charlie says he will go home doing nothing. Then he will finish mixing his London recordings for an album. Keith will be in the tropics until the winter leaves the north. Then he will write songs, also with Mick. Ronnie will do paintings and guest appearances. Mick will do films, song writing and take care of his children. Reading between the lines Charlie says he can't start any new projects on his own now, because they will probably do shows more often, and like Keith says, they will keep thinks rolling rather than starting and stopping the tours. See the Slow Boat to China season greetings from the Stones.
Dec. 30: Toronto Downsview Park performance due out on DVD
The SarsStock performances at Downsview Park will be released on a DVD some time during April/May 2004, according to Michael Cohl. This is confirming the message on the Four Flicks DVD, saying it is "coming soon". See Reuters/Billboard.
Dec. 24: Season greetings!
Christmas Eve is here, the LICKS Tour is over, and Stones fans do not have to worry about front row tickets, sold out shows and concert travels. Thanks to everyone for a great year in Stonesland. Have a nice Christmas, and play your Stones records loud if you can. Merry Christmas - Bon Noel - Fr�hliche Weihnacht - Feliz Natal - �Feliz Navidad! - God Jul!
Dec. 18: Happy Birthday Keith!
We wish you all a great and happy birthday. See the special IORR birthday card to Keith.
Dec. 17: Ronnie Wood with Stereophonics
Ronnie Wood is continuing guest playing in UK. Last night he joined in with Stereophonics at their Earls Court show in London. Ronnie stepped out with Kelly Jones and co. to play 'Handbags And Gladrags', 'Step On My Old Size Nines' and a cover of The Beatles' 'Don't Let Me Down'. Stereophonics were opening acts during the Rolling Stones LICKS tour in France. See pictures in the AP news pages and story in Stereophonics will play another show at Earls Court tonight, and in Cardiff on Dec. 20. See Ticketmaster UK for details and tickets.
Dec. 12: Mick Jagger knighted by Prince Charles
Mick Jagger was knighted by Prince Charles, standing in for Queen Elizabeth II, in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in London today. See photo and details about the Sir Mick ceremony in AFP UK news.
Dec. 10: Four Flicks DVD out in Japan today
The Four Flicks DVD is released today in Japan by Warner Music Japan. Major advertising is in the streets on bus advertisements, and the famous sumo wrestler Akinoshima, also being a big Stones fan, has invited all of the Stones to his retirement fight on Jan. 31. Warner Music Japan have named Akinoshima Stones Ambassador. Also, see Reuters.
Dec. 9: Ronnie Wood with Sheryl Crow last night
Ronnie Wood were guest playing with Sheryl Crow at her show at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London last night. See the Sheryl Crow web site and the IORR Tell Me pages for details and fan comments. And tonight, there is another show by Sheryl Crow at the same venue...
Dec. 6: UNCUT magazine with Keith Richards special
The UNCUT magazine January 2004 issue just out in UK is having a Keith Richards 60th anniversary special feature, with Keith on the cover, and also 28 pages with interviews, pictures and more. Example: Uncut question: What's the best thing about being 60. Keith: "The fact that people still dig what I do which gives me the license to carry on being myself." See Uncut Magazine - highly recommended!
Dec. 3: ABKCO remastered box set due out in UK
The UK versions of The Rolling Stones ABKCO albums released last year in the Hybrid SACD format are to be grouped together in a box set, due out on Dec. 8 at the price GB �179.99. The box includes a 16-page full colour booklet, plus five collectors photographs as limited prints. For a complete list of the albums in the box set see the IORR Rolling Stones ABKCO remastered pages.
Dec. 3: Mick Jagger to get knighthood on Dec. 12
Mick Jagger will go to Buckingham Palace on Dec. 12 to accept his knighthood. The LICKS tour has been delaying the appointment with Queen Elizabeth II for 18 months. Mick's 90-year-old father Joe will be joining him for the event. See AP Music.
Nov. 12: The Rolling Stones talking to AP
AP has been talking to the Rolling Stones, to get their comments on the new DVD. Read the great comments by Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie in the Associated Press interviews.
Nov. 9: Final Licks show in Hong Kong tonight
"This is the final show of the Licks Tour, our show number 117 of the tour", Mick said tonight. Keith felt more relaxed tonight, so it seemed, as he moved to both wings several times, and Mick worked the crowd like it was his last show ever. See all the details about the final Licks show in Hong Kong Nov. 9, 2003.
Nov. 7: The Rolling Stones in Hong Kong finally
The Hong Kong shows were on and off several times, but finally the Rolling Stones made it to Hong Kong tonight, to play their first of two shows at the Harbour Festival at the Tamar Site in Admiralty, Hong Kong island. The site is a tiny little spot in-between sky scrapers in Hong Kong, and the Stones pleased a packed site of around ten thousand people, performing to local fans plus travellers including Bill Clinton. See the IORR set list and reviews pages of the first Hong Kong show.
Nov. 4: Four Flicks with rehearsals and more
The Four Flicks DVD due out next week is containing a lot more than the LICKS tour live. You will also find vintage material from the 70's, rehearsals in Paris, Toronto and Chicago, songs from the secret club show in Palais Royale and more. See updated news about the contents of the Four Flicks DVD.
Nov. 4: Four Flicks with rehearsals and more
The Four Flicks DVD due out next week is containing a lot more than the LICKS tour live. You will also find vintage material from the 70's, rehearsals in Paris, Toronto and Chicago, songs from the secret club show in Palais Royale and more. See updated news about the contents of the Four Flicks DVD.
Nov. 3: The Rolling Stones arriving to Hong Kong
Keith, Ronnie and Charlie arrived to Hong Kong, China yesterday, and Mick will fly into Hong Kong tomorrow, preparing for their shows in Hong Kong on Nov. 7 and 9. See AP/Yahoo.
Oct. 30: Rolling Stones DVD party in New York last night
The Rolling Stones did an official announcement of their new Forty Licks Tour DVD Four Flicks at a party in New York last night. The DVD will be out later this month. See Yahoo for picturer from the party.
Oct. 28: Canadian retail stores pull off Stones products
Following the deal where Best Buy is getting four months of exclusive distribution of the new Stones DVD Four Flicks in USA and Canada, Canadian retail stores yesterday stopped selling Stones CD's and DVD's, making more than 200 stores compeletly Stones free for an indefinite period of time. The boycot might spread to stores in USA. See Yahoo and Billboard.
Oct. 27: Shanghai and Beijing rumoured shows off
The much talked about Stones shows in Shanghai and Beijing, China will not happen in November, according to Rolling Stones officials. The rescheduling turned out to be too complicated, but the Stones hope to play these cities in the furure. See the IORR Hong Kong tour dates in November and Yahoo/Reuters. Meanwhile, on Wednesday Oct. 29 the Stones will be present at the restaurant/club Capitale in the New York Chinatown neighbourhood, for a party announcing their Four Flicks DVD. See Yahoo/Billboard.
Oct. 24: Rumored shows in South America
Rumours said the Stones would take a break of 18 months following the European Licks tour. This might match rumours in Chile and Argentina, where the promoters are telling leading newspapers they will bring the Stones back. In Chile the promoter says they will play two shows at the same stadium they played in 1995 - the 76.000 capacity Estadio Nacional of Santiago in October 2004. In Argentina they say the Stones will be back for Oct. 2004 or Feb/Mar 2005. Also, they are expected to play Brazil.
Oct. 20: DVD release party in New York next week
The Rolling Stones are rumored to be in New York on Oct. 29 to do a DVD release party announcing the new Four Flicks DVD. The day after Ronnie Wood is expected to be present at the Pop International Galleries in New York, for the exhibition of his art at the gallery.
Oct. 15: Hong Kong shows on sale now
The Rolling Stones shows in Hong Kong on Nov. 7 and 9 are now confirmed and on sale. See the Hong Kong Ticketing and Hong Kong Harbour Fest for details.
Oct. 14: Still hope for shows in China
Press reports are now telling the Stones have signed contracts to play shows in Hong Kong, China, even if the promoter last week claimed the Stones had pulled out. Watch out for four more shows of the The LICKS World tour in China in November! See reports by BBC and Reuters.
Oct. 10: The LICKS world tour has ended
One week ago the Stones were ready to play four shows in China next month, but today it is reported by Reuters and AFP that these shows will not happen. So it seems the message on might be correct - The LICKS World tour has ended.
Oct. 2: Final show of the European tour tonight
The Rolling Stones will play their final show of the European LICKS Tour tonight at the Letzigrund Stadium in Z�rich, Switzerland. See the IORR Z�rich review pages for the set list and reviews as the show are being performed. The opening act will be the Basel band Lovebugs. Then the Stones will take a break before they finish the tour this year with four shows in China.
Oct. 1: New DVD "Four Flicks" out Nov. 10
The Forty Licks tour documentary DVD "Four Flicks" will be out on Nov. 10 in Europe, Nov. 11 in USA and Dec. 10 in Japan. It is including four DVD's with recordings from theatre, arena and stadium shows during the LICKS world tour, plus studio recordings made in Paris 2002, plus a lot of tour documentaries, behind the scenes features and more. See the new IORR Four Flicks pages, being updated as more information is being available.

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