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News from It's Only Rock'n Roll year 2003
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These are the latest Rolling Stones news and updates for you! IORR is a non profit fan club run by fans for fans. All parts of the It's Only Rock'n Roll web site is copyright of The Rolling Stones Fan Club. When using information from this site, please include a reference to IORR and the main web address
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June 3: New songs rehearsed for the European tour opening
The Rolling Stones arrived into Munich, Germany last Friday, and started rehearsals in a studio outside Munich on Sunday. The rehearsals continued last night, as they explored into some new songs that might show up during some of the Munich shows later this week. Also, the Munich press have now found out the Stones are in town, as two of the papers have the Stones on the front pages, great photos too, as they are seen leaving for rehearsals. See complete reports from rehearsals, songs tried out, press links and lots more in the IORR Munich pages.
May 24: European travel guide update
The IORR Travel Guide Europe 2003 has been updated, thanks to great contributions. The Munich pages are complete, also some of the other cities for the 2003 tour. More info, please!
May 24: Austrian special Stones stamp and CD
See the great official four-block Stones stamp sheet to be released in Austria next month, also coupled with a special Virgin release of Forty Licks, both promoted through an advertising flyer, handed out in Austria this week. The special CD will be released elsewhere in Europe too, as UK has a release date of June 2 for 40 Licks - Ltd European Tour Edition, reissued with new green tongue in a hard back book with different archive photos from those used in the original release.
May 22: New IORR magazine no. 47 out now
The new It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine issue IORR 47 was mailed out to all fan club members last week, and should have arrived to each and every one of you by now, wherever you live in the world. The magazine is showing the best tour photos, show reviews, song by song matrixes, news and more. For information about how to subscribe see the Get IORR pages.
May 22: Extra Stockholm Stadium tickets available soon!
Extra tickets for the Stockholm Stadium show in Sweden on July 18 will go on sale on Monday May 26 at 10:00 in the morning, from the Globen box office. See EMA Telstar.
May 22: Ronnie Wood art exhibitions
Ronnie Wood will exhibit his art during the Stones tour this summer in selected galleries. For the schedule and places of these galleries see
May 22: Mick Taylor, Chris Jagger, Chris Farlowe in France
Mick Taylor is the main act at the free cultural festival F�te de la Musique on June 21, in the hippodrome of Marcq en Baroeul, a town near Lille in France. Rehearsals schedule: Mick Taylor 15:00, Chris Jagger 16:30, Chris Farlowe 17:30, Gladbooby (local) 18:30. Performance schedule: Gladbooby 19:00 - 19:30, Chris Farlowe 19:50 - 21:10, Chris Jagger 21:30 - 22:45, Mick Taylor 23:00 - 00:30. See the Marcq en Baroeul web pages for details.
May 19: Benidorm show confirmed an on sale now
The Rolling Stones show number four in Spain has been confirmed, for Benidorm Tuesday August 5. For more information see Mundosenti2. For tickets go to CerviCAM, then select RECINTOS = "Estadio de futbol Foietes" and LOCALIDAD = "Benidorm".
May 16: Canadian rumours of Stones show in July
Three weeks before the Stones tour start in Europe it is the time for all sorts of rumours of rehearsals, club shows and surprise appearances. Normally nothing special happens during the middle of such a tour, originally starting in Boston September last year. One of the recent rumours is that the Stones will play in Toronto, Canada on July 29 or 30. If so then they would have to fly out from Prague for a nine hours flight to play one show in Toronto, then fly back the same distance to Europe the day after. Theoretically possible, but very unusual. See Canoe for details.
May 15: Belgrade and Zagreb shows off, Brussels on
It is now confirmed by industry sources that the planned but never officially announced shows in Belgrade, Serbia and Zagreb, Croatia will not happen, due to extra secutity measures. The Aug. 2 show date will probably be used for a festival in Werchter outside Brussels, Belgium, where the Stones will be the top act. See Billboard, AP and AFP for details.
May 7: Dublin tickets available on now
If you missed out on getting tickets for the Dublin shows, sold out in just six minutes or so on Friday, then now you have a 2nd chance of getting tickets for the 2nd Dublin show through - "Get tickets"!
May 2: Glasgow 2nd show on sale now
Two hours after the first Glasgow show went on sale, the optional 2nd show on Sept. 3 is now on sale SECC Ticket. Meanwhile, both Dublin shows sold out in half an hour this morning.
May 2: Dublin 2nd show on sale now
The first Stones show at The Point in Dublin on Sept 9 sold out in mintues this morning, and the optional 2nd show on Sept 11 is now on sale. You have to rush to get tickets to these arena shows! Also, watch out for the optional 2nd shows in UK . See Ticketmaster UK, Ticketmaster Ireland, Wembley Ticket and SECC Ticket.
May 2: Glasgow, Manchester, Dublin and Wembley shows on sale now
The new September shows in Glasgow, Manchester, Dublin and Wembley are now on sale. For UK tickets see Ticketmaster UK. For Dublin see Ticketmaster Ireland. For a venue map of the SECC see the IORR travel guide SECC map.
Apr. 30: Belgium may get Stones shows in August
Even if the tour management told us the Stones would not come to Belgium for this tour, inside sources in Belgium are now leaking the fact that there are discussions about bringing the Stones to the Werchter Festival Site near Leuven outside Brussels, Belgium for Saturday August 2, with an optional date of Sunday August 3. Now Benidorm, Zagreb, Belgrade and Brussels are all in discussion for the available show dates in early August. See the IORR 2003 tour dates.
Apr. 28: Glasgow, Manchester, Dublin and Wembley Sept. shows confirmed
The new September shows in Glasgow, Manchester, Dublin and Wembley have been confirmed and are now on pre-sales, as reported earlier today. see the IORR 2003 tour dates. For pre-sales see Regular sales are expected later this week. For Glasgow tickets on public sale Friday May 2 at 9am see SECC tickets.
Apr. 28: UK shows in September available now
Ticketmaster UK are announcing more UK shows in September, as rumoured by IORR in the past. Now you can get access to these shows through fan club allocations via Ticketmaster UK links. The arena shows are in Glasgow and Manchester. Wembley for September may show up too, see the IORR 2003 tour dates. In case of problems see live discussions by fans on the IORR Tell Me pages.
Apr. 23: Austrian Post to issue Rolling Stones stamps
Coinciding with the date of the concert in Vienna, a set of four stamps will be issued on June 18th by the Austrian Postal System. Original photographs are being used (one Stone on each stamp), blended together to form a framed 2x2 block. Project and drafts have been officially approved by the band last week. Two of the pictures used were taken and supplied by IORR subscriber Philip Bajo. Make sure to get your set when you visit Austria!
Apr. 23: European travel guide
It is now exactly six weeks until the Rolling Stones European Tour start in Munich on Wednesday June 4. To help in planning for travel and shows, a whole set of city guides is being built. Please check it out, and please give feedback, additions and corrections. So far a few city guides have been started, like Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Vienna and London, but with your help a lot more will show up soon. See the IORR Travel Guide main pages as well as city links in the IORR 2003 tour dates pages.
Apr. 14: Benidorm show set for August 5
The Benidorm date seems to be Tuesday Aug. 5, and not Aug. 2 as previously reported. Contracts to be signed tomorrow, and tickets to be sold next week. If this rumour is correct then there will probably be changes in the rumoured Belgrade and Zagreb dates. See the Benidorm City web and the IORR list of 2003 tour dates.
Apr. 14: Folk cover version of "Start Me Up" on movie CD soundtrack
A folk version of "Start Me Up" appears on the new CD soundtrack for "A Mighty Wind," the upcoming folk music spoof from writer/director/actor Christopher Guest, one of the brains behind "Spinal Tap," "Waiting for Guffman" and "Best In Show." The song - credited to Richards-Jagger, rather than the other way around - is performed by the Folksmen, which consists of Guest and his Spinal Tap colleagues Michael McKeen and Harry Shearer. It appears on the CD only, not in the film itself.
Apr. 13: Benidorm rumoured show for Aug. 2
Benidorm, Spain is again rumoured to get their Rolling Stones show this summer. Now they are said to get the date originally scheduled for Belgrade on Saturday August 2. If everything works out well, the contract will be signed on Tuesday, and ticket will go on sale just after the Easter holiday. See the IORR list of 2003 tour dates.
Apr. 11: Astoria saved from closure
There has been many rumours and worries about the Astoria, where the Stones are booked for their London club show on August 27, loosing their license and might getting closed. Now NME is reporting the venue organisers Mean Fiddler got a new license for the Astoria.
Apr. 10: Jim Callaghan rushed to hospital in India
The Rolling Stones head of Security, Mr. Jim Callaghan, also known as JC, suffered a massive heart attack on Sunday April 6 during the band stay in Mumbai. Luckily the band medical acted fast, and rushed JC to the hospital. He is now said to be in a stable condition. Jim Callaghan has been in charge of the Rolling Stones security since the 70's, and is a true English gentleman, the perfect friend of any fan, always being able to sort out the bad guys from the real fans. We do all bring our best wishes for his soon recovery. See Mid-Day Multimedia.
Apr. 10: India want more Stones shows
According to The Times of India, the Stones may come rolling again back to India later this year, as fans in India just loved the Stones, and they want more. Also, the Rolling Stones did some 30-40 minutes of filming in India; material to be broadcasted in USA and other markets later this year. See Bowled-over Stones produce film on changing face of India by The Times of India.
Apr. 10: Bangkok show today cancelled
The Rolling Stones have cancelled their show in Bangkok, Thailand today, following technical problems with their crew's plane in Mumbai, preventing them from moving on to Bangkok. The band were on their way to Bangkok, Mick had already arrived into Thailand, but they are now back in Mumbay, India. See Pollstar and Mid-Day Multimedia for details.
Apr. 4: Dripping Away in Bangalore, India tonight
The Rolling Stones played their first of two shows in India at the Palace Grounds, Bangalore tonight in pouring rain. Keith renamed his opening song "Dripping Away", inspired by the rain. Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai is next, due on Monday April 7.
Apr. 1: AC/DC support act for the Stones in Germany
AC/DC are brought in to boost ticket sales at the Stones shows in Oberhausen (also with The Cranberries), Leipzig - Festwiese (also with The Pretenders) and Hockenheim (also with The Pretenders). Show start will be earlier, see details on
Mar. 28: Why the dolls had to go in Singapore
When the Stones debuted their two large inflatable dolls at the first show in Singapore on March 24 it came as a great shock to the the management of the Indoor Stadium, requesting the dolls and flags to be removed. Bear in mind also that the Singapore Prime Minister's Office has issued guidelines which state that the Singapore flag must be "treated with dignity and respect". The Prime Minister's wife, Mrs Goh Chok Tong, was at the Monday concert. For details see reports in the March 26 show review pages.
Mar. 28: Singapore promoter USD 1 millon loss
The Hong Kong-based promoter of the Singapore shows, Live Limited, has apparently taken a loss of Sing$2 million, i.e. more than one million US dollars, on the two Singapore concerts. They claim they had 6,500 fans inside at the first show on March 24, and 7,200 fans at the 2nd show on March 26, while they needed 8,000 each night. For details see reports in the March 26 show review pages.
Mar. 28: New dates for Bangalore, Mumbai and Bangkok
Following the cancellations of the four Rolling Stones shows in China, the remaining three shows in India and THailand are now resheduled. The tour will continue with concerts in Bangalore April 4, Mumbai April 7 and Bangkok April 10. See the IORR list of 2003 tour dates.
Mar. 28: Shanghai and Beijing shows cancelled too
The Rolling Stones announced today that their concert performances in Shanghai on April 1 and Beijing on April 4 have been cancelled due to World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control travel warnings regarding SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), and continued concerns expressed by local Chinese government officials, communities and individuals over large public gatherings. See for more details.
Mar. 27: ZZ Top to warm up for the Stones in Helsinki
ZZ Top are confirmed as support act for the Stones in Helsinki at their show on July 16, according to the promoter Well Done. This will be the only ZZ Top guest appearance with the Stones. Other support acts in Europe this summer will be The Cranberries, Counting Crows, Starsailor, The Hives and The Hellacopters. See the IORR list of support acts.
Mar. 27: Hong Kong shows cancelled
The Rolling Stones announced today that they have cancelled their concerts in Hong Kong on March 28 and 29 as a result of the warnings on SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) from the Hong Kong Government and the World Health Organization. See for more details.
Mar. 26: New stage design in Singapore
The Rolling Stones introduced a new stage design at their shows in Singapore on March 24 and March 26. The show was scaled down to a smaller sized venue, smaller stage and smaller monitor. For the first night they had inflatable cheerleader girls on the wings, but they were not used for the 2nd show.
Mar. 20: Glasgow ticket sales postponed
The tickets for the Glasgow shows were supposed to go on sale tomorrow Friday, but it has now been postponed. See
Mar. 20: visited by Stones fans from 130+ countries
Stones fans from from more than 130 countries visited approx. 300,000 times during the month of December 2002. Stonesland is indeed all over the world. See the IORR web statistics.
Mar. 20: Ronnie Wood with Rod Stewart next year
Ronnie Wood is planning to tour with Rod Stewart next year. This will probably be in the summer, as the Stones are rumoured to do shows in 2004 as well, earlier in the year.
Mar. 17: Bilbao, Spain confirmed; Spanish ticket sale update
The show at the San Mam�s stadium in Bilbao, Spain has been confirmed for June 25, as previously listed in the IORR 2003 tour dates pages. Bilbao tickets go on sale on Tuesday March 25 at 10am, see the site of the promoter Producciones Serrano. Initial ticket sales for the Spanish Stones shows in Barcelona and Madrid were supposed to go through the Halcon Travel Agency, but due to performance problems tickets are now available through La Caixa as well.
Mar. 14: Dublin and Manchester shows rumoured
The Irish Independent is reporting the Stones are to play in front of just 6,000 fans at the Dublin, Ireland arena "Point Theatre". Also, there are rumours of shows in Manchester, England, at the Manchester Evening News Arena. These shows will probably be scheduled following the Glasgow shows in early September.
Mar. 14: Spanish shows in Barcelona and Madrid confirmed
The Rolling Stones shows in Spain are confirmed. Ticket sales for Madrid June 27 and Barcelona June 29 will start Monday March 17 through the "Halcon Viajes" travel agency. Then tickets will go on public sale via phone, internet and stores on March 27. The Bilbao show on June 25 is expected to be confirmed soon too.
Mar. 14: Glasgow, Scotland shows confirmed
The Glasgow SECC is confirming two shows by the Rolling Stones on Sept. 1 and 3. They will convert Hall 4 at the SECC into a club type venue to make it more intimate. Tickets are priced at �150, �85 and �75, and will go on sale Friday March 21 at 9am GMT (UK time). The SECC box office phone number is 0870 040 4000. The online box office will go live at 9am Friday March 21.
Mar. 12: Chinese set lists may be special
According to BBC, the Rolling Stones may not play the songs "Brown Sugar", "Honky Tonk Women", "Beast of Burden" and "Let's Spend the Night Together" at their shows in China. The same four songs were cut from the Chinese release of the "Forty Licks" release in China.
Mar. 10: Two Glasgow shows in September
The Glasgow newspaper Sunday Mail is bringing a story announcing two shows by The Rolling Stones at the 10,000 capacity SECC Arena in Glasgow Sept. 1 and 3. See the IORR 2003 tour pages.
Mar. 7: Prague show on July 27 confirmed
The Rolling Stones show at the Letenska square in Prague, Czech Republic on Sunday July 27 is now confirmed. With a size that could take 800,000 people, but probably limited to around 100,000 for this show, it will be another great Prague show with a great large crowd, like in 1995 at the 127,000 capacity Strahov stadium. And Mick will celebrate his 60th birthday the day before in Prage, probably with a guest list including the former president and friend Mr. Havel. For tickets at 4999 CZK and 1999 CZK see Ticketpro. For more info see the and IORR 2003 tour pages.
Mar. 7: Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey on DVD
The "Bill Wymans Blues Odyssey" is out on region 2 DVD on March 24, with over 3 hours of footage featuring Bill Wyman personally interviewing such luminaries as BB King, Buddy Guy and Sam Phillips, in a global journey documenting the history of blues music. Plus footage of The Rolling Stones performing the Robert Johnson classic 'Love In Vain'.
Mar. 4: Mick Taylor on tour in Finland
Mick Taylor will be touring Finland in April with the local band Wentus. The dates are Helsinki April 17, Turku April 18, Vaasa April 19, Kokkola April 20.
Mar. 4: The Rolling Stones to play in Bangkok, Thailand
The Rolling Stones have just confirmed they will play the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand on Tuesday April 8. See the and IORR 2003 tour pages.
Mar. 3: Mick Taylor on tour in UK
Mick Taylor is currently on tour in UK. For details and tour dates see the Mick Taylor - Present & Future web pages by Carol Rock.
Mar. 3: Rare Mick film in Melbourne
A six-minute excerpt from the 1969 experimental film "A Stone in the Bush" -- which shows Mick on the set of "Ned Kelly" as "Prodigal Son" and "Satisfaction" play on the soundtrack -- is screening at a Ned Kelly exhibition at the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne through May 25. The exhibition also includes five black-and-white photos of Mick taken by noted '60s photographer Robert Whitaker.
Mar. 2: Shows in Beijing and Shanghai, China confirmed
The Rolling Stones are confirmed to be playing two more shows in China, in addition to the two scheduled shows in Hong Kong, as they will play Shanghai on Tuesday April 1 and Beijing on Friday April 4. See the report by Associated Press. These are the Shanghai/Beijing dates that have been listed as rumored in the IORR 2003 tour pages.
Mar. 2: The Stones are ready for two shows in Brisbane
The Rolling Stones flew in from Melbourne to the Gold Coast south of Brisbane this afternoon, to prepare for their two last shows in Australia, at the Entertainment Centre in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on Mar. 4 and Mar. 5. A limited number of excellent tickets have just been made available for both shows.
Feb. 26: Three shows at Rod Laver Arena
The 14,000 capacity Rod Laver Arena, named after the Melbourne double Grand Slam tennis played Rod Laver, is the first venue on this tour that is having the Stones playing three shows in a row, as they did the first show last night Feb. 25, with two more shows due on Feb. 27 and Mar. 1. See the great triple show advertisement.
Feb. 24: Bangalore show broadcast on TV
The Rolling Stones show in Bangalore, India on April 11 is contracted for a TV broadcast few weeks later. Meanwhile the promoters are still working on getting the tax level right for the Mumbai show in India three days later. See details in
Feb. 21: VIP packages available through Fan Asylum
If you want access to the best available seats in the venue, and also a package including a top of the line hotel, then you should pay attention to the officially approved Fan Asylum, as referenced by They are selling VIP packages for European and Asian shows, including the now confirmed shows in Hong Kong, Budokan and Yokohama. PS. The Budokan arena sold out in 10 minutes when it went on public sale in Japan.
Feb. 21: Two Stones shows in India confirmed
Two Stones shows in India have been confirmed by The Times of India. The first show is set for Bangalore on April 11, as listed in the IORR 2003 tour dates pages. A second show is due for the 14th of April in India as well.
Feb. 20: Two Singapore shows confirmed and on sale today
The Rolling Stones are confirming two arena shows in Singapore on March 24 and 26. Tickets go on sale today, both through the internet and public. See Sistic and the Singapore Indoor Stadium.
Feb. 19: The Rolling Stones with AC/DC at the Enmore
Following a few days of rest and privacy in Australia, the Rolling Stones went public on Monday 17 through a press conference, announcing the Licks "Down Under" tour. The day after they opened the tour in front of 2,200 lucky fans, with a surprise guest spot by the AC/DC members Angus and Malcolm Young on "Rock Me Baby". See details, news links, photos and more on the Enmore Theatre show pages. The Sydney fans are ready for two more shows at the SuperDome on Feb. 20 and Feb. 22.
Feb. 16: Two Hong Kong shows confirmed
The Rolling Stones are confirming two shows in Hong Kong, China on March 28-29. Tickets go on sale Feb. 20, with pre-sales for HSBC credit card holders from Feb. 15. See press release with details on and Ticketek Hong Kong.
Feb. 14: Ronnie Wood DVD issued in U.S.
The Ronnie Wood DVD "Far East Man," taken from his November 2001 concert at Shepherd's Bush, was released in the U.S. on Feb. 4 through SPV Music. The 112-minute video includes the Stones song "Hey Negrita" as well as three from the Faces. It also includes interviews, backstage footage and an art gallery.
Feb. 10: The Rolling Stones to rock China
The LICKS tour will arrive to China in March/April, with shows in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, according to the Chinese promoter. See Yahoo news and the IORR 2003 tour dates.
Feb. 9: The Rolling Stones will do more shows in USA
During the show at MSG, NY, Jan. 18 Mick said: "I read in the paper today that this is probably our last show at the Garden. I don�t think so!". Then last night at the MGM Arena, LV Keith said: "This is our last show in the U.S. of A. I hope you're still here when we come back!" If you check out the official LICKS tour stage design pages by Mark Fisher it says "Licks world tour 2002-04". Will there be more shows in USA? I think so! They just have to play some shows in Australia, Asia and Europe first, before they close the circle.
Feb. 9: The Licks tour leaves America for Australia
The Rolling Stones played their show number 50 of their 2002 - 2003 LICKS world tour last night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. As they leave North America, they are now heading for Australia, with 8 shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, before going on to Japan, Asia. You may tell us about your greatest LICKS moments in North America through the LICKS memories pages.
Feb. 7: Budokan, Tokyo show confirmed
The Rolling Stones are confirmed for a show at the Budokan Hall in Tokyo, Japan on Monday March 10. Pre-sales of tickets on Feb. 10 at 11:00 AM from Udo Artists.
Feb. 6: Bilbao, Spain rumoured show
The Stones had to cancel their show in Bilbao, Spain during the previous tour in 1998 due to Mick getting voice problems in Nuremberg, but now it seems like Bilbao will get their show after all. The football stadium San Mam�s is rumoured for June 25, see El Correo Digital.
Feb. 4: Bill Clinton to speak at free Stones show
Bill Clinton will take the stage at the free Stones show on Thursday to talk about global warming. The concert will be preceded by a VIP party, which will be attended by stars such as Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio and Pierce Brosnan, who will turn up in hybrid cars and pose for photographers on a green carpet. See Ananova.
Jan. 31: Free Prague tickets for Mr. Havel
Sunday July 27 might be a new record breaking show for the Stones, as it seems they will really play the 500,000 capacity Letenska Plan in Prague, Czech Republic. Mr. Havel, Czech president until Sunday, and personal Stones friend and fan, and his wife will get tickets no. 1 and 2 for free. There will be advance booking of the first 100,000 tickets at 800 korun (25 dollar/euro), with VIP tickets at 5000 korun in portable seating areas. See Blesk for details.
Jan. 28: Milan, Italy June 10 confirmed
Ticketone in Italy are confirming the Rolling Stones will play in Milan on Tuesday June 10, as they cross the alps down to Italy from the three opening shows in Munich. Tickets go on sale Saturday February 1.
Jan. 28: Cranberries and Starsailor opening acts in Europe
The Cranberries are confirming they will open up for the Rolling Stones at the Munich, Germany arena and stadium shows June 4 and 6, while Starsailor will open up the shows in Amsterdam ArenA, Netherlands Aug. 19-20 and Twickenham Stadium, England Aug. 23-24. See the list of the 2003 Licks Tour Opening acts.
Jan. 27: Asian rumoured tour dates added
Rumored dates have been added for the IORR 2003 Asian Tour pages, including dates in China, India, Singapore, Thailand and the United Arabic Emirates. Please note that these dates are actually old rumours from last year, just like the rumoured Budokan and Yokohama dates in Japan.
Jan. 27: Twickenham 2nd show on sale Friday?
The 2nd Rolling Stones show at Twickenham Stadium on Sunday Aug. 24 may go on sale on Friday Jan. 31 according to UK press and radio today. Watch Ticketmaster UK for updates.
Jan. 27: Glasgow SECC arena rumoured for Stones shows
The 10,000 capacity SECC arena in Glasgow, Scotland is rumored for one or two Stones show in early September. See Sunday Mail.
Jan. 24: Amsterdam ArenA Aug. 20 confirmed
The Dutch tour promoter MOJO is confirming a 2nd Stones show at Amsterdam ArenA on Wed. Aug. 20, with tickets going on sale Saturday Feb. 1. This is the 6th Dutch show confirmed for the 2003 Licks Tour. The opening act for the Amsterdam ArenA shows will be Starsailor
Jan. 24: VIP packages for Stones shows
If you have a lot of money extra to spend on Stones tickets and VIP packages then you might try out the Fan Asylum VIP packages, including best available tickets to arena, stadium and club shows in selected cities, hotel rooms and VIP service such as pre-show parties etc.
Jan. 23: Jonny Lang, Susan Tedeschi opening acts
As Ryan Adams is finishing his job opening for The Rolling Stones in Oklahoma, the last few shows of the U.S. Licks tour will have Jonny Lang opening in Phoenix and Denver, while Susan Tedeschi will be opening in San Jose, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
Jan. 22: Keith Richards official web site up and running now
The official web site is now up and running. Check it out!
Jan. 18: New IORR magazine no. 46 out now
The new It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine issue IORR 46 was mailed out to all fan club members and subscribers last week, and should have arrived to each and every one of you by now, wherever you live in the world. The magazine is showing the best tour photos, show reviews, song by song matrixes, news and more. For information about how to subscribe see the Get IORR pages.
Jan. 18: TV broadcast of the Stones show tonight
The Rolling Stones will broadcast their show tonight Jan 18 at Madison Square Garden, NY all over USA through the TV cable company HBO. Show start 9pm sharp. Even the previous show this week on Jan 16 at The Garden was recorded by HBO through a complete TV production team, cameras all over. This means they have a complete show canned already, in case something goes wrong tonight, and also for possible DVD release edits.
Jan. 17: Twickenham London getting a 2nd show
The Richmond and Twickenham Times are confirmed that there will be a second Stones show at Twickenham Stadium on Sunday 24th August.
Jan. 17: Brisbane 2nd show confirmed
The 2nd show in Brisbane, Australia on March 5 is confirmed by Ticketek. Tickets go on sale Jan. 30.
Jan. 16: New tour shirts announcing unconfirmed shows
The Rolling Stones have introduced new official tour shirts this year, listing cities they might play in. New shows & cities not confirmed in public yet, but still listed on the T-shirts are Budokan (Tokyo), Yokohama, Milan, Zurich, Madrid, Barcelona, Prague, Belgrade and Zagreb. Being on the tour shirts is no guarantee for a show, as the press in Switzerland are telling their won't get any shows (might be Zurich being off), but most of these shows might happen. See the IORR 2003 tour dates.
Jan. 15: Meeting places in New York
If you are looking for a place to meet up with fans and friends for the Stones show this week at MSG then try out Mustang Harry's at 352 Seventh Avenue between 29th and 30th Streets; great place with a large bar, food and space. Also, check out Walter's Bar at 389 Eighth Avenue between 29th and 30th streets.
Jan. 15: New York book signing
Marilou Regan and other contributors to the book Love You Live, Rolling Stones: Fanfare from the Common Fan will be signing books before both Madison Square Garden shows on Jan 16 & 18. The signings will be at Walter's Bar 389 Eighth Avenue bet. 29th & 30th, from 4- 6:30 p.m.
Jan. 14: Bangkok show signed up for the Asian tour
Bangkok, Thailand seems to be ready for a Stones show in April, as the contract is now signed up by the promoter Bec-Tel for one show at the 13,000 capacity Impact Arena, Muang Than Thani, Bangkok.
Jan. 12: Korea and Hong Kong possible tour stops
It seems like the Rolling Stones are looking into adding one or two shows in Seoul, Korea to the Asian tour. The dates they have been discussing are the same dates as planned for Hong Kong, so Seoul will get different dates if they make it. See the Joong Ang Daily and IORR 2003 tour dates.
Jan. 10: Tour 2003 opens in Montreal
The Rolling Stones are back from one month of rest and holidays, starting up the 2003 part of their LICKS tour in Montreal, Canada earlier this week. Tomorrow they move on to Pittsburgh, before they go back to the tour opening city Boston. Enjoy the shows!
Jan. 10: Brisbane 2nd show pre-sales in Australia
VISA Preferred Seating in Australia is currently taking orders for a 2nd show in Brisbane on Wed. March 5.
Jan 9: Additional Melbourne show confirmed in Australia
Melbourne has got a third show on Saturday March 1, as confirmed by Ticketek in Australia. The show go on sale on Thu Jan 16 at 9am.
Jan. 6: Staples Center free concert - final call!
Today at midnight is the deadline for getting free tickets to the Rolling Stones show at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA, USA on Feb. 6, as announced in the IORR news of Dec. 23, 2002. To win free tickets please use the form at the NRDC Stones Concert pages.
Jan. 3: IORR magazine no. 46 due out next week
The next It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine IORR no. 46 will be mailed out on Friday Jan 10. The magazine will feature the greatest stories, news and photos from the Stones and their tour so far. To get the magazine see the get IORR pages.
Jan. 3: Ronnie Wood exhibition in Montreal
As the Rolling Stones prepare to play Montreal on Jan. 8, the Just for Laughs Museum, 2111 St. Laurent Blvd., Montreal, opens the Ronnie Wood art exhibition on Tuesday Jan. 7, running until Jan. 19. See The Montreal Gazette.
Jan. 3: Italian show June 10 confirmed by Ticketone
The Rolling Stones will probably head south to the Stadio Guiseppe Meazza in Milan, Italy on June 10, following their three European Tour opening shows in Munich next year. See Ticketone and the IORR 2003 tour dates.
Jan. 3: "Start Me Up" in Ford advertising
The song "Start Me Up" has been licensed by the Rolling Stones for use by Fort Motor Company, as shown in advertising spots during the next weeks in USA. According to Ford, the song "really gets your blood pumping". "Start Me Up" was licensed to Microsoft for the launch of their new generation Windows 95 user interface. See Adweek.

For the IORR news of late 2002 please see the July/August and September/December news files.

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