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The Rolling Stones
Enmore Theatre
Sydney, Australia
The Down Under opening show
Tuesday Feb. 18, 2003

The set list
  1. Midnight Rambler
  2. Tumbling Dice
  3. Live With Me
  4. Dead Flowers
  5. No Expectations
  6. Neighbours
  7. I Can't Turn You Loose
  8. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
  9. That's How Strong My Love Is
  10. Going To A Go Go
    --- Introductions
  11. Slipping Away
  12. Happy
  13. Start Me Up
  14. Rock Me Baby
  15. Honky Tonk Women
  16. It's Only Rock'n Roll
  17. Brown Sugar
  18. Satisfaction (encore)

Show time: 9:40 - 11:25
Warm-up band "Jam" on from 8:00 - 8:40

This was the "Down Under" opening show, i.e. the first of 8 shows in Australia. And it was a club show for 2,000 lucky fans who scored tickets and wristbands some time in December last year, when they went on sale on the internet. So as it was down under, why not make it a little bit upside down?

The Tour shirt has got green and yellow tongues. To fit in with the national sports colors. And "Down Under" is spelled upside down, with the three cities listed: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.

Even the set list was a bit upside down. They started with a long bluesy song - Midnight Rambler, a 10 minutes version. How many times have they started a show with "Rambler", or any other slow and complex 10 minutes songs? And they finished with Satisfaction, a song they easily drop when they play club shows. And finally they did not play "JUmping Jack Flash", one of the most played songs ever, and a song they always play...

"Rock Me Baby" had as guest spot as usual, when the Austraian famoust AC/DC guitarist brothers Angus and Malcolm Young played the blues with the Stones. While Angus "took over" the stage, to much amusement by all of the Stones, flirting with the crowd, and doing his great Chuck Berry'ish duck Walks, his brother Angus stayed in the background with Ronnie, even if Mick tried to get him up front too. A true great moment of real guitar playing and performance!

The show started late, and lasted for 1 h 45 minutes. It is hard to pick single songs that stood out tonight. Every single band member was sparkling and smiling. Charlie was so happy, you could see all his smiles. Keith proud of Mick and Ronnie when they did their most tricky bits throughout the show. And Keith himself handed out generous smiles and great licks all through the show.

Keith was interviewed on the television channel "Today" here at 7:50 in the morning (the time of the broadcast, not the interview). Some times it pays off to be an early bird. And they said Mick would be next, in another interview tomorrow, probably around the same time, during the breakfast broadcasts.

And while Mick was resting his voice by not singing at the rehearsals last night. his voice was perfect today. That's How Strong My Love Is... That might be a new disipline during the olympic games. If you can perform that song live the way Mick is running up and down, screaming out the lyrics, shaking his head madly, and catching the attention of the crowd, then you are a true athlet too!

SuperDome next!

Sydney Feb. 19 02:10am.

PS. Pictures, scans and newspaper articles coming tomorrow morning Australian time, i.e. later today your time...

Review by Kirk Trounson

This was the first rolling stones show i've ever been to, and man words struggle to describe it!!!! Opening with MR got it off to a rip roaring fast and furious start. Charlie seemed to be in top form driving them harder and faster and never missing abeat. Being there is so different from listening to the CD, there is no comparison!!! No CD could ever do this justice, it was just that incredible!!!!. One big surprise was the guest appearances of Angus and Malcolm Young of AC/DC on Rock me baby, each of them playing guitar, this made the audience ecstatic and the atmosphere absolutely electrifying. It just made the song sound so much more powerful.

Mick threw his waterbottle into the audience and it landed 2 rows in front of me, i had a great view from about 5 rows behind the standing area which sloped upwards towards the back of the theater allowing those of us in the seats to see over the floor. Another awesome thing about this show were the people i met and the fact that i was only 15 meters from the band!!!! In this show you sweat heaps you're on your feet the whole time but you don't care about that because the rolling stones are playing.

Maybe it was the theater or the fact i'd never heard them live, but Mick sounded a bit like he'd inhaled helium when he sang, he could have been trying to put on an aussie accent!!!?

It was a undescribable privilege to witness this piece of history, hopefully my photos will come out allright ha ha. The superdome arena shows cannot come around fast enough.

Finally, a huge thankyou to IORR, for hooking me up with someone with a ticket to the show, it was worth every cent!!!! To those yet to see the stones in person: go see them CD recordings simply don't do the shows justice compared with being there yourself.

Review by Simon Emmerson

I Just go back from the Enmore gig and I am still in a state of shock.What an incredible performance and great set list. The guys were amazing. I had travelled over 10,000 miles to see the show and it was worth every mile. They came onto blistering version of Midnight rambler and never looked back. The audience were blown away as they performed such gems as Thats how strong my love is,Everybody needs somebody to love,Can't turn you loose,Dead Flowers,No Expectations,Going to a go ,go etc.

We even got Angus and Malcolm young from AC/DC guesting on one number. Angus without the school boy gear was almost unrecognisable until he started to do the duck walk waggling his ass!Ronnie saw the funny side and started to clown around behind him.Priceless.

Superdome next.Beware these guys are lethal !

Review by Marco Peper & Roberto De Tuoni (Holland)

This was really amazing! Just imagine standing next to a dinnertable only 50 centimeters away from you. And Mick Jagger is dancing on the table! Or Keith is almost sitting on it. You would say it's impossible. But all the way down under in Sydney it became reality. We were soooo close. If we have wanted to, we could have touched the strings on Keith guitar.

About the show: Just incredible. Highlights: That's How Strong My Love Is, No Expectations, Rock Me Baby with AC/DC, and Rambler as an opening song for the first time ever.

Speaking about opening things: the opnening band The Jatt (or Jett or Jet....) was really good, maybe one of the best of the last few tours. It's nice to have them back on the next Aussie shows.

Now we've seen the Stones in three different continents. And the Stones just DON'T STOP and we will neither.

If they will ever play in heaven, we would go there as well. In fact the Enmore was pretty close!

Reviwew by Rod Davies

When a show opens with a 10 minute Midnight Rambler you know its gonna be great. When you get Angus and Malcom Young (AC/DC) on stage for 5-6 minutes of Rock Me Baby, when you get Live with Me, Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, Dead Flowers, No Expectations, and NO Jumping Jack Flash, but rather a closing run including Its Only Rock and Roll, Honky Tonk Woman with Keith on his knees playing the opening riffs one hand in the air, guitar balanced on his knees, Start Me Up, Brown Sugar (BLOODY LOUD and BLOODY LONG) and Satisfaction, when you get Ronnie Wood playing slide guitar on 2 songs whilst seated on a spinning bar stool and not missing a lick, when you get Neighbours, when you get about 500 people standing round the stage sweating and screaming for the whole show and the other 1500 punters in seats all on their feet from second one in a theatre that size, well, it's just gonna be unbeleivable.

So much by-play between Mick and Ronnie and Mick and Keith�and of course all of them with Charlie! They looked really happy to be playing at the Enmore. 3 songs in and Mick says "Its so fucking hot in here!"

Keith got bunches of flowers, cigarettes Ronnie and he threw away guitar picks between every song.

I told Lenore, my wife, before the show that if I enjoyed it I was going to extend my stay and go out to the Superdome on Thursday night. At the end of the show I was so-o-o-o whacked out and amazed by what I'd seen and felt and heard that THERE WAS NO WAY I COULD SEE THEM from 200 metres away, so after getting back to our Sydney base at 1.00am, we got up at 5.00am and got on a 6.00am flight and here I am back in Perth!

But the best bit????? Before the Stones there was a support act and for their set I was sitting ON the stage. For the 50 minutes waiting for The Stones to come on I sat there. Just before the Stones came on, a security guard came over and told me to get off, so I did. But, when Keith walked from behind the drum kit playing the opening lick to Midnight Rambler, I jumped BACK UP ON TO THE STAGE AND STAYED THERE for the whole show. I got Mick, Keith and Ronnie stand right over me at various times through the show. Got a high five from Keith.

An absolutely fantastic experience�..

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