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The Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds Album 2023

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The Rolling Stones
Hackney Diamonds
New Album by October 20, 2023

Last Update Sep. 20, 2023

The new Rolling Stones album "Hackney Diamonds" is due out Oct 20, 2023. These pages are a compilation of the most important parts of the album release, including graphics, press events and other information related to the album.

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The Rolling Stones announced their new studio album "Hackney Diamonds" on September 6. Also, they released their new single Angry on Sep 6. The announcement was done with a press event at the Hackney Empire in Hackney, London UK on Wednesday Sep 6.

Hackney Diamonds track list as of Apple Play:

  1. Angry
  2. Get Close
  3. Depending On You
  4. Bite My Head Off
  5. Whole Wide World
  6. Dream Skies
  7. Mess It Up
  8. Live By The Sword (with Bill Wyman)
  9. Driving Me Too Hard
  10. Tell Me Straight (Keith)
  11. Sweet Sounds Of Heaven (with Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder)
  12. Rolling Stone Blues (Muddy Waters classic)
12 songs, 48 minutes
A Polydor Records Release
October 20, 2023

The album "Hackney Diamonds", and related single(s), will be available in a large number of formats and packages. For details and ordering information please see: The Rolling Stones official web pages

Track by track


Get Close

Depending On You

Bite My Head Off

Whole Wide World

Dream Skies

Mess It Up

Live By The Sword (with Bill Wyman)

Driving Me Too Hard

Tell Me Straight (Keith)

Sweet Sounds Of Heaven (with Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder)

Rolling Stone Blues (Muddy Waters classic)

Hackney Diamonds preview by The Times

Selected press was given pre-release copies of the "Hackney Diamonds" album ahead of the press release on Sept. 6. One of these were The Times:

I’ve heard Hackney Diamonds - It’s the best Rolling Stones album since 1978 Will Hodgkinson, The Times, UK - Sep. 06, 2023

The following is what The Times is sayng about the tracks on the new album:

Over the past few weeks I have had the chance to speak to Jagger, Richards and Wood about Hackney Diamonds. “I’ve been googling you, as you do,” says Jagger, a cheerful figure at the centre of a large sofa, at the other end of a Zoom call from his house in France. Then he reveals, in a manner that suggests he doesn’t take himself or the Rolling Stones too seriously, that Hackney Diamonds was not an easy album to make. ...

I have been lucky enough to hear the whole of Hackney Diamonds. And although the plan was to crush me to death by a giant tongue logo should I announce to the world the song titles or the guests popping up throughout, in the event the Stones revealed the lot themselves in Hackney. All the remaining original Stones reunited on a track recorded in 2019, with Charlie Watts, who died in 2021, and Bill Wyman contributing to Live by the Sword. ...

Paul McCartney has already been confirmed as playing bass on one track, while Richards sings a lamenting slow number called Tell Me Straight. All are originals but one: Rolling Stone Blues, the Muddy Waters classic that gave the band their name but which, funnily enough, they have never covered before. ...

Jagger has written a song called Dreamy Skies about getting away from it all, while Stevie Wonder and Lady Gaga make appearances on Sweet Sounds of Heaven, a gospel-infused future classic. The Stones were recording at Henson studios in Los Angeles and, as Mick puts it, “I was singing away when I looked down to see a woman at my feet and went, ‘Oh, it’s Lady Gaga.’ ” ...

Sweet Sounds is a highlight of an album that is unquestionably the Stones’ best since 1978’s Some Girls. Variously poignant, irreverent, anarchic, and even quite spiritual on that track — although as Richards says to Jagger at the Hackney Empire, “You’ve never been to church in your life” — it touches on all the aspects we love about the band, glued together by the rambunctious energy they have made their own since the early Sixties. ...

The first single, Angry, is driven by a riff similar to the one in Start Me Up and accompanied by a video of the White Lotus actress Sydney Sweeney driving down LA’s Sunset Strip in a convertible as various versions of Jagger, Richards, Wood and Wyman pop up on billboards and Jagger asks why everyone is so angry with him. It is classic Stones: simple, exciting, a little ridiculous, imbued with that magical, almost innocent quality that makes the world seem like a better place. ...

Jagger’s answer to the problem of making a great Stones album in 2023 was to erase any overthinking by going in fast. The Stones had tried a similar approach on Some Girls, which was recorded in the space of a few weeks at EMI’s Pathé Marconi studio in Paris. Now, after knocking a few songs into shape with Richards, the pianist Matt Clifford and the drummer Steve Jordan at GeeJam studios in Jamaica, Jagger arranged for Andrew Watt, an enthusiastic 32-year-old producer with a love of classic rock and credits on recent Iggy Pop and Ozzy Osbourne albums, to come down to some sessions at Electric Lady studios in New York to see if the other band members could handle his unique energy. From there, the Stones and their cohorts cut the bulk of the album at Henson in LA and Sanctuary studios in the Bahamas, mostly in the space of a month at the start of 2023. ...

... You certainly feel it was the singer who was pushing the whole thing along. “Mick is a great one for pushing,” confirms Richards, who seems like a great one for holding back, even down to the tempo of the song. “Mick says, ‘It goes like this,’ I say, ‘No, it goes a bit slower,’ but honestly, you play it by f***ing ear. If it feels right then it is right. Making an album with the Stones is controlled madness. Mick is the controller and I’m the madness.” Richards is at his house in Connecticut, where a library room seems to be increasingly providing one of rock’s greatest dissolutes with all the stimulation he needs. He’s even given up smoking. “That is Mick’s whole thing: let’s do it,” he says of Jagger’s legendary drive. “In this instance it was the right time to put the boot behind us and get going.” ...

There was the challenge of getting everyone match-fit, not least because the plan was to record the album as live as possible and with a minimum of overdubs. Surely two huge world tours from 2018 to 2022, with a break for a global pandemic in the middle, must have helped. “You’d be surprised by how rusty you get, very quickly indeed,” Jagger counters. “You’ve got to practise all the time or you lose the vocal high notes and the finger dexterity. In the studio you must learn new parts, do them, and have the strength and ability to do multiple takes.” ...



  • I’ve heard Hackney Diamonds - It’s the best Rolling Stones album since 1978 Will Hodgkinson, The Times, UK - Sep. 06, 2023

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