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The Rolling Stones European Tour 2003

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These pages will supply information about the cities the Stones will be visiting this summer. To read about each individual city please select the actual city link in the IORR travel guide pages. If you have information for these pages please send e-mail to [email protected].

Nearest big city


How to get to the city

Landing at Copenhagen Airport : There´s a direct train connection every 20 minutes to the Central Station ( Hovedbanegården ). About 15 minutes. Further information here : Copenhagen Airport

Traintravellers will arrive at the Central Station. Read more here : Copenhagen Central Station

Norwegian and Polish fans will probably arrive on the ferries from Oslo, Swinoujscie and Gdansk.. Right in the heart of Copenhagen. Near Nyhavn. Nyhavn

How to get to the venue

Most places in Copenhagen can easily be reached by simply walking around. But we buses, local trains and even a metro. Check out the ticket-system at Click on 'tourist'. Be sure to buy a 'discount card' - in Danish iBlåt klippekort'. For 95 DKK you get 10 travels with public transport in the two inner zones ( including 'Parken' ). These cards cannot be bought in the buses, but you can buy them at stations and in various kiosks. Beware that major route-changes are taking place from May 25th. This is very important if you think you already know the lines to Parken. So you can use the following from the city-center : Line 1A heading towards 'Hellerup', Line 14 towards 'Svanemøllen' and Line 15 towards 'Ryparken'. Bus nos 3 and 18 are also possible, but not from the city-center. And do not worry : There are lots of public transport also after the concert.

Travel information

Almost everybody speaks English in Denmark, so don´t worry about not understanding how to get to Parken. Parken location shows you how Parken is situated. Don´t worry. You won´t be late. Except if you´re driving a car to the venue. Like almost everywhere else parking can cause a problem and may be quite expensive. Take a look at the official information in English here : Parken English Guide

Venue maps

Recommended hotels

First of all you will like to find a place to stay. If you´re on a low budget this is the place to stay : It´s decent, clean and only 200 metres away from Parken. If money isn´t your first concern, then be sure to book this hotel : It´s situated at the harbour near Nyhavn, the most beautiful part of the city centre - and you may even walk ( 30 minutes ) to Parken from this hotel. The restaurant there is excellent. Fans from Norway coming by boat will have to walk only 50 metres from the ferry. A very fine hotel with a direct bus to Parken ( approx. 40 minutes ) can be found here : A mid-price hotel situated in what used to be the red-light district can be found here : This area - Vesterbro/Copenhagen V. - is a very nice place to stay in. Nice restaurants, bars etc. Almost part of the city center. Direct bus to Parken ( 30 minutes ). If you´re still not satisfied, then look here : or The Rolling Stones will - if they stay in Copenhagen - most likely stay here :

Recommended bars/restaurants

Just before the concert you may end up here five minutes away from Parken : McGrath's Irish Pub

This could be the place to meet before the concert. Or you may want to eat as well close to Parken, then it´s here : Park Cafe

It´s almost impossible to write about resaturants. Drinking a beer or two can be done everywhere, but a few very good places have to be mentioned :

Also check out the following address I Byen - a nice web-site only in Danish. Well, simply see Nyhavn

Meeting place for fans

City map

Tourist links

Tourist attractions and maps can be found on Visiting Copenhagen Tivoli Gardens and Christinia are two very opposite attractions. Read about them and decide where you want to go. Be sure NOT to miss a small harbour-cruise. All boats can be boarded at Nyhavn. For other sightseeing possiblities, please see Tours in Copenhagen

Other local events

Chris Jagger plays in "Pumpehuset" , Copenhagen" - the very same day as The Stones do their concert in Parken: 13/7 2003. The concert of Chris Jagger (and his group) starts late in the evening (23.00 local time). Tickets for this concert: 125 danish kr.



Thanks to Kim Halling Mortensen and Michael Gorm Nielsen for information!

For more Stones news see IORR 47 of May 2003!

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