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The Rolling Stones
Munich, Germany
June 1-3, 2003

For the rehearsals reports see below. Please be aware of the fact that some of the songs rehearsed might show up live during the opening night or during the other Munich shows. If you want to keep the set list and all the songs that might appear on it as a secret, then do NOT read on. The information below might spoil your surprise during the show. If you can't wait to be told, this is the place to find out how The Rolling Stones, the world's greatest rock'n'roll band, has been preparing for the European Tour 2003!

Also, see special pages for the actual Munich shows set lists and reviews:

Friday May 30

The Rolling Stones are starting to arrive into Munich, checking in to their hotel, also bringing their families, like they often do at tour starts and other important tour stops.

Saturday May 31

The rest of the band members, crew and support personel are in place. Preparations for rehearsals are done at a studio outside Munich center.

Sunday June 1

The first Munich rehearsals start late today, just before sunset. Keith is not present at the rehearsals, but he will show up tomorrow... They rehearse past midnight, and finishing off with playing and singing "Happy Birthday Charlie"...

Monday June 2

The whole band arrives some time after Mick. They are totally relaxed, and do some great blusy versions of what is normally tight songs. Songs like "Can't You Hear Me Knocking", which is normally loose and blusey itself, was even more loose and totally relaxed, like it was played at a club show with only 5-10 people attending. Well that was in fact what happened, they played for themselves and the crew plus some friends.

They did not run through a complete set list tonight, but by reading through what they did, you will see some new songs and some great shows coming up!

They had lots of long breaks between the songs. That is why I say this was not a regular run-through of a set list.

Lady Jane was worth all the hazzle to get out to the rehearsals site alone. Just hearing how Mick's vocals built up this song from take to take, very loyal to the original version, soft and clean, still fresh like it was made during the night, was so great. It was singing in my ears all the way back home after the rehearsals, all through the night, and even today, the day after, all I can sing is "My Sweet Lady Jane", "Will I see you again" etc. Will it be for Circus Krone? Or will they take the risk and give it to us during the opening show in Olympiahalle? Only time will tell!

She Was Hot sounded strange on the first take. I thought it was just like listening to it straight from the record. But that was exactly what happened. They played She Was Hot straight from the CD, with Mick's original vocals, and then Keith ansd Ronnie overdubbed and tested out their riffs. And those riffs were great! So raw and intense. I wish they could keep them that way, but I am sure they will be polished on their way into the show. On take two they did the real 100% live version with Mick on vocals, and I really wish they will play it later this week.

Charlie! How he beat up his drums at the rehearsals tonight! How he loves to just crash the drums one or two times during a song. And too bad he is far too diciplined to do it often at shows, but when it is rehearsals and it is your bithday then I thing you should be allowed to have some extra fun!

Well, rehearsals are just that. Rehearsals. They are not supposed to be judged or even evaluated by anyone. But hey, this is the Stones, and wild horses could not drag me away from such great nights. Even without a crowd, the Stones sound great. Last night we were half a dozen fans at the most, enjoying these rare riffs, tomorrow there will be a lot more at the opening show!

PS. It is unclear if they will rehearse or take a break tonight, the night before the opening show. I believe they moved out all the equipment from the studio last night, as we left, so it seems they will build up for the Olympiahalle tonight, either having a day off, or may me more rehearsals.

Tuesday June 3

While there were only half a dozen fans outside the studio the previous night, a lot more fans were outside the Olympiahalle tonight, waiting for the Stones to arrive and do another day of rehearsals. There were probably around 50 fans outside, mostly by the side entrance, where the band and crew got in and out of the venue.

The Stones arrived at their usual time, and rehearsed for a couple of hours. Then they took a break, and Keith did some 30-40 minutes of rehearsals in the end. They left early, before midnight. This is some of the songs they rehearsed:

The "Keith ballad" is something I have never heard before, but it seems like it was "Nearness To You". It sounded great. They did it two times, so may be it will be played during the tour too. Or may be he just does it because he loves it for himself!

The Olympiahalle floor has got two sections. The inner section is surrounded by a barrier that is going in a curve from the side of the stage, all around and keeping the smaller B-stage inside the front section, then back to the other side of the stage. If you have followed the web camera from the arena build-up then you should have seen it. This means 50% of the floor is inside this barrier, and 50% is outside. I will assume they have a system of first come, first served for this pit, so that every person in the front section will get a wristband or a stamp on their hand, to know who is inside and outside. So You must be there early if you want to be in the front section, it seems. Still, this is an arena, so I think all places on the floor are ok.

See the web camera pictures taken by Vedran.

Please send your reports to [email protected]. Thanks!

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