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The Rolling Stones European Tour 2003

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These pages will supply information about the cities the Stones will be visiting this summer. To read about each individual city please select the actual city link in the IORR travel guide pages. If you have information for these pages please send e-mail to [email protected].

Nearest big city


How to get to the city

Arlanda airport

Fast train Arlanda/Stockholm in 20 minutes

Bus Stockholm/Arlanda in 40 minutes

How to get to the venues

Underground and bus time tables and maps

Travel information

Venue maps


Recommended hotels

Stockholm Hotels

Recommended bars/restaurants

Hard Rock Caf� is 15-20 minutes walking from Stockholm Stadion, great place to meet.

Globen is outside the city, but there is a large shopping center called Globen City - with many bars, restaurants, and also a hotel.

Cirkus is nearby many bars and restaurants on the street Strandv�gen, leading to Djurg�rden.

Meeting place for fans

Glimmer gatherings are meetings with fans who talk and meet on the internet. I have the following for you regarding Stockholm:

There is a GG at Hard Rock Caf�. Check out, (it�s in swedish though... if you looking for a map, click on "Karta"). There will be lot of Stones activities at Hard Rock Caf� since Virgin and Hard Rock are making a big event of the Olympic Stadium show. But we will have our own tables (together with people from IORR and The Shidoobee boards) as long as we book them soon. Virgin has promised something special for us, I don't know what. If you wanna come along, don't hesitate, write me a note. :-) I haven't arranged any postshow party for the Olympia Stadium Show, but Hard Rock Caf� might be a good place to return to, it's a Friday night so all other pubs are probably pretty jammed anyway.

But the other GG's will be at a nice pub closer to the city, The Dubliner, check out There's no real plans for Saturday, but you can always look for other glimmers at The Dubliner after 01 p.m. when they open on Saturday, they closes at 3 a.m. But there are a lot of other nice pubs in Stockholm as well; The Loft Akkurat, with a very good selection of single malts Gondolen Wirstr�ms Bistro Boheme, click on "Hitta hit" for a map, Staropramen on tap :-) Harry B James, but there are so many more if you wanna go bar-hopping. :-)

On Sunday, The Globe Show day, I have booked tables at The Dubliner, they open at 04 p.m. I suggest we be there when the door opens since we have to take the subway to get to The Globe. They will close at 01 a.m. on Sunday, but if we're enough people on the postshow party they can keep it open until 03 a.m. :-)

I have booked tables at The Dubliner on Tuesday, The Cirkus show day, as well. They open the door at 04 p.m. and one can walk to The Cirkus, but it's not close, half an hour walk maybe. Other possibilities are bus, tram or boat. And taxi of course. The Dubliner closes at 03 a.m. on Tuesday even if we are only five of us who's thirsty after the show... ;-)

If you wanna join the parties, write me at [email protected] About 30 people have signed up for the GG's at The Dubliner so far.

Mats Thunberg (organizing Swedish "glimmer")

City map

Tourist links


stockholm conference

Other local events

Football game on July 17: AIK (Stockholm) vs. IFK G�teborg at R�sunda Fotbollsstadion in Solna (where the Stones played in 1970) probable crowd ca 15-20,000 people.

Ronnie�s artshow in Stockholm will be at a computer company called Welltons Way, Birger Jarlsgatan 27 (near Stureplan). The exhibition will be shown for the press on July 17th, and the opening will be two days later. The company plans to �broadcast� the opening live on their web site,



Gr�na Lund is a great amusement park 100 meters (steps) from Circus on Djurg�rden. Don't miss it!


Thanks to Stefan Mellerborg, Joelle Bonnet and Mats Thunberg for information!

For more Stones news see IORR 47 of April 2003!

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