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Dec. 29: Rolling Stones record ticket sales for 2005
The Rolling Stones performed in front of 1.2 million fans this year, with an average ticket price of US $134, making record ticket sales of 162 million US dollars. U2 generated the second most gross receipts, $139 million, with an average ticket price of $97 and 1.4 million tickets, according to Pollstar. See reports by Reuters and AP.
Dec. 28: Tokyo Dome shows advertised in Japan
Japanese media are as of today running advertisements for the shows in Tokyo Dome on March 22 and 24, with ticket prices listed at Yen 9,000 - 18,000, equivalent to US $75-$150. Tickets are said to go on sale early Jan. 2006.
Dec. 28: Atlanta show confirmed for Feb 8
The Rolling Stones are returning to the Philips Arena in Atlanta for anoter show on Feb. 8. See the updated list of tour dates. Pre-sales of tickets through is starting tomorrow Dec. 29, while public ticket sales start Jan. 9.
Dec. 24: Season greetings!
The Rolling Stones are in the middle of a great new tour. If you haven't seen them yet on this tour then there's plenty of chances next year as well. Thanks to everyone for 2005. Have a nice Christmas and New Year, and play your Stones records loud if you can. Merry Christmas - Bon Noel - Fröhliche Weihnacht - Prettig Kerstfeest - Feliz Natal - ¡Feliz Navidad! - Wesolych Swiat - Gleðileg Jól - God Jul!
Dec 18: Horsens Denmark show sold out this morning
Denmark proved to be just as Stones crazy as Norway and Sweden, by selling out 75,000 tickets to the Horsens show in around five hours time this morning. See reports by Horsens Folkeblad.
Dec 15: Opening acts for North America 2006 confirmed
The list of opening acts for the shows in USA & Canada 2006 have been confirmed by the Stones, including acts such as Brooks and Dunn, Merle Haggard, Anik Jean, Sloan, Metric, Antigone Rising, Soulive, Queens of the Stone Age & The Meters. See complete list in the IORR Spring 2006 tour dates list.
Dec 15: Horsens Denmark show confirmed today
The Rolling Stones are confirming their show in Horsens Denmark today. The concert site in Horsens has been upgraded to a record crowd of 75,000 people, and the organizer have been winning a close race concert bid vs. Herning, also in Jutland Denmark. Tickets go on sale Sunday Dec. 18 at 8am in the morning. A dedicated web site has been developed to support the event, see For tourist and area info see links on the IORR European Tour dates 2006 pages.
Dec 14: Bergen Norway sold out in half an hour
The Rolling Stones show in Bergen Norway next summer went on sale at 10am this morning and sold out completely in 30 minutes. A total of 16,000 ticket were sold this morning, while another 2,500 tickets went through the fan club pre-sales on Monday. Also, the Gothenburg Sweden show with more than 50,000 tickets sold out in 3 hours this week. The Stones are still hot in Scandinavia. See report by and
Dec 13: Largest Stones crowd ever in Rio next year
Local organizers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil hosted a press conference today announcing a free Stones show at the Copacabana Beach on Feb. 18, with an expected record crowd of up to 1.5 million people. The show will be broadcasted live by TV Globo, and a DVD will be produced for public release. See Reuters report.
Dec 12: Berlin Germany show confirmed and on pre-sales now
The Rolling Stones show number 8 for Germany has just been confirmed for July 21. Tickets are available on pre-sales now, see
Dec 8: Rolling Stones receive Grammy nomination
The Stones received a Grammy nomination today in the rock album category for "A Bigger Bang". Also nominated were Coldplay, Foo Fighters, U2 and Neil Young. Winners will be announced in Los Angeles on Feb. 8.
Dec 5: Amsterdam 2nd show confirmed
The rumoured 2nd show by the Stones in Amsterdam on Aug 1 has been confirmed. See MOJO for details.
Dec 3: Last Stones show this year in Memphis
The last show of the Bigger Bang tour this year was performed tonight in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, as the Stones did their show number 43 of this tour. The band paid tribute to the city and all the famous music acts coming from Memphis, and they did Mr. Pitiful - "recorded right here in this city 1964" as Mick said.
Dec 2: Ronnie Wood with Ian MacLagan at club gig last night
After the Rolling Stones show last night in Houston, Ronnie Wood joined in with old-times mate Ian MacLagan, for yet another gig. See reports and pictures from the The Continental Club in Houston.
Dec 2: Wembley show sold out, 2nd show added
The 90,000 capacity Stones show at "new" Wembley stadium, London on Aug 20 sold out in an hour this morning. Another show is added for Aug 22, and will go on sale on Dec. 9. See the IORR European Tour dates 2006 and
Dec 1: One more to go for the red & white trucks
The red & white trucks from Upstaging have been on the road for the Rolling Stones in North America since August this year, and have made a stop today in Houston, Texas, before their final Bigger Bang Tour stop this year in Memphis, Tennessee.
Nov 29: Stones at Superbowl confirmed today
The Rolling Stones are today confirmed officially for the Super Bowl XL halftime show in Detroit on Sunday Feb. 5. USA Today is today featuring a full-page announcement with a great poster saying "SUPER BOWL XL - 40th Anniversary - Just got even bigger! The Rolling Stones perform live."
Nov 29: European Stones tickets on sale now
The regular ticket sales for the Rolling Stones European Tour 2006 will start on Saturday, but pre-sales have started already today. With an American Express card you get pre-sales access right away. Check out your local ticket offices, or try for Germany, or in general. Also see the IORR Tell Me pages.
Nov 29: Rolling Stones press conference this morning
The Rolling Stones stayed up late in Dallas, USA to do a 40 minutes press conference broadcasted live in Europe at 8am CET this morning. The European Tour dates for 2006 were announced. Updates, reports and confirmed dates will follow here shortly on the European Tour Dates pages Also see the IORR Euro News updates.
Nov 28: European Tour dates announcement tomorrow
The Rolling Stones will announce their European Tour dates in a press interview broadcast from their current touring location in Dallas, Texas, USA tomorrow Tuesday. Follow your local TV and radio stations closely. Many shows are being added to the IORR lists right now. See updates during the next hours of the IORR list of European Tour Dates. Also see the IORR Euro News updates running live now.
Nov 22: The Stones on American Music Awards
The Rolling Stones played "Rain Fall Down" and "It's Only Rock'n Roll" during their live American Music Awards telecast from Salt Lake City tonight. The ceremony aired on ABC from 8-11 p.m. EST/PST.
Nov 18: Argentina shows on sale Tuesday
The shows in Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 21 and 23, 2006 are now confirmed once more officially, and will go on sale in Argentina on Tuesday Nov. 22. This is a pre-sale of the most expensive tickets, available for VISA card holders. See the 2006 tour dates.
Nov 16: European Tour dates update
As the final games were played today, all the 32 qualifying countries are now ready for the FIFA World Cup in Germany 2006. The Stones should now have one more major factor of the European Tour 2006 puzzle ready, and the tour details are expected to be announced soon. See updates coming up here later today on the IORR European Tour 2006 pages.
Nov 16: IORR fan club 25 years
It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine issue number one was published November 1980, exactly 25 years ago. Approx 30 magazines were mailed out to hard core Stnes fans. Still running, number fiftyfour will be out in December.
Nov 15: Final US stadium show tonight in SF
The Rolling Stones are performing their final scheduled stadium show in San Francisco tonight, not counting the special Superbowl performance next year. The big stadium stage will move south of the border, while the North American shows will be performed in arena sized venues from now on. See the IORR reports from the San Francisco shows on Sunday and tonight.
Nov 14: Rare Hurricane CD available at shows
If you make a donation to the Red Cross at the Rolling Stones shows, to support the "Disaster Relief Fund for Hurricane Katrina", you will get a free CD with an unreleased Stones song. The CD comes in a plain white cardboard sleeve with the writing "Oh, How it shrieks. Days turn into weeks. Nobody knows which way the wind blows... Hurricane." The track seems to be an outtake from the May 2002 Licks sessions, and is Keith on vocals and acoustic guitar with Ronnie. But make sure you are early at the shows, because the Red Cross seems to be out of these CD's before the warm-up band is on!
Nov 8: As Tears Go By in Hollywood
Keith Richards picked a 12 string acoustic guitar, sitting on a stool, and Ronnie grabbed another acoustic guitar with too short cable, for the rare front-stage live debut of "As Tears Go By" in Hollywood tonight. Also, the Stones did 3 songs back-to-back from their new album, including the debut of "It Won't Take Long". Plus Infamy by Keith of course. See set list and reviews from the Hollywood Bowl show tonight.
Nov 6: The Rolling Stones at the Hollywood Bowl tonight
The Rolling Stones performed their first of two shows at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles tonight. The intimate stage of the famous Hollywood Hills amphiteatre made the show into a club stage act for the band. For three songs the band moved up front stage to perform three songs on an even more tiny space. See reviews and pictures from the shows tonight and on Tuesday.
Nov 6: Tim Ries Rolling Stones project in LA and SF
Tim Ries will do his "Rolling Stones project" between Stones shows in Los Angeles tomorrow Nov. 7 and San Francisco next week Nov. 14, featuring jazz versions of Rolling Stones songs, with Bernard Fowler on vocals, Michael Davis on trombone among others. For tickets and more information see Largo in Los Angeles and Yoshi's in San Francisco (Oakland).
Nov 1: Great reviews as the Stones tour go west
With a week of rest following the show in Charlotte, the Stones took their tour west, with excellent reviews in press and by fans. Read the reports from Calgary on Friday and Seattle last night.
Oct 30: Rolling Stones TV special on Sat. 1 tonight
The German TV station Sat. 1 will be featuring the Rolling Stones in the program "Music Special", broadcasting from 00:20 to 02:00 tonight. It is subtitled "Live: A Bigger Bang", but it is unclear if it will actually be any live material from this tour. PS. Listed under Monday morning Oct 31.
Oct 26: Starbucks to distribute Stones rarities CD
The US coffee retailer Starbucks Corp will be selling the new Rolling Stones album Rarities 1971-2003 through their 10,000 or so coffee stores, in a non-exclusive deal with Virgin Records. The album is due out on Nov 21 in Europe, Nov. 22 in North America. See Reuters and Starbucks for details.
Oct 20: Charlotte Bobcats Arena opened officially today
The Charlotte Bobcats Arena was opened officially today by Mayor Pat McCrory and Bobcats owner Bob Johnson. And tomorrow it will be in use for the first time ever by The Rolling Stones.
Oct 17: Night Time with Joss Stone in Miami
Joss Stone warmed up for the Stones in Miami tonight, and later on she joined in with Mick on a duet doing Night Time Is The Right Time. See reports from the show in Miami.
Oct 17: The Stones to perform at the American Music Awards
The Rolling Stones are expected to be performing at the American Music Awards, according to a press release by Virgin. The awards ceremony is on Nov. 22, so this might be a taped performance, or live from the show in Salt Lake City that night.
Oct 17: A Bigger Bang number one in Italy
The Rolling Stones have been making the number one spot on the charts with a new studio album for the first time in 40 years in Italy, as their new album "A Bigger Bang" is selling well to fans of all ages. See Billboard.
Oct 13: Rain Fall Down video to be recorded in Atlanta
Swedish video producer Jonas Åkerlund will be recording "performance" scenes to the new Rolling Stones video "Rain Fall Down" in Atlanta tomorrow Friday, as the Stones are in Atlanta for the show in the city the day after. Then he will finish the video in a studio in Los Angeles. See Swedish Expressen.
Oct 11: Rain Fall Down in Philadelphia last night
The Stones performed "Rain Fall Down" from their new album A Bigger Bang for the first time last night in Philadelphia. Also they performed "Angie". See set list and reports from the Philadelphia Oct 10 show.
Oct 10: Bonus DVD and rarities album due out
There will be a special edition of "A Bigger Bang" with a bonus DVD. Also there will be a rarities release due out this fall. See details about the Bonus DVD and the Rarities releases.
Oct 7: Bomb threat disrupts Charlottesville show
The Stones show in Charlottesville last night was interrupted due to a bomb threat. The Stones left the stage for an hour while police searched the stage. Then they returned to finish the rest of the show. See details in the IORR Charlottesville reviews.
Oct 3: "Streets of Love" in soap opera
The Stones' new single and video "Streets of Love" will be featured in the NBC soap opera "Days of Our Lives" - first time into the show on Oct. 18, then later on as a recurring love theme for one of the show's story lines. See Billboard/Reuters for details.
Sep. 25: Sway in Columbus last night
The Stones finally made the IORR wish list come through last night as they made the debut of "Sway". The show opener was "Brown Sugar", and they also did "Mr. Pitiful" for the first time on this tour, not counting the Toronto club show. See the IORR Columbus reviews for details.
Sep. 21: Stones fall to No. 12 on U.S. album charts
“A Bigger Bang” fell nine places to No. 12 on the U.S. album charts, according to sales data released today. In Britain, the album tumbled 11 places to No. 13 in its second week.
Sep. 19: MSG New York City show Jan 20 confirmed
The Stones have announced an additional show at New York City's Madison Square Garden for Jan 20. Pre-sales of tickets are starting tomorrow. See the IORR list of Tour Dates and
Sep. 18: Back to Albany after 40 years
This tour is about playing in front of more fans, and Albany had the Stones visiting last time 40 years ago. Last night they added "Midnight Rambler", and did not play "Tumbling Dice" for the first time on this tour. After 13 shows including the Toronto club show, they are now taking one week off before going to Columbus. See the reports from Albany.
Sep. 16: Satisfied fans at Giants show last night
The Rolling Stones made all the fans happy at the show last night at Giants Stadium in New Jersey just outside New York City. Mick said it was great to play a fotball stadum, and he confirmed they will play at half time during the Superbowl in USA next year. See reviews and comments in the IORR Giants Stadium pages.
Sep. 14: Stones open at No. 3 on U.S album charts
“A Bigger Bang” opened at No. 3 on the U.S. pop album charts with sales of 129,000 copies in the week ended Sept. 11. Forecasters had expected a figure in the range of 135,000-150,000 copies. The tally compares with first-week sales of 160,000 copies for “Bridges to Babylon,” which also opened at No. 3, and 154,000 copies for “Voodoo Lounge,” which opened at No. 2. See details by Reuters.
Sep. 14: Arena show at MSG last night
The Rolling Stones took their arena stage to MSG New York last night, and unlike the large stadium stage, the arena stage and the MSG setting was so intimate many fans felt they were attending a theatre show last night. Songs performed including the 2005 slower version of "19th Nervous Breakdown". See the IORR Madison Square Garden show reports.
Sep. 13: More US arena shows confirmed for March
The Rolling Stones have confirmed a 2nd show in Boston, and also a show at Sunrise, Ft. Lauderdale (near Miami) for USA March 2006. Also, the LA Forum date have changed. Tickets go on pre-sale today. See the IORR tour dates and for details.
Sep. 11: New York next for the Stones
Three shows in the New York area are next for the Stones, to be performing at Madison Square Garden, Giants Stadium and Albany during the coming week. Check out the special IORR pages dedicated to Stones fans in New York.
Sep. 11: Rollings Stones album at No. 2 in Britain
"A Bigger Bang" opened at No. 2 on the U.K. pop charts, according to sales data issued today by the Official UK Charts Company, pipped for the top spot by James Blunt. Sales information for the United States will be issued on Wednesday. The Stones and 50 Cent are expected to vie for the No. 2 spot, both of them overshadowed by reigning champ Kanye West. U.S. radio stations have been cool to "Rough Justice," with only 32 outlets spinning the track, according to media reports.
Sep. 10: Chicago Soldier Field show tonight
Following two arena shows in Saint Paul and Milwaukee this week, The Rolling Stones are back on the stadium stage tonight for a show at the rebuilt Soldier Field in Chicago. The show is sold out with a crowd of 60,000 people.
Sep. 9: Stones play "Waiting on a Friend" for MTV's Hurricane Katrina special
The Stones played “Waiting on a Friend” at their Milwaukee show on Thursday specifically so that it could be broadcast during the Hurricane Katrina telethon that will air in the U.S. on MTV, VH1 and CMT on Saturday night. Before playing the song, Mick warned the crowd that he was going off-script to announce an introduction to the song, which ran: “So much great music has come out of New Orleans, and we’re gonna try and give a little back.”
Sep. 8: Stones donating $1 million to American Red Cross
The Rolling Stones' A Bigger Bang Tour announced that they have made a $1 million donation to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for Hurricane Katrina. The tour will also offer fans a way to get directly involved by making their own contributions to the American Red Cross at the local concert venues throughout the tour. This effort will begin today in Milwaukee and continue throughout the tour.
Sep. 6: Stones to participate in MTV's Hurricane Katrina fundraiser
The Stones are on the lineup for MTV Networks’ Hurricane Katrina fundraiser, “ReAct Now: Music & Relief,” which will air commercial-free on Saturday from 8-10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV, VH1 and CMT. Since they will be playing Soldier Field in Chicago that night, their contribution will likely be a feed from the show. See
Sep. 3: Record crowd in Moncton tonight
The Rolling Stones were performing in front of the largest crowd of the tour this year in Moncton, with a record crowd of some 85,000 people. And as Moncton city itself is approx. 61,000 residents, the area was packed with people from all over Eastern Canada. Mick said hello to everyone from New Foundland, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, while Keith said "I did not know you were that big". And they performed "Midnight Rambler". See reports and reviews from Moncon.
Sep. 3: The Stones rumoured for the Colloseum in Rome
The Rolling Stones are rumoured to be doing a free show at the Fori Imperiali street next to the Colloseum in Rome, Italy next summer, like Paul McCartney, Simon & Garfunkel and Elton John have done during 2003-2005. The place has a capacity of 1 million people.
Sep. 1: The Rolling Stones at Superbowl
The Rolling Stones will be the featured Super Bowl halftime performer at the Detroit Ford Field in February, according to Detroit Free Press. Sources close to the band and its new tour are saying that the Stones have agreed to perform at the Feb. 5 game, the Super Bowl's 40th anniversary.
Sep. 1: Stones honored at World Music Awards
The Rolling Stones were named the World's Best-Selling Touring Act of All Time at the World Music Awards, which were taped in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Daryl Hannah introduced a segment of vintage footage, and the Stones sent in a pre-taped acceptance speech. The event will air in the United States Sept. 13 on ABC from 9 to 11 p.m.
Aug. 31: Aint Too Proud To Beg in Detroit
The Rolling Stones replaced "Shattered" in the original Detroit set list with "Aint Too Proud To Beg" tonight. The sold out show was recorded by plenty of cameras, and an hour from the show will be broadcasted on ABC at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, Sept. 8. See details about the show in Detroit.
Aug. 30: All of the new album on
You may now listen to each and every new song of the new Rolling Stones album A Bigger Bang on
Aug. 30: New video recorded in Ottawa
The Rolling Stones stayed in Ottawa following their concert on Sunday, to shoot their video for "Streets Of Love" yesterday. It was shot on location at the Byward Market nightclub Zaphod Beeblebrox, and is including locals, picked on the streets and by luck. They did quite a few takes of "Streets Of Love" and even "Going To A Go Go" just for fun. See details in the Ottawa Sun and the Ottawa Citizen.
Aug. 30: A Bigger Bang release party in Norway tomorrow
EMI Music are inviting all Stones fans to A Bigger Bang pre-release party in Oslo Norway tomorrow. You may hear the entire new record, and there will be great prizes, videos with interviews and more. The party will be at Elm Street in Oslo tomorrow Wed. Aug. 31 at 20:00.
Aug. 28: Biggest concert event ever in Ottawa
The Rolling Stones are back to Canada, where they rehearased for this tour. They arrived into Ottawa yesterday, and performed their first show in Ottawa since their 1965 appearence here tonight. The sold out 43,000 capacity show is the biggest concert event ever in Ottawa. See all about the press, the photos, the reports and details from Ottawa.
Aug. 26: The Rolling Stones in Hartford
The Rolling Stones moved on from Boston to Hartford last night, and performed three new songs vs. the Boston set lists in front of a sold out crowd at the Rentschler Field football stadium East Hartford - "Ruby Tuesday", "All Down The Line" and "Get Up Stand Up". See full set list and reports from Hartford.
Aug. 25: Sirius Radio with non-stop Stones
Sirius Radio is launching an all-Stones channel in collaboration with the Stones. Sirius Channel 99 will feature clips from the Stones tour, sneak previews from the new album, hard-to-find tracks and "Inside A Bigger Bang" – a program featuring the four band members discussing all 16 tracks on their new album. Check out
Aug. 24: Warm-up acts for US/Canada shows announced
The list of warm-up acts for most of the shows in USA and Canada has been announced. See the updated IORR list of USA/Canada Warm-up acts.
Aug. 24: Latin America and more US shows announced today
The Rolling Stones just confirmed five Latin America shows for their world tour in Puerto Rico, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires (two shows initially) and Mexico City. Also three more dates in USA - Memphis Dec. 3 plus Inglewood/LA and San Antonio TX in March 2006. See the IORR tour dates for USA/Canada 2005-2006 and Latin America 2006
Aug. 23: Second show at Fenway Park tonight
The Rolling Stones returned to Fenway Park for another show tonight, changing one song vs. the set list on Sunday. "Bitch" was replacing "Heartbreaker" tonight. As the set list worked so well on Sunday with the four news songs plus the rest of the set, they just kept the set for tonight as well. And the 30,000 or so Boston crowd liked it! See the set list and reports from the Boston Aug 23 show.
Aug. 23: Liz Phair covering "Mother's Little Helper"
Chicago rock musician Liz Phair, who achieved notoriety in 1993 with the recording "Exile in Guyville," a response to "Exile on Main Street," covers "Mother's Little Helper" on the album "Music From and Inspired by Desperate Housewives," due Sept. 20 in the U.S. via Disney's Hollywood Records.
Aug. 22: More U.S. shows announced and on sale today
The Rolling Stones have announced 8 new arena shows in USA for their tour A Bigger Bang today. Tickets are on pre-sales starting today. For tickets and details see and the IORR Tour Dates pages.
Aug. 21: Tour start in Boston tonight
The Rolling Stones opened their world tour A Bigger Bang officially in Boston tonight at the Fenway Park baseball stadium. They played four songs from their new album A Bigger Bang, and "Out Of Control" is back from the previous studio album "Bridges to Babylon". The stage is bigger than ever, with separate areas for fans on stage, and a part of the main stage moved the band on to a smaller secondary B-stage for four songs. See setlists, photos and details reports about the Boston Aug 21 show.
Aug. 21: Four new songs on
While waiting for the new album A Bigger Bang you may hear four of the tracks plus interviews on

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