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The Rolling Stones
FedExForum, Memphis, TN, USA
Saturday, December 3, 2005

The set list

  1. Start Me Up
  2. It's Only Rock'n Roll
  3. Shattered
  4. Tumbling Dice
  5. Oh No Not You Again
  6. Rain Fall Down
  7. Angie
  8. Mr. Pitiful
  9. Night Time Is The Right Time
    --- Introductions
  10. Slipping Away (Keith)
  11. Infamy (Keith)
  12. Miss You (to B-stage)
  13. Rough Justice
  14. Get Off Of My Cloud
  15. Honky Tonk Women (to main stage)
  16. Sympathy For The Devil
  17. Brown Sugar
  18. Jumping Jack Flash
  19. You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore)
  20. Satisfaction (encore)

Rolling Stones show time : 9:10 p.m. � 11:10 p.m.

Los Lonely Boys (warmup) : 7:35 p.m. - 8:20 p.m.

Review by Odin Amsterdam

The energy of the show was overwhelming. Mick erupted during the opener, Start Me Up, and was on fire for the rest of the show. He and Lisa scorched Night Time Is the Right Time. Hopefully it was more Memphis than it being the last show this year, but I thought the boys put forth a great effort. It always makes me smile, seeing the generations of Stones fans showing their love and hearing the endless WHOO WHOOs that echo throughout the streets. A revival was held in Memphis tonight.

Review by Mark, Kim, Rusty and Angel

My boyfriend and I, his son and fianc� attended the concert. It was great. Although we sat in the nosebleed section, we could view the jumbo tron occasionally. People in front of us were standing mostly throughout the concert. We thought that the moving to the B Stage was an extra touch, we hoped that maybe the Stones would've stayed longer so more people could see the band.

For the price of the tickets, we had hoped they would have played longer, as more songs could've have been performed. We could've done without Keith singing. He plays the guitar better. My boyfriend saw The Rolling Stones at the Superdome in New Orleans several years ago, and said it was about the same. The FedEx Forum could have been larger or wider to accommodate better viewing for all whether sitting or standing in any seat.

We couldn't get enough of the Stones. Mick looked great and so much energy for his age.

Go Stones! Come back to Memphis Soon!

Start us Up!

Review by camper88

It�s been said that if rock�n�roll were a religion then Memphis would be its Jerusalem.

From the blues-soaked beat of Beale Street and the sweet soul sounds of Stax, to birthplace of rock and roll at Sun Studio and the gates of Graceland, Memphis has a storied past in the history of modern music.

The latest chapter in that history played out last night as the Stones visited the most intimate venue of the tour to-date, the Fedex Forum with a mere 14,000 fans. I had the pleasure of being one of them, and more than that I had the pleasure of going to the show with three posters here on IORR, crossfire, drake, and ohnonotyouagain. All in all, meeting up with these guys to see a show was a gas, gas, gas.

The crowd was the usual mix of young and old. Behind me sat an elderly couple in their mid-sixties who were twenty-three when the Stones first hit Memphis in 1964, and were only now able to catch the band for their first time. Coincidently, the couple next to them was a pair of twenty-three years olds--born after Tattoo You--and for them, too, this was their first Stones concert. They never stopped dancing or singing and both couples loved the show. And of course, being Memphis there were a good number of honky tonk women, a few gins-soaked bar room queens and a nice assortment of Memphis belles that added to the atmosphere.

The set list added no new songs to the tour�s total but it was the first time this year (that I�m aware of) that the Stones played two covers back-to-back, with the concert rarity Mr. Pitiful and the scorching Night Time Is the Right Time. Both songs were nailed perfectly, particularly Night Time. Lisa and Mick ferociously attacked the vocal line, and the rest of the band dug into the groove to bring it home. Charlie seemed to really enjoy this one.

They did four songs from ABB, with Rain Fall Down being the most special of them for me, as I had heard the other three earlier in Toronto. Darryl Jones had a funky break in Rain Fall Down and the song simply cooks live. Taking nothing away from Rough Justice and On No, Not You Again, Infamy is the other one that really works for me. And it�s the addition of the horns that makes the difference. Lurking inside Infamy�s shuffling riff is a smouldering piece of soul that bursts out when Bobby and the boys kick things into gear with the horns on this one. In brief, it works for me.

The band seemed to be in very good sprits. Keith�s conversation was much longer than his usual �it�s nice to be here . . . � line, and he actually wished everyone a happy holiday and said �after all, . . . it�s the jolliest time of the year.� At the end of his set he said �we�ll see you all next year.� I don�t know what Keith knows, but that may have been a hint that they�ll be coming round again to Memphis.

Of the warhorses, Honky Tonk Woman was the clear standout. The Memphis crowd was electric and helped the band push the song to another level by joining in with the most-knowing and heart-felt chorus sing-alongs I�ve ever heard on this one. All in all, the b-stage set was really strong, but Honk Tonk Woman was a show-stopper for the folks in Memphis the song they were all waiting to hear, whether they were twenty-three today, or twenty-three when the Stones first came to Memphis in 1964.

If the Stones make it back this way next year, I can definitely recommend the trip for the people, the food, the history, and the music.

Review by Christopher Smith

Memphis is such a great city to see a concert. Beale St. is the ideal "tailgate" party and the FedEx Forum is just a half block away. I noticed a galaxy of Stones shirts and such as I walked in the afternoon. There was a bluesy feeling from all the music being performed in the open air marketplace...................

The show started with the hard driving riff on Start Me Up. Ronnie played a great solo at the end . Second we got Its Only Rock N Roll. I would have preferred Got Me Rocking. The crowd was into singing along. Mick then talked about "all the great things from the city of Memphis , then said this song is about another city so we got Shattered. I don�t think Shattered is having the impact like She's So Cold but this version was much better than the versions I heard earlier in the tour. Keith kept playing after the rest of the band had stopped and Ronnie and him had a few chuckles about it.

Tumbling Dice is always good to hear. Ronnie's solo sounded terrible. I could see the frustration on his face as he was just not getting good sound like on the previous four songs. It sounded very distorted and like his guitar was way out of tune. When the song was over and he passed his guitar up to the tech I could see Ronnie speaking less than pleasant words.

Oh No Not You Again works better on the B Stage. I was front center and half the people around me had no clue what song they were playing. The guy behind me asked if it was a new song or if it was a song someone else wrote. But it was a great song and the guitars were rocking . Rain Fall Down was just perfect. Mick out front hitting the licks and driving the song. Angie .......yes Angie always a treat and it gets better each time I hear it. Then the theme changed a bit .

Mick mentioned "all the great musical influences ....... Otis Redding,Johnny Cash, oh and one more....... This song was recorded here at the corner of ( I don�t remember the street names) and they led into Mr Pitiful. I was surprised when they then did the Ray Charles right after. I don�t remember them doing 2 cover songs back to back since 1981's 20 Flight Rock and Going to a Go Go except in the club shows.

Keith's set gave us Slipping Away and Infamy. I keep hoping he will toss in Little T&A somewhere along the tour.

Miss You to the B Stage. I was standing next to Shoiley ( good to see you again) for the B Stage set. Got my second pick of the tour. This one has Mick Jagger on the back instead of Bigger Bang 2005 like my first one. Rough Justice is just rocking from start to finish. Get Off of My Cloud is special. Everytime. Honky Tonk gave us a great keys from Chuck who really makes this song. Sympathy gets better and better. After the show I could hear people yelling whooo whooo as I was walking down Beale St. Brown Sugar............. Jumping Jack Flash. Wow. Wow. Keith was giving it all he could what a great solo. YCAGWYW is such a great sing along ..... I love when Mick says " lets do it one more time" so the crowd gets another chance to join in. I think everyone was singing on this one.

Satisfaction ! And we got extra licks at the end !! I could see the band shaking hands and patting each other on the back after the show was over. I look forward to the shows in January. Lets hope we get some new songs tossed in!

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