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The Rolling Stones
American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL
Monday, October 17, 2005

The set list

  1. Start Me Up
  2. You Got Me Rocking
  3. She's So Cold
  4. Tumbling Dice
  5. Oh No Not You Again
  6. Ruby Tuesday
  7. Rain Fall Down
  8. Midnight Rambler
  9. Night Time Is The Right Time (with Joss Stone)
    --- Introductions
  10. The Worst (Keith)
  11. Infamy (Keith)
  12. Miss You (to B-stage)
  13. Rough Justice (B-stage)
  14. Get Off Of My Cloud (B-stage)
  15. Honky Tonk Women (to main stage)
  16. Sympathy for the Devil
  17. It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
  18. Jumping Jack Flash
  19. Satisfaction
  20. You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore)
  21. Brown Sugar (encore)
Show start :  9:15pm
Show end   : 11:15pm

Review by Ed Beaver

This show was so sold out that even the scalpers had problems getting tickets. As usual there were fans coming in to the Miami show from the Latin American areas. I had a group from Venezuela next to me. They rocked all night. And I am sure there were fans from Mexico, Argentina and all other countries in the region as well. It's not a short travel to Miami but it is as close as you get the Stones this year from that area.

Joss Stone is a great act but I don't understand her music. She is good with the crowd and have a lot of emotion in her performance. And her voice is strong and unique. Plus her band is great. So don't hang around in the catering area when she is on during the next few shows - you will miss a great performer. She is better than beer, hot dogs and t-shirts.

Oh No Not You Again was great to see on the main stage. With Bernard doing backing vocals. Usually Ruby Tuesday is magic, but apart from my fellow fans from Venezuela, who all went mad during "Ruby", the crowd was kind of cool.

Rain Fall Down is hopefully in the set permanently now. It works well, great song, even if it is quite sophisticated. Not really a straigh rock song. But I like it a lot.

Night Time Is The Right Time was featuring Joss Stone on the duet with Mick. She has a great voice, but by seing Joss Stone on that song I understand how great performer and vocalist Lisa Fischer is. I saw her doing the backing vocals with Bernard and Blondie on this song, and I missed Lisa a lot. She makes the crowd go wild and she has got the perfect voice for that song. But Joss Stone was the star tonight.

Get Off Of My Cloud was at the boiling point on the B-stage. You know a song is good when the security people are singing and dancing along to the song. And this even happend in Atlanta. It is a magic song and they should play it at every show at least so that even security could have some extra fun.

The rest of the show was as strong as the Stones have been for 40 years. Watching Mick dancing around during Sympathy For The Devil makes me wonder if this guy ever rest for one second. New dance steps every time I see a new concert. Can't wait for the next one...

Review by George, Clearwater, Florida

I went to Miami show Monday nite and it was great,many protesters saying not to go into concert outside the American airlines arena with loud speakers saying the rolling stones are devil worshipers and we all will be sinning if we go in to see them, meanwhile 20,000 people walked by these radical people into the arena for a fantastic musical experience.

I was hoping that the set list would change a little because I would love to hear some songs not played in a while during this tour or last tours and the Rolling Stones let me hear "GET OFF MY CLOUD" which was worth the price of admission alone.

Next comes RUBY TUESDAY with the whole place singing along and Keith playing with great precision which is rare through a whole show without Ronnie's help, I was quite happy seeing the boys rocking hard as they did,the new song Rough Justice played live was way better than the CD and Mick Jagger is at the top of his game with a great voice, and he delivered a super human amount of energy.

Joss Stone or anyone but lisa fisher has no business playing the ray Charles song with Jagger, Lisa fisher is the only one that should be used during this song or don't play it at all is my opinion. Great nite in Miami and well worth the $1200.00 price for two seats on the floor 5 rows from stage. Well on to Tampa. Thank you Rolling Stones for a great show.

Review by Gary "Zeke" Blair, Orange City, Fl.

The Miami show was one of the best I've seen! This is the first time the opening act ( Joss Stone) really got the audience going and she won over lots of new fans. The reaction from many of the people I spoke with was very positive.

The "Triple A" ( American Airlines Arena ) could do a lot better job when it comes to giving folks the seats they paid for. I had two floor tickets and upon arrival we were told that Row 6 of Section 4 did not exist! They offered us seats up on the side of the stage, which was an unacceptable solution due to the fact that my fianc´┐Że truly has acrophobia. I think that the seating chart was changed due to the "B stage", because it was not on the original map.

Anyway, while waiting on the attendant we sat in the first row while Joss pranced back and forth and belted out her sultry/sexy voice. Her band was great too! The ticket issue was finally resolved after being told to move several times by event staff and Miami police officers Chavez and a female officer named Pastor. I don't like it when cops touch me. While humiliating and being made to go to the rear of the floor section they finally offered two seats on the second row side stage just feet from where Mick and the boys would come over to play from time to time. The expression in Jagger's face during "Oh No Not You Again" was almost unreal. That guy doesn't miss a beat. Right from the get the crowd was singing and getting into it. We do love The Stones!

With the seats we had it was almost like being on stage with them and looking out over the crowd with the excitement and love they generated was fantastic. I was somewhat disappointed that they didn't play "Back of My Hand" with Mick playing slide guitar. They should replace "Rain Came Down" with it. Keith's songs were great and very Richardesque. It's good some things don't change. The B stage was ulra-cool for those in the back. Upon return to the main stage Mick said "thanks for the tits". What a way great way you girls show appreciation to these guys! Bernard and Lisa were doing a great job and also alot of interaction with the crowd. Lisa let the people back in the corner behind the stage that they were appreciated.But not by flashing them. These guys just slow down. I would really love it if they would do a tour playing more "B" side stuff. We all love the radio hits but it's the other stuff that really makes them great!

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