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The Rolling Stones 2005 Tour wish list
Songs the fans want to hear live

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Tell Me


It is rumored that the Rolling Stones are going on tour later this year, and upon hearing this I can't help but feel something needs to be exorcised from the band's past. This demon being that they have never played the song "Sway" live in their history as a band. This song has never broken the singles chart, nor even gets mention on any of the numerous Rolling Stone's greatest hits or compilation albums. However, it is in my and many other's opinion that this one song maybe one of Rock and Roll's most potent lost gems, by the biggest rock and roll band in history. It would be an injustice for the band to overlook this song yet again.

Put on Sticky Fingers, and skip to Track 2, and try and tell me this is not one of the best Rolling Stone's songs ever. I feel this endeavor is realistic for a few reasons:

  1. The band rehearsed over 130 songs for their previous 40 licks tour, showing they are willing to dig back in their catalogue for 'overlooked tracks' to perform for their die hard fans
  2. The Stones obviously have an impossible job of pleasing all of their fans all of the time with such a huge cannon of music, yet they will try to please the crowd, and if the masses want to hear something, they would be willing to rock them with it.
  3. Honestly just play the song Sway, how could this song not be anthem and a show stopper live. Lighters would be out, as well as swaying bodies and hands in the air, it's a rock song tucked into a powerful epic. If you would even simply mention "Sway" a few times, I am sure that music lovers would eat up this track if they had not come across it before.
  4. "Sway" has not been a hit for the band, but neither had "Can't you hear me Knocking" (also from Sticky Fingers) until it was used on the Blow soundtrack and made more people aware of the song. Now I hear Can't You Hear me Knocking on radio stations in semi-regular rotation. I feel Sway is one of those potent tunes that could experience this kind of rebirth in a new age. People may be ready to hear it now.

- Rob Macleod

Time Waits For No One

This song is my absolute first choice!!! It's the song they have to play on my funeral. The music and the lyrics are absolutely brilliant. Time is somthing we can't buy, we don't own, we can talk about it for hours and still don't get it. Time destroys a woman's face!!!

It's an undiscovered diamond from the Jagger/Ricards Songbook. A couple of months ago it was used in a short doucmentary about a Dutch soccerplayer (Van der Vaart from Ajax). Everybody who hears this one for the first time falls in love with this song.

Please play this one in the smaller Venues guys.

I can die after hearing this one live on stage!!!

- Rob Buchholz, Venlo-Holland

She Was Hot

This song has the perfect tempo for a live performance. After Undercover came out, Mick even said in an interview that he couldn't wait to play it on the road. They have NEVER played it live.

High Wire

Given the war in Iraq, this song now is just as meaningful as it was when it came out during the first Gulf War. Also, this song has never gotten its full acclaim. It's one of Mick's best lyrics and an excellent example of him playing rhythm guitar in the fashion of Keith. Finally, once again, it's never been played live.

- Mark Davis


Rehearsed in 2002. Never played live. Could be the new long jam song of the tour, just like CYHMK of the Licks tour.

- Erik Engholm, Sweden

Time Is On My Side

One of my all time favorites, since I was 11!!

This should be one of 3 or 4 songs to be played in an acoustic set.

What a better song to play in the 43rd year of the band in another massive and fantastic tour? - Sergio Marques

The Last Time

How appropriate to play this song throughout what is being assumed as their last tour. Although this song has been played live in the past, the song usually only gets an honorable mention during a tour (maybe played 3 or 4 times total). This song would represent what all of us die hard fans are scared to death of, being the last time to see The Rolling Stones on stage.

- Robert Steele, Washington, DC

Dance Little Sister

A rough and tumble rocker off "It's Only Rock "N" Roll. Unbelievable key board!

- James Homer

Coming Down Again

It's just a nice song

- Max Cappetti

Jig Saw Puzzle

Because it has never been played live. Because it's one of the most exiting songs of beggars banquet. And there's a lot of slide guitar (Ronnie can make it !).

- David Duval

Break The Spell

Would be a very cool nice little blues song to have on the setlist. It is a very underrated Stones-track I think. It would fit in nicely to the B-stage or something like that.

- Kent Alex Pedersen

Out Of Time

Would have been perfectly in keeping with many of the soul-inspired songs from the Licks tour. It fits the criteria of being both a minor classic and a well-known one at that. And, it's a singalong song in nature. Certainly a great idea for the smaller stages, at least.

- Tod Armstrong


It's on the album Tatoo You and it is one of the songs, where Mick Taylor plays the guitar. (The instrumental basic track was recorded in November 25 - 30 & December 6 - 21 1972 at the Dynamic Sound Sudios, Kingston) Just great to hear Jagger passionately and perky voice accompanied by an slowly and warmly R&B groove. The Stones played the song on their 1981 tour, but there only in the United States... It must prevail an unbelievable magic and passion, when you hear the song live peformed on stage and I want to discover that feeling!...Cause it takes you to the top...

- Thomas von Bosio, Italy

Little T and A

Keith usually plays only Happy or Before They Make Me Run as the upbeat number out of the two tracks that he plays nightly. Little T and A wasn't played on the 40 Licks tour but I imagine it was rehersed. I think Keith would sound amazing singing Little T and A live.

- Mike Ratajczak

Jig-Saw Puzzle

One of the great hidden Stones classics. Tremendous lyrics, great slide guitar that Ronnie would nail live, just a really great song that you never hear on the radio that Stones fans would love to hear live.

- Ken Kieltyka

100 Years Ago

Mmmmm¡, if they could give us the same atmosphere that in Goat´s head soup album it would be delicius. That intro with hammond, the sweet words of Mick, the amazing breaks...Anyway, i think, very difficult for them to do it in these days. But who knows?...

- Javier Ramos Blanco

Memory Motel

I know it was played fairly extensively in the nineties but I really hope to hear Memory Motel this time around. I've seen them do it at least once (CNE Toronto, 94 tour I believe) and it was magical, with the rain coming down and Mick at the piano.

- Clayton Browning - Toronto, Canada

Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadow

I think the era of The Stones as a singles band is much overlooked because of the powerful albums they produced after that period. I just love that song. The trumpet sounds so cool! I've seen The Stones in '75, '81, '89, 94, 97, '99, 2002 & 2003 and have never seen that song.

- Charles Kibel

Country Honk

Jagger has often commented on the Stones' obligations to their concert audience--i.e., that there are a number of tunes that must be performed in order for the audience not to feel cheated. "Honky Tonk Woman" is certainly one of those and tends to be be performed at all gigs of all sizes.

Why not put a fresh twist on an old favorite? Even at the arena level as part of a B-stage set, the country version would charm casual fans while thrilling those with a sense of the deeper catalogue. In its country version, the song is a great goof and has arguably more humor to it than the single. Just as important, it would pair very nicely with a blues (again, in a theatre or on a B-stage: say, "Little Red Rooster" or "Stop Breaking Down"...) to give the band a moment to touch its deepest roots.

- Christopher Lawrence

Tell Me

I want the Stones to play Tell me at their next tour. The groove is simply so good, the mood of the song incredible, Keiths backing vocal is great and it's one of those oldies which has been totally forgotten. I just love it. At a club concert it would be a killer!

- Niklas Dimitri Halseide, Kristiansand, Norway

Let It Loose

In stead of the regular slow songs, they should play this fantastic bluesy slow to fast diamond from Exile.

Great songs should have great melody, great lyrics, great guitars, bass and drumming, great singing and great tension. Let It Loose has it all!!!

- Marco Peper

Let It Loose

One of my favourite stones songs and I never heard it live (Don't know if they have ever performed it on stage). Could be a real highlight.

- Michiel Zijlstra

Ride On Baby

This song is never mentioned let alone played on tour. It is in my view one of the most underrated of their songs....the intro is something else.... and it would be great to hear this played live.

- Richard Crooks - UK

Out Of Control

It took everyone by surprise when they did it in milan, and it was just a killer version, it would fit in great like monkey man did with this tour, like 5th or sixth on the set.

- MK Biesiada, NY

You've Got The Silver

I think the Stones need to play You've got the Silver from Let it bleed. I think they are at an age where the should be emphasizing more of the slower songs, the blues songs. Not to forget the hard rockin' stuff, but just lean toward the slower stuff more. I love this song and have heard it with both Mick and Keith in the lead.

- Chris Bennett

Let It Loose

This song needs to be in the set list period! Great tune from a great album!


- Bruce Waite

Coming Down Again

Another classic song that is well overdue for its live debut. One of Keith's best ballads and features a brilliant sax solo from Bobby.

Keith mixes the ballads and rockers well in concert and had a brave attempt at "Nearness Of You" on the Licks Tour but it's time to retire a few of the Warhorses and try a few new songs. Coming Down Again would move me to tears if I was lucky enough to hear it live!

- John Graham, Australia

Let It Loose

An overlooked gem if ever there was one!

I've always thought this amazing track from "EXILE" would be a showstopper for Mick and for the backing singers.

In a word - ESSENTIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Tom Coleman, Virginia Beach, Va,

The Singer Not The Song

This song from the American December's Children 1965 is really a great melodic song, and is a perfect song for Mick Jagger to sing, after all, it's so true, where would these great songs be with out Mick. Most of the obsure songs done on recent tours have been 70s or 80s lost gems, but this one from the sixties would be a tour favorite I think. You could substitute this one with Blue turns to Grey, very similar, great for the smaller venues, for true fans only. The Singer Not The Song is one of my favorites of all time, not to mention the previous songs already wished for on this great list.

- Larry Leibowitz, USA

Soul Survivor

While I cannot swear that it has never been played live, I do know that it would be a rarity and worth the price of admission to hear the boys play "Soul Survivor", the closer on Exile. It's a song that simply kills you every time you hear it (like Honky Tonk Women, for example) but is never played on the radio or live. Nor do I have any idea what the subject of the song is. But its power on vinyl is undeniable and it would be a gas to hear them attempt it live! And of course, it would be life altering if Mick Taylor showed up to play on it.

- Phil R, New York City

Let It Rock

Johnnie Johnson recently passed away. Let It Rock was a particularly good early example of Johnnie Johnson with Chuck Berry.

- Edward Anderson

Mother's Little Helper

Can there be a better opener than the band simply walking on stage, waiting a few seconds while the crowd goes wild, and then having Mick tongue-in-cheek and rolling his eyes sing "What a drag it is getting old?" - Ralph


Heard it live some 25 years ago, this one is just too exciting to forget!

- Ingrid Rijntjes, The Netherlands

Have You Seen Your Mother Baby ?

The only one of their mid 60's they haven't revived in later yrs. It would allow Keith to tinker with the "unfinished" version he thought was released prematurely, plus it's such a great wall of noise.

- Polythene Sam, FL USA

Silver Train

The locomotive rhythm of Silver Train, with its plaintiff slide guitar licks that only the Stones could write, would set any one of their sows into overdrive!

- Serge Kovaleski, Washington D.C.

No Use In Crying

This is a great ballad. Has it ever been played?

- Howard Klein, USA

Silver Train

This song has been played live only in 1973 twice. It would be a very good opener and different from anything else. It's not a hit like SFM or HTW, but it's real Stones. And I wish they would play WINTER in a theater-show

- Michael, Switzerland

Silver Train

My choice would have to be Silver Train, this lost gem off Goats Head Soup. Great "B" stage song. Starts nice and slow, finishes strong! Great group contribution to this song! I can picture it now, the audience screaming with Mick on the "...and I did not know her name" refrain. Plus, it's always a bonus to get Mick on the harmonica, which will sound great every time following him singing "Silver Train is a coming, think I'm gonna get on now... oh yeah". I don't believe this beauty has ever been played live either!

- Erik Hemp

Jig-Saw Puzzle

One of the great hidden Stones classics. Tremendous lyrics, great slide guitar that Ronnie would nail live, just a really great song that you never hear on the radio that Stones fans would love to hear live.

- Ken Kieltyka

Midnight Rambler

Altought they played this song almost every tour it is still on my wish list. Only because this is just truly the greatest live song EVER ! Mick's harp, then Keiths intro, Charlie's strong backbeat and the blues part.. Did you Hear About The Boston ??

- Boj Nefkens, Eindhoven, Holland

This is a list of unique songs Stones fans picked out from many - the one song they really would like to hear. These songs listed here are just a small fraction of the numerous wishes sent by fans. Sorry that not every one could be listed - too many wishes... Many fans have problems selecting just one song. It is hard, because we love so many songs. Hopefully the Stones will be able to make some our wishes come true!

Unfortunately it is impossible to maintain this list of "wish list" songs all of the time. If you want to add more songs to the list of songs please use the special topic in the IORR Tell Me pages. This list of songs ended up with the following ranking as per April 25, 2005. See below. Thanks to Hans Jansson, Sweden - " Fansince1964", for compiling this list!

Position and number of votes:

  1. Sway 9
  2. Let It Loose 6
  3. Slave 4
  4. Highwire 3
  5. She Was Hot 3
  6. Time Waits For No One 3
  7. Under My Thumb 3
  8. All the way down 2
  9. Beast of Burden 2
  10. Child of the Moon 2
  11. Coming Down Again 2
  12. I´m Going Down 2
  13. Jigsaw Puzzle 2
  14. Mother's Little Helper 2
  15. Out Of Control 2
  16. Soul Survivor 2
  17. The Harder they come 2
  18. Winter 2
  19. 2000 Light Years... 1
  20. 2000 man 1
  21. As Tears Go By 1
  22. Bye bye Johnny 1
  23. Crackin' up 1
  24. Down in The Hole 1
  25. Flight 505 1
  26. Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Standing in the Shadow) 1
  27. I Go Wild 1
  28. I´m Going Down 1
  29. I'm a King Bee 1
  30. Jumpin' Jack Flash 1
  31. Little T & A 1
  32. Memo from turner 1
  33. Not The Way To Go 1 (see comment below)
  34. One Hit to the Body 1
  35. Out of Time 1
  36. Pain of Love (tie me up) 1
  37. Parachute Woman 1
  38. Rocks Off 1
  39. Ruby Tuesday 1
  40. Salt of the earth 1
  41. Shattered 1
  42. Too Tough 1
  43. Tops 1
  44. Who's driving your plane 1

Not The Way To Go
This song was Recorded Jan - March, 1978, at RCA Studios, Hollywood, USA. Features Ian McLagan on organ. Upbeat Reggae feel. Excellent Some Girls outtake.

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