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Dec 17: Mick Jagger and Ben Affleck join forces to help Congo refugees
Mick Jagger and Ben Affleck teamed up today to launch a short film called "Gimme Shelter" drawing attention to the plight of Congolese families driven from their homes by a decade of war. Oscar winner and actor Affleck directed the film which was shot in North Kivu in Congo last month to help raise $23 million for the work of the U.N. refugee agency in Congo. See the actual UNHCR's Gimme Shelter short film, and the Reuters report Affleck, Jagger release film for Congo appeal.
Dec 12: Dartford streets to be named after Stones songs
Dartford will be naming new streets after classic Rolling Stones songs in honor of their local heroes Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. The Dartford Council approved the street names in a meeting last night. The new Stones streets are part of a major new housing development that will also include some businesses. One road will be named "Sympathy Street", Others will be called "Cloud Close", "Rainbow Close" and "Dandelion Row". There will also be "Stones Avenue". See the AP story English town names streets after Stones songs.
Nov 14: Faces reunion with Ronnie Wood
Rod Stewart announced plans for a Faces reunion tour at a party in London earlier this week, according to the Daily Mirror article Rod Stewart confirms The Faces are reforming. Rehearsals are expected to start on Monday Nov. 17, and Ronnie Wood is said to be part of the lineup. The Faces are expected to tour next summer. See discussions on the IORR Tell Me thread Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart reform the Faces.
Nov 9: The Rolling Stones band members biographies by IORR
Join in on a brand new project right here on IORR to write up the real and ultimate Rolling Stones band members biographies. For details see The Rolling Stones band members biographies by IORR, and the IORR Tell Me forum.
Nov 8: Mick Jagger interview by The Independent
The Independent in UK is bringing an interview with Mick Jagger today, as part of the Stones activity to promote the release of the Shine A Light movie on DVD in Europe this week. About The Rolling Stones business affairs, Mick is confirming the fact that he is in charge, by saying "I don't think anyone else in the band is the slightest bit interested in that part of it. As long as it's successful." See the article Not fade away: Mick Jagger on the trials of life at 65 by The Independent.
Oct 24: New book by former Ronnie Wood manager Nick Cowan
Former Ronnie Wood manager Nick Cowan is publishing his book "Fifty Teabags And A Bottle Of Rum" on Oct. 30. The book is bringing behind the scenes stories from the dressing rooms of Ronnie and Keith. See reports from the book by The SUN and NME.
Oct 22: Keith Richards at the Musicians Hall of Fame
Keith Richards will be appearing at the second annual Musicians Hall of Fame induction ceremony, according to Nashville Scene and The Tennessean. The induction show is Tuesday, Oct. 28, 7:30 p.m. at The Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Nashville, TN, USA.
Oct 21: Former Stones sidekick Sam Cutler publishes book in Australia
Sam Cutler, the road manager on the Stones' 1969 tour and a key player in "Gimme Shelter," has published his memoirs in Australia. "You Can't Always Get What You Want" came out earlier this month via Random House Australia. He is seeking a U.S. deal. More details at
Sep 7: Exile On Main Street voted best Stones album by fans
The final results of the IORR poll are now ready. "Exile On Main Street" has been voted the best Rolling Stones album, while the most recent tour "A Bigger Bang" has been voted best tour ever. See all the results and details from the IORR Stones poll August 2008.
Sep 3: Gimme Shelter voted best Stones song by fans
"Gimme Shelter" is the winner by far in the IORR Stones Poll, as the all-time favorite Stones song voted by the fans. With a total of 12% of all votes "Gimme Shelter" is way ahead of "Jumping Jack Flash", with 7% of the votes on the number two spot. Strangely enough, the Rolling Stones did only perform Gimme Shelter a few times during their most recent tour A Bigger Bang. The IORR Stones poll has been asking fans about their favorite songs, albums, tours and more. More than 6,000 fans voted during the last week of August. More results and details will be published here soon! Talk about the poll and the results on the IORR Tell Me forum.
Sep 2: Victoria and Albert Museum buys the original Rolling Stones tongue logo
The British Victoria and Albert Museum has paid 92,500 US dollars at auction for the original drawings of the Stones tongue, made by British designer John Pasche in 1970. The inspiration for the eventual logo, which took Pasche around two weeks of work, has never been in doubt. "I wanted something anti-authority, but I suppose the mouth idea came from when I met Jagger for the first time at the Stones' offices. I went into this sort of wood-panelled boardroom and there he was. Face to face with him, the first thing you were aware of was the size of his lips and his mouth." See the Guardian story Wealth and taste: V&A buys original Rolling Stones logo.
Aug 23: Vote for your favorite Stones
IORR is doing a worldwide poll where everyone can vote for their favorite Stones albums, songs, tours and more. Please join in on the poll by using the voting pages: Vote for your favorite Stones. For comments and questions please see the IORR Tell Me forum.
Aug 7: Satisfaction wakes up UK baker in coma
Sam Carter from Stoke in Staffordshire UK lost consciousness after contracting severe anaemia but was brought back to life when "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones was blared into his ears. He woke from his coma after his wife Eva, 65, took the doctor's advice and played him his favourite tunes through a set of earphones. See the story Rolling Stones classic wakes grandfather from coma by The Daily Telegraph.
Jul 29: Shine A Light DVD out today
The Rolling Stones movie Shine A Light is released on DVD in selected markets as of today. The DVD includes bonus performances of Undercover Of The Night, Paint It Black, Little T&A, and I�m Free, not shown in theaters, as well as other bonus material. See the IORR Tell Me pages for Shine A Light DVD reviews and reports.
Jul 25: The Rolling Stones sign up to Universal
The Rolling Stones have signed a worldwide record deal with Universal Music Group, after a long association with EMI. �There is no question that the Rolling Stones are one of the most important bands in music history,� said Doug Morris, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group. See the BBC news article Stones ditch EMI - The band sign a long-term deal with record label Universal.
Jul 16: Faces reunion might happen later this year
Faces keyboard player Ian McLagan has confirmed the surviving members of the band, including Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood, have been considering a reunion. The Rolling Stones will not be touring until late next year, and this might be the window of opportunity for a Faces reunion. See the Ian McLagan interview Faces members considering reunion by BBC.
Jul 15: Tim Ries Rolling Stones project in Europe this week
Tim Ries and his Rolling Stones project will do shows in Europe this week, starting on July 17 in Amsterdam at the Bimhuis, then July 18 at the Malta Jazz Festival, and finally on July 20 at the Portoroz Jazz Festival in Slovenia. Tim Ries will be performing with friends and great musicians including Darryl Jones, Michael Davis, Bernard Fowler, Marc Miralta (drums) from Barcelona and Frederick Favarell (guitar) from Paris.
Jul 15: Ronnie Wood in UK press
Alcohol and parties have led Ronnie Wood into trouble, according to UK press. See story Ronnie Wood emerges from lock-in with teenage waitress for crisis talks with his son by Mail on Sunday, and the discussion Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie on IORR Tell Me.
Jun 25: Keith on new George Jones duets album
Keith Richards and George Jones duet on the title track of "Burn Your Playhouse Down: The Unreleased Duets," which the country legend will release on his own Bandit Records label on August 19. The track was left over from Jones' all-star duets album "The Bradley Barn Sessions," on which the duo sang "Say It's Not You." They recorded "Burn Your Playhouse Down," an obscure song that Jones originally released in the 1950s, at Keith's suggestion. Alas, these are the only two tracks they worked on. Other artists on the new disc include Mark Knopfler, Vince Gill and Dolly Parton.
Jun 22: The Rolling Stones at the Leah Wood wedding
Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were on the guest list and of course their band member and bride's father Ronnie Wood when Leah Wood married Jack MacDonald on Saturday in London. See Paint it white as Rolling Stone's daughter weds by Timesonline, pictures by and more on the IORR Tell Me forum thread Congratulations to Leah Wood.
Jun 2: Bo Diddley dies in Florida at age 79 Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley, the legendary rock'n'roll master who invented the "Not Fade Away" sound, and who in many ways contributed to modern rock'n'roll and inspired musicians like Buddy Holly, The Rolling Stones and U2, died today at age 79 in his home in Florida, USA. See Reuters report Rock 'n roll legend Bo Diddley dies in Florida, and talk about Bo Diddley in the IORR Tell Me forum thread RIP Bo Diddley.
Jun 2: Stones museum plans for L�chow, Germany
German Stones fan and Ronnie Wood art gallerist Ulrich Schr�der has bought a house where he is planning to open a Stones museum in 1-2 years time in the German city L�chow. See story by
Jun 1: Shine a Light in Australia, New Zealand
"Shine a Light" opened respectably this past weekend in Australia and New Zealand, according to the local distributor 20th Century Fox. In Australia, it earned US$210,000 from 28 theaters, and in New Zealand US$65,000 from 3 theaters. Fox said the entire first week of shows is sold out in Auckland, with Kiwis apparently making pilgrimages from surrounding areas to see the film.
May 29: Keith talking on
Keith Richards has been seen in Louis Vuitton ads for some weeks. Now you can see Keith talking about London and Soho, also you can see behind the camera videos from the making of the Keith Richards ad on the web site of For details about how to find the actual bits on their web see the advices on the IORR Tell Me Forum pages Keith talking on Also, see the pictures and details about Keith Richards with Louis Vuitton as published in IORR earlier this year.
May 7: New IORR magazine no. 59 out now
The new It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine issue IORR 58 was mailed out to all subscribers late April. This is a "Shine A Light" special issue. For information about how to subscribe see the Get IORR pages.
Apr 29: A Bigger Bang tour book by Boehme & Coordes
The new book "The Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang On Stage 2005 - 2007" by Olaf Boehme and Gerd Coordes is featuring 636 pages of newspaper and magazine cuttings from the tour. Great memories and nice souvenir. For details see
Apr 27: Let It Bleed photo exhibition in Rotterdam and London
The Ethan Russel exhibitions promoting his Let It Bleed book and pictures have been on display this winter in various cities, and is currently running at the VIPS Gallery Rotterdam, The Netherlands April 27 to June 1. Then it will be at the Proud Gallery in London, UK May 23 to July 20.
Apr 9: 'Shine a Light' soundtrack at No. 11 on U.S. chart
The soundtrack to "Shine a Light" debuted at No. 11 on the Billboard 200 with sales of 37,000 copies in the week ended April 6.
Apr 6: A solid start at box office for Shine a Light
"Shine a Light" earned $1,488,081 during its first weekend in North American theaters, distributor Paramount Classics said today. It's a solid start, given its limited release in just 276 theaters. By contrast, "U2 3D" opened to $964,000 in January, but that was in 61 theaters.
Apr 2: The Rolling Stones in Leicester Square London
The Rolling Stones and Martin Scorsese followed up their Shine a Light promotional appearances in Berlin and New York City by showing up at the Leicester Square red carpet and screening in London, UK today. See the BBC report Rolling Stones light up premiere.
Mar 30: Shine A Light in New York City today
The Rolling Stones and Martin Scorsese did a press conference and a red carpet appearance today in New York City, as they announced the movie Shine A Light. See reports and photos from the press conference in the IORR thread Shine A Light Press Conference New York City March 30 and the IORR main page about Shine a Light.
Mar 28: Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on MSNBC Today Show
See Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on the MSNBC Today Show.
Mar 28: Ronnie Wood solo plans
Ronnie Wood is planning to team up with The Charlatans, Kelly Jones from The Stereophonics, Paulo Nutini and Andy Newmark for a project involving a new studio album, followed by a tour to back this album during the next year or so. See details in the BBC News report Rolling Stones star forms supergroup.
Mar 27: Charlie Watts interview on BBC
Charlie Watts was a guest at the BBC Radio 2 programme with Chris Evans last night, talking about Shine A Light and The Rolling Stones in general. A great interview! Listen to a recording of the Wednesday 5pm broadcast at BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans with Charlie Watts, and talk about it on the IORR Tell Me forum thread Charlie on BBC RADIO 2.
Mar 24: The Rolling Stones in New York City on March 30
The Rolling Stones will be in New York City USA on Sunday March 30 for a press conference to promote the movie Shine a Light.
Mar 23: Shine A Light bonus track in Japan
The Rolling Stones "Shine A Light" soundtrack CD will feature an extra track in Japan, as they have added "Undercover of The Night" as a bonus track on Disc 2. See details about the Shine a Light CD album on Universal.
Mar 6: Keith Richards with Louis Vuitton
Keith Richards is to become the new public face of the French luxury brand Louis Vuitton. For his first ever ad campaign, Keith is seen cradling his guitar on a hotel-room bed, the lights part obscured by skull-print black drapes. Keith plans to donate the fee for the ad to the Al Gore Climate Project. See pictures and details about Keith Richards with Louis Vuitton.
Mar 3: The Stones in Uncut magazine
The latest issue of UK Uncut magazine has Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on the cover, and inside the magazine 12 pages interview with the Stones.
Mar 3: Stones music at The National Ballet of Canada
The Rolling Stones songs Little Red Rooster, Lady Jane, Paint it Black, Ruby Tuesday, Sympathy for the Devil, Not Fade Away, As Tears Go By and Play with Fire are the musical background for the ballet "Rooster" in Canada. See The National Ballet of Canada Rooster rehearsal and interviews.
Mar 3: Storm reportedly saved Mick Jagger from assassination
Mick Jagger only survived an assassination attempt by Hells Angels members nearly 40 years ago because a boat carrying his would-be killers was swamped in a storm, according to a new BBC documentary. The details of a plot to kill the British rocker were revealed by an FBI agent as part of a series, "The FBI at 100", which is to be aired on BBC Radio 4 today. See details in the Sunday Telegraph report Hells Angels plotted to kill Mick Jagger.
Feb 29: Mick, Keith, Jack White on cover of Rolling Stone
Mick, Keith and Jack White of the White Stripes posed this week for a Rolling Stone cover story that will hit news stands on April 4, the day "Shine a Light" opens in North America.
Feb 19: Keith's "headman" on tour with the Stones
Keith Richards said thank you to his "headman," Auckland neurosurgeon Andrew Law, during the The Rolling Stones show at Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA, USA Nov. 22, 2006. Since the accident Keith and Mr. Law have been best mates and the neurosurgeon has been with Keith on tour as well as private in his homes in Connecticut and UK. See the Daily Mail report Why the man who saved Keith Richards after he fell out of coconut tree now tours with the Rolling Stones.
Feb 16: Shine A Light single and double CD on Universal
The Rolling Stones "Shine A Light" soundtrack will be released as single and double CD albums by Universal Music. See details about the Shine a Light CD album on Universal.
Feb 15: "You Can't Always Get What You Want" remixed for movie
Belgian DJs Soulwax have partnered with ABKCO to remix "You Can't Always Get What You Want" for the upcoming movie "21". ABKCO will release the tune exclusively through iTunes for a week, beginning Feb. 19. See the complete press release from ABKCO with details about The Rolling Stones Soulwax Remix - You Can't Always Get What You Want.
Feb 7: The Rolling Stones in Berlin today
The Rolling Stones met the press for a photo session and press conference in Berlin today, to promote the new concert movie "Shine A Light". See the Reuters report Stones' magic gets Berlin film festival rolling, and the IORR Tell Me forum: Shine a Light - The Movie - Berlin reports and more.
Feb 4: Charmed Life in Dell commercial
The Mick Jagger song "Charmed Life" was featured in a Dell commercial during the Superbowl broadcast in USA last night. See Dell Red with Charmed Life at Superbowl and comments on IORR Tell Me about Charmed Life in the Dell Superbowl commercial.
Jan 21: The Rolling Stones in London April 2
The Rolling Stones will be in London�s Leicester Square on Wednesday, April 2 as SHINE A LIGHT premieres simultaneously there and at cinemas across UK via live satellite. More details to come soon.
Jan 17: "Shine a Light" live CD due out on Universal
The Rolling Stones have signed an exclusive worldwide record agreement to release their next album through Universal Music Group. The release will be the live album from their "Shine a Light" appearances at the Beacon Theatre in New York City, Oct 29 and Nov 1, 2006. See details by Reuters.
Jan 16: "Shine a Light" world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival
"Shine a Light�, the Rolling Stones concert documentary by Martin Scorsese, will open the 58th Berlin International Film Festival on Feb. 7. Scorsese and the Stones will be in attendance, Paramount Pictures announced. See details by New York Times and Reuters.
Jan 15: Ronnie Wood recovers from hernia operation
Ronnie Wood is home and recovering nicely from a hernia operation he underwent last week. See NewKerala.Com for details.
Jan 13: Bernard Fowler on tour in Europe
Bernard Fowler will do three weeks of shows in Europe from late January to mid-February. Bernard is currently in Argentina, returning after his previous visit in October, where he performed with local musicians, doing great versions of Wild Horses, Tumblin' Dice, Beast of Burden, Hand of Fate, Can't You Hear Me Knocking and She's So Cold. See for show details.
Jan 12: Shine A Light movie updates
The new Rolling Stones movie "Shine A Light" is featured in The official movie site - Shine A Light. The movie will open in selected theatres on Friday April 4 across the world, with a later date in April for some countries. There are rumours about Rolling Stones performances to promote the movie in New York City, but no official show details have been announced yet.
Jan 11: The Rolling Stones tour rumours
The rumoured Stones tour in Asia may have been postponed until next year. Still, the Stones might do some shows in America during the sprint, but at this stage no official news are available regarding the Rolling Stones touring plans.

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