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Dec 28: The Stones pictures of the year by Reuters
Reuters have captured the visual essence of the Rolling Stones and their European Tour this summer by picking two Stones pictures for their "Reuters Pictures of the Year" images - one showing Keith Richards close up with his guitar in Belgrade, Serbia, the other with Mick Jagger and a packed crowd in Oslo, Norway.
Dec 19: Keith Richards on Sirius radio tonight
Keith Richards will be featured in an exclusive in-depth interview on Sirius Satellite Radio at 8pm ET (US East Coast/New York time) tonight. Keith will talk about his three day road trip with John Lennon through England, his first encounter with Muddy Waters at Chess studios, and abouth hearing Elvis Presley for the first time on Radio Luxembourg.
Dec 17: Mick Taylor with Bill Wyman in Amsterdam
Mick Taylor will be joining in with Bill Wyman and Chuck Berry at the show in Amsterdam on March 17, according to For show and ticket details see Heineken Music Hall.
Dec 6: Run Rudolph Run on iTunes
Keith Richards is making his solo tracks "Run Rudolph Run" and "Pressure Drop" available through iTunes from Dec. 11. Keith�s version of the Toots and the Maytals classic "Pressure Drop� was recorded May 2003 at Dangerous Music in New York City. Keith was recording "Careless Ehtiopians" with Toots and the Maytals for his "True Love" album, released in April 2004.
Nov 20: Bill Wyman and Chuck Berry live in Amsterdam
Bill Wyman and Chuck Berry are booked for a show in Amsterdam, Netherlands on March 17 next year. Tickets go on sale Saturday Nov. 24. For details see Heineken Music Hall.
Oct 28: The Rolling Stones to tour Asia soon
Mick Jagger is confirming the Rolling Stones are planning to do a big tour in Asia soon. Mick says there is a demand for shows in Delhi and Kolkata, India. Also, they are looking into more shows in Japan. See interview in The Times of India.
Oct 19: Hubert Sumlin birthday party in New York
Blondie Chaplin is one of the guest artists for the Hubert Sumlin 76th birthday party concert in New York next month. The show will take place at The W at the Westchester Bar & Grill on Nov. 16. Other guests performers may show up as well. If you can go get your tickets now!
Oct 19: New RONNIE book out now
The new Ronnie Wood book "RONNIE" is available now. Read his story in his own words. The book is available directly from the publisher with a 20% discount if you state the discount code "RONNIE" when you order from this link: RONNIE by Pan Macmillan.
Oct 10: Mick at No. 77 on U.S. album chart
"The Very Best of Mick Jagger" debuted at No. 77 on the Billboard 200 chart after selling about 11,000 copies in the week ended Oct. 7. By contrast, "Goddess in the Doorway" opened at No. 39 in 2001 with 68,000 copies.
Oct 9: Shine A Light movie due for April 4
The Martin Scorsese directed film "Shine A Light", documenting the Rolling Stones' performances at New York's Beacon Theatre late 2006, is scheduled to open in select theaters in North America on April 4 next year. See news for details.
Oct 5: New IORR magazine no. 58 out now
The new It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine issue IORR 58 was mailed out to all fan club members last week, and should have arrived to everyone by air mail now. The magazine is showing great and unique tour photos, show reviews, song by song matrixes, news and more. For information about how to subscribe see the Get IORR pages.
Oct 3: A Bigger Bang Tour grosses half a billion dollars
The gross revenue of the Stones tour "A Bigger Bang" was 560 million U.S. dollars, according to a report by tour producer Michael Cohl. A Bigger Bang is the top grossing tour in history. The previous Stones tour to make record numbers is the $320 million Voodoo Lounge tour of 1994-95.
Oct 2: Mick Jagger on NBC Today
The U.S. programme "Today" will air an interview with Mick Jagger by NBC News' Matt Lauer today. See excerpts on the IORR Mick Jagger interviews 2007 pages.
Sep 28: The Stones will keep rocking as long as it's fun
When asked about the future of the Stones in an interview with The Times, Mick Jagger said the band would keep rocking on so long as it's fun and people still want to see them. For more comments and interviews see the Mick Jagger interviews 2007.
Sep 20: The Very Best of Mick Jagger
As announced here on the IORR news exactly half a year ago today on March 20, the new "Very Best of" Mick Jagger album is due out on Oct 1/2 in Europe/North America. See the press release and details about The Very Best of Mick Jagger.
Sep 19: Bill Wyman on tour in Scandinavia
Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings are currently on tour in Scandinavia, performing seventeen shows in Norway, six in Sweden and one in Denmark. See the list of tour dates and a report from the show in Rjukan.
Aug 29: Keith demanding an apology from Swedish press
Swedish press is quoting a letter from Keith Richards demanding an apology for false accusations regarding the Stones show in Gothenburg this summer. See the letter and report in Dagens Nyheter.
Aug 26: More shows next year
The Stones will keep touring next year. The details of the tour are not known yet, but rumours are saying they will do India in February, also shows in Dubai and Bangkok, probably other cities in the East as well, then returning to North America to back up the release of the movie "Shine A Light" in April.
Aug 26: Final show of the tour tonight
The Rolling Stones ended their two year long tour "A Bigger Bang" tonight at the O2 arena in London, with fans coming in from London and UK as well as from all over Europe and the rest of the world. Grandchildren of the band joined in on backing vocals for "Sympathy For The Devil". After the final bow the four of them did not want to leave the stage. See the reports and pictures from the final show tonight.
Aug 21: The Rolling Stones coming home to London
Following two years of great success with their tour "A Bigger Bang" all over the world, the Rolling Stones are now coming "home" to where they started 45 years ago - in London UK, to perform the final three scheduled shows of the tour. The first show will be performed at the London O2 Arena tonight, with two more shows scheduled for Thursday and Sunday.
Aug 10: Mick Jagger compilation album due in October
"The Very Best of Mick Jagger" will be issued by Rhino Records on Oct. 1 internationally, and the day after in USA. The album will include the three previously unreleased tunes "Too Many Cooks", "Charmed Life" and "Checking Up On My Baby". See details by Reuters.
Aug 10: Scorsese's Stones film delayed until 2008
The Martin Scorsese documentary "Shine A Light" has been postponed until next April, according to distributor Paramount Classics. The film was shot during two performances at New York's Beacon Theatre last year, and were originally due out next month. See details by Reuters.
Aug 5: Six star reviews by Danish press
The leading Danish press BT, Ekstrabladet and Berlingske are all giving the Stones show tonight six stars out of six in their reviews to be published in tomorrow's papers. Quote from Berlingske: "Two chocking hours in paradise, to hours with a nerve, intensity and primal energy, that made the ticket price of 1500 to look like the bargain of the year." See photos, reports and news links from the show in Copenhagen.
Jul 31: Keith Richards to publish his autobiography
Keith Richards will write his autobiography for publication in autumn 2010. James Fox, the author of White Mischief, is collaborating with Keith. The book will be published by Little, Brown and Company. See details by Reuters.
Jul 25: Changed setlist for Poland tonight
The Rolling Stones paid respect to the Polish three days of mourning following the tragic bus accident on Sunday by changing the setlist for the show tonight. Also, there was one minute of absolute silence in the crowd just after the warmup was over, in memory of those who died in the accident. See reports and details from the show in Warsaw tonight.
Jul 24: Sad days in Poland as the Stones arrives
Poland is in the middle of three days of mourning declared by President Lech Kaczynski in the wake of Sunday's bus crash in the French Alps, where 26 Polish pilgrims were killed and 24 injured, 14 of them seriously. The Stones say they will perform the show as scheduled tomorrow. The Stones will ask the crowd to observe a minute's silence during the show, and they are donating a share of the concert proceeds to the bus crash fund.
Jul 20: Heatwave in Budapest
The extreme heatwave that started the day the Stones performed in Bucharest, Romania three days ago was still present in South East Europe, as the Stones performed in Budapest tonight. With +42 degrees C during the day this was said to be new heat record in the Budapest history. But no worries, as the organizers made plenty of water available for the fans. See reports from the show in Budapest Hungary.
Jul 17: The Biggest Bang release party in Amsterdam July 22
The new Stones live DVD "The Biggest Bang" is due to be released in Europe by July 27. There will be a pre-release party by Universal Netherlands at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on Sunday July 22 at 3pm. There will be a Stones memorabilia fair with multiple dealers, and the new DVD will be available as well.
Jul 14: Large crowd in Belgrade tonight
The Usce Park in "New Belgrade" was packed with a large crowd tonight as the Stones visited Serbia for the first time in their 45 years history. The public security was tight, but the crowd was the nicest of the tour. See reports and details from the show in Belgrade Serbia.
Jul 12: Ruby Tuesday for Deutche Bank in Barcelona
The Rolling Stones performed a private show in front of some 700 people connected to Deutche Bank in Barcelona tonight. It was a set of 14 songs, starting with "Start Me Up" and ending with "Satisfaction". Also they did songs such as "Ruby Tuesday" and "It's All Over Now". See reports and details from the private show in Barcelona.
Jul 12: Private show at the MNAC Barcelona
The private Stones show tonight will be performed at the Sala Oval in the MNAC - Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, the famous museum right next to the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona.
Jul 10: Private show in Barcelona next for the Stones
The Rolling Stones will do a private show in Barcelona Spain On Thursday July 12 before they move on to the next scheduleded show in Belgrade, Serbia. The private show is booked by Deutche Bank. See El Periodico.
Jul 6: Crowd swarm field in Rome
Hundreds of Stones fans left their remote seats and swarmed across the field to the front of the stage to get closer to the Stones tonight in Rome, while local security soon gave up having any control of the crowd. See report from the show in Rome Italy.
Jun 29: Sad day in Madrid
Two workers died today after part of the stage collapsed on top of them as they were dismantling it. A third man was seriously injured. Stones fans from all over the world are sending condelences to the families who are suffering this tragic loss. See report by AFP UK and the IORR reports from the Madrid show.
Jun 29: The Charlatans warming up for the Stones
The Charlatans will be warming up for the Stones in Bucharest, Budapest, Brno and Slane. See the Charlatans news and the IORR list of warm-up acts.
Jun 25: No Expectations with Ana Moura in Lisbon
Mick said they would do "No Expectations" with a Portugese touch, and then the Lisbon fans got their own fado singer Ana Moura on stage with the Stones. See reports and photos from the show in Lisbon. PS. Ana Moura will be on stage tomorrow Tuesday Jun 26 as well, with Tim Ries and the Rolling Stones Project at the S. Jorge Theater in Lisbon.
Jun 24: Ruby Tuesday in San Sebastian
Ruby Tuesday was one of the highligts last night in San Sebastian. The Stones will now move on to Lisbon Portugal before they return to Spain for two more shows next week, and then a private show in Barcelona next month.
Jun 22: Streets of Love in Barcelona
The Stones and the crowd made a magic show in Barcelona last night, with great versions of "Streets of Love" and "Midnight Rambler". Keith got an ovation that lasted for minutes as the crowd was singing oe - oeoeoe - and he paid back by doing one of his best ever versions of "You Got The Silver". See reports and pictures from the show in Barcelona.
Jun 21: The Rolling Stones in Barcelona
Fans from all over Europe are returning to Barcelona, following the cancelled European tour opening show last year. The Stones are in town, coming from Lyon France. Mick Jagger visited the night club Carpe Diem, and later in the night Mick walked on the famous Ramblas, like any other tourist. Ronnie is exhibiting his art at the Museu Maritim -- and tonight there is a show in Barcelona.
Jun 16: Paris Stade de France re-visited
Following shows at Isle of Wight UK and Frankfurt Germany, the Stones returned to Paris France for another show at the same venue they performed at last year. See set list and reports from the show tonight at Stade de France.
Jun 15: Tim Ries Rolling Stones Project in Europe
Tim Ries and his Rolling Stones Project are performing several shows this summer in Europe on dates when the Stones have a break. These shows are great, and if you have the time you should go. See show dates and details of the Tim Ries Rolling Stones project.
Jun 8: Sweet Virginia in Nijmegen
Following a slightly rusty tour start in Werchter, Belgium, the Stones did a great 2nd show of the European tour tonight, with songs such as "Sweet Virginia" and "She Was Hot". See set list and reports from Nijmegen Netherlands.
Jun 2: More than eighty songs rehearsed
With eight days of rehersals at the Videohouse in Vilvoorde outside Brussels, including the final rehearsals tonight, the Rolling Stones have now tried out more than eighty - 80 - songs for their upcoming tour in Europe. See the complete list of songs rehearsed, and also reports from each and every day at the Vilvoorde rehearsals.
Jun 1: The Rolling Stones live at Vilvoorde
The Rolling Stones performed five songs live for invited press at their rehearsals location in Vilvoorde outside Brussels, Belgium tonight. The songs were "Rough Justice", "I'll Go Crazy" (James Brown), "Monkey Man", "Tumbling Dice" and "Rocks Off". See great pictures and details by IORR from the Vilvoorde sessions. Also, see interviews and live bits by VRT Vieuws (click on the link "Mick Jagger voelt de energie").
May 31: Shine A Light movie by Scorsese due out Sept 21
The Martin Scorsese movie production "Shine A Light", featuring the Rolling Stones at the Beacon Theatre in New Your City last fall, will be showing at the theatres by Sept. 21. See press release by Paramount Pictures.
May 31: The Biggest Bang DVD due out early June
The new Rolling Stones DVD "The Biggest Bang", recorded at various locations live during the tour A Bigger Bang, will be released early June across the world. See press release by Best Buy Canada.
May 25: The Rolling Stones arrives into Brussels for rehearsals
The Rolling Stones have just arrived into Brussels, preparing for the tour start in Werchter outside Brussels, Belgium on June 5. See reports and pictures from The Rolling Stones in Brussels.
May 19: Keith at the "Pirates" premiere last light
Keith Richards attended the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End last night at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, USA. See photos of Keith on the red carpet and Keith with Johnny Depp last night in Los Angeles, plus more photos on the IORR Tell Me forum. Also, see story from the film shooting.
May 15: The Biggest Bang DVD with new songs
The new Stones DVD "The Biggest Bang" will be out next month. The DVD will include more than seven hours of Stones live and interviews, six songs released for the first time on DVD, six other songs that have never been released in any format, duets with Bonnie Raitt, Eddie Vedder and Dave Matthews, a tour documentary plus more.
May 15: Van Morrison to warm up in the Nordics
Van Morrison will be the guest artist warming up for the Stones in Finland, Sweden and Denmark, in addition to the already announced warmup appearances in Werchter and Nijmegen. Another 1,500 tickets have just been released for the sold out show at Ullevi Stadium Gothenburg. See the list of warmup acts.
May 14: Mick on stage with Chris Jagger
Chris Jagger's Atcha Band played at the Bull's Head Barnes in London UK tonight. His brother Mick Jagger was enjoying the first half of the show from the audience - then disappeared for a while, before joining Chris on stage to sing Dead Flowers. See report from the show and a video recording.
May 14: Warsaw show confirmed
The Rolling Stones show in Warsaw Poland on Wed. July 25 has been confirmed by Ticket sales are due for Thursday May 17 on pre-sales and Saturday May 19 for the public. The Keiv Ukraine show has been taken off the list. See the European Tour dates 2007.
May 9: Belgrade venue changed
The Rolling Stones will not be performing at the Hippodrome in Belgrade, because the noise might traumatise the 300 horses kept in the nearby stables. The show has been relocated to the Usce Park at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. See news entry by and the updated European Tour dates 2007.
May 8: Van Morrison warmup act in Werchter and Nijmegen
Van Morrison will be warming up for the Stones at the first two shows of the tour this summer in Europe in Werchter and Nijmegen. Van Morrison did also warm up for the Stones in Oakland, CA, USA last year. The list of gust artists will be updated as they are announced in the IORR list of warm-up acts European Tour 2007.
May 6: European Tour 2007 travel guide updated
See updates of the IORR European Tour 2007 travel guide. Please help in by supplying local info. Thanks!
May 5: Warsaw Poland may get a show
There are strong rumours in Poland about a Rolling Stones show at the Sluzewiec Horserace Track in Warsaw. It is said that the Warsaw show may replace the show in Kiev Ukrain due to security issues. Possible dates are July 25 and 29. See the IORR Tour Dates 2007.
May 3: The Stones rumoured for a show in Tel Aviv
There are rumours about a Rolling Stones show in Tel Aviv Israel. If the plans do work out, the show would be at the 40,000 people capacity Park Hayarkon during September.
Apr 23: Condolences to the Richards family
Mrs. Doris Richards, aged 91, mother of Rolling Stone Keith Richards passed away peacefully in her sleep on Saturday 21 April 2007. Family and friends request that their privacy is respected at this time. Our condolences goes to Keith Richards and his family.
Apr 16: Mick at Ertegun memorial tomorrow
Mick Jagger will speak at a private memorial for Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun in New York City tomorrow Tuesday, but will not perform. The event, at Jazz at Lincoln Center, will feature performances from the likes of Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, Stevie Nicks and Crosby, Stills & Young. Other guests will include the surviving members of Led Zeppelin.
Apr 12: European Tour 2007 travel guide
Going to Stones shows this summer will be a lot more easy with the IORR European Tour 2007 travel guide. Please help in by supplying local info. Thanks!
Apr 11: Stones photos by Brian Rasic
Brian Rasic is one on the world's best photographers shooting Stones photos officially, having several of his shots being selected as front page of the IORR magazine, including the latest magazine IORR 57. For more great Stones photos see
Mar 28: Rumour about Live Earth 7.7.07
The Rolling Stones are rumoured for the event Live Earth in London UK on July 7. See Fox News. Rolling Stones officials are stating this is a false rumour.
Mar 27: IORR T-shirt available now!
The new and unique IORR T-shirt is availabe now! For ordering details please see the IORR T-shirt pages.
Mar 27: O2 London show number two confirmed
O2 are confirming the 2nd Stones show at their venue on Thursday Aug. 23. See the O2 special offer and the IORR Tour Dates 2007.
Mar 26: Ronnie at Art Wood tribute last night
Ronnie Wood did a guest appearance at the Art Wood tribute concert last night at the York House, Twickenham, London, UK. See comments, reports and photos on the IORR Tell Me thread Ronnie guest appearance at Art Wood tribute.
Mar 23: New IORR magazine no. 57 out now
The new It's Only Rock'n Roll magazine issue IORR 57 was mailed out to all fan club members last weeks, and should have arrived to everyone by air mail any day now. The magazine is showing great and unique tour photos, show reviews, song by song matrixes, news and more. For information about how to subscribe see the Get IORR pages.
Mar 22: Lausanne Switzerland will get a show too
The Rolling Stones are all set for another show in Europe this summer in Lausanne, Switzerland. A total of 15,000 pairs of tickets will be given out through a lottery system for people holding a Migros Cumulus card. See NZZ Online and the the IORR Tour Dates 2007.
Mar 22: New 4-DVD due out this summer
Mick Jagger stated there will be a new 4-DVD released during May/June, in time for the summer tour, probably with live material from Rio de Janeiro 2006 etc.
Mar 22: Tour start in Belgium
The European Tour 2007 will start in Werchter, Belgium on June 5. A total of 27 shows have been scheduled so far. For details and updates see the IORR Tour Dates 2007.
Mar 21: European Tour 2007 announcement tomorrow
Mick Jagger will be announcing the European Tour 2007 tomorrow Thursday at 5pm Central European Time (4pm UK time, noon US EST, 9am US PST) through a webcast running on See details by Uncut. The tour is expected to cover all of Europe, 30+ shows. Mick will accept questions through a special link on opening some time Thursday at
Mar 21: Full Nordic tour for the Stones
The Rolling Stones are expected to be performing shows in Helsinki Finland, Gothenburg Sweden, Copenhagen Denmark and Oslo Norway during the first part of August this summer. The European tour 2007 is expected to be announced tomorrow Thursday. See the IORR Tour Dates 2007.
Mar 20: Mick finishing up new solo album
Mick Jagger is currently finishing work on his fifth solo album, which is aimed to be released by the end of the year. The new album is likely to be issued through the newly established Capitol Music Group, which is absorbing the Virgin brand. Please do not expect any official confirmation regarding this album for quite a bit of time still. They have a tour to do first...
Mar 19: The Stones ready for Isle Of Wight 2007
The Rolling Stones are expected to be announcing their first UK festival appearance in 31 years, at the Isle Of Wight 2007. See Yahoo! Music and the IORR Tour Dates 2007.
Mar 16: Ronnie on new Jerry Lee Lewis DVD
Ron Wood is one of the many guests on "Last Man Standing," a new live DVD from Jerry Lee Lewis, which came out earlier this month. They collaborate on "Rockin' My Life Away" and "Trouble in Mind." Other guests include Solomon Burke, Buddy Guy and John Fogerty.
Mar 15: Shows rumoured for Madrid and Nijmegen
The Rolling Stones are rumoured for yet another show in Spain, as Madrid is now in the list. Also, the city of Nijmegen, Netherlands, where the Stones performed two shows in 1995, is rumoured for the summer tour. See the IORR Tour Dates 2007.
Mar 14: Shows rumoured for Lisbon and San Sebastian
Lisbon Portugal is rumoured for a Stones show this summer, as well as the Spanish city San Sebastian, just south of the French border, near Bilbao. The Stones ex. Mick stayed in San Sebastian for the cancelled Bilbao show in 1998 (ref. IORR news June 18, 1998). See El Diario Vasco, Blitz and the IORR Tour Dates 2007.
Mar 13: Keith confirming European Tour
Keith Richards confirmed the Stones will be touring in Europe this summer at a press conference during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City yesterday. See video from
Mar 2: Keith to induct the Ronettes at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Keith will induct the Ronettes into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, during the annual ceremony at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York on March 12, organizers said yesterday.
Feb 27: Jagger, Scorsese join forces on music-based feature
Martin Scorsese will direct a feature film based on an idea by Mick Jagger, who will produce. "THE LONG PLAY" is a film set in the world of the music business spanning over three decades. Scorsese, who won an Oscar on Sunday for "The Departed," will shoot the Paramount Pictures project from a script by William Monahan, who won an Oscar for writing "The Departed."
Feb 5: Ronnie Wood performing at Art Wood tribute
Ronnie Wood will be among the guests performing at ART - a Musical Tribute and Celebration of the Life of his brother Art Wood, who passed away on Nov. 3 last year, after his fight against prostate cancer. All proceeds from this special gala event will be donated to The Prostate Cancer Charity. The event will take place at York House, Twickenham, London, UK on Sunday March 25. For details and tickets see ART - A Gala Musical Tribute to Art Wood.
Jan 28: European Tour 2007 more rumoured shows
More cities have been added to the list of rumoured shows for the Stones in Europe this summer, including Athens, Belgrade, Bucharest and Zagreb. It is still unclear when the tour will be announced officially, as contracts and shows are still being negotiated. See The Rolling Stones European Tour 2007 by IORR.
Jan 20: The IORR T-shirt
IORR members and visitors are currently working on the design of the new IORR T-shirt. For details see the IORR T-shirt pages.
Jan 10: Free show rumoured for Bucharest, Romania
The Rolling Stones might be performing a show in Bucharest, Romania during their European Tour summer 2007s. Rumours are saying this might be a free show like the show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil last year. See
Jan 6: B.C. Place Stadium roof collapses
Six weeks after the final Rolling Stones show at B.C. Place in Vancouver Nov 25 last year, the stadium roof collapsed in a storm yesterday. See Vancouver Globe and Mail and CBC.
Jan 1: Barcelona show for the summer tour
The Rolling Stones are booked for a show at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona Spain this summer. See rumoured 2007 tour dates.

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