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Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings
Rjukan Norway Saturday Sept. 15, 2007

The set list:

  1. I got a woman
  2. she's looking good
  3. too late
  4. all night long
  5. mystery train
  6. Melody
  7. Maggy's farm
  8. soul man
  9. 6345789
  10. three cool cats
  11. anyway the wind blow
  12. harlem shuffle
  13. cake walk into town
  14. route 66
  15. drown in my own tears
  16. jump jive and wail
  17. glory glory
  18. show me
  19. crazy arms
  20. you never can't tell
  21. i put a spell on you
  22. raise your hand
  23. knock on wood

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Photos by Bjornulf Vik IORR

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