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The Rhythm Kings
Royal Festival Hall
7th October 2004

by Stephanie Thorburn, freelance music writer

'Just For A Thrill' definitely captures the atmosphere of the Rhythm Kings musical outing to one of London's most classical haunts, the Royal Festival Hall last Thursday. The evening was however much more than just a promotional for Bill Wyman's latest offering on CD, because it proved to be a significant night for the events diaries of Stones connoisseurs too. Blessed with a whole front row to myself below the gods of the artists' entrance and royal boxes, this was a gig delivered from the heart of the crème de la crème of the industry. Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood were in full force from the curtain call; Charlie to spectate and Ronnie to fill the stage with his ever- present vibrance, dressed in curiously gentile moon boots and a yellow psychedelic jumper. This huge rock n' roll family traced their roots adeptly with Ron jamming on ‘Soul Man’, ‘634-5789’, ‘You Never Can Tell’, ‘Flat Foot Sam’, & putting the night to bed with the fitting ‘Knock on Wood’, ‘Tearing It Up’ to a finale with Albert Lee. As on the recent album, George Harrison's ‘Tax Man’ was celebrated with a suitably satirical groove, and Ray Charles was also a fitting subject for a musical toast and tribute. The set saw some tremendous demonstrations of versatility and evergreen talent not only from Ron, but his sparring partner Mr Albert Lee. A further highlight was the sublime, refined soloing of Martin Taylor MBE, whose spirit is certainly still with music of Django Reinhardt. Top of the set however was the haunting vocal prowess of Beverly Skeete, who simply left a spell on us all..

As I made my way backstage to the after show activities, I was lead down a maze of corridors and rooms towards a true hobbit's den. After a little hiking, I was greeted by the surrealism of Ron Wood retreating, not yet tired, just a little emotional & simply happy to have played his cute white boots off throughout the best part of both sets. Bill remains every bit the cool ambassador of his profession, unphased by the accolades that were directed his way, he still found the courtesy to deliver poses for magazine promotionals and a suitable army of autographs for an assembled faithful of fans. Definitely the highlight of the party however, was when Jeff Beck literally appeared as an apparition, congratulating Ron on a great show, still partners in crime and getting on like a house on fire- inseparable conversationalists. A positive parting blow before leaving came from Albert Lee when asked about the prospects for the continuation of the Rhythm Kings family; all seems optimistic enough in view of some strategic, blasting shows, carefully placed into the future..

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