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Bill Wyman & The Rhythm Kings
Oslo, Norway, May 7, 2001
Review by Olafur Helgi Kjartansson

Bill Wyman´s Rhythm Kings concert Oslo Konserthus May 7th 2001. Started playing 20.25. Set list.

  1. Let the Good Times Roll
  2. Hi Hi Flick ? written for Quincy Jones
  3. Jitterburg Boogie (Gary Brooker)
  4. Jump, Jive and Wail (Albert Lee) -good swing
  5. Melody (Beverly Skeete & Gorgie Fame) - Like a new song in this version something else than the Rolling Stones
  6. Love Letters (Beverly Skeete) Terry Taylor played the slide guitar
  7. Lead Me To The Water (Gary Brooker) ,,Biblical lyrics" Frank Mead did brilliant sax solo one this one
  8. Anyway The Wind Blows (Gorgie Fame) Bill lit his fag. This was a thrilling version of the song.
  9. I Wrote My Mama A Letter ? or See You Later Baby? (Janice Hoyt)
  10. I Put A Spell On You (Beverly Skeete) Martin Taylor did a nice guitar solo on this one and Frank Mead a good sax solo.
  11. Tell Me A Secret (Gary Booker) This song turned out to be a wonderful guitar boogie.
  12. I´m Ready (Albert Lee) A strong version af the song with nice guitar solo from Terry Taylor.
  13. Mystery Train (Gorgie Fame & Gary Brooker) Albert Lee played great guitar and Nick Payn played the harmonica beutifully.
  14. Braking Up The House (Gary Brooker)
  15. Hit The Road Jack (Gary Brooker & Beverly Skeete)
  16. Caledona (Albert Lee) Albert Lee played wonderful guitar solo and the he and Martin started exchanging solos and finished by Martin playing Alberts guitar with him.
    Encore and then Beverly, Gorgie and Martin Taylor came on stage and did...
  17. Making Whoopee
    When the song finished Bill came on again and introduced the band members and the band finished with...
  18. Saturday Night? Boogie song sung by Gary Brooker and left the stage at 22:20 almost two hours after they started.

This set list was compiled by Olafur Helgi Kjartansson.

The band was tight and the atmosphere was one of cameradie. Bill smiled a lot and apperantly enjoyed himself a lot. So did the other Rhythm Kings. The band is smoking or as a refernece to Mystery Train, the train runs smoothly and at the same time on full throttle. This concert was my first ever in Norway and certainly worth attending thanks to Björnulf Vik and his IORR magazine.

An outstanding factor of Rhythm Kings is that every member is as a great player and/or singer. I had not heard Janice sing solo before. She is almost as excellent as Beverly and that is great comment, because Beverly tackles her songs explicitly.

Bill Wyman himself is not the expressionless Stone face he used to be. He was cracking jokes, smiling and having fun like everebody else in Konserthuset that night. His idea behind the Rhythm Kings works fully and pays homeage to the music that laid the groundwork for the Rolling Stones.

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