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Bill Wyman On Tour 2007 - Norway & Scandinavia

Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings are performing a total of seventeen - 17 - shows in Norway during three weeks in September 2007. The band is touring the country from Lillehammer via capital city Oslo to cities in the mountains, way south, west and then north through more than 2000 km of travel. The distance from south to north in Norway is equal to the distance from Norway in the north of Europe to Italy in the south of Europe. Already the first snow have been falling in the lower mountain crossings of Norway. Bill and his band will do an impressive tour both travel wise and audience wise. From large cities like Oslo to smaller places like Rjukan and Finnsnes the band will bring their great fun music all over Norway. These pages are dedicated to this tour, including the shows leading up to this tour in Copenhagen and Gothenburg, plus the five shows in Sweden at the end of this September tour.

Please send your info, reports, pictures and comments by e-mail to: [email protected].
The reports and pictures will show up here soon! Thanks!

The Tour Dates

Date Year Venue City Country Crowd Status
Mon Sep 10 2007 Copenhagen Jazzhouse Copenhagen Denmark   CONFIRMED
Tue Sep 11 2007 Nefertiti Jazz Club Gothenburg Sweden   CONFIRMED
Wed Sep 12 2007 Banken Kulturhus Lillehammer Norway   CONFIRMED
Thu Sep 13 2007 Sentrum Scene Oslo Norway 300 CONFIRMED
Fri Sep 14 2007 Bakketeigen Kulturhus Horten Norway   CONFIRMED
Sat Sep 15 2007 Birkelunden telt ved Rjukan Gjestegård Rjukan Norway 300 Reports
Sun Sep 16 2007 Arendal Kulturhus Arendal Norway   CONFIRMED
Tue Sep 18 2007 Husnes Kulturhus Husnes Norway   CONFIRMED
Wed Sep 19 2007 Nøtterøy Kulturhus Nøtterøy Norway   CONFIRMED
Thu Sep 20 2007 Kongsvinger Kulturhus Kongsvinger Norway   CONFIRMED
Fri Sep 21 2007 Braatthallen Kristiansund Norway   CONFIRMED
sat Sep 22 2007 Stortelt Trondheim Torg Trondheim Norway   CONFIRMED
Sun Sep 23 2007 Oppdal Kulturhus Oppdal Norway   CONFIRMED
Tue Sep 25 2007 Mosjøen Kulturhus Mosjøen Norway   CONFIRMED
Wed Sep 26 2007 Mosjøen Kulturhus Mosjøen Norway   CONFIRMED
Thu Sep 27 2007 Bodø Kulturhus Bodø Norway   CONFIRMED
Fri Sep 28 2007 Harstad Kulturhus Harstad Norway   CONFIRMED
sat Sep 29 2007 Rica Hall Tromsø Norway   CONFIRMED
Sun Sep 30 2007 Finsnes Kulturhus Finsnes Norway   CONFIRMED
Tue Oct 2 2007 Kulturens Hus Luleå Sweden   CONFIRMED
Wed Oct 3 2007 Droskan Umeå Sweden   CONFIRMED
Thu Oct 4 2007 Tonhallen Sundsvall Sweden   CONFIRMED
Fri Oct 5 2007 Eventhuset Østersund Sweden   CONFIRMED
sat Oct 6 2007 Kristinehallen Falun Sweden   CONFIRMED

The band:

Albert Lee will be joining the Rhythm Kings on tour from Saturday 22nd to 26th and then again from 1st October until the end. I.e. the shows in Trondheim, Oppdal and Mosjøen, then the five shows in Sweden.

Please send your show reviews and comments by e-mail to: [email protected].
The reviews will show up here soon! Thanks!

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