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Tell Me

The Rolling Stones
Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Wednesday November 22, 2006

The set list

  1. Jumping Jack Flash
  2. It's Only Rock'n Roll
  3. Let's Spend The Night Together
  4. She Was Hot
  5. Dead Flowers (with Bonnie Raitt)
  6. Streets Of Love
  7. All Down The Line
  8. Midnight Rambler
  9. Tumbling Dice
    --- Introductions
  10. You Got The Silver (Keith)
  11. Connection (Keith)
  12. Under My Thumb (to B-stage)
  13. Oh No Not You Again
  14. Start Me Up
  15. Honky Tonk Women (to main stage)
  16. Sympathy For The Devil
  17. Paint It Black
  18. Satisfaction
  19. Brown Sugar (encore)

The Rolling Stones show time : 9:20pm - 11:20pm

Review by Gary Miller, Encino, CA

I saw them in Anaheim in November 2005 and they were terrific. Tonight at Dodger Stadium they easily surpassed "terrific" and moved into "tremendous" territory. From start to finish, they missed nary a beat, and Mick not only was on top of his game, but was gracious to boot, apologizing for having to reschedule the concert, taking note of the horrorific traffic and extending Happy Thanksgiving greetings.

As I said to my teenage sons who were attending their first Stones concert, they are doing all of us a huge favor by continuing to tour. My older son rightly concluded they do it because they still love it. This can be the only conclusion that can be reached when one reflects upon the high energy, high spirited performance that characterized the show.

Review by Steven Moos

As we were leaving the stadium I was thinking about all the different people the Stones played to. There were the lonesome teenage rowdies throwing beer bottles from the bed of their truck, and middle aged moms who get out of their station wagons to pick up the bottles and toss them away. There were little kids clutching Stones posters like early Christmas presents, and elders holding on to the sides of their wheel chairs. The Stones rock us all. They move us too. They give us a joyous energy we carry into every aspect of our lives.

The highlights for me were "Paint It Black", "Midnight Rambler", "Streets Of Love", and the look of happiness on Keith's face when he hit the stage. It was a great show, marred only by Bonnie Raitt's poor showing on her duet and a parking lot jam that kept us in our car for over an hour after the show.

I don't want to think of a world without the Rolling Stones.

Review by Ethan Epstein, Portland, OR

As some of you who follow my machinations over at Tell Me may be aware, this show was a long time coming. The postponements and canellations in Europe; the postponement of Dodger Stadium - these had affected me (and my wallet) rather hard. So can you blame me for the fact that over the past few days I have been having recurring nightmares that for some reason or other the show would be cancelled -- or my flight to Los Angeles cancelled, for that matter.

Well I was there - and, in word: BOOOOYA!

A natural born skeptic, I had been somewhat reluctant to believe that the Ron Wood renaissance that I've read described was really in existense. I'm not skeptical about it anymore - Ronnie was a Godsend tonight. His blistering leads on Start Me Up and Tumbling Dice were fantastic, and his playing on All Down the Line made that song the highlight of the evening. Oh yeah, he had a cool yellow-tshirt and scarf combo goin on as well.

Mick - what can be said about him that hasn't been already? The man is simply amazing - and he was in top form this evening. Charging like a hurricane into Jumping Jack Flash at the outset, he didn't let up until the final bow after a rousing rendition of Brown Sugar. (And in a specially poignant moment, he put his arm around Keith as they exited the stage after the fianl bow.)

Keith, when he played, did his famed monster riffs justice as, well. His work was particularly impressive on She Was Hot (thanks for playing it!) and Sympathy. I just wish that he had played a bit MORE - Tumbling Dice, in particular, suffered from a paucity of rythm guitar. His soleful singing on You Got The Silver made up for it, though.

And Charlie was Charlie, which, of course, is a huge complement in and of itself. He continues to be the best in the business.

Well this review would not be complete without a few complaints; though the main drawback of the night was not the band's fault. A question, then: did all ADD sufferers from the LA area agree to meet at Dodger Stadium tonight? I was standing up, dancing and grooving to All Down the Line and Midnight Rambler, when I suddenly realized that the majority of people in my section were sitting and sending text messages, talking to their friends or - oh God, no - knocking around beach balls. The people in my section weren't even Forty Licks fans - they were something like 10 licks fans. I kid you not, the majority of people in my section did not even know Tumbling Dice - nor did they care to listen.

Bonnie Raitt started off the evening with an excellent set of bluesy rock; she did a nice job on Dead Flowers as well, though she came in a bit late on the second verse.

Review by Crazyman, Las Vegas, Nevada

Let me say this, my 27th show since Madison Square Garden, 1969! Bonnie Raitt takes the stage at 7pm sharp. Stones shows of late usually are right on time. She plays a 45 minute set, in front of a small crowd. I'd guess from 1500 to 3000. It was quit spotty, and the date change moved up 4 days, to a Thanksgiving Eve crowd seemed in dire trouble. But I told my girlfriend, it would be packed. Her set was kind and calm, and she really looked like she enjoyed what she was doing, and where she was, even though the small crowd looked challenging. Then she made a statement that made me shiver with excitement. She said " this is a big place here" I then knew, It would be business as usual.

At 9:10 pm, an announcement was made, the show would begin shortly! Hmmm, I figured shortly meant they were buying 10 minutes, and I was right. The lights dimmed to a now, 3/4 full crowd at 9:20pm. The big screen had flashes of the band members, and Keith show up front and center with riffs of Jack Flash. Game on. Mick once again gives thanks to a schedule change crowd, and on we go. I was pleased at #4 She was hot! Thats song is already 22 years old, and after a 91 on 100 scale opening, the numbers began to rise. Bonnie joins Mick for Dead Flowers. Anyone else I'm thinkin.

By song 9, it was 10:20 and intros began, meaning KEITH. He slams down you got the silver and connection, and even though his singing is a little weaker than Bob Dylans, he seemed to be having fun and getting paid. Under my thumb brings the band to the middle stage. I just love that concept, just when you wish you're seat could be better, boom, they are. The light shows a now sellout crowd, except for the left and right back corner obstructed view areas, and the sections directly to the back left, and back right of the stage. With Oh no, not you again, Micks voice cracks a few times, and I start to worry. I can see him talking to Charlie, and looking like he's hurting, and Start me up, proves it! Hes quick on his notes and doesn't hold them long at all, even letting a couple riffs go by to rest. He, doomeds as Honky Tonk woman takes them back to the main stage, but, hell, he nailed that one?!

At the main stage, he says he gonna wash up, as the intro to Sympathey starts and when he comes back, hes all over it, like the 63 year old well oiled machine should be. Where did he find it? I honestly thought he was done, and then he pulls a classic Mick. Paint it black led to satisfaction, and the room was a rockin. The crown singing woo,woo on sympathey, and yeah, yeah woo to the encore closer Brown Sugar.

I drove to LA from Vegas at 930am, and left LA when the lot cleared at 1230. Thinking am I gonna get on that plane to Europe. I gave this performance a 96 of 100! I'm a big fan, and I thought the 78 show, weith Peter Toshs the weakest, But I definitly see another tour....Believe it, or not!!!

Review by Blake Toland, Camarillo

After nine years of not being at Dodger Stadium, Stones fans got Satisfaction again with A Bigger Bang! The show was amazing in all ways, with its huge stage production as well as fireworks at the beginning and end. The Rolling Stones really made it a special evening, and this being my fourth show on the tour, this one was the best.

The opening three classics, Jumping Jack Flash, It's Only Rock n Roll, and Lets Spend The Night Together were nice. Then Mick and the Boys pulled out a few new ones, I mean songs that have not been played on the tour, including She Was Hot, Dead Flowers with Bonnie Raitt, and All Down The Line. The show stopper again, I think was Streets of Love, Mick was right on the whole way. An extra long Midnight Rambler was amazing. It looked like Keith and Ronnie and Charlie, were having fun tonight, I mean not too many bands anyway can play such a huge venue, Dodger Stadium being able to seat well over 50,000 for concerts.

Tumbling Dice, it was the best one I heard yet of the tour, the song continued to play at the end, as Mick ran back and fourth on each runway to the sides of the stage. He looked a lot healthier since I last saw him up in Oakland at the Coliseum. But it was Keith who came out and did You Got The Silver and Connection. I think there was a connection between the audience and Keith, because for the first time I did not see too many people abandon the area to take a bathroom break or get more drinks.

Now came the famous B Stage, with songs such as Under My Thumb which carried the gang out to the middle of the stadium. Oh No Not You Again, Start Me Up, and Honky Tonk Women were played there as well. I think Chuck Leavell is the most amazing keyboardist, especially on his solo part of Honky Tonk Women, way to go Chuck!

The amazing intro to Symapthy For The Devil was great, and at one point, there was so much smoke mixing with already a hazy/foggy night, the stage was unviewable, especially for those behind home plate on the Loge and Reserve decks. But it was perfect for the song Sympathy For The Devil. Paint It Black, Satisfaction, and Brown Sugar rounded out the final three songs of this monumental show.

In all, everyone had a blast, and you could tell this crowd consisted of real Stones fans because this was the fifth and final LA area show of the Bigger Bang Tour. I am only 20 years old and I was so glad to take my parents with me for this spectacular show. My mom told me she last saw them in 1994 on the Voodoo Lounge Tour and she even said this show was bigger than that one! Thank you Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie for touring and introducing new generations to your music. There will never be a group like you again. See you on the next tour...

Review by John E. Flannery, San Diego, CA

The Stones came out strong last night in LA, and despite the rescheduled date to a rough travel day, and a long wait in between Bonnie Raitt and the 9:15 start, kept the momentum going through an excellent set. The 5 day break in between the Atlantic City show and this gig provided rest, and according to my friend who saw them in Las Vegas, left Mick with a much stronger voice and all of The Boys with more energy.

The third time was a charm for me, as I had a business trip to Barcelona in May to coincide with the start of the European tour. Well, Keith fell out of the tree in Fiji, and Barcelona did not happen. And then two weeks ago I was en route to the Atlantic City show from Philadelphia, and The Boys postponed due to Mick's throat challenges. Damn, I was starting to take this personally. The drive up from my home in San Diego was the closest trip in my adventures, and it paid off.

By the time I settled into my Row 10 Center stage seats, I was long overdue for my 26th Stones show. Many thanks to my friends Don and Cate G. for the hookup with the amazing seat. You know you're in good seats when Dave Stewart from The Euruthymics seat is behind yours. JJF is a great song to open with, and the bang from the opening video got everyone on their feet and rocking quickly. Let's Spend the Night Together was done well, and Ronnie and Keith were in sync throughout. Mick mentioned after this song that he appreciated everyone's patience with the rescheduling. In reality, this has been a rough patch for them starting with Keith's episode and the deaths of Mick's Dad and Ronnie's brother. But damn the torpedoes men, on with the show !!

Mick then introduced a "country song" and started into Dead Flowers, and a few seconds into it Bonnie Raitt joined him for a vocal duet. Bonnie pulled a Keith move early on, forgetting the lyrics to the first verse, but made a quick recovery to deliver a highlight of the evening. The next big song for me was All Down the Line, a ripper of a tune that brings back the amazing sound (with horns) from Exile on Main Street. At this point, I could no longer stand shoulder to shoulder in Row 10, and went behind the first section to dance my ass off. Attending a Stones show is not a passive activity for me, I have got to boogie down. Moving along the back of the section also lets you check out the celebrity laden crowd to include San Diego's own Bill Walton, and dozens of hot babes dressed to the nines for the evening. They played She Was Hot early on, and it was certainly reflected in the LA audience.

Charlie had a some fun with a mini-drum solo after the band introductions, and he was in good spirits in his steady style. Prior to Keith launching into his 2 lead songs, he introduced and thanked the brain surgeon from New Zealand, in attendance, who operated on him after his fall. " There's one for your scrap book, Andy" is how Keith ended that dedication. Keith is one of a kind as we all know, but last night it appeared that he had taken the pillow case from the hotel and wrapped it around his head in a corset-style. He did a beautiful job on You Got the Silver with Ronnie playing acoustic by his side.

The LA crowd can be fickle and somewhat docile in relation to other cities, but when the band jumped on the move able B stage headed for the center of the stadium, the place went wild. It is a great way to get closer to more of the fans, but the one down side is that the audio did suffer in quality. Oh No, Not You Again was very good, but Under My Thumb was muddy.

Did you ever wonder what would happen if aliens landed on Earth while The Stones were launching into Sympathy for The Devil? It would certainly classify humans as questionable at best, as the stage visual and smoke machine created a surreal aura. Mick blew this one out with bright red top hat and tails, and we all responded in kind. It was on to the other war horses from there, with an excellent insertion of Paint It Black close to then end. Thanks to Kim from Santa Monica for the dance during that song. Satisfaction is a song that I could do without, but in the context of the end of the show was great, and Mick ran all over the large stage to wave farewell. After a brief respite from a stage exit, Keith walked back out for the encore, wailing the chords to Brown Sugar. Once again, just when you think he might be tired, Mick belted out the vocals and went all the way down the middle catwalk to the center of the stadium. The guy has incredible energy, and as the band bowed goodnight, and the fireworks exploded above, we all agreed it was a an excellent concert. Thanks Clare, Earl, Rob and Christina.

Driving back to San Diego at 1AM, I listened to Jim Ladd from KLOS do a recap. He thanked the Stones for another great evening, and a lifetime of memories that spans many cities and people. He offered a toast to them and played Salt of The Earth. Earlier, Mick wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving at the end of the night, and I would like to pass on those good feelings to everyone who has enjoyed this amazing ride with The Rolling Stones.

See you in Barcelona in 2007. Until then, stay out of the trees.

Review by Review by Xavier Westergaard

This was first Rolling Stones concert! At the beginning after a great set by Bonnie Raitt there was a one hour intermission and an extra 30 minute delay due to heavy traffic according to Mick. The opening was spectacular with JJF. Mick sounded great but a little different than usual. After IORR they launched into LSTNT which was beautifully played by the group. After She Was Hot, DF kicked ass with BR joining MJ on stage.

At the very beginning of DF MJ said BR might be back at the hotel sipping champagne but she was there to light the place up. SOL was one of my definite favorites. ADTL rocked as did MR. TD kicked ass again. Keith�s set was very good, but it surprised me in YGTS because Keith sang without guitar. He rocked on with Connection. This song was new to me and I was expecting a slow classic but it really rocked.

The B stage set was amazing with the stage coming directly out to my family�s floor seats. UMT was on the way out, followed by ONNYA and Start Me Up. I was surprised on the B stage songs because I never saw Mick using a headset. For HTW they traveled back to the main stage but on the huge center screen there was a giant inflated tongue. When Sympathy started the screen turned into deep red patterns, fire exploded, and Mick climbed the stairs and seemed to float in air while he sang.

PIB was a surprise, as I was actually expecting Brown Sugar but PIB was great. They closed the main set with Satisfaction and a rousing encore with Brown Sugar followed by a huge fantastic fireworks show. Although it was my first Stones show it was a definite highlight of my life. I was so amazed when my Father said that my family and I were going to see the Stones. I am only nine years old but I hope to see the Stones again next time they come around. Ronnie be Goodie!!!

Review by Dean Goodman

For many, the Stones show began when they were still trapped in the parking lot. The start was apparently delayed -- to 9:20 p.m., about 90 minutes after Bonnie Raitt's set ended -- for the benefit of late-arrivals. It's amazing how people actually seem to want to pay $20 for a stadium space when they can get a free one on Sunset Bl., walk up the hill and get into the venue faster. Dave Stewart, Alec Bladwin and Stephen Stills are no fools. They got their seats in plenty of time.

As Mick frequently reminded us, this was the last U.S. stop on the tour. He thanked the crew for erecting and taking down the "shit." He said it was the 71st show of the tour, which may or may not be correct given that he also said it was the 4th Los Angeles stop (it was actually the 5th).

Keith deviated from his usual patter to mention that his "headman," Auckland neurosurgeon Andrew Law, was in the audience, and gratefully expressed his thanks. He saved an even more touching moment for the final act, grabbing Mick after the final bow and walking off stage with him, arms around each other's shoulders. Sweethearts together, indeed.

But back to the show: Bonnie returned to the stage to duet with Mick on the increasingly tiresome "Dead Flowers." As was the case in El Paso and Seattle, when he shared the spotlight with Dave Matthews, Mick set up the piece by thanking Bonnie for her opening set and then speculated that she was probably off sipping Champagne somewhere. This is a bad joke as Bonnie is a recovering addict who takes a high-profile role in supporting musicians' efforts to get sober.

I could see her milling around behind Charlie as Mick sang the first verse and I wondered when the hell she'd decide to come out. She eventually strolled out, and missed a beat as she launched into the second verse. Gaffe No. 3: having a woman sing "another girl can take my pain away." Does any thought go into these superstar pairings? Given that Bonnie's mentor Ruth Brown just died, a cover of "(Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean" might have been more appropriate.

As I feared, the extended break after Friday's Atlantic City stop resulted in exactly no set list innovations. Indeed, the opening combo of "Jumpin' Jack Flash and "It's Only Rock 'N Roll" was recycled from the superior Forum stop in March and from the first Hollywood Bowl show last November. The only "new" songs were "Let's Spend the Night Together," "She was Hot," "Streets of Love," "Under My Thumb," and the Keith pairing of "You Got the Silver" and "Connection."

"Midnight Rambler" and �All Down the Line� were highlights. "You Got the Silver" would have been great if I hadn't got into a scrap with an idiot in front of me wearing a ridiculous fur hat. The savvy L.A. crowd was well in place around the b-stage by the time I got there, so no front-row perch for me this time.

During the warhorse section, Mick came down the catwalk several times, and his eye was caught by one delirious female fan who had the local security types worried that she might try to leap the barricade. He gestured to one of his roadies who walked over and entered her name and number into his cell phone. Mick came back a few more times to get a look. What will become of this incident is anyone's guess. But I should have first-hand intelligence as the delirious fan accompanied me to the concert.

Review by Caroline Keeley

Who would have thought that my second ever Stones show in less than two weeks would have been as exciting as the first. I have come to realize that a 2nd Stones show means absolutely nothing to the thousands of devoted fans who have 10, 15 and even 50 shows under their belt, I thought this would be a fresh perspective from a rookie.

Dodger Stadium in itself is an icon of history and fanatical energy. Yet waiting for the Stones to appear, the energy was electric. Bonnie Raitt belted out sharp, jazzy tunes but my anxiety had its own focus, for the Stones. Hoping for the show to begin at 8:45pm I waited until approximately 9:05pm and it started.

With a fiery blast from above and 3rd dimensional shower of objects flying at you from the stage I knew it was starting. Mick and the gang pounced on the stage with "Jumpin Jack Flash" and the crowd went crazy, Mick dressed this time in a glittery long jacket and Keith with a sparkley overshirt they shined for the first song, literally. My first show in Oakland was fabulous but compared to L.A. the band had more zest, energy and "pow" factor. Mick's voice was stronger, and his footwork, during "Sympathy for the Devil" was unbelievably riveting. Dripping with sweat he continued to keep the fast, energetic pace throughout the entire show, the man did not stop.

Keith drew loud applause for his solo songs "You got the Silver" and "Connections." Diehard fans were enthralled with "All down the line." and "Tumblin' Dice." My fave was "Paint It Black" and "Dead Flowers" especially as Bonnie Raitt came onstage to join Mick at the mic. The fact that a brit can pull off a country song with such soul, is phenomenal. I am still in awe of the entire band, the stage effects and the simple fact that they have it, and they love it. I can now say that I am another addition to the list of pilgrims forever devoted to the Stones for who they are and what they continue to give to their fans. Bravo!

Review by Apu Smith

My third show of the tour. The previous two were at the Hollywood Bowl and Forum so I enjoyed finally seeing the grandiosity of the big stage. Tip of the cap once again to Mark Fisher. That shit was impressive. I had intended to see the Oakland show as well but the rescheduling put a crimp in those plans.

Traffic coming into Dodger Stadium was some of the worst I've ever been caught in. Was pleasantly cruising down the 101 when everything came to a standstill. We were basically in the middle of the freeway with cars whizzing by on both sides. I could not believe it took an hour and an half to move approximately a half-mile. No tailgating is allowed at Dodger Stadium and my companions decided to begin pre-concert festivities right then and there. (Of course I abstained ... *cough, cough*) Other people were actually getting out of their cars and walking around. One fellow even decided to take a leak there at the side of the freeway, privacy be damned. During the show Mick apologized for both the traffic and the rescheduling ... so, uh, that made everything OK. Well, at least he was aware of the situation. All right, another tip of the cap for good manners.

The show itself? I thought it was in the very fine range. I believe that was my 15th time seeing them. I think I'd rate the show maybe number five. Hard to say. They seemed more energized than usual though. I've raised this point before and I'm not sure anyone has agreed with me but I swear that it seems they crank up the sound for the latter portion of the shows. Anyway. I'm writing more than I expected and have a Thanksgiving bird waiting on me so I'll touch on the songs that have stuck with me for one reason or another. She Was Hot is not one of my favorite Stones tunes but I thought it sounded excellent last night. I enjoyed Dead Flowers and Streets of Love. All Down the Line was perhaps the best live version I've ever heard them play but somehow it just does not translate well for me live. Loved You Got the Silver, which I had never heard live before. Same for Connection even though it sounded kind of not so good. Under My Thumb seemed the least inspired song of the show. It had just enough momentum to get them out to Stage B. An old girlfriend was with my crowd so Oh No Not You Again seemed kind of funny as well as rocking, especially in retrospect after Let's Spend the Night Together didn't work out. Greatly enjoyed hearing Paint It Black. Always a favorite for me. Mick put a lot of energy into the encore, Brown Sugar. However I am always disappointed when they only do a one-song encore. In my opinion the Stones are too much of rock gods to do anything less than a two-song encore as well as nothing less than a 20-song set. I realize they're getting up in the years but ticket prices have gone up exponentially with them. Then again, I guess it's just how much they can fit into two hours flat. Still I think I would rather hear 20 to 22 songs and let the amount of time fall where it may.

Anyway, I join Mick and Keith in a final tip of the cap to their doctors. The bird's a calling. Happy Thanksgiving to all Stones fans and happy Thanksgiving to the Rolling Stones themselves.

Rolling Stones 4 - Ever
Respectfully submitted by David DuVarney

What more can be said about a band that spans four decades besides the Greatest Rock & Roll band in the World, period.

Last night was my 9th time with Jagger and company. I was a virgin until the LA Memorial Coliseum 1981 show, Spent the night out side for front row of this general admission show. Don�t think I payed more then $30 for the ticket. Jay Giles , George Thorogood and who can forget Prince booed off the stage. Bill Graham (RIP) challenging a fan from the field. Food fight!! Man the tears flowed when the PA played Hendrix�s Star Spangle Banner at the end of the show. It was then I decide to make sure I caught them when they were in town. Other shows, all in and around La LA land, Coliseum 89, Rose Bowl 94, Dodger Stadium 97, Staples 02, Anaheim 02,

This was the my 3rd Bigger bang first up Hollywood Bowl. This show was so nostalgic, their first time at the Bowl since 1964, and the first time my gal, TT saw the Stones, I had a convert. Then she got tixs for Great Western Forum, March 2005 Another instalment of the same tour with a slightly different buzz. I loved the intro when MJ mentioned this place is now a church and rendered a gospel styled version of girl with far away eyes.

We almost missed this Dodger date after deciding to purchase Ronnie Woods �The Range� and getting to say hi to Mick and talking to Woodie at a small gathering in Hollywood on Sunday night where Gallery 319 had a showing of Ronnie�s art. I was settling on that for my finale time with the Stones this season.

Well as it happens the November 18 show was pushed back to play the day before Thanksgiving and with so many people having made planes to leave town tickets, were everywhere. I went on line and posted �I want to be Stoned at Dodger Stadium tonight�. By 3:00pm I was $400 lighter on a Stone Smokin Deal of two floor seats second section ,row 6, on the aisle and one section off the catwalk. They had $450 face plus the total rip-off $30 service charge. I �ve felt the pain of selling at a loss but I gave the gal a nice bottle of Iron Horse wine for her Thanksgiving dinner. Seem to make her day. She sure made mine.

By 6:00 we were on our way. Entering I could see TT smile as this was what the Stones are all about, playing larger than life and the massive rigging of the stage, she finally saw what I was talking about �no one plays a stadium like the Stones� Not as kool as the other stadiums set�s but kinda retro/spacey sort of. Later you could see they even had fans along the front section of 3 levels, for a bird eye view now that must have been a sight line. Caught two song from Bonnie Raitt. Would have loved to see more and she sure could have played longer as it took forever for the Stones to take the stage, and then they did.

Jumpin Jack flash it�s agasgasgas. Same opener as the Forum show. The mix was off just a bit and a couple of sound clips that were soon fixed. After JJF, Mick paused for a bit and thanked everyone for their patience he was very humbled and grateful for the fans in attendance. Complained about the bad traffic, hey welcome to my daily drive. Then it was back to the show.

You can see the set list posted so I�ll not labor there. Let�s Rock & Roll!! Everyone was on there feet until Mick did the introductions, then people hit the concession and toilets. Keith took over and said a few words thanking his �head doctor� who flew in from New Zealand. The guy saved KR�s life. They always said Keith was a hard head. We are all thankful that Keith survived his tree climb/fall and that the band could resume the tour , but it is not with out sadness of that passing of Mick�s dad and Ronnie�s brother. RIP and God�s speed to both of them. I always stand of KR, but had to pee hay but I was standing. Keith sang You Got The Silver great song and well timed, and Ronnie played on a Gibson acoustic. They finished with Connection.

Earlier I had heard that at the end of Connection they would be moving out to the B-stage so on Q we were there 4 people back. Not exactly Bridges to Babylon to get the band to the small stage. A small section of the main stage moved towards the back of the stadium as the band played Under My Thumb. WOW closer then ever, we were on Keith�s side of course. Next song Start Me Up, two songs later they were moving back from whence they came with a rendition of Honky Tonk Women. No blow up dolls but a huge tongue logo blow up from out of the center of the massive big screen. We made our way back towards the front said hi to a Brian Jones look a like, some rocker I just could not put a face with a name. Does anyone know who that might have been? Anyway after Honky Tonk Women it was time for Sympathy For The Devil. Had some flash cans like at the Hollywood Bowl but not as many flare ups like this past fall, but Mick looked kool in a pimp daddy get up, and climbed to an upper level stage to pimp and prance.

Satisfaction was the song that singled the limo drivers "Gentlemen start your engines." The Boy�s were satisfied and thanked everyone then left the stage just briefly, returning with Brown Sugar for there encore. Fireworks a bigger bang to be sure, then the Greatest Rock & Roll band in the World was out the door and the motorcade heading to parts unknown.

This will be the last time, maybe the last time, I don�t know. Let's just say see ya next time.

Review by Little Paul Body

Well, it has been pins and needles time. Were the Stones going to cancel again, was Jagger�s voice going give out again and how healthy were Ronnie and Keith.

Well, they looked pretty good at Dodger Stadium last night. What a show, my ears are still ringing, in a good way. What a great opener that red headed fox, Bonnie Raitt was, she really set the scene for the Stones. The stadium seemed packed even with it being the 5th time in Boss Angeles for the Stones. Irony of ironies, Bonnie Raitt�s drummer in Ricky Fataar, he used to be in the Beach Boys with Blondie.

1. Jumping Jack Flash: What better way to open after the fireworks. From the gitgo, it seemed like Keef was into it. It was doing his Keith. The guitars were nice and loud, a real good sign.

2. It�s Only Rock and Roll: The crowd was really dancing to this one, a minor Stones song but in flesh, it raises the aura of Chuck Berry. Keith was prowling the stage like a cat and the Jag was doing his dancing thing.

3. Let�s Spend The Night Together: Long piano intro from Chuck, took me all the way back to �67, for just one brief moment. Didn�t know then that I would still be digging the Stones.

4. She Was Hot: WOW. We all remember the video that was a take off on �The Girl Can�t Help�, tonight the song sounded real menacing. The ancient art of weaving was beginning to happen. Somewhere up in heaven, Anita Morris is smiling down.

5. Dead Flowers: Mick and Keith singing the chorus together was worth the price of admission and then the red headed fox came out and put the cherry on the cake. A great version.

6. Streets of Love: A great song live, towards the end the Jag turned into a real soul man. It sounded like he was possessed.

7. All Down The Line: Always good live. Always think of �72.

8. Midnight Rambler: Without the meanest, hottest version that I have ever heard of the song. They were really hitting that note on this. Jagger had some new moves and he started channeling the great Muddy Waters toward the end. The crowd was totally with him. The ancient art of weaving was in FULL EFFECT.

9. Tumbling Dice: Always one of my favorite Stones songs, always one of the sexiest. You got to ROLL ME.

10. You Got The Silver: Keef was in fine form on this. The best time they have ever played. It was great.

11. Connection: Keef introduced to his head doctor and he got a nice round of applause.

12. Under My Thumb: I don�t think that I have heard them play �Under My Thumb�, it sounded great as the stage started moving.

13. Oh No, Not You Again: Swung like Tarzan on a vine.

14. Start Me Up: One can be said about a ferocious live version on the last great radio song. Nothing. It can still make a dead man come.

15. Honky Tonk Women: Another great radio hit, back when airwaves ruled.

16. Sympathy For The Devil: Was stunning, with crowd doing the woo woo�s even before the song started. The guitars were churning out the voodoo and pushing the Jag to further heights

17. Paint it Black: And the devils did, they painted it black.

18. Satisfaction: The intro was slightly different, Keith was messing about and then he hit those notes. Satisfaction went from Hollywood, then church with the call and response from Blondie, Lisa and Bernard. It ended up in Memphis with horns kicking. Just like Otis Redding, somewhere, he was looking down and digging it.

19. Brown Sugar: A perfect end to a perfect night, it seemed like the Jag didn�t want to let go. He was jogging all over the place. The boys took their bows and it always gives me a little catch in my throat. It was a really sweet night, maybe bitter sweet but being in the company of my homeboys, Harvey the K, SHERM and Young Chris made it special. Maybe it wasn�t as cosmic as the Forum show but like I said the version of �Midnight Rambler� was the best version that I have heard. It�s amazing what the Stones can do outdoors. Right now, I wish that I could see another show. Boss Angeles rocked, the west is the best.

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