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Shine A Light

The song Shine A Light was recorded in Villefrance, France during the summer and fall of 1971, for the legendary Rolling Stones double album Exile On Main St, released summer 1972. Many fans flipped the album disc two for track number three, "Shine A Light", a gospel style song.

"Shine A Light" was performed live for the first time at The Rolling Stones club & theatre shows in Europe summer 1995, and debuted for the first time at a stadium show during The Rolling Stones 2nd show in Basel Switzerland July 30, 1995.

"Shine A Light" is the title of the Martin Scorsese movie, based on the Rolling Stones performances at the Beacon Theatre in New York City, Oct 29 and Nov 1, 2006. These pages will tell you everything about the movie, how it was made, the songs, the band, the highlights and everything else related to "Shine A Light".

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Martin Scorsese and the Stones about the movie:

Scorsese: The Stones' music has inspired me greatly and became a basis for most of the work I've done in my movies, going from Mean Streets right the way up to Raging Bull, Goodfellas and Casino. Their music for me is timeless; it helped me form scenes, the energy and the atmosphere of the music, it created images in my mind.

Jagger: Actually, I think Shine a Light is the only Martin Scorsese film that doesn't have Gimme Shelter in it! Seriously, though, Marty and I had been discussing various film ideas and one of the beginnings of this project was us doing a show in Rio de Janeiro, on the beach. I thought it would be wonderful if we could be filmed and I asked Martin if he would come down and shoot it in Imax, of course, 3-D as well. But he said that he'd like to film something more intimate. That's how we got to the Beacon Theatre in New York.

Scorsese: We tried to get the film as close as possible to the energy of a live concert. For me the Stones are all about energy, that's why they are still so relevant today. Initially, we did think about a narrative structure for the film. We talked about doing something with the Stones and New York City - we could have had many different scenarios - but quite honestly, after 40-45 years, so many great filmmakers have worked with the Stones, what could I possibly add? “The Rolling Stones in New York”, some clever interstitial moments?

Watts: What I like about the film is that, simply put, it's not boring, which often those things are. It's all in the edits and the cuts. That's a moviemaker rather than a guy just shooting a band on stage. So it is a movie. And I thought Mick was the real star. I've never seen him live, obviously. I've seen him do things with bands, but apart from in videos and things I've never really seen him do us.

Scorsese: It's great that the Stones are still together and still touring. For Shine a Light, we shot two concerts, over two nights, and all the concert footage was taken from the second night. It's pretty much in real time between songs, particularly after Buddy Guy finishes and they suddenly go in to Tumbling Dice. Buddy Guy was sensational, as were all the guest stars that night.

Richards: Buddy was amazing. I gave him my guitar at the end and that was no set-up. He was so good that after he'd finished I just went, “This one's yours, pal.” And I very rarely give anything away (laughs).

Jagger: We thought Buddy Guy was a great person to have. We'd played with him before. With the other guests, Jack White had already opened the show for us on many occasions so we knew him. It's best to have people you know so only Christina Aguilera may have been a gamble, but she's got a fantastic voice.

Watts: I thought Christina Aguilera was amazing, because often those girls freeze when they dance with Mick. We've had some great people - including our dear Amy Winehouse, although I don't think she was quite well - who were never as good as Christina.

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